View Full Version : Inferno Bolt deck, could you please rate it?

Ms. Togekiss
2nd April 2011, 5:41 AM
This deck originally started out as a HGSS Ember Spark Theme Deck, but I made some modifications to it.
These are some comments I am assuming I am going to here:
-You need more Stage 1/2 cards.
-It would be better to have less energies and some trainer cards that allow you to search your deck for energies.
-You should put in some Trainer cards that allow you to search your discard pile for _______.

Even if all you have to say are the comments listed above, it would still be nice to here. :)

Cyndaquil x3
Quilava x2
Typhlosion x1
Growlithe x2
Arcanine x1
Pikachu x2
Raichu x1 (Promo from a Raichu and Gyarados deck box.)
Mareep x3
Flaaffy x2
Ampharos Prime x1 (HS Unleashed)
Chinchou x2
Lanturn Prime x1 (HS Unleashed)
Entei & Raikou LEGEND (Top) x1
Entei & Raikou LEGEND (Bottom) x1
Hoothoot x2
Noctowl x1
Judge x1
Professor Oak's New Theory x2
Pokemon Communication x2
Expert Belt x2
Life Herb x2
Copycat x1
Moomoo Milk x1
Sunnyshore City Gym x1
Fire Energy x11
Lightning Energy x10

13th April 2011, 7:57 AM
to get the most out of your pokemon lines go 2-2-2 instead of 3-2-1, it increases the draw rate of your stage evo pokemon and lower's the amount of prizes your opponent takes from you (and lost world wins). Take out rayquaza. Take out some energy for pokemon collector, rare candy, and a judge or copycat.