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Jessie Mulay
25th March 2011, 1:41 AM
Hello! This is my trade shop!

-All Pe2k Rules .
-No PM's. If you don't want to post here, then use VM.
-Don't want hacks. Clones are acceptable.
-I only trade with Black & White. Not the 4th Gen Games.

Stuff you should know;
-I CANNOT clone. If I need to clone something, I will ask someone, and something is cloned, I will say it is.
-Please be patient with your request. I don't reply quickly sometimes, I have a life.

White Friend Code;
1291 - 7521 - 4646

What I can offer.

-Dialga L.47 Calm UT
-Palkia L.48 Modest Slightly Touched
-Reshiram L.54 Bold
-Kyurem L.75 Jolly UT
-Latios L.35 Naughty Slightly Touched
-Kyogre L.50 Adamant UT
-Thundurus L.40 Lax UT

-Sceptile L.100
-Salamence L.100
-Swoobat L.71 (EV'd, 252HP/252SpA/6Spd)
-Solosis L.19 UT
-Golem L.40
-Scraggy Hardy L.1

Breedables (Ask for a Nature);
-Zoruas w/ Snarl (Bark Out)
-Deinos w/ Dark Pulse
-Oshawotts w/ Air Slash
-Scraggys w/ Thunderpunch & Fire Punch
-Sandiles w/ Beat Up, Thunder Fang, & Fire Fang
-Pichus w/ Volt Tackle
-Chimchars w/ Thunderpunch & Heat Wave

-Power Items (Used for EV Training)
-Life Orb
-Choice Items
-Focus Sash
-Master Ball x3
-Red Card
-Ask for others.

Looking For;
-Latias Modest/Timid UT
-Latios Modest/Timid UT
-Rayquaza Hardy/Bashful UT
-Deoxys Modest/Timid/Adamant/Jolly UT
-Zekrom Adamant/Jolly UT
-Reshiram Modest/Timid UT
-Shiny Larvesta Modest/Timid
-Shiny Sigilyph Modest/Timid
-Shiny Trapinch Jolly/Adamant
-Shiny Beldum Adamant
-Shiny Timburr Adamant
-Shiny Budew Timid/Adamant
-Shiny Solosis Timid/Modest
-Shiny Yamask Timid/Modest
-Shiny Raggenrola/Boldore - If Boldore must be UT Adamant
-Abra - Kadabra - Alazkam Modest
-Abra - Kadabra - Alazkam Adamant
-Zorua w/ Extrasensory
-Budew w/ Extrasensory

Thank you!

22nd July 2011, 6:30 AM
I want your shiny swoobat level 71 check my thread for it it's in my shop (in my signature)

22nd July 2011, 6:32 AM
Im interested in your shiny solosis and scraggy. Check my shop :)
NOTE: i can send you a clone back if needed :)