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26th March 2011, 1:05 AM
Hey guys, I`m new to this forum, and this is the first time I've played the Pokemon TCG, and as such I have built my first deck. I haven't got a chance to play it yet, but I would like to see what you pro players think of it, but above all, what I can do to make it awesome. So, here's the list.


Grass Types

Venonat (Trimuphant 81/102) X 3
Purpose - Evolve into Venomoth

Venomoth (Triumphant 11/102) X 2
Purpose - Combo with Seviper for either poison or big damage.

Roselia (Unleashed 61/95) X 4
Purpose - Evolve into Roserade

Roserade (Unleashed 23/95)X 3
Purpose - Heavy Hitter with lots of energy and status effects when placed on her

Bellsprout (Triumphant 57/102) X 3
Weepinbell (Triumphant 53/102) X 3
Purposes - Evolve into Victreebell

Victreebell (I Couldnt decide between Legends Awakened or Triumphant, so 1 of each for now until I get an idea of which is better) X 2
Purpose - Make active Pokemon Unable to retreat either by making their retreat cost high, or by eating their energy, so that they can't remove posion by retreating. Also causes status effects.

Psychic Types

Seviper (Call of Legends 51/95) X 4
Purpose - Heavy hitter, and can work very fast with Victreebell on the bench.

Normal Types

Doduo (Ex Fire Red & Leaf Green 62/112)X 3
Purpose - Evolve into Dodrio

Dodrio (Undaunted 11/91) X 2
Purpose - Bench so I can freely switch between my main actives.



Cheerleader's Cheer X 4
Purpose - Draw power.


Full Heal X 2
Purpose - Back up in case my status causing backfires on me.

Energy Switch X 3
Purpose - Move energy around especially off of Roserade, and sometimes a stuck psychic that Seviper needs.

Junk Arm X 2
Purpose - Cycle Full Heals and Energy Switch's


Rescue Energy X 3
Purpose - Pop important Pokemon back to my hand if they get KO'd a little early

Grass Energy X 10
Purpose - Self explanitory

Psychic Energy X 7
Purpose - Self Explanitory

There you go folks, please rate my deck, and tell me how I did for a newbie. :P

13th April 2011, 3:11 PM
To be entirely honest, I know what the cards do. Suggestion to increase the deck's offensive ability's, why not try these for pokemon

leafeon RR and sunflora HGSS, sunflora gets out any pokemon you need asap while leafeon is setting up/healing everything by putting energy on the pokemon. (there's other various beat stick ideas to make any grass deck beastly). Seeker and shaymin UD. Why seeker? reason, add a shaymin UD, this card is a way better version of energy switch allowing you to move any energy in any way you want instead of just moving one energy around then play seeker to return the shaymin back to your hand and use it again.

Try playing with these cards instead to help you draw and get the most out of your deck.

2 pokemon collector (hgss)
2 pokemon communication (hgss)
2-4 bebe's search
2 judge
3 prof oaks new theory
2 rare candy
2-3 warp point, switch or super scoop up

You don't need full heal, reason, all you have to do is retreat you're pokemon to remove special conditions so use cards like switch, super scoop up, or warp point as a more effective alternative. Cards like these greatly improve drawing the cards you need to your hand asap, whats better is the chance's of a new hand of 6 cards while putting what you can't use back into your deck. These are no more then simple alternative's to increase the playability of your deck, if you don't have enough space for what I mentioned toss some energy (there's to many energie's dood). peace

Edit: from deck testing , psychic energy will slow this deck down and confusion comes in handy a bit mor then poison does (confusion won a few worlds so yeh).