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27th March 2011, 11:40 AM
hey just thought id open a shop and see what i get pm me with offers please if you comment on here i will still trade but im more likely to notice if you pm ok so heres the list i dont want dw pokes jap pokes or normal pokes

shiny time:
male treecko lvl 1 ut jolly
male bagon lvl 26 serious
female vulpix lvl 1 ut timid
male tepig lvl 1 ut modest
male haxorus lvl 50 jolly
male latios lvl 70 mild its the 10 aniv ot so looking for good offers
female latias lvl 100 hasty
male riolu lvl 1 modest
male zorua lvl 1 jolly ut
male ralts lvl 4 ut modest
male charizard lvl 68 hardy
male deino lvl 1 ut bashful
male dratini lvl 1 ut adamant
female aggron lvl 40 serious
male rampardos lvl 51 relaxed
giratina lvl 70 ut
female garchomp lvl 50 adamant

events for trade

allamos darkrai lvl 50 ut
win 11 celebi ut
10 ani celebi ut
tru regigigas
smr10 jirachi

normal legends for trade
zekrom lvl 50 ut
articuno lvl 50 ut
rayquayza lvl 70 ut
mewtwo lvl 70 ut
palkia lvl 64
latios lvl 35 ut
latias lvl 40

2nd August 2011, 4:10 PM
CLOSED sorry