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13th April 2011, 8:43 AM
The last deck I'm putting up for "current" rotational use, after this I'm going to be doing nothing but stage deck's, but until then enjoy my final huzzah.


2-2 garchomp CX
2-1-2 luxray LA
1 azelf LA

4 bebe's search
2 quick ball
2 rare candy
2 judge
4 Interveiwer's Questions
2 communication
3 energy pickup
2 collector
1 black belt
3 copycat
2 expert belt
1 prof juniper
1 luxury ball
1 premier ball
2 snowpoint temple
1 volkner's philosophy
1 energy gain
1 level max
1 poke turn

3 Rescue energy
7 llightning energy

setup fast and hit hard. The level max works every time like a charm (idk how but whatever I won't complain), other then that it's the fastest luxchomp deck I tested. I tryed using rotom's, RSL, different strategy's to increase the usage of the other cards in the deck but the truth is unless you play nothing but luxray LA and garchomp CX you're wasting your time. Sure for the SP engine you can afford to play techs but it's just better for mix engines to just play what you plan on playing w/o setup cards.

Green Blockhead
24th April 2011, 4:43 AM

The only pokemon you seem to have is Garchomp, the rest are just all items.

25th April 2011, 9:36 AM
?, So luxray is useless or something? This decks success ratio is of constantly drawing into either the next pokemon card to setup with plus the cards to recycle the energy and the pokemon, recycling the system to only those that can make continuous and effective result's.

edit, continuously tearing away at my opponents defense.