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1st April 2011, 2:46 AM
I came to the decision to open a shop when i realised my Sig. could no longer be saved because I had so much to offer. I've been around Serebii for awhile now figure I have grasped the basics of breedingand want to share what I have with you guys.

About me
I'm 16, I play Pokemon as a hobby among other things, i'm pretty friendly so if you want to just chat im down, or if want advice (the little I can give) I can do that too. Now onto the good stuff :) because i'm sure your not here to hear about me.

I'm kinda tired of trading with people who just started their game and are asking for pokemon with nature's that appeal more to those that battle and that are to be EV trained, not for their EV's to be all messed up by completing the game. If you want a certain pokemon and don't care about their nature however to take along on your journey, I am more than willing to help.
I would like for the trade to be somewhat beneficial on both our parts if possible, noone likes to get ripped off.

The Good Stuff

Wish/Curse Eevee's
Hypnosis Zubats
Morning Sun Growlithes
Dragon Dance Larvitar's
Dragon Dance Bagon's (soon to be)
Sucker Punch Pawniard's
Night Slash Oshawott's (soon to be)
Foul Play Purrloin's (soon to be)
Night Slash/Vacuum wave Scyther's
Belly Drum Charmander's
Pursuit Sneasel's
Morning Sun Ponyta's
Dragon Dance Scraggy's (soon to be)
Dragon Dance Totodile's (once i get a Totodile XD)
Extremespeed Dratini's

The ones that say "soon to be" are because I'm in the process of breeding them so may take a couple days to get the exact one you want. Also if you want a specific nature request it please, helps if it coincides with the stuff below but sall good if it doesn't.

Adamant/Jolly Shroomish
Adamant/Jolly/Modest Growlithe's
Majority natures of Eevee's
Quiet/jolly/Timid Dratini's
Adamant/Jolly Scyther's
Adamant Magikarp's
Modest Murkrow's
Adamant/Jolly Larvitar's
Adamant Ponyta's
Naughty Zubat's
Timid Misdreavus'
Adamant/Jolly/Modest Charmander's
Jolly Ninjask's
Adamant/Jolly/Modest Riolu's
Relaxed Mudkip's
Relaxed Pineco's
Jolly Oshawott's
Modest/Timid Solosis'
Jolly/Adamant Pawniard's
Timid/Modest Litwick's
Timid/Jolly/Modest Cottonee's
Jolly/Adamant Axew's
Adamant Tynamo's
Jolly Rufflet's
Timid Zorua's
Jolly Darumaka's
Jolly/Adamant Gible's

The few but loved, all legit because i've got no clue how to RNG and I get no luck on my SR's

A Timid Duosion UT
A Gentle Wooper UT
Adamnt Gyarados(slightly touched)
Adamant Absol UT (has super luck)

Bold Suicune (UT)
Timid Lugia (slightly touched)
The 2011 Dog poekmon Events
Modest Victini (very touched)
The Pikachu colored Pichu and it's Three pointed ear counter part

Looking For:
Shinies with good natures
Other eggmoved Pokemon
A female Bagon
An Adamant Mamoswine (or any of its other Evolutions)
Female Dream World Pokemon
A female Naive/Hasty Infernape (or one of it's Evo's)
Battling Items: Choice bands/scarfs, Life orb's, Leftovers Etc.
Other events
Other Starters I do not have (Bulbasaur, Bayleef, Totodile, Snivy, tepig)

Last thoughts
Well, I hope you find something you like ^.^ If you don't have something I'm looking for, we can always try to work things out. I can add Pokerus to any of the pokemon if requested , thanks to my multiple copies of games I have a small collection of masterballs also, so I can add those in too as something extra. My timezone is EST and i've got school on the weekdays, so if we can trade when i'm home that'd be great. I'll be starting to form a competitive team soon so if anyone has advice that would be much welcomed too.

29th June 2012, 5:00 PM
I have Cross Chop phyducks for laughs if you want one but i am willing to trade a totodile, a chikorita (evolves into bayleef), bulbasaur, just PM me for my friend code but these pokemon are all unfortunately male so if you want female, I will request Pokerus. :P Now for my WANTS: Seedot if you have one, shiny gara, and and extreme speed male dratini. If you do not agree, PM me and I can slightly change it. These pokemon are all legit because I do not have an AR and my R4 does not have any pokemon games on it. Also, I so far have not sucessfuly RNGed any pokemon

29th June 2012, 5:03 PM
ill trade u a shiny for the shiny duosio