View Full Version : Another post-rotation preperation! Yanmega Prime + Noctowl draw power!

1st April 2011, 9:44 PM
Here's another decklist made in Redshark that I limited to the Japanese current modified legal (which will most likely be carried to the USA in a few months in order to make worlds a fair fight).

Stage 2: 1
1 : Butterfree, GS-16
Stage 1: 8
1 : Metapod, GS-46
4 : Yanmega (Prime), TM-98
1 : Blissey (Prime), GS-106
2 : Noctowl, GS-8
Basic: 11
2 : Caterpie, GS-57
2 : Hoothoot, GS-66
1 : Chansey, GS-58
4 : Yanma, TM-84
2 : Smeargle, UD-8

Trainers: 15
3 : Switch, GS-102
2 : Junk Arm, TM-87
2 : Pokegear 3.0, GS-96
4 : Super Scoop Up, UL-83
1 : Alph Lithograph, TM-103
3 : Energy Exchanger, UD-73
Supporters: 11
3 : Engineer's Adjustments, UL-75
4 : Copycat, GS-90
4 : Judge, UL-78
Stadiums: 1
1 : Burned Tower, UD-71

Special Energy: 4
4 : Rescue Energy, TM-90
Basic Energy: 9
9 : Grass Energy, GS-115

The goal is simple. Get Yanmega Prime out as quick as possible and get the same number of cards in your hand as the opponent to hit for a lot of damage early on. Copycats can help you achieve this and Judges can do the same while also disrupting. The Noctowls give you optional draw in case you need it and Metapod is there for getting no weakness on Yanmega. Butterfree you can sandbag just in case it gets a Pokemon Catcher on him. Blissey Prime you can also sandbag if you need a quick heal and since you won't have any energy on you Pokemon anyway, you can do it for free. All the trainers are there for setting up cards to get same hands and the rescue energies are vital in case you can't get Blissey out to save anyone. Smeargle is an ideal start so you can possibly get two supporters out per turn (and most people have like 3-4 Pokemon Collectors so you have a good chance of setting up at their expense.

The only bad match up would be a fast electric deck but if you can get Metapod out in time, you might be able to take care of any heavy hitters before they take out your main attackers.

Lemme know what you think, I'm really looking forward to the rotation because I've been all about making rogue decks and narrowing the option and eliminating the SPs and Level Xs will make this game as simple and creative as it was when it first came out.

13th April 2011, 6:59 AM
I had a friend use a similar deck and get t4 at prov's running the same skeleton but was using jumpluff instead, nice deck list though.