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6th April 2011, 10:24 AM
Anyone willing to rate my deck.

Darkness Transfer:


x1Tyranitar Prime
x1Tyranitar - Unleashed (26)
x2Pupitar - Unleashed (38)
x3Larvitar - Unleashed (50)
x1Houndoom Prime
x1Houndoom - Undaunted (5)
x2Houndour - Undaunted (53)
x1Spiritomb - Arceus (32)
x1Sableye - Undaunted (35)
x1Metagross - Unleashed (4)
x2Metang - Unleashed (33)
x3Beldum - Unleashed (44)
x1Espeon Prime
x1Espeon - Undaunte (2)
x2Eevee - Undaunted (48)
x1Girafarig - HeartGold&SoulSilver (64)

Trainers, Supporters & Stadiums:

x2Interviewer's Questions
x1Roseanne's Research
x1Professor Oak's New Theory
x2Poké Ball
x1Lucian's Assignment
x1Moonlight Stadium
x1Burned Tower
x1Energy Exchanger
x1Team Rocket's Trickery
x1Flower Shop Lady
x1Professor Elm's Training Method
x1Pokémon Communication
x1Emcee's Chatter
x1Life Herb
x1Professor Oak's Visit


x4Special Dark

Please give any suggestions for card substitutions.

The Point of this deck is to get out Tyranitar Prime and use dark howl to put damage on all of the pokemon in play then send out either espeons it doesn't matter and then use solar suggestion to transfer the damage on my pokemon to his. I also aim at no retreat cost for quick switching, I do this via Moonlight Stadium and Metagross' Pokébody.

13th April 2011, 7:06 AM
My best suggestion would be to solidify your T/S/S line, switch pokeballs for pokemon collector or communication. Straighten up your pokemon lines so you're running 2-2-2 or 2-1-2, if your concerned about evo add rare candy or bts to increase the evo line. If your concerned about dieing pokemon add in a couple rescue energy as it save's a supporter turn and you're pokemon. Ideally you want to be running more then 1 spiritomb if you want to use it to start up your pokemon so it increase's the chance to draw it, 2 to 3 max. If you need free retreat consider running ssu, switch, or warp point, these one card solutions are much more faster then spending your time evolving a pokemon.