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14th April 2011, 2:37 PM
Hi, I just started to learn to do sprites.
I wanted to make this post so I can see what the people think about my work so far.
Please tell me what you think

http://i52.*******.com/8yrudv.gif http://i54.*******.com/2pttbnq.gif http://i54.*******.com/zmglep.gif http://i55.*******.com/n53gqo.gif http://i51.*******.com/24w7nmc.gif http://i52.*******.com/14xe4q0.gif http://i54.*******.com/6tio8i.gif
http://i52.*******.com/23wwj7r.gif http://i52.*******.com/vfdo2a.gif http://i56.*******.com/34te8p5.gif http://i53.*******.com/xb0jmg.gif http://i54.*******.com/287envm.gif

these are my ghost pokemonz

http://i51.*******.com/2eoeckk.jpg http://i51.*******.com/2duxjrc.gif http://i54.*******.com/dvkd95.gif http://i55.*******.com/2mdpdg3.gif
these are my minor splicings

14th April 2011, 2:47 PM
He looks like a Steel Type as well. Hmmm... The Ghost Type Bronzong!

14th April 2011, 3:18 PM
He looks like a Steel Type as well. Hmmm... The Ghost Type Bronzong!

Wow, that's great crit. Jeez.

Anyways, if this is your 'first' try, it's a good one ^_^. Now a few things to pick up on.

Pic-to-gram to show you: http://i55.*******.co/t7ib9c.png

This is your sprite compared to orginal.

Red Circle: You see on the orginal sprite the white marks? Thats where the light shines on its big head (does it...have a head?) Anyways, when recoloring, you need to recolor those as well. Remember: If there isn't enough colors to recolor them, change the color using the color mixure (or whatever it is in paint) to create the lighter or darker color you need.

Orange Circle: You should notice on the orginal sprite that there is a lot of shading on the side. As with the shiny patches, you have to shade them in as well, otherwise the sprite looks like a block of color.

Pink Circle: This is the white marks as well-and also a thing I didn't circle was the fact that it also has yellow/gold on it's face-instead of coloring that in blue, I suggest the ghost purple color you used behind it- it makes the sprite 'better made' (not as blocks of color).

Blue Circle: Inbetween its hands, there appear to be black pixes-this might be because of the coloring/shading, but I would get rid of it, as then it would seem more professional.

Overall, this is a good first recolor little bit's here and there need to be improved. But you need to put more up-you can't just judge on one sprite on whether you excellent or crud-it doesn't matter if your in the 'planing' stages, just pose 'em and see what peeps think ^^

Edit, for Combee and Darkari:

Combee: I like this one- it's creative, as many people wouldn't choose 'Combee' to ghost-up. However, the lines in its wings (the black ones) aren't there on the orignal sprite, usually, if it ain't there, don't put it on. If you like the effect of it on there, I suggest color-sapping the Combees wings, and making that color pretty dark red, and going on the line with it (If you want me to explain this further, just ask) Right, carrying on, if you want to keep the white on a sprite (im so witty) color in the white area with a different color that you have not used (so say for your dark sprites, pink) Then, instead of clicking white to transparent, you click pink, so those areas around the sprite that need to be transparent are, and the white in the sprite, isn't (Again, just ask if your confused, I'm not good at explaining stuff. Other than the line in the wing, this is a great recolor ^^ Well done!

Darkari: You mentioned the little dot of 'white' on darkaris head, had a look, it isn't white, it's sort of greyish blue. Easily removed ^^. The sprite itself is a good recolor-though there is a 'line' on Darkaris side (his left) which comes from his body, and attachs to the arm. I don't think that is meant to be there, so you can just color it in with the ghost colors.

Overall, great recolors! Tweeks here and there (like before) but you certainly have the hang of it ^^

14th April 2011, 6:29 PM
thanks :D

I wanted to make it not shiny because when I think of ghosts I think of unshinyness xD

However I did try to use the shinyness but my means of making these sprites doesn't allow the white spot. When I upload it anything that's white becomes the same color as the background of of Serebii.


thanks for the help! I fixed it up on those few things and thanks for showing me how to keep the white :D

11th May 2011, 2:43 AM
bubububump :D

i added a bunch a while back

11th May 2011, 10:22 AM
Most of them are now too dark to tell what some of the features are.
Never use the same part more than once in a sprite, you've clearly just copy and pasted Gastly's mist/whatever behind all of them, some of them multiple times.
This is VERY unoriginal and doesn't look great either. Try scratching the aura around them next time and don't make them so dark.