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28th March 2011, 4:56 PM
Here are my Pokémon up for trade:

-Level 50 Articuno
-Level 81 Blaziken
-Level 100 Blaziken
-Level 70 Celebi***
-Level 67 Charizard
-Level 33 Deoxys***
-Level 56 Dialga
-Level 47 Groudon
-Level 69 Groudon
-Level 71 Groudon
-Level 5 Jirachi***
-Level 45 Kyogre
-Level 100 Kyogre
-Level 51 Metagross
-Level 50 Mesprit
-Level 10 Mew***
-Level 70 Mewtwo
-Level 100 Mewtwo
-Level 70 Rayquaza
-Level 71 Rayquaza
-Level 40 Regice
-Level 40 Regirock
-Level 40 Registeel
-Level 50 Zapdos
-Level 65 Zapdos

My event Pokémon, marked with a ***, I will only trade if a generous offer is made.

I am looking for Lugia and fifth generation rare Pokémon, specifically but not limited to White exclusives. Here is a list of some Pokémon I would like:


Please PM your offers.

21st September 2013, 3:21 AM
Sup, I see you never got any takers. Sorry for that, even though you'll prolly never see this message

21st September 2013, 3:25 AM
Ooh watch out, the mods will be on to you for this one...