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27th March 2011, 10:20 PM
Most of the things I want requires Gen IV.

I will catch any wild pokemon available in Pokemon White.
I will breed for Egg moves/Ability/Nature/IVs (I may be able to get 3 30~s but not necessarily 3 31s).
I will EV train pokemons.

Haves (Breedables):

Abra, Axew, Basculin, Bidoof, Blitzle, Cottonee, Darumaka (including DW), Diglett, Dratini, Drilbur, Ducklett, Elgyem, Gastly, Gible, Growlithe, Happiny, Joltik, Larvesta, Larvitar, Lillipup, Magby, Magikarp, Magnemite, Meowth, Munna (including Dw), Natu, Nidoran, Panpour, Pidgey, Pidove, Plusle, Sandile, Scraggy, Sigilyph, Snivy, Surskit, Terrakion, Timburr, Togepi, Tynamo, Volcarona, Wurmple, Zangoose

Haves (Legendaries):

Cobalion, Thundurus, Victini, Zekrom

(high IVs mean 29 or above)

Bronzong (brave, Levitate, high HP/Atk/Def IVs, knows Stealth Rock/Trick/Zen Headbutt)
Gyrados (adamant, high HP/Def/Spd IVs, knows Bounce)
Metang/Metagross (adamant, high Atk/Def/Spd IVs, knows Stealth Rock)
Scyther (adamant, Technician, high HP/Atk/SDef, knows bug bite and roost)
Rotom (modest, high HP/SAtk/Spd, knows Paint Split)
Hippopotas (relaxed, high HP/def/SpD, knows Stealth Rock and Slack off)
Skarmony (careful, sturdy, high HP/SDef/Spd, knows Whirlwind, Brave Bird, and Roost)
Larvitar (adamant, high HP/Atk/Spd, knows Pursuit and Superpower)

Any pokemon that is not available in Pokemon White that I don't have
Non-English Ditto
Any shinies

25th February 2013, 5:44 AM
i am focusing on breeding for 31 ivs in at least 3 if not more stats. if you are interested in any particular, let me know.
this is what i have on hand
I am new to this and will update regularly...

Up for trades

Well bred IV...
none have any ev traning

;371; all are adamant unless otherwise stated
19/31/19/11/31/31-- lax
:570: all are modest
;443; all are adamant
:633: all are modest
14/29/31/31/31/31--with dark pulse
31/31/31/06/26/02--adamant; with iron head and iron tail