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9th April 2011, 8:40 AM
My team is still very low level and im not concrete about the moves im just asking you to tell me if im on the right track so i dont make a team thats not good.

Flygon@lvl75 ----------- Raichu@lvl64

moveset: -------------- moveset:

Crunch ------------- --- Dig
Hyper Beam ------------ Thunder
Steel Wing ------------ Thunderbolt
Dragon Breath ---------- Shock wave

Hitmontop@lvl66 ------ Salamence@lvl51

moveset: ------------- moveset:

Agility ---------------- dragonclaw
endeavor ------------- earthquake
triple kick ------------- fire blast
rapid spin -------------- dragon breath

Houndoom@lvl64 ------- Lapras@lvl51

moveset: -------------- moveset:

faint attack ----------- Ice Beam
fire blast -------------- Body slam
crunch --------------- perish song
flamethrower --------- Hydro pump

__________________________________________________ ______________
Please let me know what moves you think i should change or if i should switch out pokemon all together. ty

PS: sorry for the sloppy post

10th April 2011, 4:39 AM

Your team better fits the following Sub-forum: