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30th March 2011, 1:16 AM
Here's a deck that I built using only cards from HGSS and on, just in case we go the way of Japan in the next rotation. I hope it will be fast enough to counter all the Ninetales-Typhlosion Prime fueled fire decks that will most likely become popular. I may tech in a few trainers and supporters from B/W but this is the basic deck list, tell me what you think. (Keep in mind that I am going for HGSS and on ONLY. I wish Uxie was in there for draw power but sadly that won't be happening. I'll just have rely on getting one of the PONT's when I get a smaller hand. Either that or tech in a Noctowl.)

Stage 2: 5
4 : Blastoise, UL-13
1 : Politoed, UL-7
Stage 1: 6
3 : Wartortle, UL-42
2 : Floatzel, UL-16
1 : Poliwhirl, UL-37
Basic: 9
4 : Squirtle, UL-63
2 : Poliwag, UL-58
1 : Mantine, GS-45
2 : Buizel, UL-45

Trainers: 8
4 : Pokemon Communication, GS-98
4 : Rare Candy, UL-82
Supporters: 11
3 : Professor Oak's New Theory, GS-101
4 : Interviewer's Questions, UL-77
2 : Seeker, TM-88
2 : Pokemon Collector, GS-97
Stadiums: 1
1 : Ruins of Alph, UD-76

Basic Energy: 16
16 : Water Energy, GS-117
Special Energy: 4
4 : Double Colorless Energy, GS-?

Basically the strategy goes like this - ideal start with Mantine and group swim till I find Blastoise, stick a DC on him, get Floatzel on the bench and use Interviewers until I get a few energies to Water Accelleration onto Floatzel and Wash Out onto Blastoise for a consistent 100 damage to any Pokemon. I prefer Floatzel to Feraligatr Prime because he's only a stage one and he has free retreat as opposed to Feraligatr's hefty 3. But I also added in the Politoad line for his last ditch attack (a possible 180 damage) and his extremely useful Leap Frog power which can switch in any Pokemon on the bench once a turn, making way for more Blastoise when the active gets low.

The only bad thing is the weakness to lightning but I don't think it will be a problem when Luxray gets rotated. And the water resistance that most popular grass types have can be dealt with with the Ruins of Alph stadium if needed.

I haven't built or played this deck yet but I imagine it could be fast and bulky, but I don't know, I'm not one for building great rogues off the top of my head. Anywho, tell me what you think. Thanks!

22nd April 2011, 5:26 PM
whats faster is a ferligator tech, instead of using additional cards to regain whatever was used for the attack, and droping the amount of cards used as well (this could even match up to reshiram/typhlosion). peace

22nd April 2011, 8:15 PM
Floatzel gets OHKOed by Flash Look Luxray. It gets OHKOed Dragon Rush GCX. It can only get one energy per turn.

Why use it in place of Gatr Prime?