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Prophecies of the Summoned

Chapter One


A teenage girl smiled, her ocean blue eyes echoing her merriment as she continued telling her story to the two younger children before her. “And then Jigglypuff came out of nowhere and bounced up on its stage. It started singing just in time, and we all started to fall asleep. Tracey and I were asleep pretty quickly, but Ash and Pikachu managed to stay awake long enough to catch Snorlax.” The youngest, a boy less than 10 years of age, laughed.

“That was pretty silly,” he commented, referring to an earlier moment in the story. “Just because Togepi was a baby doesn’t mean it didn’t know any attacks. Right Togetic?” The flying Pokémon floated down beside the boy’s head and nodded its spiked head.

That is correct, Max. By that time, I believe that I could use Charm and Metronome, if nothing else. Having been around Clefairy a few times, it would have been difficult not to pick up some moves. Max’s eyes widened behind his glasses.

“Wow! You’ve met Clefairy? Are they really from space?” As Togetic informed the Pokémon enthusiast of its past with the normal type Pokémon, the other listener to the story, a young girl slightly older than Max, glanced over at a clear plastic container. Inside laid a pastel pink egg on top of a red velvet cushion.

“So, Misty,” she wondered aloud to the red head beside her. “When do you think your Luvdisc egg will hatch?” Misty shrugged and looked past her brunette friend towards the water type's case.

“Beats me, May.” She sighed wistfully, her eyes clouding over as she zoned out. May waved a gloved hand in front of her older, water training-training friend. Misty seemed to ignore the flash of blue and white moving before her eyes until May accidentally bopped her on the head. “Huh? Oh, sorry, May...where are Ash and Brock? I haven’t seen ’em since breakfast.”

“Didn’t they say something about looking for trainers to battle? Ash does need the practice before the Hoenn League.” Misty nodded in agreement. She had almost forgotten about the upcoming competition.

“But why would Brock go with?”

“Umm...” Misty realized what must have happened and cut short the coordinator.

“Never mind. Togetic?” The happiness Pokémon stopped itself mid sentence.

Yes, Misty? The teen pulled her red backpack over her shoulder, resting it neatly on the sleeve of her yellow tank top.

“Could you find Pikachu for me, please?”

Certainly. Togetic closed its eyes for a moment, then opened them and smiled up at its surrogate mother. Done. Anything else?

“Yes. Teleport us there.”

“What about us, Misty?”

“Don’t we get to come along?” Misty turned to them, about to tell them to clean up their room and wait for her return, but she faltered. The Pokémon Center room that they were staying in was spotless. Max was bent over, tying one green shoe’s laces, his yellow-colored backpack resting on his shoulders. May was standing beside him, straightening her red and white handkerchief on her head with one hand. The other was resting on her hip, her fingers brushing against the golden hued fanny pack tied loosely around her waist.

“You know what? You can come. Just grab Luvdisc’s egg, would ya?” May picked up the case obligingly. “Let’s go Togetic.” Togetic closed its eyes and glowed a sky blue for a moment. The group disappeared.

Misty felt a slight tingle, as though her whole body had been numb and was regaining its ability to move once more. Then she could feel the air whistling around her, the sensation of floating on the breeze, and the sun on her - wait a minute; floating? She opened her eyes and looked around. To her left, a Swellow squawked in surprise at the sight of the human sharing airspace with it. To her right, Togetic was sweatdropping sheepishly. Uh...oops?

“Togetic!” Misty cried out, the floating sensation being replaced by one of falling a great distance in a short amount of time. May and Max, who had already started plummeting, remained content with crying out and clutching each other in their fear. Togetic quickly popped down to the ground below, trying to find a way to phrase this news.


A young teen boy dressed in blue paused in throwing one of his Pokéballs, causing it to open after bouncing on the ground, revealing a red tortoise Pokémon known to most as Torkoal. “Funny,” he muttered. “That almost sounded like--” His mumblings were cut off by the appearance of Togetic in front of him, waving its stubby little arms around frantically.

Ash! Max, May, and Misty are falling from really high up! You have to stop them from hitting the ground! Needless to say, Ash was surprised, nearly jumping out of his sweatshirt in shock.

“What?! But--how--” He looked around anxiously, his gaze landing on a brunette in indigo and blue facing him; the trainer he had been about to battle. “Do you have any psychic Pokémon?” She nodded, bemused by all the actions going on. “There’s no time to explain, but would you have all of them that can use Confusion or Disable? I need to stop my friends from hitting the ground.” The girl reached into her black side pack, pulled out three Pokéballs and tossed them into the air.

“Dakku, Tsuki, Yume! Stop Ash's friends from falling with Confusion!” A yellow-colored duck Pokémon, brown-hued owl Pokémon, and a golden-toned Pokémon carrying a spoon appeared. After an order to all the Pokémon, the head feathers of the Noctowl, the spoon of the Kadabra, and the eyes of the Psyduck glowed an unearthly blue-green color. Above the Pokémon trainers, the screaming stopped, if only for a moment. Togetic popped off to make sure Max, May, and Misty were okay while the girl instructed her Pokémon to slowly lower Ash’s friends to the ground. Everything was going smoothly for a while, when the girl’s Psyduck suddenly twitched, then lost its turquoise glimmer, collapsing to the ground. The girl comforted her Pokémon, reassuring it that it was quite all right that it hadn’t succeeded, though she and Ash knew otherwise. Togetic popped up in front of the trainers immediately.

Misty’s falling again! Ash looked up. He saw a blue and orange dot above him that he was pretty sure was Misty. As he wondered what he should do, a cry of “Gyarados, I choose you” echoed throughout the skies. The blue speck was immediately obscured by red energy that morphed into a long blue and yellow squiggle. Ash continued to peer up for a few moments before he realized what exactly that squiggle was. He ran around in circles for a few moments more before the atrocious Pokémon landed squarely on his forehead. Misty slid off the Gyarados, returned it, and turned to face a brown haired girl wearing glasses with yellow-tinged lenses, a deep purple shirt and navy blue, zipper-covered jeans.

“Hi. I’m looking for a guy named Ash. He’s about this tall, wearing black fingerless gloves, red ’n black Pokéball cap...you seen him?” The girl pointed behind Misty, her hand shaking as though she was holding back a laugh. Misty glanced behind herself, wondering what was so funny. She sweatdropped, noticing Ash lying on the ground, twitching and moaning ever so slightly. “What’re you doing on the ground?” Ash jumped up, as if he had never been squished by the quarter-ton Pokémon.

“Your Gyarados crushed me!”

“Why didn’t you move out of the way?”

“There wasn’t any time!”

“Oh, and I’m supposed to believe that?” As Ash and Misty continued bickering, the teen Ash had been about to battle turned to the now tree-hugging and ground kissing Max and May. “Do they always do this?” The siblings looked up and nodded simultaneously.



Max found Brock flirting with some girls in a store some time later, and dragged him away as he always did--rather painfully. The trainer recalled her Noctowl and Kadabra and sat down to wait for Misty and Ash to finish...debating. May joined her and they soon got to talking. May discovered that the girl was named Mizuna Shinde, and she was a trainer and coordinator of water and psychic Pokémon. Mizuna had three ribbons and thirteen badges from different regions.

Sometime around noon, Misty and Ash finally took a breather. Mizuna partially introduced herself before being interrupted by Ash’s growling stomach. He sweatdropped as Misty slapped the back of his head for being rude. “Uh...let’s eat?”

Mizuna nodded, and asked “Could Brock cook? I’ve heard about how good his food is.” Brock agreed, and quickly got down to business. As they waited for their meal, Mizuna wondered “D’you think we could restart our battle, Ash?” With Ash’s eager consent, the two new friends moved to a nearby clearing and prepped themselves for the battle. Brock finished cooking a stew and left it to cool as he got into his judge mode. Misty, May, and Max stood off to the side with Togetic to watch the battle.

“This will be a one-on-one Pokémon battle between Ash Ketchum of Pallet Town and Mizuna Shinde of -” He paused, realizing that he didn’t know where Mizuna was from.

“New Bark Town.”

“And Mizuna Shinde of New Bark Town. Let the battle begin!” With a lift of his arms, Brock signaled the start of the battle. Ash chose his Pokémon quickly enough.

“Pikachu, go!” The mouse jumped before its trainer with sparking cheeks, eager to battle. Mizuna smirked.

“Just what we needed. Thanks for giving Tsuchi some training, Ash.” She tossed a Pokéball into the air. It popped open, letting loose a stream of white energy, which dropped to the ground and lessened in brightness, its shape became more definite. Two twig-like shapes sprouted out of the sides of its face as two legs and a tail became noticeable. Its body became a robin’s egg blue, and the three stripes on its stomach and its antennae became indigo.

“Pikachu! Quick attack!” The yellow mouse sprung into the air. It traced zigzag patterns in the ground as it ran, leaving Mizuna’s Wooper looking around hopelessly, trying to find its opponent. Pikachu finally materialized right in Tsuchi’s face as it slammed all its body weight and force against the water fish Pokémon. Tsuchi was knocked back a few meters by the attack, rolling over a few times as it hit the ground.

“It doesn’t look good for Mizuna,” May said. Max scoffed.

“It doesn’t look like she’s even trying! Why doesn’t she do something?”

Misty smiled. “Take a look at Mizuna’s face. She isn’t even worried, guys. I bet this is part of some plan of hers.” Togetic nodded.

I agree. Mizuna is a competent trainer. There is no way she would just not do anything without planning it. Just as Togetic spoke, Mizuna seemed to prove it correct as she cried out “Tsuchi, you know what to do!” Her Wooper nodded, its antennae shaking slightly. It crouched down. Pikachu sat on its hind legs, confused. Tsuchi continued to crouch until it fell over. Pikachu hopped over to it, wondering what was going on. “Now!” Mizuna shouted triumphantly. Tsuchi jumped up, startling Pikachu. It spun around, simultaneously performing a Tail Whip and a Mud Shot so that Pikachu was hit twice every time Tsuchi spun around. Thinking quickly, Ash ordered Pikachu to move out of range of both attacks to recuperate.

“Stop, Tsuchi.” Mizuna ordered calmly. “That’s enough for now.” Tsuchi complied, halting its double attack and regaining some of its strength as well. “I don’t know why I’m surprised. Most Pokémon Tsuchi faces are half gone after that attack.”

“I guess Pikachu isn’t most Pokémon.”

“True. Too true. Tsuchi, Double-Water Combo!” Tsuchi nodded and crouched once more. Pikachu stood back, not about to be fooled again. “Now!” The Wooper jumped up and began running around in circles at a tremendous speed. To Pikachu and all the onlookers, Tsuchi appeared to be in ten places at once, all of them circling around Pikachu.

“Whoa!” Misty breathed.

“That Double Team is amazing! I didn’t know Wooper could learn that attack.” May said, amazed.

“I bet Mizuna’s trained it really hard to learn Double Team.” Max said intelligently. “But what was with that Combo order?” May shrugged. It suddenly became obvious as Tsuchi shot a Water Gun at Pikachu, which shot from all directions because of the Double Team. Pikachu was quickly soaked, and was taking a lot of damage from the constant pummeling of the Water Gun.

“Pikachu, use Thunderbolt!” Pikachu charged up slowly, having to fight against the water pressure surrounding it. Its electric attack seemed successful, charging through the water and giving Tsuchi a thorough shocking. “Yes!” He exclaimed, pumping a fist quickly.

“Alright!” May cheered, jumping up and down.

“A direct hit!” Max shouted happily.

“I doubt that Thunderbolt did anything at all. Wooper is a ground type, remember? Electricity is useless, even though Wooper is a part water type.” Misty’s prediction seemed to come true as Tsuchi ended its Water Gun and Double Team, shook its head, then got into an attack position.

“Quick, Pikachu! Use Iron Tail!” Mizuna gasped.

“Iron Tail?! Tsuchi, Water Defense! Hurry!” Mizuna’s Wooper shot a Water Gun at the ground to move out of the way of the attack, but too early to help. Pikachu jumped into the air, and it’s tail glowed with a white-bright energy, gaining strength and power. It slammed its tail on Tsuchi’s head, forcing it to the ground. Pikachu jumped away from the Wooper as the white energy faded from its tail. Tsuchi’s eyes swirled in defeat, unable to move after its loss of energy and the suddenness and strength of its attacker.

“Tsuchi is unable to battle,” Brock announced redundantly. “Pikachu and Ash win!” As Misty, May, Max, and Togetic cheered in the background, Ash stepped up to see if Mizuna was okay. The brunette in question was crouched over her Wooper. Her dark hair almost completely encircled Tsuchi, making it impossible to see its condition.

“Hey, Mizuna,” Ash said quietly. “Is your Wooper okay?” Mizuna stood up, fumbling with something and saying “Why don’t you ask Tsuchi yourself?” The Pokémon in question was jumping up and down jubilantly, to Ash’s surprise.

“You sure it doesn’t need some rest Mizuna?” Brock quickly inspected Mizuna’s Wooper.

“Actually, it’s fine. Tsuchi’s as healthy as if it hadn’t even battled.” Ash scratched the back of his head.

“I’ve faced some unusual Pokémon in my time, but there’s no contest here; your Wooper is one of the strongest, and fastest at recovering I’ve seen Mizuna.” Mizuna held out her hand.

“Thanks, Ash.” As they shook she commented, “Your Pikachu’s the strongest electric type I’ve seen in a long time. Not many Pokémon have managed to stop Tsuchi in its tracks, especially with a Thunderbolt. You must have trained it long and hard for it to be this stro--Wait--did you say contest?” Ash nodded, and Mizuna panicked. “I gotta go. Bye!” With that, Mizuna returned her Wooper, released her Kadabra, and was teleported out of sight. Ash was left openmouthed; his hand still extended as the others caught up with him, still discussing the battle.


After some talk about the battle, May realized that the contest that they had come to this town for was about to begin. Thinking quickly, Misty had Togetic teleport the group to the contest house. She, May, and Pikachu reappeared just outside the large purple building, but the boys rematerialized upside-down a meter above the ground. They panicked, but Togetic merely sighed, waved its arms, and turned them right side-up. Ash straightened his hat, then frowned at Togetic.

“Why didn’t you do that for Misty?”

“And May?”

“And me?”

Togetic backed away from them, sweatdropping. Uh...well...bye! And with that, the flying Pokémon vanished from their sight, racing off for the protection of its surrogate mother. By the time the boys reached the open door of the house, it was evident that Misty and May had already entered the contest - or at least tried to.

“What do you mean I can’t enter?” The echoes of the red head’s cries rebounded from across the hall, where her friends winced, knowing what the counter woman must be experiencing; they had suffered those shouts personally multiple times before.

“You don’t have a Contest Pass. I’m sorry, but according to all rules, laws, and bylaws that I can find, that means you can’t enter.” Misty fumed silently, her face turning a brilliant shade of red. Ash popped up behind her and warily asked “What if Wallace told you she could enter?” The counterworker’s eyes lit up at the mention of the gym leader’s name.

“Not the Sootopolis Gym Leader Wallace?” She asked quickly, standing up and slamming her hands down on the countertop. When Ash nodded, she continued “But he’s fantastic! A powerful gym leader with a great number of potential Contest winners, (my personal favorite being his Luvdisc) he just announced mere weeks ago that he’s pursuing a career in coordinati -”

“We know.” Misty interrupted. This was probably the thirtieth Wallace fan that they had come across since leaving Sootopolis City. She wasn’t about to sit through another one of their rants. “I’m Misty, his once assistant. I thought he had given notice to all towns with Contests, but he must have missed this one.” With that, she dragged the counter woman over to a vid-phone and called Wallace. He explained everything to the woman and had a signature faxed over to the contest hall’s phone for the counterworker, who was, to say the least, ecstatic. She quickly approved Misty’s entry, and the group raced off.

Moments later, a tall figure cast her graceful shadow over the same counterwoman, who was occupied with staring fondly at her scrap of paper. The red head ‘ahem’-ed three or four times before tapping the worker on the top of the head, which got her attention. “Yes? How may I help you?” The worker asked as she was paid to do, not bothering to look up. When the figure didn’t answer, the counterworker looked up to a strange sight.

There were two people standing in front of her. One was the longhaired woman that had tapped her on the head. She wore expensive looking glasses to help her sapphire eyes see well and a red and black outfit that perfectly matched the outfit of the man standing beside her. He wore identical glasses for his emerald eyes, which shone mysteriously under his periwinkle-blue hair. Between the two the black tips of a pair of cat ears was visible from where the woman was seated. The man and woman were posing in an awkward-looking way, with slightly greedy looks in both their sets of eyes. “I would like -” the woman started.

“- to enter -” the man went on.

“- de Contest -” the ears continued.

“- being held -” the red head carried on.

“- in this Contest house -” the green-eyed man cut in.

“- dis very -” the ears perked up as they spoke.

“- afternoon!” The trio finished together. The counterwoman was left speechless for a moment, sweatdropping at the oddness of this group. She regained her senses quickly enough, thankfully for the trio, who were now in a ridiculous pyramid of faces that revealed the identity of the ears to be a Meowth with a New York accent. “Please present your Contest Pass.” The red head complied, and her entrance was approved. “Good luck, and have fun” - the worker glanced at the name on the pass - “Jessica.” ‘Jessica’ nodded as she picked up her pass and walked off.

“I intend to.”


Ash, Brock, Max, Togetic, and Pikachu found themselves some seats just in time for the start of the Contest. A few rows over, James and Meowth had just found their own seats. All of them were eager to see how well their friends would do.

The first four people just seemed to fly by for Ash, Brock, and Max: a man with a jumpy Swablu, a red head with a Dustox and a ridiculous outfit; a woman Brock almost jumped out of his seat for that had a Magby; and a teen with a shy Igglybuff (Ash plugged up his ears, just in case). Then up came the fifth person. She was wearing oddly tinted glasses and carrying a duffel bag. Misty and May backstage, as well as their friends in the crowd, recognized her instantly.


The brunette opened her bag, showing the crowd the paintbrush, paints, and blank poster board that were inside it. She replaced the items in her bag and placed it on the floor. Mizuna then spun around twice, tossing an Ultraball into the air as she twirled. It opened up to reveal her Kadabra, which cast sparkles of light across the hall when Mizuna stopped turning. She pointed a finger at the ceiling. “Portrait Combo, Yume! Do it now!”

Yume lifted its solitary spoon and concentrated. The spoon glowed an unearthly blue-green, and a large piece of poster board, a paintbrush, and paints appeared overhead. They remained in the air as Yume levitated the objects easily. The psychic Pokémon made the poster board’s flat sides face the ceiling and floor, then began maneuvering the paints. It dipped the paintbrush in a color, then began painting. It continued with this for about three or four minutes. It then moved the poster board into the sunlight of the windows on the ceiling and made a great show of teleporting the paintbrush and paints. Moments later, Yume teleported the poster board as well. Mizuna then picked up her bag and held it out to Yume, who lifted the objects out of the bag telepathically. First came the paintbrush, then the paints, and then the poster board. The sight of the poster board drew a round of applause from the crowd; on it was a portrait of Mizuna hugging Yume happily.

The judges were extremely delighted with the performance; their comments were nothing short of amazed, agreeing that there was only one flaw in her routine. However, the error must have been minimal; Yume’s scores were 9.4, 9.7, and 9.6; in total, a 28.7. At the sight of the score, Mizuna embraced her Pokémon tightly, creating an image identical to that on the portrait.

“Wow,” May muttered. “How are we supposed to get even close to that?” Misty came up from behind and placed a hand on May’s shoulder.

“Don’t worry, May.” She said encouragingly. “You and Beautifly’ve been practicing, right?” The brunette nodded. “Then you’ll do fine. I’m the one that should be worried; I’ve never been in a Contest before.” A voice, tinny sounding through the PA system, announced that May was up. Misty patted May on the back once before walking off. “Like I said: You’ll do fine.”

May stood up and clenched a fist before her face. “You’re right. I’ll do fine if I believe in Beautifly and in myself!” She raced out the waiting room and into the hall to the sounds of cheers from the crowd. Misty lifted a finger, as if to stop May for a moment, then dropped it while still holding her arm up. “I don’t think she wants to know just how much like Ash she seemed right then...” she muttered to herself before focusing her attention back on the screen and the Contest.

May marched out to the center of the hall and took a deep breath. I can do this...I can! “Beautifly, take the stage!” With her cry, May tossed her Pokéball high into the air, where it opened to reveal her butterfly Pokémon, twirling in mid air before tossing bits of Silver Wind across the room. May tossed a Frisbee to her Pokémon, who grabbed it expertly with String Shot. Beautifly tossed the orange disc back to its trainer, who jumped up and snatched it out of midair, and swung around, letting the Frisbee travel the course it would have naturally. Beautifly returned the disc a few more times with String Shot before switching to Gust. The Gust was a little shaky at first, but the tosses worked out spectacularly.

Finally, it was time for the grand finale. May commanded a String Shot and Silver Wind Combo, which Beautifly complied with immediately, but in an unusual way. The bug Pokémon shot off half a dozen pieces of String Shot. It then controlled the fall of the pieces with Silver Wind, which made them flow on the slipstream the Silver Wind created. The String Shot balls flew around Beautifly in a tube-shape mixed in with the Silver Wind, creating an amazing effect. Beautifly ended the combo, and they ended the act with a bow, Beautifly perched on May’s head.

The crowd cheered appreciatively, enjoying the show. Unlike Mizuna’s show of mainly skill, this was a performance of showy, attractive, and appealing moves. This was an act they could really enjoy. They weren’t the only ones, it seemed. The judges applauded May and Beautifly’s performance eagerly before scoring her. They deliberated over their answer for some time before giving May and Beautifly a 9.0, 9.2, and a 9.3, making her total score a 27.5. May jumped up and hugged her butterfly Pokémon, excited at the magnitude of her score which, though not the highest yet, was still very high and would probably get her to the next round. The friends marched out of the hall, only to come face-to-face with Mizuna.

“I saw your round,” the older brunette said. “That was fantastic.” May shook her hand and replied “Don’t be silly. You’re the one that got an almost perfect score.” Mizuna didn’t seem to know what to say.

“Uh...why don’t you go back to the waiting room? I’m sure your friends are hanging around there, waiting to congratulate you.” May agreed and walked past Mizuna to the locker room in question. The room was empty, except for Misty. She looked up at May, with almost a sad look in her eye.

“What’s wrong Misty?” The red head sighed, and looked back up at the screen.

“Nothing,” she said, looking up at the overly happy teen applauding his hands out on screen cheering about May’s performance, even when her routine had ended almost five minutes before. “It’s nothing.” May popped up next to Misty on the bench.

“Doesn’t sound like nothing.” She put a hand over her eyes, trying to help her vision. “Who’re you looking at?”

“A - nobody!” Misty replied, changing her answer halfway through. “No one at all!” May looked at her, and eyebrow raised.

“Right.” Before Misty could retort or explain herself, her name was announced over the PA system. The water trainer got up, and May could almost see a bit of her first Contest in her friend’s eyes. “It’s like you said before, Misty. If I can do fine, you can do fine too.” Misty looked at the brunette with a sort of relief in her eyes.

“Right. Thanks, May.” Misty walked out of the room and into the hall. She stood in the center of the room for a moment as the judges whispered. They moved apart and approached Misty.

“You don’t have a Contest Pass, correct?” Contesta asked. Misty nodded. “And you are here only because of a reference from Wallace, gym leader of Sootopolis City?” Misty concurred. “Then...” The blue suited judge looked slightly discomfited. Nurse Joy burst in.

“...you have to get us Wallace’s autograph!” Misty facefaulted backward. Coordinators and trainers she could understand, sort of. But Contest judges?! Brock, Ash, and Max were equally embarrassed. “No problem.” Misty said weakly. “But can I please perform now?” The judges seemed to remember their place, and slid back to their seats awkwardly under the eyes of the audience.

Once they were back in their places, Misty took a deep breath and tossed her Pokéball above her head. A deep blue green Pokémon known for its appalling personality and awful temper literally leapt out of the Pokéball in a torrent of water that splashed over its scales. Gyarados roared, then got into position, floating ever so slightly above the ground. “Gyarados! Let’s go! Hydro Pump!” The strong burst of water that came out of the flying type’s mouth went up, up, up...it seemed as though it would keep going until it broke through the windows on the ceiling. But it didn’t; just before it hit the ceiling, Gyarados stopped the attack, letting the water begin to fall in a natural fountain-like way. As the water began to reach the Pokémon’s eye level, Misty called for a Flamethrower. Gyarados complied, turning the water to steam with its fire type attack. When it had finished its attack, not a drop of water had touched the ground, and the two story tall Pokémon was shrouded in a dense fog of steam.

“Hyper Beam!” cried Misty. Gyarados charged up the normal attack and fired into the mist. The attack was controlled so it got near the audience to get them scared, but vanished within 3 meters of the stands. The move also had an effect unnoticed until it was finished; Gyarados had drawn a pentagram in the haze that remained there until it came flying through the center of it, leering at the crowd as it flew overhead. Gyarados next performed a Rain Dance and Twister at the same time; the result was a whirlwind of water surrounding Gyarados. To end the routine, Misty had Gyarados stop its Water Twister and come flying out of the bottom of the storm, spreading the water around the room.

The audience clapped, though not so loudly or so enthusiastically as they had for the last two rounds, a detail Misty was quick to notice. Gyarados lowered until it was on the ground, waiting for its score. Contesta scored them first; a 7.2. Next was the mayor, who gave Misty a generous (at least, so she thought) 8.0. Last was the Nurse Joy, who puzzled over her answer for quite some time before coming to her conclusion; a 7.4. Misty’s score was a 22.6. After praising and returning Gyarados, she waved to the guys in the back of the room and walked out, only slumping down miserably once she was out of sight. She sat there for a few minutes before May came up behind her. “Something wrong?” Misty looked up at the Coordinator.

“You saw how I did out there,” she sighed. “I’m never gonna make it to the next part with a score like that.” May shrugged.

“You never know, Misty. Anyway, come on back. The guys are in the back room, waiting to congratulate you.” Misty snorted.

“Or waiting to congratulate you.” May frowned.

“Oh, come on. Don’t think like that. You were great.” With only slight resistance, the brunette pulled Misty off the floor. “Now c’mon. By now they must have posted who’s going to the next part. We can meet up with the guys after checking.” Misty agreed reluctantly, and they walked off. Unknown to the girls, three sets of eyes were watching them from a shadowy area just meters behind them.

“Oh please, Jessie!” The green eyed man begged. “Can’t we please just take Pikachu and that egg now?” The red head refused to budge from her standpoint.

“I’ve told you before James. We need to get me this ribbon. Once we’re at the Grand Festival, it’ll be easier to get Pikachu.” A Meowth stepped between the two.

“Besides,” it drawled. “Meowth’s got it all planned out, in case Jessie don’t win.” The cat Pokémon immediately was forced to the floor by Jessie’s black boot.

“What do you mean, if I don’t win?! Of course I’ll win!” she screamed at Meowth. Then she turned to her teammate, all calm and clearheaded. “Now, lets see who I’m facing next round.” Once again, Team Rocket had found a way to cheat Jessie into the second round of a Contest undetected. This time, they looked back on past Contests and decided it would be best to not use a cheat during the second round; that was when they were usually found out by the twerps. They trio of troublemakers changed from their Team Rocket uniforms into normal clothes and followed the ‘twerpettes’ to the front room of the hall.


Max had figured that May and Misty would go off to see if they made it to the next round instead of meeting up with them first. He managed to convince Ash and Brock to come along and check for them, and they came upon a strange scene.

There was Mizuna off to the side, glaring angrily at the board. However, she was right up there. The person she was supposed to battle, the woman that had done a routine with a Dustox, was whispering with a periwinkle haired man off in another corner, both of them often taking furtive glances over at Mizuna. Misty was staring at the picture of herself on the opposite side of the screen. Next to her picture was one of a brunette wearing a red and white bandanna. Both of the girls pictured had blue eyes, but of radically different shades. Both girls had unique hairstyles, but the one to battle Misty had her hair down. The girl to battle Misty - the one to see if she had what it takes to win a Contest - was May.


“Jessie,” James moaned. “What’re we gonna do? That purple girl looks really tough. She’s got a Kadabra, for crying out loud!” Jessie frowned, furrowing her brow.

“I know she looks tough. She probably is tough. And twerp material too, no doubt.” She shot a glance at the brunette, who was glowering at her own picture. “Since I think we all agree that we don’t want to do Meowth’s plan, I think we’ll have to go for Plan X.” James paled, his emerald eyes all the more vivid against the colorless skin around it.

“Plan X?” he whispered. “X?! Have you put a lot of thought into this, Jessie?” She nodded.

“It‘ll only be for a short time, James. And it has to be done. Get Meowth to put it into action.” James almost protested, but thought better of it and informed Meowth of the task at hand instead. The normal type complained about it, but got to work. Plan X was probably the least used plan. Which was probably why it ended up being so low on the alphabet. It was also least used because it was a very messy business. Also a pain. But it had to be done sometimes. After all, if someone has to disappear, well...

...oftentimes they need some persuasion.


Hey, all! I bet you’ve been waiting for this chapter for ages! I know it’s been awhile, but I’ve had school, homework, school, a blocked computer, school, and let’s not forget school! I hope you enjoyed it, and I probably should add that I edited the last chapter of S-CoL, and you might want to reread some of the ending.

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So, Misty is against May. Two friends against eachother. Only one will win, but who? :)About that...

...looks can be decieving, and things might not turn out the way most people would presume it would...

I love how Togetic tends to mess up with its psychic powers. It's just so funny sometimes.

And I can't wait for Misty to get a Luvdisc from that egg. :)

Oh, and get this, my fic, Misty's Miracle, might become a book soon. ^_^

Just a heads up. :)Thanks. ^_^ It'll probably be one of the recurring funny moments in the plot.

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But wow... may vs misty! It's going to be a real fascinating match! Update soon! ^^ And please PM me when you do!

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^__^ I liked all the little parts with Ash and Misty bickering! *snicker* And the Togetic-screw-ups. Misty sure doesn't have much luck with psychics... lol! XD Contest! But.. but... where's Drew? Haha. Aww... Gyarados' routine sure sounded pretty cool, but I guess the judges have different notions of what's good and what's not huh? But at least she made it! XD I bet she'll be better at the battling part! XD XD XD

But wow... may vs misty! It's going to be a real fascinating match! Update soon! ^^ And please PM me when you do!Thanks. I find that my best work often ends up being the humor, though I'm not sure why...

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Battle should be interesting indeed. I hope to get it written soon, but I'm preoccupied with writing scenes for future chapters for some reason.

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22nd January 2005, 8:02 PM
This story is cool... Misty vs. May? Wonder who's going to win...
This has nothing to do with the story but are you a Contestshipper?
From "Sootopolis - City Of Love".
"Alright! Did you hear that, May? We’re going to the gym!” May looked up from the romance novel she was reading, and erased her thoughts of a certain green-haired coordinator." *cough* Drew *cough*Glad you like it...shall I add you to my PM list?

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Good job with the contest and everything, you described all the performances well.
Can't wait for your next chapter!

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Thanks, misty.! I'm glad you liked the story so far. I got your PM, and sent you one. If you didn't get it, here's part of the message over again: you were right! Congrats; I shall attempt to add you in next chapter. If not, your name shall be mentioned at the beginning.
Hey, I didn't even know you had started your new fic! Well, anyway, you're off to a good start!
I love what you did with Togetic not being able to teleport right. That was really funny.
Good job with the contest and everything, you described all the performances well.
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Nice fic so far. I read Sootopolis - City Of Love in the completed fics section and loved it! I'm glad you made a sequel.Wow; a new reader. I'm glad you liked it, and hope you like this one too!

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Edit: Well, here's the new chapter. Hope ya like!


Prophecies of the Summoned


Chapter 2


May waved the guys over upon noticing them in the back of the hall. They rushed over to the brunette and redhead. “That was awesome, guys!” Brock cried!

“I can’t believe I made it to the next round.” Misty said, still dazed.

“That makes two of us.” Ash said teasingly. Misty frowned at the Pokémon trainer, and, without warning, Ash was on the floor, eyes spiraling. A moment later, he was up. A short apology to Misty, and he commented, “Beautifly was great, May!”

May smiled and began to thank Ash when she noticed a forlorn look on her water training-training friend’s face. Seeing that look on Misty’s face brought back a memory of a similar look on her own face. Back when I had that crush on Brendan Birch...and he just ignored me, flat out, so he could talk to that trainer that was sixteen...and tall...and smart...and pretty...and... May flushed both in embarrassment and rage. She clenched a fist tightly as she reminisced over those years of her life. Or months. Well, it had been her longest crush in her entire life, and all over a guy that barely knew she existed whenever there was a Pokémon within ten meters. Just like… May breathed quietly and lifted a hand to her mouth. “Oh...”

All of this happened within about ten seconds. May regained her senses, and responded to Ash’s compliment. “Oh, we were okay...but what about Misty? Misty, you certainly were creative with Gyarados; I don’t understand how they could have possibly thought you weren’t the best out there!” Misty’s head shot up. She stared at May, confused, ignoring Max, Brock, Pikachu, and Ash agreeing with May’s praise.

What is she - could May have figured out that I like – Misty’s worried thought was cut off and put to the back of her subconscious suddenly upon hearing an announcement over the PA system, as was every thought in her head except for one question that she voiced aloud immediately:

“What do they mean, Mizuna’s been disqualified?”


“I apologize extensively,” the counterwoman said. “I am physically and lawfully unable to disclose why Mizuna Shinde has been deemed ineligible for continuing to compete in this municipality‘s Contest, as that is classified information only to be revealed if and when Mizuna or the Contest Board deems it to be allowed.” Ash scratched the back of his head for a moment, and slid over to Max.

“What did she say?” Unfortunately for Ash, he didn’t whisper very quietly, and everyone but him sweatdropped and slapped a hand to their face. The Pokémon trainer looked around confusedly. “What?” No one answered him. “You’re telling me that you understood what she said?” Misty slid next to him.

“She said no, Ash,” she whispered into his ear.

“Oh.” Ash suddenly noticed how close Misty was to him, and moved to his right quickly, falling over Max and sprawling the two of them across the floor. The others sweatdropped heavily. Misty moved back over to the counterworker. She looked around furtively then muttered, “There’s a signed photograph in it for you.” Brock and May stared, horrified at Misty. Ash and Max sat upright quickly to look at the water Pokémon trainer and see if she was being serious.

She was being quite serious.

The counterwoman thought about the offer. Responsibility versus a super-cool photograph easily worth hundreds on Poké-bay. Approximately five-point-two seconds later, she was holding a picture of a blue haired gym leader pointing at the camera, with a Luvdisc floating behind him and squirting a water gun in the direction the blue haired man pointed. The bottom left hand corner had a large ‘W’ followed by a long scribble written in blue ink. The counterwoman hugged the photo tightly, hearts replacing her eyes temporarily. “Come back soon!” She shouted to the teens that were running out of the building. “The Contest starts again in an hour!”


“I can’t believe Mizuna left town!” Misty panted between breaths. “She, of all people, should know about this town’s rules; she’s been waiting here for days.” May nodded, catching up to her. Neither of them had found it easy to believe that this town put a scanner on Contest Passes when they scanned them. It seemed a bit ridiculous that they would care if someone left the town’s boundaries, but that was the rules. It was also why they wanted Misty to give them an autograph; they had actually had one of their underlings put one of the slips of paper in her bag with a tracker attached to it. It seemed a bit extreme to them, but that’s the way some people are: eccentric.

“Something’s wrong here Misty. I know it is!” Misty agreed, and the boys had to run fast to match the girls’ speed long enough to stop them.

“Max!” May cried, marching against the obstacle that was her brother pushing against her chest. “What’re you doing?”

“Ash! Brock!” Misty said with an equal furor. “Let me go! We have to save Mizuna!” Ash shook his head.

“And let you two be disqualified from the Contest?”

“I don’t think so. We’ll save Mizuna from whatever danger she’s in.”

“You two see if the contest can be delayed. If not...” Ash was out of ideas.

“A three-person final round?” Max suggested. Ash nodded.

“Might not work, but it’s a great idea, Max!” Pikachu chirped its approval. “See what you can do, guys. Until then...” The Pokémon trainer raced off, Brock right behind him, and Max hanging on the breeder’s arm. May blinked.

Misty blinked.

Togetic blinked.

The girls turned to each other, them to the flying Pokémon just behind them. Their heads turned to face forward. They blinked.

Misty and May jumped away from Togetic, breathing hard and placing a hand over their heart. “When did you get here?” They demanded. Togetic blinked.

I just got here. You two are very fast when you have a reason to run, you know. I believe someone mentioned heading back to the Contest? It raised its arms. Shall we? Misty and May nodded.



Mizuna woke up with a blinding headache. Not that this was unusual; headaches were quiet common for her after falling asleep in an uncomfortable position. Being tied hand and foot to a hard, open backed wooden chair after being attacked and drugged was no exception to the ‘uncomfortable equals headache’ clause. Once she could open her eyes without having to shut them immediately, she groaned. Two shadows stood up before her.

“Well, well, well,” said one of them in a Brooklyn accent. “Looks like our wittle Sleepin’ Beauty’s awake. How’s it goin’ there, ‘Zuna?” Mizuna frowned.

“Do not call me that.” She said slowly, enunciating every word clearly and filling each one with restrained fury. The voice ‘tut’-ed and the shorter shadow wiggled its ears.

“Aw...whassa matter? Li’l ‘Zuna not like her nickname?” The taller shadow tapped the short one on the shoulder.

“You know Meowth, I don’t think we should get her too mad. If she shouts, someone could hear her.” The Meowth waved away the hand, clearly calm and convinced that everything was going according to plan.

“There’s notin’ for miles around, Jimmy-boy. Jessie’ll win that Contest, and we get rid of this twoip wannabe before she joins up.” Mizuna’s eyes widened. Jessie? That was like the name of the woman with a Dustox she had been about to battle in the Contest.

“I’d ask what you want with me, but...I think it’s a bit obvious.” She bent as low on the chair as her bindings would allow, letting her glasses slide off her nose. One lens cracked as the lilac frames hit the ground, sending small bits of sunset-colored glass across the floor. “However...I don’t think your plan is going to go as smoothly as you hoped.” Meowth moved in front of her cage, paws on its hips.

“Oh yeah? And why’s that, twoip? Last I checked, you’re the one in the cage, and we’re the ones ‘olding ya captive.”

“You’ve forgotten one thing.”

“What?” Behind Meowth, James was looking worried. That tone of voice was quite foreboding; this girl wasn’t all that she appeared to be, he could tell.

“I have help in high places!” With that, Meowth flew into the air and was spun around in circles. It screamed wildly as James gasped in a slightly girlish way. “What’s going on?” The Team Rocket member looked around frantically. “I thought we made sure there was no one around!” Suddenly he spotted a shaky image up on one of the support beams. “Ah! A Kadabra!” Mizuna squeezed her eyes shut and lifted her head up.

“Good work, Yume!” Suddenly, the Kadabra disappeared. James half expected it to reappear in front of him, but it didn’t. It was just gone.


Lost, without a hint of where it might have disappeared.

And yet, somehow, Meowth was still spinning around in mid-air, shouting like there was no tomorrow. James looked around for some explanation. The only living creature in the building, according to the thermal scanners already implanted when James had broken in, were Meowth, himself, and this Coordinator girl. An idea sparked inside his head, and James picked up a small bomb. He tossed it into Mizuna’s cage, where it promptly blew up, creating a greenish haze around the girl in the chair. James activated the separation option of the cage, which placed a five-inch thick plastic wall between Team Rocket and Mizuna. Sounds could be heard: coughing, gagging, and choking included. Meowth suddenly found itself face first on the ground. It shook away the majority of the pain, and looked at James confusedly.

“What’s goin’ on, James? Meowth’s lost ‘ere.” James picked up a phone off of its cordless charger. When he spoke, his voice resounded with the superiority and pride that befitted a man of his status.

“I have made a discovery, Meowth. I am going to put our names in the history books; the Hall of Infamy shall know who we are! We will be famous for generations of Team Rocket yet to come!” Meowth’s interest was sparked at the mention of eternal notoriety.

“Oh! Tell more, Jimmy-boy!” James didn’t listen. Instead, he dialed a number and brushed a periwinkle lock of hair out of his eyes as he waiting for someone to pick up.

“Hello? Yes, I’d like to speak to the Boss...” He waited a few moments more. “Hello, Boss? Are you still searching for that psychic from the Johto Region...? Really? Because I think I just found her...”


Brock, Ash, Max, and Pikachu wandered aimlessly for some time, following a dusty path through the forest. Finally, Max stopped, sitting beneath a gigantic redwood tree. They rested for some time, eating Pokémon food and rice balls for energy, before Max raised a question that the boys hadn’t considered before rushing recklessly into this search.

“Hang on,” Max wondered. “We don’t know anything about Mizuna, really. Shouldn’t we call someone who knows her, to see if they know who might’ve taken her?” Ash slammed a fist into his other hand.

“You’re probably right, Max. Do we have any idea of someone who knows her?” The boys thought for a moment, then Brock snapped his fingers.

“Didn’t she start her travels in Johto? Maybe Professor Elm could tell us more about her.” Max’s eyes widened.

“You guys know Professor Elm too? Man, is there anyone you don’t know?” This question quickly moved into Max naming a long list of professors and gym leaders, with Ash and Brock either saying if they met those people or not. Soon, Max reached the end of his list.

“Dorian of the private Coastline Gym?”


“Umm...I think that’s everyone - oh! Wait; I can’t believe I forgot her. Did you guys ever meet Professor Ivy of - “

“ - that name!” Brock curled up in a ball of blue, depressed gloom. He drew little patterns in the dirt as Ash and Max sweatdropped. Ash whispered to Max. “You really don’t want to mention her around Brock. Bad memories.” Max nodded, still a bit creeped out by Brock’s actions, the likes of which he had only seen once before.

“Max, didn’t the Pokédex get a vid-phone upgrade a week or so ago?” Max’s eyes widened, and he grabbed for his backpack, unzipping it and searching it with one hand as he talked to his friends, balancing himself with the other hand.

“I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before, but you’re right, Ash! We got it upgraded ten days, fourteen hours, three minutes and nineteen point eight seconds ago.” Brock was driven out of his reverie by the oddness of that statement. He and Ash stared at Max for a moment, who was too busy digging through his pack to notice their eyes boring holes in the back of his head. When he resurfaced out of the ocean of gear in his backpack, holding the yellow device high in the air triumphantly, he noticed their odd stares. “What?” He wondered. “Don’t you guys count from the minute since something important happened to you?”

“Yeah...is upgrading a Pokédex all that important, Max?” The Pokémon enthusiast looked insulted.

“Of course it is! Anyway, you guys dial. I can’t wait to talk to Professor Elm.”


“Why hello Ash, Brock.” The Johto professor said happily over the crackly vid-phone connection. “I haven’t heard from you in years. How’ve you been?” He looked over the teens’ shoulders, noticing someone behind them. “Oh, and who is this?” Ash began to introduce the young boy, but Max popped to the front of the group and stared avidly at the professor.

“Hi Professor Elm.” He said excitedly. “I’m Max.”

“Well hello, Max. Nice to meet - “

“ - and I wanted to discuss a point you made in your most recent article in Pokémon Bi-Weekly.” The Professor seemed surprised that such a young child would read about his research, most of which was very dry reading.


“Yeah; I don’t think your description of the Unown’s powers really did them justice. I feel - “ Max was cut off by Brock pulling him by the collar out of the line of vision of the vid-phone’s screen.

“I’m sure that’s very...interesting, Max, but we have a mission, remember?” He now spoke to the Professor. “It’s nice to see you Professor, but we need a favor, if it’s not too much trouble.”

“Go ahead.” Ash continued for Brock.

“Well, we’re trying to help this trainer that grew up in Johto, and we need to know more about her to help her. We thought you might be able to help us.”

“We’re pretty sure she’s from New Bark Town. About 15...and her name’s Mizuna Shinde. Anything you can do?” Professor Elm opened up a spreadsheet on the screen as Brock spoke. It was a list of beginning trainers, the starter Pokémon they chose, and the city they came from. Ash noticed a row that went like this:

Casey Chikorita New Bark Town

“It’s an unusual request, but I’ll see what I can do...I hope Foster kept his records updated before I took over...you said Mizuna, right?” He scrolled down the list. Ash and his friends watched as the As, Bs, and Cs moved down to Ds, Gs, and Hs, then became Js, Ks, Ls, and Ms. Professor Elm went down to the Ns before scrolling back up slowly. Brock, Max, Ash, and Pikachu barely noticed the information as it flew up, ignoring Mushi the Bug Pokémon lover and Morty the Ghost Pokémon trainer, as well as not paying attention to which Pokémon Miyako got, or where Melvin was from, or anything about Marian. They caught themselves once more, and reminded the Professor to start scrolling down again. Now they paid much closer attention:








...Miao Shan...






Professor Elm frowned, and scrolled back up.










He shook his head. “I’m sorry, boys. Either this list is incomplete, or there was no Mizuna Shinde within the last ten years that got a starter Pokémon from here. Hold on...Shinde...it sounds familiar...” His eyes widened. “I think I know about the family your friend is supposedly from...but if I’m right, she must’ve lied...there’s no way...I have to go.” With that odd train of comments as a closing, the screen flickered to black, reflecting the confused faces of those before it.


The boys walked around for what felt like eons, searching hopelessly with nary a clue or lead to follow that would get them any closer to finding their Water/Psychic Pokémon training friend. Suddenly, they felt the ground shake beneath them, heard a loud explosion to their left, and saw a cloud of dust rise into the sky to the east. The trio plus one raced towards the site of the blast as fast as their feet could carry them. They reached a clearing and simultaneously gasped at the sight.

Before the boys and Pikachu was a smallish warehouse. It was made of a blue plastic of some kind, and it had a flat roof with the exception of a wedge of roofing that covered a door, which would presumably lead to the main area of the stockroom. Of course, there was nothing really strange about this. Far from it; this warehouse was almost boring in its simplicity. What was truly unusual was the objects in the airspace of above the building.

Three large airships floated above the edifice. One, a deep red color with a black symbol inscribed on either door, remained in the air because of helicopter-like fans located on either side of the ship. The second ship, solid black except for a red capital ‘R’ painted on each side, was a relatively small aircraft, more like a half dozen person helicopter than anything else. A third ship, ocean blue in color, with an entirely different symbol emblazoned on its sides. This ship was much longer than the first two, with long doors on either side. On of these doors slide open, and a woman with orange hair half stepped out of the airship, holding a speakerphone to her mouth as she dangled from the side of the airship.

“I repeat,” she cried in an almost familiar voice. “Leave the Hoenn region, Team Rocket. you aren’t welcome in Team Aqua’s area.”

“Team Rocket? And Team Aqua?” Max wondered. “If that’s Team Aqua, and that’s Team Rocket, then that red ship must be...Team Magma!” A man dressed in black and dark red stuck his head out the window, lifting a similar megaphone to his mouth.

“Team Aqua’s area? I must have misheard you; this is Team Magma territory, and I order the both of you to leave. Refuse, and we will attack.” Now, a woman with orange-blonde hair opened one of the doors on the left side of the black helicopter, speaking to the other gang members with a like amplifying device. Pikachu cocked an ear upon hearing her speak; this voice was less familiar to the electric mouse, but it still rang a bell deep within its memory.

“We apologize for intruding on your region, Teams Magma and Aqua,” she said slickly, obviously well practiced in the art of sucking up to those more important. “We are here, however, on a mission of great importance. Once we have, it will be like we were never here.” The Team Rocket member was pulled back inside the ship, and a blue haired man stuck his head out, barking gruffly at the other airships, not needing the amplifier to be heard over the roar of the engines.

“So leave us be!” A muffled, indignant cry of ‘Butch!’ could be heard from inside the aircraft. Brock suddenly realized who this must be, recognizing the two voices together.

“It’s Butch and Cassidy, Ash!” The Pokémon trainer thought for a moment before remembering one of the duo’s escapades.

“Those fake fortune telling book people? What’re they doing in the Hoenn Region? And who’s that?” For someone had appeared on roof of the warehouse while Ash, Brock, Max, and Pikachu had been preoccupied with the arguing above. They waved their arms at the Rocket helicopter, and a rope ladder was lowered out of a hatch at the bottom of the helicopter while the fighting continued. Two Rocket flunkies, decked out in their typical black uniforms, white gloves, black hats, and goggles, climbed down the rope ladder and followed the blue haired Rocket member into the warehouse. Ash, Brock, Max, and Pikachu blinked, tuning out the arguing above as they wondered what was going on. Brock wondered why Butch and Cassidy would travel so far from Viridian and Kanto, where Team Rocket was much closer to being in control than way out here. Max wondered about the person that had been on the rooftop. Pikachu wondered what the ‘mission of great importance’ was. Ash wondered how Team Magma and Aqua could possibly have gotten here before Team Rocket had already carried off the object of their mission.

The boys and Pikachu shrugged off their wonderings and, against their normal routine, walked away. They decided, without speaking, that it was more important to search for Mizuna than to try and stop these three great powers. They decided that it was no business of theirs what Team Rocket, Team Aqua, and Team Magma wanted with each other, that they could gain nothing or do any good by trying to stop them.

Oh, how wrong they were.


James led the flunkies down into the main room, where Meowth waited with the piece de résistance; immobilized and unconscious in the center of a block of Jell-O-like containment gel sat Mizuna, curled up in a ball.

Meowth blew on its paws, watching its breath turn to steam as its paws were warmed. It then noticed James and the flunkies coming down the stairs from the roof. “It’s about time!” The cat type shouted, springing up out of its chair. “It’s freezin’ down ‘ere!” Meowth spoke true; to keep the containment gel solid enough to hold Mizuna captive, the thermostat had been lowered to about 8° Centigrade. It was cold enough to make the gel solidify, but not cold enough to freeze those guarding the block.

However, it got pretty close.

Meowth jumped around, barking orders that the flunkies ignored as they lifted the block of gel onto a cart. James shut the cat up and the duo watched as the cart was loaded onto a hanging carrier connected to the airship above.

“Just think, Meowth! I bet we’ll get a huge promotion for catching her!” Meowth agreed.

“The Boss’ll be thrilled dat we got dat girl. We’ll be rich!” Team Rocket was incredibly excited about the eminent good fortune that seemed to be right in their future; so much so that they failed to notice Mizuna’s eyes slowly opening.


Someone, please! Help me! Ash whipped around. “What was that?” He wondered quietly. “Mizuna?”

Brock, Pikachu, and Max stopped, noting that Ash wasn’t moving. “Pikapi?”

“What’re you waiting for, Ash? Don’t you want to find Mizuna?”

“C’mon, Ash! We gotta get going.” He refused, waving a hand in their direction.

“Quiet guys; I can’t hear it with you talking.” The others looked at Ash strangely.

“Hear what? Did you hear anything Brock?”

“Not a thing.”

“Pika.” Now it was Ash’s turn to be perplexed.

“What’re you guys saying?” Brock and Max looked around awkwardly.


“You don’t think that maybe you’re just hearing things, Ash?” He shook his head, clenching a fist at his side.

“I know what I heard, guys. Don’t you believe me, Pikachu?” The electric Pokémon looked at the ground, shamefaced, before shaking its head back and forth. “Then why do you think I’d make something up like this?” No one replied for awhile. Brock eventually spoke up.

“We haven’t really found much yet, and we’ve been at it for awhile.”

“Pikachupi.” Max nodded. “We saw how upset Misty was, and...”

“...and we know you don’t like to see her upset, and...” Ash laughed hollowly, not bothering to let Brock, Max, and Pikachu finish.

“I don’t believe you guys. You’re making it sound like I’m trying to make Misty happy instead of trying to find Mizuna. Well, I don’t care what you say.” He dashed back the way they came, back to the warehouse and airships. He shouted at the others over his shoulder as he left them in the dust. “I’m gonna find her!”


Misty frowned, her concentration creating sweat by her temples. She ordered an attack from Gyarados, who complied, releasing a stream of compressed water out of its mouth. The Hydro Pump hit its target squarely, splintering the wooden target board from the bulls-eye out. Five more short bursts of water were fired into the air, where they hit other targets (and one Wingull). May clicked her timer. “Nice work!” She complimented. “You and Gyarados make an excellent team, Misty.” Misty accepted a water bottle, which she dumped on her head.

“Thanks May. Your Beautifly is good, too. Now, why don’t you give the course a try while I get Gyarados and this Wingull patched up.” May agreed, and Misty reset the stopwatch as May called out her bug type. Misty shuddered involuntarily, leaving more quickly than she might have normally. May breathed in and out slowly, then got ready.

“Okay, Beautifly! Use Gust and String Shot Combo!” Beautifly obeyed its trainer, pushing the target back with the first attack and knocking it flat with the second. “Now Silver Wind the ones in the air!” Six shots of the attack flew into the air immediately. Unfortunately, four of the bursts of Silver Wind fell back down to Earth, too heavy to make it to their targets.

“Beautifly, move!” Beautifly was too close to the attacks to dodge them, so May tossed herself at her Pokémon, shielding it with her body.

“Roselia! Solar Beam!” A huge burst of light shot from the Contest Hall, and the Silver Winds were cancelled out. May and Beautifly sat up slowly, looking in the direction the attack had come from as the remnants of the two attacks fell around them.

“It couldn’t be...there’s no way it could be...” A green haired Coordinator stood, confident as always, on a rise of ground before May. A Roselia floated down beside him, sparkling slightly from either blossom-shaped hand.

“Long time no see, eh May?” Drew asked, tossing the girl a rose.


Well there ya go! Chapter two of many, I hope. The winner of last chapters competition was .misty. Nice work!

I couldn’t resist adding Drew in there at the end, and I hope you don’t mind very much that this chapter is shorter than last chapter; with no battling and Contest scenes, this was the best I could do.

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Hey,good chap Gladdecease.I really liked the part when May saw the expression Misty's face when Ash made a compliment to May.Keep it up.
Could ya PM me when the new chap is up?Thanks. ^-^ Such nice reviewers. And I'm glad you liked that part; I hoped someone would appreciate the one-sided Hoennshipping that I placed in there.

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Also, I like what you're doing with May. You gave a hint of Hoennshipping for those partial shippers and now you're giving us all potential Contestshipping. I think this could go a long way. ~.^

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And as for shipping, I've been trying to decide which one I like best. Contestshipping I already sort of like; I'm not sure about Hoennshipping. Seeing as I've never seen anime-Brendan, I can't judge. Also, an episode I saw recently had a [most likely dubbed] moment when Max was talking about a time when May had a crush on a guy in school, and she tried to - something. May stopped him before he could continue, but it was cute! It also made me wonder about Hoennshipping possibilities.

And how else could I make her realize Misty liked Ash? Having her once in the same situation seemed ideal to me. ^_^

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I'm glad you liked the chapter. I know it was a lot longer than any chapter from S-CoL, but having a battle and Contest scenes helped alot. I don't see how Chapter Three'll be able to match up to the first chapter, but I'll manage.

Do you mean to say that I didn't make very good descriptions? I was kinda hoping that it would be more like an introduction if I didn't just outright say 'this is Max, this is May, this is Misty, etc.' I dunno, it makes for bad writing when you don't have any description, I think.

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You has no idea of how difficult I'm going to make it for Mizuna. As a matter of fact, her cheerfulness and happiness is a façade, hiding her true, tortured soul. Half of the issues plaging her will be covered in PotS, while the rest will be cured in aUtoF.

He was? Well, I suppose James has his moments...[when he thinks he's a 'Moltres'-type based on his birthday, for one...]

Thanks. I kinda thought 'hey! Big movement of enemy forces into your own territory; you're gonna send in the troops to see what they want, right?' O' course, I'm not expert on the interlocking gears of the minds of psychotic villans, so I don't know what they'd really think. And it would be kind of funny if it happened in the anime...so thanks!

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All in all, great work, gladdecease! I expect great things from you!

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No prob, Hakajin. If you want to know faster, I'll just PM you next chapter. K?

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Prophecies of the Summoned


Chapter Three


May was breathless with shock. “But…you weren’t in the Contest…how…why?” The green haired Coordinator smirked.

“Still unable to speak in complete sentences? Figures…yet it makes me wonder how you could possibly make it to the second round of a Contest in the first place.” May growled as Drew continued. “Regardless, I already have all five ribbons, May. I just came to check if there was anyone out there that could actually be a threat to my victory at the Grand Festival. Apparently, there isn’t.” May almost had smoke pouring out her ears now. Her fists were clenched tightly to her side, and if looks could kill, let’s just say her competition at the Grand Festival would be one less person.

Misty raced over from the Center. “Are you alright, May? I heard a scream and…” She trailed off. “Who are you?” Drew seemed slightly insulted.

“Don’t tell me you’ve never heard of Drew: Master Coordinator and soon-to-be champion of the Grand Festival?” Drew posed with his Roselia dramatically. Misty scratched her head for a moment, then replied. “Nope, can’t say that I have.”

“What?” Drew immediately regained his composure. “Oh, well. I guess I’ll have to introduce you to myself more formally. I saw you with your Gyarados, and you’re not half bad. Not as good as me, but, then again, who could be?” Now Misty was the one gritting her teeth and snarling.

“How about a battle, then?” Misty considered the offer for about half a second. “Fine.” Togetic appeared between the red headed and green haired trainers.

Misty, the Contest starts up again in ten minute - what’s this? It looked from Drew to Misty, and from them to May. I didn’t realize that you were taken, May. This explains something…regardless, my congratulations. A few things happened all at once, so let us slow things down for a moment and take a look at it all.

Firstly, May, who could understand Togetic, blushed as red as the rose in her hands. She glanced briefly at Drew, who understood none of what the flying type had just said, then looked away, redder than before, if that was possible. Misty choked on her own breath and giggled, slightly understanding the situation. Togetic looked incredibly bemused, wondering what it had said that was so awful. Drew seemed to have lost his debonair attitude temporarily because of the unusual happenings around him.

“Wow! I had no idea - ” Misty began to squeal. She stopped short as a thought came to her. ‘By the look on their faces, I bet neither does he.’ The water trainer immediately shut her mouth as a plot began to form in her mind. ‘I wonder…’

Togetic read the thought and chuckled to itself. Misty, Misty, Misty…you are a devious trickster, but a dense girl. Matchmaking…when will you realize that it’s not always everyone else that needs matchmaking?


Ash raced through the forest, weaving through the trees and ignoring twigs, vines, and braches lashing out at his body. Brock, Max, and Pikachu had more trouble following him; for one, they had only a general idea of which way Ash was going. Pikachu sniffed the ground to try and track its trainer, Forretress floating overhead in an attempt to find Ash from the skies.

“Pikapi!” Max looked over from where he had been working at the Pokédex; unfortunately, there was no connection to anything at the moment. They were lost, with no map and no Ash.

To Brock, it seemed for a moment like the self-proclaimed ‘good ol’ Kanto days,’ back when it was just him, Ash, and Misty. When everything was much simpler, and life had less questions. You knew back then that Team Rocket was bad, and everyone else [for the most part] was good. There were no shades of gray, as Jessie, James, and Meowth sometimes seemed to fade into from their infamous tones of the deepest shadows. You worried about less back then: the biggest concern was whether or not you would have a solid roof over your head that night, or if a storm might blow you off track. Back then, there were a lot of things missing that were constants in the present…and a lot of things there that couldn’t be found in Hoenn no matter how hard you may look.

He missed those days.

Not that there was anything wrong with Max and May; they were great kids in their own way, and they were a lot of fun to hang out with, even for him: Brock, the responsible, oldest person in the group. It was just…

…how could he phrase it? It wasn’t just the black-and-white simplicity. It wasn’t just the carelessness of everyday life. It wasn’t just those luxuries you could take for granted, or being able to be hopelessly naďve with no consequences. It was…

…Ash and Misty.

He hated to think it, but Brock knew it was true; he missed how it had been with Ash and Misty in those times.

Ash and Misty had been much more open with each other when they were younger, when they were innocent. They had laughed for no reason at strange, inside jokes. They had known right when the time for joking was over, and a person should be serious…for the most part. They could laugh, they could cry, they could shout and scream and fight, and yet be the best of friends through it all, because they knew that the other didn’t really mean it.

They were above and beyond normal friendship. The bond that they had…started when Misty got a catch along a road stretching between Pallet and Viridian. It hadn’t ended ever, through their travels…

…well, that might not be entirely true.

Brock knew that Ash and Misty cared deeply for each other, and he for them. He knew that he could never hope to have bond like theirs no matter how long he lived, or who he met. It was an unreachable height, an insurmountable peak of excellence that could not be climbed by any normal person. Ash and Misty weren’t normal in the least; they made it to the top of that mountain with minimal effort or any apparent knowledge.

And yet, for some reason, they had climbed back down.

Brock couldn’t pinpoint the event by the day, week, month, or even the year or general place. It might have been towards the end of the Indigo League. It might have happened during their journeys in the Orange Islands. Or, who knows? it might have happened sometime during their journeys in Johto; Brock couldn’t be sure. All he could be sure of was that Ash and Misty were now nowhere near as close as they had once been, nor would they most likely ever be.

And he pitied them.

In their naďveté, Ash and Misty had completely given up their place among the most godly of people, given up their most heavenly of friendships, and for what?

What imperative motive gave way to the crumbling of their divine camaraderie?



What reason could there possible be to give up that which so many seek? Brock would never really understand. He wasn’t sure if they understood themselves. The only thing he understood was that something had happened, and nothing had been the same since.

Max called Brock over, Pikachu having found a likely path of broken branches to follow. Hopefully, it would lead to Ash. Maybe then they could find Mizuna.


May stood off to the side with Togetic, watching on as two of the most stubborn people she knew faced off. She tried to remember her Mom’s little speeches while she was a Gym Battle Judge, and recited them as best she could.

“This will be a one-on-one battle with a time limit of five minutes. Um…oh! right…each participant selects their Pokémon, and there will be no substitution. First to throw will be…” Togetic created a fog-like wheel with half of the eight parts a rust-color, the other four a light brown. Little chibi faces off to the sides showed that Misty was red, and Drew was brown. The “wheel” spun around for a few seconds, slowing down until the wedge landed on a red portion of the circle. “Misty. Begin the match!”

Misty chose a Pokéball off her belt and kissed it quickly. “For luck. Let’s go, Staryu!” She tossed her Pokéball high into the air. Out of the burst of energy that came from the release zoomed a starfish-like Pokémon, its spherical inner jewel shining brightly. Drew smirked.

“And here I was worried, thinking you’d use your Gyarados. A little Staryu’s nothing I can’t handle.”

“Don’t be so sure, Drew! That ‘little Staryu’ has been with me since Day 1 of my journey; far longer than you’ve been able to fit into that jacket of your, I’m sure.” Drew disregarded the warning carelessly, brushing aside a green forelock as he called forth his grass type.

“Roselia; Petal Dance!” The rose Pokémon twirled into the air, spreading its arms out wide and transforming the glowing white petals into a barrage of razor-sharp shiruken that would be near impossible to have miss their target.

Not entirely impossible, however. With Misty’s guiding, Staryu dodged and swerved, gracefully evading all but the most obstinate attackers. Drew was almost impressed with its agility. “Staryu! Now! Use Rapid Spin and Water Gun combo!” The star-shaped Pokémon complied, twirling in circles and arcing towards the other Pokémon, extending where its attack would connect via the stream of water that it launched out of one of its spikes. Roselia dodged the majority of the double attack, but was grazed by a spike on the first pass and the Water Gun on the second. Drew, thinking quickly, had Roselia use a Leach Seed. At the close range the two Pokémon were at, there was no way it would miss. Misty sucked in her breath as she watched Staryu twitch and cringe, thanks to the pain that the sucking of energy caused. Misty knew about battling poison and grass types; how many times had she done it before? and she knew Staryu wasn’t immortal, and it couldn’t last forever, especially with its power constantly being diminished. Misty had to think fast, or Staryu was done for.

“Staryu, use Bubblebeam on the ground! Then Camouflage and Minimize!” The small, bright blue balls of energy that Staryu shot from its center gemstone hit the ground head-on, filling the air with dirt clouds. The two evasive maneuvers made it doubly more difficult for Drew’s thorn Pokémon to see a thing, let alone Staryu. “Now’s your chance,” Misty cried, getting into the heated spirit of battle that she was accustomed to after her time as sole gym leader in Cerulean City. “Water Gun!” A stream of water rushed from deep within the dusty air, but neither Roselia nor Drew could tell the exact location from whence it came. Wherever it came from, the Water Gun hit dead on, knocking Roselia down flat.

May was surprised by the entire battle as of yet. She had seen this very Roselia defeat Ash’s Swellow so long ago, and here it was being sorely beaten by a Staryu - a Pokémon which, as Max had told her so many times by now, Roselia was supposed to be strong against. Of course, the brunette knew that Roselia wasn’t unbeatable; after all, hadn’t she witnessed Drew’s defeat at the hands of Robert’s Milotic? Then again, Milotic was a water type as well, so…it seemed that type advantage wasn’t everything with Roselia.

A few brutal attacks later, and May was far from surprised; she was completely flabbergasted. Staryu and Roselia were just too stubborn to give up; both were obviously exhausted, but refused to back down and give in to their exhaustion. Misty and Drew simultaneously narrowed their eyes; it was time for the final showdown.

“Hydro Pump!” Misty called, as Drew shouted, “Solar Beam!” May backed away slowly from the battle area as Staryu and Roselia slowly focused what remained of their energy. Both Pokémon were determined to win for their masters, and wanted to make this final showdown their most powerful ever. May backed away a bit more upon seeing that determination in their stances; she had seen too many explosions than she could ever hope to remember, let alone count. From her experiences, May could tell this was gonna be big.


Ash broke through the last cluster of trees, pulling brambles and twigs off his shirt and out of his hair as he looked around. “Darn it,” he muttered, upset. “They’re already gone.”

The Pokémon trainer spoke true; the clearing was obviously deserted; the warehouse observably vacant. Regardless, Ash raced inside the warehouse, his brow furrowing as he saw more and more of nothing. He searched up and down, left and right, inside and outside. He looked on the roof and checked under the floor. He rummaged around the doors and windows, and inspected every last piece of furniture, not that there was much furnishings to be inspected in the first place; the entire building was frigid, a person’s breath half-appearing before them as they walked around. He explored each last part of the building, hoping desperately that he might find some clue of what had happened, or who had been there besides the apparent residents.

All that looking, and what was there to be shown for Ash’s efforts? A smoothed piece of glass, a Meowth whisker, and a black beret normal to a Team Rocket flunky’s uniform. In summary: nothing.

Pikachu burst out of the woods about 4 meters south of the spot where Ash had come out; it sniffed around and apparently caught a whiff of Ash’s scent, for it motioned towards the others, who were still in the forest, that Ash was in the area. Max and Brock, accompanied by Forretress, walked into the clearing, looking around. They found Ash poking around a back door he had just found. Upon noticing them, he greeted them coldly, then went back to his searching. Max and Brock tried to get Ash to speak, but in vain.

Max, Brock, and Pikachu eventually began to search the warehouse and the land around it. The work was hard; sunlight beat down on their backs, and there was no sign of a breath of the warmest air, let alone a cool breeze. Ash’s sweatshirt and Brock’s vest came off before fifteen minutes had passed, and, though they longed for a drink or to sit in the shade mere meters away, all were far too stubborn to give in before someone else did.

Ash looked up to the sky; it seemed much closer now that he was on the storehouse’s roof. Suddenly, he noticed a little dot of white against the light blue. Small and cotton-like, the cloud drifted across the sky and in front of the sun. A gentle breeze made the four friends stop their search for a moment and spread their arms wide apart, taking in the coolness while it lasted. When it was gone, Ash suddenly realized how stupid he had been to be mad at the others. Just because they had made something ridiculous out of his search didn’t mean they weren’t his friends anymore. He found his way back to the door and was halfway down the stairs before he could think about it. He noticed something almost immediately. Brock was down there, shouting up to him that Max had found something. Ash saw immediately what Max had found.

Max had found something, alright. Something huge.


What had happened [as Ash learned later] was this: Max stepped inside the warehouse for a last examination, just to see if there was anything there. He noticed a monitor of some sort, fallen over and turned around multiple times, most likely knocked over during the frantic beginning of Ash’s search. Max tentatively twisted it back around. Searching with his glasses fogged up, he found a cold, rectangular shaped metal box he assumed was the CPU. He set it upright and, sitting on a swivel chair he found, attempted to start up the computer.

The computer blinked on, then began booting up, humming and whirring as it checked for any malfunctions or bugs. Max sat, wiping his glasses off, happy that something was working for him at last. When he put his glasses back on, the computer was flashing a message at Max.

Barrier locked. Unlock barrier?

Yes No

Max found a mouse connected to the CPU and clicked ‘yes.’

There was a great rumbling behind Max. He spun around in his chair as Brock and Pikachu raced in from outside. They watched as a plastic wall, gray as the rest of the room, lifted up. Warmth washed over the three as a new area entirely was revealed to them, one that apparently had heating. Ash came down at about this time, and the four friends raced inside to continue their search.


Roselia and Staryu launched their most powerful attacks at the same time, leaving the others to watch them spiral towards the center of the field. Misty and Drew backed away from the field themselves, arms raised slightly to ward of any particles the explosion might send flying. Suddenly, a popping sound could be heard, and the girls heard a familiar voice resound within their heads.

Here you are. I was looking for the two of you for some time. You should know - Togetic paused, noticing the Hydro Pump and Solar Beam coming towards it from either side. Ah! It panicked, then quickly produced a Safeguard, which sent both attacks flying into the air. Roselia and Staryu were slightly confused, but when the cloud of dust cleared, and Misty and May rushed to see if the flying type was okay, they began to understand better. Drew, however, remained confused.

“What’s going on here? What happened to our battle? And what’s that Togetic doing here?” Misty waved Drew’s questions aside.

“Long story. Doesn’t matter. And let’s leave our battle to be finished another time, okay?” She turned to her baby, now floating a meter or so above the ground. “What’d you need to tell us, Togetic?”

Togetic looked at her oddly. Tell you…oh! Right. The Contest the two of you are in starts about…two point three five six nine eight minutes from now. And I believe it is Misty versus May, and then the winner versus Jessicalia. Or did you speak with the judges about Mizuna and the three-way final battle? Misty and May jumped up, equally panicked looks on each of their faces.

“Oh, no!” They cried. “We never spoke to the judges at all!” They raced back towards the Contest Hall, shouting ideas at each other as to how they would convince the judges to change their plans in less than a minute. Togetic, Roselia, Staryu, and Drew stared after them.

“I’ll never understand women,” Drew said. Togetic turned to him and spoke, though Drew couldn’t hear.

You’re far from alone there, my friend. Far from alone, Togetic said wistfully, only half thinking of the person it spoke to. The other half was thinking of someone in a situation similar to Drew’s, but involving a person far different from May.


Now that their search had a new area and new hope, all the boys’ spirits were uplifted. Ash apologized immediately, to which Max and Brock replied that it was alright; they had been jerks as well. Pikachu dashed around, crying its name happily and acting as messenger-Pokémon between the guys. Max, Ash, and Brock dug around diligently with a much more positive attitude on their entire situation. Max and Brock, as a matter of fact, were now as sure as Ash had always been that they would find Mizuna [or at least clues towards her location] soon.

Brock suddenly paused in his diggings around, having found something smooth and metallic-cold against his skin, a sharp contrast to the rest of the junk he was rifling through. He pulled it out of the pile, pulling off a slightly used tissue to take a better look at it. The sphere had a divider across the middle, black in color, that briefly split in two to surround two small concentric circles of white. The line defining where one of these circles started and the other ended was a thin black line; or maybe it was a shadow, and not a line at all. The line was so thin that it was hard to tell. The lower half of the orb was a solid white color, while the upper half had an interesting pattern using two different colors. A yellow line, starting not to far away from one side of the circle, rose higher on the ball until it almost reached the very top, at which time it turned a 90° angle and traveled across the top of the ball, until it turned again and traveled down until it reached the dividing line once more, at a spot of equal distance from the circle as the starting point. The remainder of the upper half was of a dark hue, darker than any other.

“Guys,” Brock said tentatively. “You might want to see this.” Ash, Max, and Pikachu came over, and the Breeder showed them the ball. Max let out his breath in surprise.

“Is that - “ Brock nodded. Max wowed silently, having never seen one of these types of Pokéballs before. Ash was also surprised; it wasn’t everyday you found one of the most powerful Pokéballs out there just lying under a pile of trash.

“D’you think it’s empty, Brock?” Brock shrugged.

“Only one way to find out.” With that, he popped open the Ultraball. Their question was answered as a white flash of energy burst from its imprisonment. The Pokémon took its form quickly, having practiced long hours on how it would enter the real world from its containment unit. Pointed ears took on a golden color, and a silver spoon appeared in its right hand, often used for meditation and use in concentrating its psychic energies. It cried the name of its species and spun around, as the boys and Pikachu had watched it do what felt like days ago, though it probably was only an hour at most. Upon noticing the guys, Yume stopped spinning and landed quickly, talking to Pikachu quickly. However, what Mizuna’s Kadabra was saying was lost on the guys, as they were too busy searching for more evidence of Mizuna having been in the area.

No matter how deep they dug through the junk, Brock, Max, and Ash found nothing more. Nothing, that is, until Max pushed aside a pile of magazines all showing with cover shots of a Meowth in rich apparel, which had apparently been in many movies as dramatic roles. They toppled over, and all slid to the ground, making the sound one would expect from paper rubbing against paper. Suddenly, Max noticed a different sound from the rest of the sounds; almost metallic, like the sound when you drop a thin piece of metal and it bounces across the floor. The Pokémon enthusiast scrambled around, looking for the object that had made the sound. His hand grasped a thin, cold wire of a sorts, and he pulled out from between two of the magazines a pair of glasses. The frames were painted a familiar, dark shade of violet, while the lenses were - Max held the glasses up to the light, to see if something was fooling with his vision. It was no illusion; there was only one lens, and it was a yellow color, with a tinge of orange mixed in. The orange seemed to swirl through the yellow, like a fish through water, or oil on top of a river.

“Guys,” he cried, waving the others over while looking at the glasses, still fascinated by the impossibility of the swirling color when this was a very solid piece of glass. “I think I found Mizuna’s glasses!” Ash and Brock, accompanied by a still conversing Pikachu and Yume, rushed over. They inspected the frames, and it was true; as far as they could remember, these were the same spectacles their friend had worn.

“Someone must’ve taken them off her and thrown them over here,” Brock said quietly, trying to understand what had happened. “And then Meowth was sitting here, reading the magazines. When it was done with one, it tossed it on top of the glasses, not knowing they were there.” Ash and Max were puzzled.

“How d’you figure it was Meowth, Brock?” Brock stared Ash straight in the eye, dead serious.

“Do you think I can’t tell when some guy’s been sitting and staring at a girl, Pokémon or otherwise?” The boys shook their heads.

“Sorry we doubted you, Brock.”

“Yeah. Hey - one of the lenses’ missing.” Ash’s eyes suddenly widened, as if he just realized something. He rushed over to his backpack and pulled something out of one of the smaller sections. Rushing back, Ash held his hand out, letting light shine through the item he had found earlier. “I thought this was too smooth to be natural,” he said between heavy breaths. “I found it really early; but it was out in the cold room. Think the rest of the glasses might’ve been moved, or kicked over here, or something? Anyway, I bet it’ll fit in perfectly.” Ash lifted the lens and positioned it in front of the circle of metal that should have surrounded the left lens. Yume, suddenly noticing what Ash held, teleported over to the eyeglasses, shouting something incomprehensible as it grabbed the frame, trying to pull it away. Ash ignored the Kadabra and slid the lens in one side of the frame, then pushed in the other side forcefully. The lens clicked into place, the orange hue beginning to swirl around in the lens, just as the color had been moving the entire time within the other lens. Ash, Max, Pikachu, and Brock crowed triumphantly, happy to see that their searching had discovered now two things of possible importance. Yume, however, seemed troubled. It pulled its hands away from the glasses, but too late.

The orange color in either lens disappeared suddenly. The guys looked down quickly, noticing this strange change in the glasses color. The yellow of the lenses seemed to burn in Ash’s eyes, and he let go of the eyeglasses to shield his eyes. Brock, Max, and Pikachu noted no such change, but Yume also appeared to catch sight of the intense color, shielding its own eyes. A sudden burst of something - whatever it was, no one who knew was saying anything - pushed Yume and Ash to the far reaches of the room. Max, Brock, and Pikachu rushed to see if the two were alright. Upon being reassured of their well-being, Brock reached for the spectacles cautiously. When he touched them, nothing happened. When Max grabbed the glasses out of Brock’s hands to see for himself, there was no reaction. Pikachu brushed the frame with an ear and waited for a result. A small twitch of pain, but nothing major.

The group pondered for a time, wondering what might have caused the explosion, and why it didn’t affect most of the group. Eventually they placed the thought to the side, considering it a minor event, inconsequential to their overall goal. Max tried once more to contact Misty, May, and Togetic through the Pokédex, but could barely a signal. He attempted a message, but had no way of knowing if anyone received it who would understand what it meant. He checked the device from all angles, trying to discover what caused this malfunction. Max discovered, to his embarrassment, that the area where the batteries should have been held were half empty, missing one battery somehow. The Pokémon enthusiast found another battery within a few minutes, only to realize that the Pokédex had gotten wet, which meant that even with a fresh set of batteries, the ‘Dex was no good.

Brock had suddenly come across an idea that could possibly help the group find Mizuna. Knowing that most psychic Pokémon trainers created a bond with their Pokémon, especially their first, he assumed that Yume could contact Mizuna like Togetic could contact Misty, Ash, and the rest. The Pokémon breeder explained this concept to Ash and Max; both of the boys thought the idea to be a good one. However, something had happened to Yume; the Kadabra couldn’t even hover or bend its spoon, let alone contact Mizuna, who was who-knows how many kilometers away. Depressed and disappointed, the trio of humans and duo of Pokémon slumped to the ground, done with thinking and almost done hoping. Finally, Max spoke up, moving the group’s thoughts from one topic to another immediately.

“How do you think the Contest’s going…?”


As Max spoke, Misty and May were panicking like there was no tomorrow. They had completely forgotten to ask about changing the rules of the Contest, and now it was a minute before they were supposed to battle each other. Misty rushed up to the judges’ stand, now desperate, and explained the problem. Contesta looked at Nurse Joy, and Nurse Joy looked at the Mayor, and the Mayor looked at Contesta. The three judges looked at each other for a time, following which they asked Misty to leave their presence so they could decide on their own what they should do.

May came up beside Misty after awhile, asking how things were going. Misty glanced at a clock. The time was a full fifteen minutes since the two had been scheduled to battle.

“Well,” the redhead said wistfully. “It could be better…but it could be worse. I think they’re still deciding whether or not to approve the idea.” May got a crafty look in her eye, and she whispered an idea to Misty. The girl’s eyes widened, and she smirked at the brunette. “That was clever.” With that, Misty strutted over to the judges, looking like a million bucks. She leaned in towards them and whispered something to each of them in turn. Their eyes shot up at her, and when the Water Pokémon trainer nodded, they jumped up and slammed their hands on the table, simultaneously shouting “We will make an exception!” Contesta rushed over to a vid-phone and spoke with the front desk worker, explaining why there were a few dozen angry people waiting outside the arena, complaining that it was locked up and they were missing the battle. Misty and May high-fived as they heard the voice of the desk worker announcing that the Contest would be delayed another ten minutes, and would Jessicalia come to the field; she was needed.

Once the red-haired woman had come, the Mayor, explained the adjustments to the Contest. “We will have a random selection to decide who will choose their Pokémon first, like always. The order will go counterclockwise from that person onward, the positioning also chosen ahead of time at random. The bar system and point scoring will also be the same, and we will remove a Pokémon and its trainer from the field if it is knocked out before the five minutes are up, leaving the other two to battle until one is defeated or time runs out. It’s just about the same as if you were competing in a normal Contest, except that - “ The Mayor was cut off as his Pokédex rang. He picked it up, excusing himself so that he could take the message. His face turned from its normal jolliness to almost grave, before looking up at the girls.

“Misty, May? I assume you two know one another, yes…? Well, I’ve just received a message from the front, about a message for you. Normally, you would get a call through some other means, but it seems that a message intended for the two of you was sent to the front desk. Connection was choppy, but our worker was able to write down some of it. Here’s what she heard: found…Yume…glasses…hurry…Rocket…” The black-haired man looked up concernedly at the girls, who were suddenly frozen. “Does it mean anything to you? It seemed urgent, according to our front desk worker.” Misty nodded, unfreezing herself.

“It means we’ll just have to hurry and have this Contest soon, sir.” The Mayor smiled.

“Well, that’s a relief. I thought it was something serious, and the two of you would have to leave early, making Jessicalia our winner by default.” Said trainer narrowed her eyes, upset that her chance at an easy victory had been snatched out beneath her nose. Then she laughed at herself silently, realizing how silly she was being. It didn’t matter whether she battled them or not; there was no way a couple of twerpettes could come close to Rocket superiority—especially one of the first ranked in the Hoenn region.


Misty reached into her backpack, fingering the Pokéball she would throw as she waited for the call. May found the one she was looking for and allowed herself to watch the progressive slowing of the automated decider. Jessicalia smirked; these twerpettes were gonna be a piece of cake for the Pokémon she had in mind.

Slowly but surely, the beeping arrow came to a stop, pointing at a face with blue eyes. The girl also had red hair, in an unusual shape; that shape being a side Ponyta-tail. Misty frowned; going first wasn’t always best, but…she tossed a Pokéball into the air, shouting, “Let’s go!”

The water Pokémon trainer gasped as she noticed a white flash of energy come out of her red backpack. Misty quickly grabbed the Pokéball out of midair; having more than one Pokémon on the field would disqualify her. Once the yellow Pokémon materialized, Misty groaned. Of all her Pokémon, Psyduck was probably the least coordinated and graceful of all.

The duck flashed a peace sign at Misty, then prepared to face its opponents. May enlarged her Pokéball and started to throw it up when a similar flash of energy came out of her fanny pack. The energy solidified into a pink-furred cat Pokémon, and May stated, bemused yet amused, “Skitty got out of its Pokéball again.”

Jessicalia tried to hold in her laughter and failed. She shouted at them between snickers, “Look at you; can’t even control your Pokémon, and you think you can stand up to me? Well watch this!” With that, the bespectacled redhead lifted a Pokéball and opened it—

—only to have a blue blobby creature appear right in front of her face. The woman fell backwards, humiliated, as Misty, May, and Togetic only barely held in their laughter at the irony of it all; this woman making a big show of mocking them for not summoning the Pokémon they really wanted to the field, and yet a Pokémon she obviously didn’t want to come out came out for her as well.

The Contest judges signaled that they were ready. With that, the girls began the battle, each hoping to win, each for a different reason. One to gain experience, one to gain respect, one to gain a Ribbon. Who would win? Many could wish, but none could say for sure.

Misty quickly formulated a plan of attack: seeing that Psyduck was useless at the moment, she decided to change that. “Use Scratch on Wobbuffet, Psyduck!” The opposing redhead smirked. Had this girl forgotten Wobbuffet’s abilities so quickly? Sure, it was a pest, but that didn’t make it entirely worthless.

“Counter, Wobbuffet.” The Patient Pokémon glowed red, and Psyduck’s scratches landed on its own face. May realized what Misty was going for, having trained with her long enough to know the majority of her plans of attack. She decided to jump in and speed things up for her friend.

“Skitty! Use Assist on Wobbuffet!” The cat Pokémon stopped playing with its tail and sprung into the air. Skitty held one of its paws out, which glowed white, then emitted a silver arc of light. May cheered silently, glad that it was a Silver Wind.

Jessicalia remained calm as ever. “Mirror Coat.” Now Wobbuffet flashed white, and the Silver Wind rebounded, flying full speed at Skitty with twice the destructive power as before. Misty quickly decided to take advantage of the attack.

“Jump in front of it, Psyduck!” The water type complied, taking the brunt of the attack and severely injuring its cranium. Psyduck used Scratch and Tackle on Wobbuffet a few times more, each of which Wobbuffet Countered. Psyduck’s head became so covered with scratch marks and dust from landing face first on the field that you could barely tell the true color of its feathers from looking at it.

Misty’s bar on the electronic scoreboard was going quite low because of these injuries, already at half way. May’s was about 1/10th empty because of the lack of success from Skitty’s Assist earlier, and Jessicalia’s was completely full. At the moment, Jessicalia was in first place, with May close behind and Misty lagging far behind both of them.

All at once, these rankings changed drastically with just one instigator: Psyduck’s eyes changed from their normal confused state to glowing a bright blue.

With an order from Misty, Psyduck lifted its unsuspecting opponents off the ground, making patterns in the air with the blue trails of light coming off of the two Pokémon. Psyduck lifted its wings into the air and pushed them at the ground, letting Skitty and Wobbuffet travel in the same way. May scanned her brain for any ideas, and upon finding nothing, could do no more than watch as her pink cat Pokémon fell to the ground. Jessicalia was in too much of a state of shock that her strategy had failed to even flinch.

May came across an idea as Psyduck brought Skitty and Wobbuffet up for another attack. “Use Blizzard, Skitty!” The normal type opened its mouth wide as small white pellets began pouring out of it. Thinking quickly, Misty had Psyduck end its attack around Skitty’s mouth, letting the attack go straight at Wobbuffet, who was now unguarded. Wobbuffet was pummeled by the Blizzard, and was soon weak, unable to do more than stand by the side of the field. Jessicalia was twitching, as if forcing herself to resist doing something. Misty turned away from the other redhead and stared her Coordinator friend in the face.

“Well, May, It looks like it’s just you and me now.” May nodded, glancing at the scoreboard. Misty’s half-filled bar seemed quite full now, in comparison to Jessicalia’s almost empty bar and May’s bar with only a third shaded red.

“Let’s make it good.” Misty smiled.

“Right. Psyduck! Use Psychic to blast Skitty away!” The water type placed its wings to its head, concentrating. A sudden blast of multihued energy appeared before Psyduck, shooting right at Skitty.

May waited a moment, until the Psychic was right on top of Skitty. “Jump out of the way, Skitty!” Skitty complied, leaping into the air and letting the powerful attack go right underneath it. Misty ordered Psyduck to try and control the attack, hoping to turn it around in midair and hit Skitty from behind. Unfortunately, at that moment Psyduck’s headache vanished, and with it went almost all of its powers. Taking advantage of the turn of events, May ordered a barrage of Assists from Skitty, who launched out an Ember, a Gust, and a Solarbeam. The first attack did nothing to Misty’s water type, the second knocked Psyduck off its feet, and the third sent it flying backwards. Psyduck smacked against a wall beside the judges table and slid to the floor, barely able to stand.

Jessicalia realized that time was running out. If she didn’t do something within the next minute, she’d be sure to lose. And there was no way that she would lose. “Wobbuffet! Use Safeguard and charge at Skitty!” The psychic type did as ordered, producing a shield of a sorts to protect itself. Skitty, unsuspecting the attack, was forced backwards by Wobbuffet’s rush. It landed on the other side of the judges table, feebly getting up. Jessicalia glanced at the scoreboard and smiled. Things were so close now that she couldn’t tell who was leading and who was losing; Psyduck’s loss of any way of strong attack and Skitty’s inability to pay attention had brought down both their scores considerably. “Charge at Psyduck!” Misty’s eyes widened as her confused duck Pokémon was knocked down and smashed against the wall once more, though by a different Pokémon this time.

“Get up, Psyduck! I know you can get up!” While Misty cheered at her Pokémon, encouraging it to continue battling, Jessicalia turned back to May, hoping to finish May off while she was distracted by her concern for Misty and Psyduck. As she ordered Wobbuffet to attack Skitty once more, time ran out. The judges motioned for the teens to stop the battle, and they were suddenly aware of things going on outside the battle. A rushing that came from the crowd, a sense of apprehension and excitement as they awaited the results. Each bar was magnified so that the screen showed only the last quarter of each bar. Now that they were magnified, it was easier to tell that Misty was lower than May and Jessicalia. She congratulated Psyduck for a good battle [even if it didn’t remember half of the battle] and returned it, then going over next to Togetic to see who would win.

As it turned out, Jessicalia and May were too close to tell who had won. The screen was magnified further, and it showed that, by the smallest increment, the winner was—

—May! The brunette swung Skitty around in her arms, jumping in circles and cheering, thrilled that she had beaten both Misty and this other girl at the same time. Togetic noticed a flash of light green hair in the crowd slowly disappear into a back room, but only after a red rose had landed at May’s feet. The flying type sighed. Man, this guy is almost as obvious as Ash these days. And that’s saying something.

May turned to shake hands with Jessicalia, to show she wasn’t completely rude or anything like that. However, Jessicalia had other plans. Laughing almost maniacally, she enlarged a Pokéball and opened it, revealing a Seviper. She tossed another Pokéball to reveal a Dustox, both of which she ordered to attack as she cast off her black and red outfit, revealing a familiar black and white one with an embellished capital ‘R.’ Seviper charged at the judges, wrapping them with its tail as Dustox searched the area for the Ribbon. Jessicalia, now revealed to be Jessie of Team Rocket, began reciting a one-person motto. It was, to be frank, a good deal sadder than any time when the group had been missing just one member; Jessie cackled her own lines as she usually did, lowered her voice to a rumbling tenor to speak James’ lines, and spoke squeakily for Meowth’s.

A great distance away, a talking Pokémon shouted, “I don’ talk like dat!” as Jessie declaimed:

“Prepare for trouble!”

“And make it double!”

“To protect the world from devastation.“

“To unite all people within our nation.”

“To denounce the evils of truth and love.”

“To extend our reach to the stars above.”



“Team Rocket blasts off at the speed of light.”

“Surrender now or prepare to fight.”

“Meowth, that’s right!” Wobbuffet popped out of nowhere and shouted out its name to end the motto. Misty and May each bent a knee and held out a fist, shouting, “Team Rocket!” as though it hadn’t been obvious since Jessie said the first line. Togetic called out, Pipikachu! and sweatdropped as the others glanced at it oddly.

What? It wondered. Pikachu does it all the time. Why can’t I ever say something? Jessie rolled her eyes. Dustox came back to her side and spoke to her. “What do you mean the Ribbon isn’t there?” Misty and May were equally surprised.

“What?” The mayor wiggled up far enough out of Seviper’s grip to be able to speak again.

“That’s what I was trying to tell you earlier. Because we changed the rules, the Grand Festival Officiates decided that the Contest was null and void. There’s no Ribbon for today’s Contest, and none of you can compete in tomorrow’s redo. Especially not Jessicalia here, who has broken more Contest rules than I’d like to count.” Jessie glared at the man, her head growing to astronomical sizes.

“And you didn’t tell us this why?” The mayor pulled his arms free and shrugged.

“We got that call for Misty and May, and you didn’t ever ask us what I had been about to tell you.” Jessie sighed deeply at the idiocy of this, then became depressed upon realizing how much time she had wasted trying to get a Ribbon from an invalid Contest. Suddenly recalling that a Team Rocket attack was occurring, May called out Combusken as Misty called on Gyarados.

“Flamethrower!” They commanded. The force of the attacks combined caused the rocket agent, along with her three Pokémon, to be blasted into the air and out of sight, complaining about burns. Miraculously, the judges remained unharmed, sitting back in their seats as if none of that had ever happened. The crowd began to filter out of the room, so Togetic began to mentally search for Ash, Max, Brock, or Pikachu. Contesta tapped Misty on her shoulder. “Yes?” she asked.

“Um…it’s just that…well, we…” Nurse Joy interrupted.

“Give us our signed Diveballs, now!” Misty was taken aback by the usually composed Pokémon nurse’s ferocity, but she met the terms of their agreement, handing each judge one of the white, sky blue, and deep blue Pokéballs, each with a navy blue ’W’ followed by a scribble to the right of the water droplet on the upper half of the Pokéball. Satisfied, the three adults went back to their work, hoping no one noticed the Wallace merchandise they had; the discovery could possibly cause a riot, depending on how popular Wallace was in the area. With hopeful Coordinators surrounding the building, a mob was a given. Misty walked back over to May and Togetic.

Found them. No sign of Mizuna, though. Both girls’ faces fell. And something’s wrong with Yume…I think they need our help ASAP. Ready? Misty picked up Psyduck’s and Skitty’s Pokéballs, giving Skitty’s back to May.

“I’m ready.”

“Me too.” Togetic nodded, waving it’s arms back and forth.

Then we’re off. A moment later, the hall was empty, with the exception of a rose laying on the floor, unnoticed by the winner of the Contest.


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(FIRST REVEIW!) The chapter was great, and I loved the part where Togetic said that Drew was as obvious as Ash. That was hilarious.And the thing at the top of your post isn't true. You're a great writer, and I have yet to put this story in my sig as Great fics you should read section. (I forgot. Sorry!) I will put it in there right now.


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(FIRST REVEIW!) The chapter was great, and I loved the part where Togetic said that Drew was as obvious as Ash. That was hilarious.And the thing at the top of your post isn't true. You're a great writer, and I have yet to put this story in my sig as Great fics you should read section. (I forgot. Sorry!) I will put it in there right now.

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That chapter was great! I loved the part when Jessie did the motto alone and Togetic imitated Pikachu XD

I liked the contestshipping parts too! They were funny! Too bad Misty and Drew didn't finish their battle. I was on the edge on my seat! :)

Overall, you're a terrific writer and you're great at description which is the thing that I admire most from stories. And you're doing a great job and I congratulate you for that.

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ROFL! Togetic is SO a Contestshipper in this! :)

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The results were intense. I was on the edge of my seat seeing just who had won. Of course, I should've known that there was no way you, as a fanfic writer, would ever let Jessie win in the end. :)

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The part about Ash and Misty not being nearly as close as before made me really sad. I don't remember that happening, but then I missed the latter part of Johto. And then about Brock not being able to find someone like that . . . is there really no hope for the rest of us? Lol. I thought the Contestshipping was great. Gives me a better idea of what Drew is like. And it was so sad that May didn't see his last rose. And the part with Jessie doing the motto alone was funny. And with Togetic. Oh, and it's common for people to think that May would play a matchmaker for Ash and Misty, but not Misty for May and Drew. Good idea. So anyway, loved it, write more soon!

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Hakajin: Well, I'm glad someone liked that little speech thing of mine in there. I read something like it somewhere, except Ash and Misty were with Tracey at the time. It inspired me, and I decided to let it influence my writing. I'm sorry it made you sad, but it wasn't the happiest idea now was it? It might not have happened; only my opinion, after all. I doubt there is hope for any of us; Ash and Misty have a unique relationship, and we mortals have no chance of finding anything like it on Earth or beyond it. lol, that was too serious. You liked it? Great! It did? 'Cause I actually don't know what Drew's like. *sweatdrops* Except that he's pompous and very proud of himself, like Gary was. *shrugs* Well, if I'm gonna have a subplot in this somewhere, why not make it a bit more complicated than just embarrassment. Who knows? Maybe May's still got the hots for Brendan...you shall see. I'm glad you thought Jessie and Togetic were funny. And I completely agree with Togetic; why is it only Pikachu has the spotlight when Team Rocket attacks? It's never in a Pokéball either; it should get a line. So I gave it one. It's not a common thought? Really? But Misty's all about the romance...hmm. Well, I'm glad you like it anyway. I hope to!

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Well, I realize I am double posting, but I care not. I have a chapter to post, and I don't think it will get the attention of many people if I simply edit my most recent post. I hope all you readers enjoy this chapter, short though it may be.


Prophecies of the Summoned


Chapter 4


Mizuna opened her eyes slowly and groaned. Something in that gel…it had made her fall unconscious like she had when Team Rocket first captured her. She must have traveled a fair distance in her sleep—this place reminded her of something, but not from Hoenn at all. In fact…it seemed a lot like home, or somewhere nearby. She could almost feel the presence of Hoothoot and Noctowl outside, so it must have been late. Here and there a Sentret or a Furret could be felt. The Pokémon trainer closed her eyes slowly. She was in her home country; the Pokémon around her felt no danger, so neither should she…

Mizuna opened her eyes again with a snap. She realized immediately how awful it was that she had just thought that very thought. It could only mean one thing: Mizuna had felt the emotions of the Pokémon around her. It was part of her power, but she had sworn to herself that she would never let the feelings of those around her interfere with her life. That was why she had created—

—her necklace! It was gone, and so were her glasses. The brunette had to be wary now; the least bit of a frown or a smile could bring the building around her to its figurative knees. Mizuna brought her legs up to her chest [thankfully, she hadn’t been tied up this time] and wrapped her arms around them. It was an old trick of hers; locking the world out and holding everything important in. While she sat like this, the Psychic Pokémon trainer looked around her present quarters. A gray room, all walls made of some form of metal that shone dully at her. There were a few thin lines in the wall opposite Mizuna, and a mirror was across the wall to her left. She was sitting on a thin mattress covered with only a thinner cotton sheet. Her clothing was now a nightgown, similar in texture and color to her bed sheet. Mizuna only hoped a female had changed her clothes for her.

A metallic beep could be heard, and Mizuna heard a faint voice from behind the mirror.

“She’s awake, Boss,” the voice said. It was a woman’s voice, and probably a young woman. But Mizuna couldn’t tell; though her powers were at their normal level, something was blocking this woman’s thoughts. Actually, the brunette hadn’t considered that any humans might have been in the vicinity. Mizuna stared at the mirror, boring a mental hole in it to hear the woman better. A rough, hoarse male voice broke in a few times, but the woman didn’t seem to be talking to him. The voices faded away a minute or two later. Mizuna thought she heard footsteps. With a space age ‘whoosh’ sound, the impressions in the wall opened up to reveal a doorway.

A tall figure draped in shadow walked—no, that isn’t right. A man like this would never walk. He would storm about, he might mosey along, he even might saunter or meander once in a blue moon, but never walk. Regardless, the shadow-draped figure came into the room, and his presence brought a chill to Mizuna. It was as if someone had stuck his or her finger in a freezer full of ice until the ice melted, then thawed out the finger by bringing it up and down Mizuna’s back.

Mizuna had seen Rocket agents before—as these people obviously were—but this man was different. He had a powerful aura about him, and his eyes spoke for the thoughts Mizuna could not read. They said, “I am infinitely more powerful than you. I know all your secrets, and I will one day use them to get what I want from you.”

Mizuna couldn’t tell right away if this look was meant solely for her, or if other people received the same greeting.

She couldn’t possibly know how rare it was for someone Team Rocket wished to manipulate to see this man. Most Rocket agents didn’t get to see “the Boss” more than two times in their membership, and one didn’t really count: their initiation ceremony, and their funeral. Mizuna couldn’t know that this was the Boss’s first time coming into the Johto region since he was an agent working for his own mother and investigating a new area. She couldn’t possibly know that the Boss hardly ever saw his own family through any sort of medium.

Yet somehow, she knew that this look and this trip were made especially for her.

And that, more than anything else, truly frightened her.

When the man, accompanied by an orange-haired woman and a blue-haired man in their early twenties [or so Mizuna estimated], stepped into the light, Mizuna gasped. The man smirked, noticing Mizuna’s face. He made a signal to the others, and the woman pressed a button on a remote she held in her hand. The cliché-ishly large, red button activated a radio system that connected Mizuna and her bedroom, if you could call it that, to a headset the Boss was wearing.

Mizuna heard the beep vaguely over the tearing sound of cloth; her gasp had caused the corner of her bed sheet to separate and rip into infinitesimal pieces. A chilling voice following the beep, made tinny by the speaker. Mizuna shivered; the voice reminded her of something…something she’d rather not remember.

“I see you still remember me. Isn’t that right, ‘Zuna?” Mizuna flinched at the nickname, then glared at the man as angrily as she could without risking the destruction of her bed. She slowly rose into the air above her bed, going as high as a meter above it before calming down enough to come back down to Earth. Mizuna rose into the air once again, but more controlled and purposely, when she responded.

“How could I forget you?” Mizuna spat. The whites of her eyes darkened to a periwinkle, then a bright shade of indigo. The color spread to her irises, and finally to her pupils. The tint radiated off her eyes and shone in the air as she rose higher into the air, notably angered. “You ruined my life, Sakaki-sama!”

The Boss almost flinched at the decibel level of Mizuna’s cry. Almost. But he didn’t flinch. Instead, he chuckled, somehow amused by what Mizuna had said. “Such formalities. I told you to call me “Oji-san.” But you never did, did you? You know, that really hurt me, ‘Zuna. But ‘Zuna, did you honestly think I couldn’t find you? You know what I could do, the power I had. The power I still have. You always knew I’d find you.”

Butch and Cassidy glanced at each other. The Boss was a bit…odd…at times, but never had they heard him rant like this. There was a passion in his voice, one that they only had heard once before in their lives; the day the Boss had first told them about his plans. The plans that would change how people got their energy, and who they would get it from.

Could there be a connection here…?


Ash looked around. He could have sworn that he had heard something…suddenly, a voice could be heard above him. He looked up to see a pair of denim shorts falling on his head. Togetic floated down next to the Pokémon trainer, sweatdropping as it lowered May safely to the ground, having somehow been unable to stop Misty from falling. The water Pokémon trainer got off Ash and apologized, pulling him off the ground and re-proportioning his face from its newly flattened shape.

Sorry for, um…”dropping in” on you like this, Ash…Togetic asked for forgiveness, trying to add a twist of humor to the admission of guilt. Misty and May half giggled at the pun, but any amusement was lost on Ash. He pinched his nose and took a deep breath, letting it go through his body and reshape his body further, until it was back to normal. An eyebrow was twitched at Togetic, and the flying type backed away from Ash. Okay then…I’ll be way over here if you need me...bye! It dashed off into a corner, almost trembling in its half-fear.

Ash glanced at the girls. “I’m guessing the Contest is over.” Misty looked at May nervously as the brunette glanced at the redhead anxiously. “Yeah…about that…” Ash either didn’t hear Misty, or he chose to ignore her and continued to ask about the Contest.

“How’d you do?”

“Um, well…” Max jumped in front of Ash, excited.

“I bet I already know who won!” The Pokémon enthusiast cried out. He pointed a finger at his older sister, who was slowly pressing her pointer fingers against each other, preferring to look at her hands than the guys as she attempted to explain. “It was May, wasn’t it?”

May nodded weakly. “Sort of. But…” Seeing that May was at a lack for words, and Misty wasn’t doing much better, Togetic spoke from the shadows.

The Contest did not count for anything. Max was unperturbed. He waved a hand back and forth in front of his face, saying, “Well of course it didn’t count; May only entered to get experience, right? She already has five ribbons.” Misty and Togetic looked at May, who was now looking at the ceiling with a finger on her chin.

“May…” Misty asked hesitantly. “Is this true…?” May remained in the same position for a minute, then smiled and lifted her finger from her chin, letting it point to the sky as she made her point. “Yeah! I can’t believe I forgot; I won my fifth ribbon right before we reached Sootopolis and met up with you.”

Misty and Togetic fell on their faces. “I don’t believe this…” Misty mumbled miserably. Nor do I, Togetic added. Everyone else gathered around trainer and Pokémon lying on the ground. Misty turned over reluctantly and explained what had happened: they had [at the last minute] changed the Contest, and the mayor had been about to tell them that the Contest was not valid for gaining ribbons when they got a garbled message from Max. [“So it did get through,” Max said happily.] They had battled, and when May won they teleported to Ash’s location. What happened next, as Togetic explained it, was that I shook for a moment, feeling a tremor of power. I lost my connection to Misty and May, and was luckily able to get a hold of May a moment later. Misty, however, fell. On top of Ash. Pikachu looked at Togetic oddly. It knew the strength of Togetic’s powers. A tremor of power, unless it was of a magnitude uncontrollable, wouldn’t knock a Snorlax from its steady hands. Why would Togetic lie…unless it was trying to land Misty on Ash on purpose? Pikachu almost smirked, but managed to contain itself. So Togetic was going matchmaker, eh? No reason it couldn’t use some help…

The guys seemed a bit down after hearing the story. Misty and May asked why. Max groaned. “I really wanted to see that battle live! A 3-person battle’s probably never been done before!” May sweatdropped.

“Max, Togetic showed you everything it saw during the battle. Five times. Isn’t that enough?” Max shook his head so hard his glasses fell off. He answered his sister over his shoulder as he searched for his spectacles. “Are you kidding? In person is always better.” May sighed.

“Whatever, Max.” Brock answered next, bemoaning the pitiful state of his existence.

“I didn’t get to see Nurse Joy again!” Max and Misty stood over the breeder, then whacked the top of his head with a fist and a Pokéball [empty]. Brock was left on the ground with two large welts to treat as Ash slid down beside him. He groaned.

“What’s wrong with you?” Misty asked. “Been thinking too much lately?” Ash shook his head, not noticing the insult, and cried out, clutching his head tightly in his hands. Max looked over at him.

“He’s been like that since the weird thing happened with Mizuna’s glasses. Yume too.” May and Misty freaked out.


“When did you find Mizuna’s glasses?”

“What do you mean by a weird thing happened? They’re glasses? What could happen?”

“What’s wrong with Yume?”

“What happened?” Max slowly backed away from the two temperamental females. Brock pulled out the glasses in question.

“When Ash put one of the lenses back in the frame, the glasses sort of…glowed. Yume and Ash were tossed back against the walls, but nothing happened to me or Max, or Pikachu.” May plucked the glasses out of Brock’s hands, examining them. She placed them on her face at long last, looking at the others oddly from behind the colored lenses.

“How can Mizuna see in these?” She wondered. “They don’t even look colored when she’s wearing them, yet all I see is yellow and orange.” Misty peered at May’s eyes through the glasses.

“Your eyes look brown and yellow; like some monster from a movie. Maybe Mizuna’s eyes are really blue…and the whites are actually…I dunno, something that, when mixing with yellow makes white. I bet her skin around the eyes is really pale, too. That would make her skin look normal.” May nodded, taking the glasses off.

“You’re probably right. But why take such drastic measures to look normal in these glasses? And why wear them if they’re orange?” Misty shrugged. May looked at the glasses in her hands, then suddenly put them on Misty’s face. “If I look like a monster movie star, let’s see what you look like in them, Misty.” From over in a different corner, Yume cried out a warning. Unable to move fast enough on its own, it asked Togetic and Pikachu to stop May for it.

Obeying Yume, Togetic teleported between May and Misty. Max looked at it oddly as Pikachu jumped over his head and onto Misty. “What is it with our Pokémon and those glasses?” Brock stood up. Max glanced up at him. "What's up, Brock?"

“When Yume tried to stop us before, Ash got hurt. This is bad; I can feel it.” Brock and Max started to dash to the girls, but too late. May laughed at the sight of Misty; her eyes were a brown like May’s hair, and her skin suddenly seemed jaundice. Misty squinted at May; her vision was becoming blurry because of the bright light between them. With a great blast of some unknown energy, Misty and Togetic were pushed to opposite ends of the room. Togetic was pushed into May, who was pushed into Brock, who made a slight cushion for May and Togetic when they hit the wall. Ash was unlucky enough to be the one Misty crashed into, and both of them slipped into unconsciousness upon contact with the wall. Max was left at the room's center to wonder what was going on with these glasses.


Sakaki looked down at Mizuna once more. There she lay, unable to see him through the one-way mirror, unable to sense him because of the blocking technology he required of all his outfits and of the uniforms of all Rocket agents. There was always a function behind the fashion, even if the fashion was non-existent. He could tell the psychic was watching; there was a purple reflection coming off of the pillow that betrayed her awareness. Of course, what good is watching when you can’t even see?

Deciding to be himself towards this girl and test a theory of his own creation, Sakaki turned on the lights in the room he stood in. With the lights on, he knew Mizuna could see him perfectly well. She sat up in her bed and stared at the once-mirror for a moment, then turned away, acting uninterested in the hope that Sakaki might let something slip if he didn’t think she cared. “Hello there, ‘Zuna.” Sakaki said, his voice dripping with false sugary concern. “Sleep well?”

“Why yes, as a matter of fact I did,” Mizuna replied with equal sweetness, though it took her a great deal of energy to hold emotions back for the time being. Soon enough, she told herself. “I dreamt of a place where my family was still alive, and you had taken their place, but not where they are now. Your resting place was much…warmer.” Sakaki tsked.

“Well, aren’t you the smart one. Honestly, most people would have used every last swear word they knew on me. It never has done them any good, though.” Sakaki sighed, stepping away from the mirror. “Like Sato, for instance. When he found out what I was giving you in those candies you got every time I visited…well, I’m glad you weren’t there at the time.” Though Mizuna hated to admit it, she was curious.

“Candies? You mean the black-wrapped ones with the ‘R’ imprinted on the actual candy? I…” Mizuna trailed off, realizing something. Sakaki thought she had eaten those disgusting things. Sure, she had eaten the first one, but it tasted horrible; like a mix of the tartest lemon and the most sugar-stuffed watermelon. She had accepted all the rest, but only to be polite; Sakaki had worked with otoosan for as long as she could remember, and okaasan had sometimes said that if they weren’t careful, Sakaki could fire otoosan. Now, somehow, Mizuna had something to hang over Sakaki’s head. Mizuna decided to use this to her advantage as much as possible. Thankful for her brief period of longing to be an actor, she put on a convincing look of shock and confusion. “What was in those candies?”

“Nothing you need to worry about. Just know this; those candies are the reason you are alone in this world.” Mizuna’s eyes widened, all thoughts of faking gone.

“What?” Sakaki nodded, enjoying the look on her face. Unconfined, pure emotion. He motioned to Cassidy and…what was his name again? to move into Phase II. Cassidy nodded to show she understood, then pressed another cliché-ishly large button, which opened something on the ceiling of the room. Nothing visible to Mizuna; it was both camouflaged and surrounded by more of the psychic-probe-proof material. However, anyone with a metal detector or X-ray machine could tell what this device was; though what a satellite dish would be doing pointing downwards none could say.


Max was brought out of his reverie with a loud BEEP. It was the Pokénav, alerting Max of a new vid-phone message. He popped open the top and took a look at the screen. On it, an altogether different looking Professor Elm was staring out at Max. His eyes had dark bags under them, his attire was wrinkled, and his expression was one of terror.

Max was shocked. “Professor Elm? What happened to you? It’s only been a few hours, hasn’t it?” The Professor was in a different mood altogether as well. He merely muttered something about a time difference, then tossed aside some papers on his desk that he had been working with. Pulling a newspaper, slightly yellowed with age, from the pile, he held it up to the screen. Thinking better of his actions, he found a file on his computer screen and sent it to Max. Once it had been sent, Professor Elm gave Max a command.

“Read.” Max found this order slightly odd, given the Professor’s appearance and manner all of the sudden. Brock motioned towards Max from behind May, signaling that they were still conscious, but couldn’t get up. Max brought the Pokénav over to them so they could read along with him.

The article was dated five years ago.

Family Dies Out in Horrific Accident

By Cassie D.

New Bark Town - While many people consider New Bark Town to be a friendly, safe place for one and all, one family has learned the hard way that no place, least of all here, is safe from everything.

The wealthy and prominent Shinde family, well known for their large donations to multiple charities yearly, lived out on the outskirts of town in their large, family-only estate. I say “lived” because as of last week, the entire known Shinde family has died.

As a frequent visitor of the estate reported, “I was taking a walk over where the front gate [of the Shinde estate] is when I heard a crumbling sound. I raced inside, jumping over the gate in my rush to see what had happened. The main house was gone, and there was a huge hole in the ground.”

This family friend, who asks to remain unnamed, then reported this accident to Officer Jenny, who came down with a few troops to see if they could save anyone of the household. Sadly, they were able to find the bodies of Sato, Yoko, and Megumi Shinde. As they had no servants or known household visitors, the police did not continue to look farther.

Though recent discoveries and findings have made it seem that the incident at the Shinde estate was a natural disaster, our own Detective Jenny believes she has found proof enough to take the case of the Shinde deaths to court.

“I’ve discovered some secret connections the Shinde family had,” Jenny revealed. “They were in with a bad crowd real deep, if you know what I mean. My thought is they tried to get out of it, and whoever’s up top didn’t want that happening. So he had to stop ‘em from getting out and telling people what they knew.” When asked what exactly were the Shindes in “real deep,” the Detective would say no more, unwilling to reveal more of her case until it reached court.

Max shuddered. “The whole family dead…no wonder Mizuna didn’t want to talk about them. And right when she started her journey, too.” May nodded.

“It must have been horrible. I guess she didn’t want to be mentioned in the article, what with all the different things going on.” Brock was at a loss for words, thinking about how he would have felt if all his brothers and sisters died while he was off roaming Kanto with Ash. He shook his head, ridding himself of the thought; he didn’t even want to think about it.

Onscreen, Professor Elm banged his head against a table. These kids really didn’t understand, did they? He shouted out at the three trainers, “Don’t you get it? The entire family died four years ago! There was no mention of Mizuna in those articles—because she doesn’t exist! There is no Mizuna Shinde!”


Mizuna couldn’t stop herself from dwelling on what Sakaki had said; somehow, those candies were supposed to kill her parents. And something had happened to make the candies mission successful; otoosan and okaasan were gone. They had been for a third of her life. Since the candies couldn’t have possibly done their job, it meant only one thing. “I did kill them. I really did.”

The psychic felt herself sink back into mourning, as depressed as if her parents had only just died. Overcome with emotion, Mizuna buried her face in her arms, ready to cry but not sure how. She failed to notice that, instead of destroying something or causing something to float, her powers had no effect at all. On the ceiling, a little red bar went higher and higher on that dish as Mizuna continued to grieve.

Sakaki smirked, looking up at a computer screen. The screen had a red bar on it, identical to that of the dish, which continued to rise. His theory had been proven; if a dish programmed to absorb Mizuna’s psychic powers was placed over her head, she would have all her psychic energies pulled out of her the moment they were released. He could harness her powers, and with another recent invention, create great opportunities for Team Rocket. Of course, more than one of these girls would have been better, but they had all been failed test subjects. Apparently, they had combusted or something in that way. It mattered not anymore; Mizuna had enough emotional strife and overflow to supply Sakaki’s needs for a generation or more. But he wanted more now.

Walking out of the room, he bumped into Cassidy and—Batch, perhaps?—as they were walking into the computer room. “Keep an eye on Test Subject 直’s levels.” The two Rockets saluted.

“Sir!” Pausing on his way out of the room, Sakaki turned to Cassidy. “Remind me, who was it that found ‘Zu—er, Test Subject 直?” Cassidy snuck a look at—Botch, was it?—then turned back to the Boss.

“It was us, sir.” Sakaki glanced at the two. They had brought ‘Zuna here, but he was sure it had been someone else…no matter. Sakaki strode out of the room, waving to the duo over his shoulder.

“Very well. Consider yourselves promoted another level.” Cassidy and—Betch?—waited until the door was shut, then started dancing around the room.

“We’ve been promoted! We’ve been promoted!” They sang, twirling and jumping around. Stopping, the blonde looked at her partner.

“And it’s not like Jessie and James deserve a promotion—“ Her cohort halted as well, coming face to face with Cassidy. “—they don’t do anything useful for Team Rocket!”

“We’re the ones always gathering rare Pokémon for the Boss—“

“—so we deserve the reward!” Satisfied with their logic, the Team Rocket agents, newly appointed to levels unheard of by all but the most elite Rockets, turned their faces to the computer screens, hoping to live up to their new titles.


Sakaki walked right into Mizuna’s chamber. She sat up suddenly and looked at him; for a man in his forties, Sakaki moved quite fast and quite silently, and this surprised Mizuna. Calming himself down, Sakaki began this phase of the plan.

“Just a little over five years since I last saw you, ‘Zuna…it seems so long ago, but really, what is five years compared to fifty? Hardly anything at all. But it’s been fifty years since this project was started, and fifty years since we had a successful test subject.” As Sakaki continued to reveal his plans, Mizuna sat on her bed, barely absorbing any of the information being exposed to her. “It was my mother, Madame Boss, who started Project ESP. Oh no, not the ESP I’m sure you’re thinking of, ‘Zuna,” Sakaki said, noticing Mizuna start at the acronym.

“Project ESP’s title was a bit of a pun on my mother’s part, but she always was a bit of a joker. Energy Supplying Psychics. Quite a simple idea, really: Psychics produce energy, which they use to do the “supernatural,” such as levitation, teleportation, and so on. Why not harness such energies and use them to our own purposes? And so, we developed a formula to produce psychics exactly to our specifications, placing it in our delicious, Rocket-brand candies.

“We sought out small children. Mother considered testing on me…until she found out boys don’t react well with the formula. Apparently, one burst into flames, and another drowned in a desert. So we sought out girls. Some girls didn’t seem to work well with the formula; perhaps, Mother thought, this formula works only on those egg Pokémon we first tested on. The Phanpy that somehow learned Psychic without ever even seeing another Pokémon use the attack and without going near a HP. The Squirtle that preferred to Teleport instead of ducking inside its shell. The Slugma that spoke telepathically to its owner, a lowly flunky. Maybe it was worthless to try to obtain energies from human psychics. Maybe they were just unable to be treated. Maybe they had to be born with it. But searching for so long and coming across no success was not acceptable to my mother. She theorized that, as there had been very few successes among Pokémon, there would be very few humans as well. However, we would have to continue to search to be able to find such cases; we had been lucky with Pokémon, and would have to work harder to be so lucky with people.

“So we continued to search. It was easier to look among Rocket families; those people whom once worked as members, but started a family. To look respectable and not get arrested, they were given houses across the regions and jobs in Rocket-run businesses that looked legitimate. It was profitable for both parties; we kept them as workers, they got to have families. We had someone visit once in awhile, so me coming myself—I was about twenty or by this time—would only seem like a special visit. They wouldn’t question if I gave something to their children, as it’s because of Team Rocket that they could have their children.” Mizuna was shaking now, beginning to understand what was going on.

“My parents—" she choked. Sakaki looked at the girl, as if only just noticing Mizuna was still there. She started again. “My parents—they were an accountant...and a secretary. For a Pokéfood company…and the police department! They would never have been Rockets!” Sakaki chuckled.

“You are so naďve. Your mother was one of the best Rockets of her day; a Domino of the eighties. Yoko was almost made my second command for a time, but she met Sato one day and the next thing I knew, she was asking for a house for a family. It’s too bad, really,” Sakaki added, shaking his head. “The best Rockets often give it up for parenthood. Of course, you can never give it all up. There are some things you can’t escape, one of which is being a Rocket.

“So I began to visit Yoko when Megumi was born. She seemed to be a good test subject at first. Unfortunately, she reacted neither way. Which was good for me; I doubt Yoko would have appreciated her child blowing up or blowing her house up. But then she was pregnant again, and I decided to try another tactic. I secretly gave her some of the candies when I visited, pretending they were gourmet foods. When you were born, I could smell success; purple eyes coming from neither side of the family as far back as they could go. I continued to befriend you, acting like, well, an uncle to you. I gave you the same candies I gave your sister, but to a different effect. You began to develop powers.

“Afraid of what would happen to you, you turned to your favorite uncle, Sakaki-sama. I helped you; taught you basic control, but not enough so that Project ESP would fail, even through its first success. Then I began to wonder how to test the theory; how to figure out if we could use your power as our own. I knew how much you liked Pokémon and that you wanted to be a trainer; to make you unable to do so would work perfectly. I ordered Sato and Yoko to not allow you to get your Totodile; when you found out, you lashed out at them. Destroyed most of the house. When you had stalked out of the house, furious, with nothing more on you than a couple of Pokéballs and some cash, I came in. I told them what I had done to you, then finished the job you started. I knocked the rest of the house in, after making sure all the police would find would be Sato, Yoko, and Megumi; nothing they weren’t supposed to see. And, of course, I would be the only witness. A family friend, well known in the higher circles.” Mizuna cut Sakaki off, livid. She stared at him, wishing he would just vanish. Wishing this whole day would vanish, and it was all a bad dream she was having before her upcoming Contest.

“You lie.” Sakaki laughed, shaking his head slowly. He looked at Mizuna with an air of confidence that she could never understand.

“This is what I like about you, ‘Zuna. Even if I confess and tell you everything I’ve done to you and how I ruined your life, you still want to believe those lies force-fed to you throughout your life: that Yoko was better than that; that I, your loving uncle, had nothing to do with this, so you can blame yourself. But why blame yourself, when I’m right in front of you? Here I am, open to any attack you can come up with. I’m ready to pay for what I’ve done. Go ahead, please. Avenge your parents.” Mizuna trembled, clenching a fist and looking at the floor. She refused to go so low as to use her powers on another person, even if that person was Sakaki. Sakaki continued to wait, glancing at his nails, adjusting his tie, wrinkling and straightening his suit. Waiting for Mizuna to crack.

“You know,” he commented off-handedly. “They begged me to take you. They wanted to save themselves, as well as Megumi. They never cared about you, and they would have left you for dead if it would have saved them. They never wanted a freak like you for a daught—“

“No!” Mizuna cried, jumping up. She rushed at the plastic, beating it with her fists. “They would never—my parents loved me! They cared about me! They wanted me to be safe! They never would have given me to you to save themselves! Okaasan and otoosan were better than that! They loved me, they loved Megumi! We were happy!” She groaned loudly and stepped back, charging at the wall. Sakaki laughed, shouting above her protests.

“They never wanted you!” Mizuna charged forward and slammed her shoulder into the wall, grunting.

“They never cared about you!” Charge, slam, grunt.

“Why would they?” Charge, slam, grunt.

“There’s nothing to like about you!” Charge, slam, grunt.

“They wished you had never been born!” Charge, slam, grunt.

“They could never love a freak like you!” Mizuna stopped herself before crashing pointlessly into the wall once more.

“NO!” She cried out, outraged and furious. Mizuna would hear no more of Sakaki’s falsehoods. She pushed her arms away from her as far as she could and cried out, concentrating. To Sakaki’s mild surprise, dents appeared in the walls where Mizuna was pointing, and her eyes, usually similar to normal eyes besides the hue of the irises, had filled to the brim with a purple light. In fact, said light was spilling out of her eyes, lighting up her entire face as it escaped some sort of prison and evaporated. Pure energy, diluted into the air supply. Anyone breathing that air would be filled with a sudden vengeful vigor until it got out of his or her system about a week later. Sakaki glanced up at the dish that was supposed to be gathering this energy.

The bar was cracked, the dish obviously broken. Reports of the damage and the losses were being reported by Cassidy and—no, certainly not that—as Sakaki stood. He no longer cared about this dish. It was merely one failed experiment, and there were plenty more waiting. Now, he just wanted to see what Mizuna would do with her power restored, though he didn’t think she’d really noticed its absence.

Mizuna smirked, her eyes trailing purple light as she looked around. Searching for a weak spot in the construction. Finding a spot, she lifted a hand. A purple halo of light surrounded a point at the roof; the satellite dish. She clenched her fist; the dish shattered, letting lose all the energy she had created. Hovering, Mizuna looked around the room. With her emotional levels high and her energy output increasing by the second, Rocket technology was useless. She could sense Butch and Cassidy, as well as Sakaki, and she could do what she pleased with them, at any time. But now was not that time. Now, she had to leave.

Though she didn’t seem it, Mizuna was weakened by her time in the ESP container. Much of her energy had been pulled from her and was now in the air, while quite a bit of the rest was spilling out her eyes, also watered down, so to speak, into the air. She needed a safe place to recuperate. And fast; she couldn’t hold up this stream of energy production for long, especially with the last of her rage trickling away. Deciding to make this a day Sakaki would not soon forget, she turned around in midair and looked down at him. Amidst the collapsing rooftop, data being read to him by Cassidy and what’s-his-name, there was a moment when Sakaki glanced up at Mizuna. She towered over him, and her defiant stare proved so much about her emotional past Sakaki had theorized.

Without warning, a voice echoed in Sakaki’s head: I’ll be back, Sakaki-sama…Mizuna cocked her head to one side as her eyes flashed amethyst for a moment. She smiled an odd sort of smile; a smile that would have suited Sakaki much more than Mizuna. It was a smile a person gave when they had just found out a secret. Or should I say Giovanni? As the psychic floated off into the distance, the leader of Team Rocket smirked. Ignoring the reports of downfall and failure of this Phase of Test Subject 直’s testing, he muttered, a cliché-lover to the end, “And I’ll be waiting.”


Though Mizuna thought nothing of it at the time, being too frustrated with her own limitations [if she could have, the brunette would have eagerly destroyed any and all technologies and lives even vaguely connected to Team Rocket], the outburst she had created when she first broke free of Giovanni’s control had quite serious repercussions. These ramifications would affect a great deal of living creatures, people and Pokémon alike.

For example, psychics both Pokémon and human in the immediate 75 kilometers around the hub of power fell into comas brought on by their inability to stand up to the unexpected rush of energy Mizuna sent out. Those less in-tune with the supernatural, yet still in tune with it, like most Pokémon, suffered extreme migraines; the closer to the epicenter of Mizuna’s outburst they were, the worse of a headache they were forced to endure. Some of those less in-tune would be sent into a comatose state, slightly less serious than that of pure psychics. For those already unconscious, they would be rudely knocked into consciousness.

Technologies important to the familiar way of life were also damaged. Connections between Pokénavs, Pokécenters, and things simple as vid-phones, were lost for hours, the blast of energy interfering with reception. Even Pokéballs, some of the most basic tools for one living in Kanto, Johto, or Hoenn, malfunctioned. The error was that the mechanism of the Pokéball’s hinge opened and stayed that way. In short, every last Pokéball within 200 [or more, in some cases] kilometers was opened, letting the Pokémon contained within to come out into the freshly chaotic world.

Unfortunately for those trainers and owners still conscious, they wouldn’t go back in so easily.


*wipes forehead* Phew! Well, that took a long, long time. I apologize, and I really don’t have any excuse; this is my second shortest chapter. Of course, I didn’t really think putting much more in would be very wise. Too much info = confuzzled readers, no?

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“直” is a kanji for the Japanese word “suna.” “Suna” itself can mean one of many different things, depending on the specific kanji, ranging from “sand,” to “what reputation,” to “fix” [these are very general translations, as I am new to this]. The kanji I chose to use was the one that means “honesty, frankness, straightaway, fix, repair.” I think it’s fitting, and explains a bit about Mizuna’s personality and one of her quirks, doesn’t it? Kudos to any who can figured out the connection!

Also, "Oji-san" is Japanese for uncle.

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—a sudden flash of purple before Yume’s eyes distracted it....It blinked its eyes open, wondering what had happened. Suddenly, Yume’s knees refused to hold it up, and the Psi Pokémon fell to the ground. The warning of overwhelming power? Unexplainable weakness? Those were signs of what had once happened; signs of uncontrollable emotional power, with nothing holding it back. Yume struggled to its feet, only to go down again. Max, noticing the noise that echoed as Yume fell, looked up. He raced over to the Kadabra and helped it to sit up. Yume nodded at the boy, silently thanking him for the assistance.

But now there was not time to waste in courtesy. Actions must be taken, or what happened before would happen again. And most likely worse. Yume felt guilty about this. It was probably the Kadabra’s fault that this would happen; Yume had done very little to prevent this from occurring, and what it had done could be easily undone; just the removal of the glasses and the breakage of the seal.

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Prophecies of the Summoned


Chapter 5


Yume finally had gained enough strength to stand. It was actually surprised that it could stand, knowing how powerful those glasses were; it had helped to create them, and had put a great deal of energy into the glasses so they would repel all other psychics who came near them. It was like a guard against others finding out about Mizuna’s secret, and it worked quite well most of the time. Perhaps they were weakened when not being worn by Mizuna; in any case, they were still powerful enough to knock out a couple of kids who didn’t know what they were getting in to.

Yume looked sadly at the teens lying crumpled at the farthest off corner. Those poor children; they had been drawn into this mess without even knowing what it was. Though, there was something off…Yume couldn’t recall having ever sensed the power those two must have held, if they could see the light. And it would have been a lot of power; too much to miss, even if the children themselves were unaware of the power. The Kadabra scratched its head. Not much seemed to make sense anymore these days.

The youngest child, standing in the room’s center, watched Yume get up, and rushed over when the Psychic type stumbled. Yume smiled appreciatively at the boy. This one would be a kindhearted human someday, when he was master of his own fate.

Or, at least, so he would think. That which humans called adulthood was not so entirely perfect that, at a moment’s notice, you could change the date of your death or whom you would marry. Fate didn’t work like that, no matter who you were. That is why prophecies can be made, or the future read from a crystal ball or a palm; everything has already been decided. All futures already arranged, all disasters and miracles planned by the unbelievable, and by the unimaginable. Jerking out of its thoughts, the Psi Pokémon suddenly noticed that the boy was speaking.

“…can understand me, Yume, or if you’ll be able to answer me at all, but I’m confused. Do you know what’s happened? What’s going on?” Yume attempted a psychic connection, but to no avail. Though it could now move, it was too weak to do much else. Deciding to humiliate itself through charades and physical motions as a way of communicating with the boy, Yume began to explain things. It motioned towards Ash and then towards Misty. Finally it pointed at itself and Togetic. It then motioned at the glasses, now lying at Max’s feet.

May’s eyes widened from her place squashed between Togetic and Brock. She would have gotten up, but Togetic was like a magnet against the wall, and Brock and May were like mere pieces of paper being held to the wall. Lucky for her, Togetic wasn’t pinning her lungs, so she could still breathe and speak. “You’re saying…Mizuna’s glasses caused all this,” May choked out.

Yume nodded. Max looked down at the optical aids. He raised a foot. “Then we should get rid of it.” Yume gasped and attempted to stop Max. “If this thing did so much bad, we should get rid of it before it hurts someone else.” Max stomped down. Not a sound could be heard but the deep breathing of their sleeping friends. Max tentatively raised his foot. The glasses were as whole as before, with nary a crack or a scratch on them.

“Huh?” Max jumped up into the air, then jumped down, slamming into the cement with both feet. The sound of the impact echoed, but a quick check showed nothing had happened to the glasses.

“What kind of glasses are these?” Max cried out, frustrated.

Yume shook its head. This boy, apparently, wasn’t quite as nice as it had thought. Too reckless and impatient, not bothering to consider any other option. People reckless as this boy would not last long without a cool head to calm them down. Perhaps, Yume considered, that was why most reckless people easily made friends. Those friends would be the cool heads needed to calm the reckless one down. Yume chuckled, then winced. It hurt to laugh.

Fate was…unusual in such ways. Making reckless people draw cool heads to them like flies, each helping each other along, making the other better for having known each other. Almost like the song Mizuna-sama had replayed after seeing a musical in the west. As Yume recalled, the musical was based on a book Mizuna-sama had read, which was about Fate, and explained Fate through an old story from the witch’s point of view. Not bad, though there had been many points missing about the sins, as well as the dragon-clock carriage and any continuance on the symbols within it. But that was beside the point.

How had that song gone? I’ve heard…something about friends, maybe? Suddenly, the lines the Kadabra was searching for echoed through Yume’s head, as though Mizuna-sama was replayed it to Yume all over again.

I’ve heard it said,
That people come into our lives
For a reason,
Bringing something we must learn.

And we are led to those
Who help us most to grown
If we let them,
And we help them in return.

Yume sighed. Photographic memory was a trait not given to the Psi Pokémon, but the phonographic memory of the moment Mizuna-sama had reiterated worked just as well. Nevertheless, such words seemed true. Shy people are pulled towards brave, strong attracted weak, well balanced drew chaotically shifting, and such people balanced each other out, teaching a lesson of some sort.

Searching for another song to soothe the Kadabra’s headache, Yume chose a song from a musical-based movie Mizuna-sama had mysteriously gotten tickets to, though it was also from the west. It was an interesting song, about a genius turned insane by lack of acceptance by society because of his appearance. In the end of the movie, the genius was accepted, but far too late to have any consequence. A rather interesting idea, though Yume would have liked it better if—

—a sudden flash of purple before Yume’s eyes distracted it from the song. It blinked its eyes open, wondering what had happened. Suddenly, Yume’s knees refused to hold it up, and the Psi Pokémon fell to the ground. The warning of overwhelming power? Unexplainable weakness? Those were signs of what had once happened; signs of uncontrollable emotional power, with nothing holding it back. Yume struggled to its feet, only to go down again. Max, noticing the noise that echoed as Yume fell, looked up. He raced over to the Kadabra and helped it to sit up. Yume nodded at the boy, silently thanking him for the assistance.

But now there was not time to waste in courtesy. Actions must be taken, or what happened before would happen again. And most likely worse. Yume felt guilty about this. It was probably the Kadabra’s fault that this would happen; Yume had done very little to prevent this from occurring, and what it had done could be easily undone; just by the removal of the glasses and the breakage of the seal.

One half of the procedure had obviously been done already…the seal was weak, and easy enough for the weakest of psychics—a human—to break. Not that Yume had ever revealed this; one thing that shatters a seal more than anything else is a disbelief in the seal’s power.

So, as the Hidden One had gained slight control, and as the both of them had learned new maneuvers, the seal had not been given more power, to hold back the Hidden One’s strength. Instead, the seal had grown weak in disuse, and the Hidden One had expressed more, and not been trained to ignore human feelings. At any time, a frown or smile could destroy something. But this—at this distance [based on Yume’s inability to sense the Hidden One’s presence within 50 or so kilometers], and still with this much power—there could be only one word to describe this.


Yume knew there was limited time left before the energy hit. It was only a matter of time before the Kadabra would be useless once more, despite how cliché that sounded.


Max frowned. Yume was stumbling all over the place. That wasn’t right; none of this was. Even if Yume had been knocked unconscious at one time, by now it should be able to at least levitate. Then again…he took a look at the others.

Togetic shouldn’t be able to keep May and Brock pinned to the wall like so many bits of dust. It simply shouldn’t have that kind of physical power. No matter now; Yume obviously needed Max’s help, and he was going to do whatever he had to, if it would help out his new friend.

“Anything I can do to help you, Yume?” The Kadabra suddenly turned in Max’s direction, as if only just realizing he was there. It motioned for him to come closer. When Max complied, Yume lifted a three-fingered hand and placed it on his head. Suddenly, Max saw things before his eyes he knew could not possible being seeing. So many different things; so unconnected; so…incredibly confusing. Max’s face showed this confusion, and then everything began to connect…and his mind went utterly blank as he realized what was going on.

May regained her voice at the look of shock turned to blankness on Max’s face. “Hey! Hey, you! What did you do to my little brother?” The Coordinator continued to struggle against Togetic’s “hold” , but only exhausted her energies more. She sighed and leaned back against Brock’s chest. “What happened to being able to go from one town to the next, and the only big worry would be whether or not I’d win the Contest, or if I forgot to bring along my makeup?”

Brock sighed. “Nothing’s that simple anymore, May. But you can still win that Contest, you know!” May sweatdropped.

“Thanks, Brock…but that wasn’t really where I was going with that…it’s just, I don’t know…why can’t we be like other kids? I’m sure that there’s someone out there right now who isn’t pinned to a wall by a Togetic, and she’s just shopping, or enjoying herself. Why can’t I be like that? Why can’t we be normal?” For a minute, Brock didn’t know what to say. He thought over his response, stalling for time by glancing up at Max, who looked back to normal, though he looked a bit pale.

“Do you really want to be normal, May?”

“Of course! What fun is there in not being normal?” Brock was quiet for a moment.

The Pokémon Breeder asked, “Was there fun in meeting Jirachi? In traveling with a bunch of guy friends? In becoming closer to all of us? In learning to like Pokémon?” May was silent. It was just as well; no answer was needed.

“Can you honestly say that all those things were normal for a girl?” May bowed her head.

“I’m sorry Brock. What was I thinking? We’re hardly normal as is; Max and I are children of a gym leader, you and Misty were leaders, and Ash…Ash is, well…”

“Something else?” May nodded. Brock smiled in response, though May couldn’t see it. “He’s a great kid, isn’t he? Not quite like anyone else I’ve ever met. But that’s what makes him so great. Being out of the ordinary both makes you stand out and makes you blend in, because May, no one really is “normal.” All of us are different somehow, and I think that’s what makes us human.” May smiled.

“I never really thought about it that way. Now, how’s about we try and get this Togetic off of us?” Brock smiled.

“Good, ‘cause I don’t think I’ll be able to use my legs if we’re stuck like this much longer.” May and Brock shared a laugh. Suddenly, Max cried out:

“Guys! Duck and cover!” The two friends glanced up, only to see Yume flying their way. Now frantic, Brock shook May’s shoulders to get her to move. In response, May shook Togetic by the shoulders. The flying type refused to wake, to Brock and May’s horror. Shouting incomprehensibly, they covered their heads with their hands, crouched down as much as possible, and waited for the impact.

A flash of purple and a sudden headache with no apparent cause snapped May out of her frightened stupor. Noticing Togetic suddenly moving, though only slightly, the Coordinator shook it from side to side with renewed vigor. “Togetic,” she cried out frantically. “Wake up!”

To May’s relief, Togetic stretched and yawned. I is up, I is up…where is we going today, Mommy?

May froze. Mommy? “Uh…Togetic…are you okay?” The Heart Pokémon looked at May oddly. Is you okay, Mommy? I is not Togetic; I is Togepi! And…and…you is not my Mommy! Togetic looked around wildly. Mommy? Mommy? Where is you—ah! There you is! The Pokémon jumped off May’s lap and waddled over to Misty, where she remained unconscious in Ash’s lap.

May suddenly remembered why she had been so anxious to wake the little guy. Panicking, she grabbed Brock, still trembling behind her, and pulled him flat to the floor next to her. A grunt and a loud slamming noise above them told May Yume had met the wall. She moved aside to allow the psychic type to land on the ground once gravity kicked in. A small boy raced over to May and Brock. “May! Are you okay?”

May frowned, and looked the boy up and down. Green shirt, glasses, yellow backpack, dark hair, green shoes, brown pants, and that face…she would have remembered this kid, if ever had she seen him before. “Who are you, exactly?”

The kid cocked his head to one side. “I’m your brother, Max!”

“Who?” May glanced at Brock. “Do you know what this kid is talking about?” Brock shrugged.

“I don’t know who he is myself…but then again…” he bent down on one knee and grabbed May’s hands in his own, holding them against his heart. “I’ve fallen so deeply in love with you that I may have lost my mind and forgotten everything in this world but you!”

May twitched and pulled away. “Ew. Are you—did you just—why are you—what happened?” Max grabbed Brock by the ear, obviously ticked, and yanked it hard and pulled him, still on one knee, as far from May as possible.

“I don’t even let you hit on strangers, Brock. Why would you think I’d let you flirt with my sister?”

“No! My beloved—this pain shall not separate us long—I will triumph over this obstacle, and then nothing will stand between us!” May sweatdropped.

“So this is what it’s like to have Brock coming on to you.” She shuddered. “Frankly, ignorance is bliss.” A sudden sound behind May alerted her to the presence of others in the room. It was Pikachu, reminding them all that two bodies remained on the floor.

“Ash! Misty!” Max scrambled over to them, thoughts of punishing Brock further pushed from his mind by concern for his friends’ safety. May followed the kid, figuring he might be able to explain why Brock was hitting on her, among other things. “You think they’re alright?”

Max looked up at May. Despite her sudden memory loss, she was still the same as ever, something Max took heart in. His sister was always there to cheer someone up; and most times someone was there that needed it. And, even when she couldn’t make them feel better, she could calm them down or give them the support they needed.

People need support like that. Everyone does, no matter how happy they seem on the outside, or how miserable they are on the inside. Having someone around to make you feel better about yourself, or about life, is something required in life, whether you realize it or not. The only problem with that, is…well…

…that person who makes you happy has no one to make them happy. So, while May could make others constantly happy, even if by fighting with them , she had no one to make [I]her happy. As Max realized that, he looked on at his sister with newfound respect, knowing that she lived everyday without someone by her side, keeping her as happy as she kept him.

May bent down and checked Misty’s pulse. “She’s okay…but I don’t think she’s waking up.” The Coordinator glanced at Max. Noticing his emotion-filled stare, she asked, “Are you okay?”

Max shook his head and looked down at Ash, embarrassed at having been caught staring—admiringly, no less! —at his sister. “Ash is the same way…we should get them out of here. This place doesn’t seem all that safe.” May agreed silently, knowing something wrong had to have happened for Yume to be pinned against the wall, Togetic think it was a Togepi, and these two to fall unconscious.

Suddenly, May felt a shaking behind her. She was sure it wasn’t coming from the ground, so she could rule out earthquake as a cause…she stood up and half-turned around, looking down to see if she could spot what the cause was. Max, down by Ash’s side, noticed Ash’s belt was shaking, as was Misty’s back. Upon closer inspection, it was actually her backpack, shaking as if trying to squeeze something out the top of the tightly closed bag.

“My fannypack…” May said, taken aback. She took the pack off and held it up to her eyes. “I wonder…” She slowly opened the zipper to the section which contained most of her personal items, including extra clothing, brushes and makeup, and her Pokémon and equipment. Almost immediately, a great white light burst forth from the bag, blowing May’s pigtails back as she stood frozen in shock. The light separated into smaller, more familiar strands, which landed on the ground and began to take shape. A small, pink, cat-like creature began running around May’s legs the moment it took form, while an insect of multiple colors flew high into the air before coming to a rest on May’s Pokéball-embroidered bandana. A green creature around the same size as the cat Pokémon appeared on May’s left, where it rubbed against her leg for a moment, then went trundling off in search of a flower to hold. Last, but not least, a red and yellow bird with obviously strong legs and a slight temper took its place on May’s right, where it sat down and just watched the chaotic movements of the other Pokémon.

For there were more than just May’s Pokémon out and about now: Brock had opened his backpack to similar results, and the moment Max touched Ash’s belt all his had flown off. Misty’s were coming one by one out of her pack, not finding enough room to get out all at once. Soon enough, the entire room, huge as it was, was filled with Pokémon.

Gyarados and Goldeen found immediate troubles upon materializing on the entirely not wet, very very very dry land. Losing their heads, they flopped about, trying to move towards water they could barely sense, yet knew was there. What with Gyarados’…size, the entire place was shaking within moments of its release. Brock hurried over to Max and May, temporarily pausing his relationship with May, for which all could breathe a sigh of relief. “What say we get out of here?”

Max and May nodded. Carefully, they managed to calm Gyarados down enough to get it to carry Ash, Misty, and Yume on its back [a feat no other Pokémon or human around could accomplish]. Each person commanding their own Pokémon [with Pikachu ordering Ash’s and Misty’s], they left the now shaky building which, in almost no time at all, would be demolished as useless and pointless. After all, who would want to use a warehouse in the middle of the woods?

Coming to realize just where they were—and where they weren’t—the group paused for a moment, to both have a snack and to ponder some questions.

“So…I’m the only one of us who remembers us?” May shrugged and took a glance at Max. He was looking far too worried and adult for his age; far more than she, in any case. Brock, having given up on May [for now] after Max had sufficiently stretched his earlobe a good five inches, was stirring up something to eat from his backpack. Thank goodness that, even in this state of partial amnesia [which the group assumed this was], Brock still knew how to cook.

“I don’t remember you, Max, so I’ll take your word for what happened.” Max looked a bit worried at the sudden responsibility May was giving him. Brock got up from his pot and sat down between Max and May. A quick glare from Max sent him on the boy’s other side, as far from May as possible. Brock faked a smile at Max, inwardly wishing he would disappear, leaving Brock alone with this beautiful girl he had just discovered.

“I don’t remember either of you from before today, so I second that. Explain what happened best you can while we wait for the stew to finish.” He took a quick look at it. “We’ve got a good fifteen minutes before it’s done, I’d say.”

Max sighed. “Alright, but I’m not sure I’m the right person to explain it…I don’t know it all myself, and the one who does…” he looked over at a large oak, under which rested Yume, “isn’t really able to tell.” He then progressed to explain things as he remembered them, from his early memories of May [removing such that he’d prefer she forgot; this May was much nicer than the older one] up to the morning of the ‘incident,’ as he’d privately begun calling it. Around there, the details began to become vague. Not being with May the entire time left a hole in her rapidly increasing memory. Also, the how and why of the ‘incident,’ which May and Brock continued questioning Max about, remained unclear. To Max’s chagrin, he had not been entirely unaffected by the amnesia; as he told the story, he realized he couldn’t remember any of what Yume had told him.

“Well, this is great,” May commented in a depressed tone. “I don’t remember you, Brock doesn’t know either of us, and you don’t even know what Mr. Unconsciousness over there was trying to tell you before he went nigh-nigh again.” She put her chin in her hands and sighed. “With our luck going the way it is, Yume won’t remember what it was trying to tell you, either.” She held out her bowl, and Brock ladled more soup in.

“Don’t feel too bad, May,” he said. “From how they look, Ash and Misty should be waking up anytime soon. Even if they don’t, we should find ourselves a real campsite; we’ll never fit in this clearing comfortably…”

Max spoke up. “We should probably look to see if we can get a signal through to a Center, since I changed the batteries and let the case dry out.” May sighed. Just what she needed; more walking around in circles, hopelessly lost.


Somewhere, deep in a Johto woods, thunder crackled.

Mizuna sighed. A thunderstorm was just about the best news she’d had all day, what with being stuck under the tallest tree there was [according to her] and not able to move. She probably should have put more thought into where she landed, but had just run out of energy after moving a half-kilometer or so.

The Pokémon had all fled, sensing in their extraordinary way that Mizuna was not normal. And so it had come to be that Mizuna was stuck sitting under a redwood, surrounded by other redwoods, with not a creature in sight, as the storm cloud overheard burst open.

Rain began to pour down, and it seemed to concentrate directly on Mizuna. As far as Mizuna was concerned, it seemed nature didn’t want her to have anything today. Most likely bad karma through her carelessness as of late, using her powers so willingly and recklessly. She would have to learn to use her powers less, if Giovanni, or those other Rocket grunts, didn’t find her and take advantage of that weakness first.

A warning pang of pain struck her head, and she winced. The teen closed her eyes, having realized by now that it was slightly more confusing to have her eyes perceiving one world while her mind saw another. A second, stronger pain hit, and the vision began.

Darkness…suddenly a great white light, and without warning the creature had room in which to move, room to expand, to grow legs, to straighten its tail, to wiggle its ears…the light disappears, and colors are revealed as the creature blinks. Above it, it sees a figure. Mother…it thinks...darkness once more as the newborn Aipom goes back to sleep.

Mizuna sighed, opening her eyes in relief. Just another birth memory…those were often shortest, though the feeling of evolving was a curious one she almost enjoyed learning. Noticing a small pool of water forming in the valley between the roots of the tree where she lay, Mizuna struggled to her feet.

Okay, so she wasn’t entirely immobile. But close enough, as proven when she stumbled into the tree. Grabbing onto the bark, Mizuna was surprised when the bark gave under her fingertips, revealing a nest. A rather large nest, and for a moment she gave thanks that Pokémon had fled from her presence. She tried to pull herself up to the entrance hole, failed, and pulled more of the bark off. It peeled easily, revealing even more of the nest. Whatever had once lived here, it seemed to have taken advantage of a mild rot in the tree and dug their way in, using the rot as a sort of aid, like ripping paper along an already-there tear.

Mizuna clawed at what remained of the rot; some fell out, leaving a ledge of a sort made of the true hardwood deep within the tree. She crawled in clumsily, hitting the top of the nest and dumping some rotted wood on her head. But Mizuna no longer cared; having a relatively dry place to rest was all that mattered to her. An added perk, these constant annoyances in the form of the memories of others could be more easily ignored if she was comfortable, she thought.

Mizuna sat there, waiting for a long time, watching the rain slow to a trickle, and eventually disappear, though the thunder lasted longer than the rain, even as the heat of the day [which was not very much, but enough for the region] began to dry the rain.

Eventually, the little girl with the sad, sad past fell into a restless slumber, disturbed only by the chattering of some Sentret returning much later in the day to a taken nest, the occasional vision of another’s memories, and the constant nightmare she’d lived with for the last ten years.


On the planet occupied by Pokémon, there were quite a few different regions. To each region belonged a general group of Pokémon, though some Pokémon traveled between regions. On one area of the planet, however, there was no specific region to which the Pokémon, or the area, belonged. The Pokémon that inhabited this island were spread across the globe, though thinly. Only here, long ago, had they ever been known to live together.

Few did now.

The island was bleak, foreboding, and altogether depressing; each natural harbor showed evidence of a city at one time, but the city had been destroyed, most likely by a combination of time and some superhuman power. At the island’s exact center, [also the highest point of the island] a man-made cave existed. If one were to go inside the cave, they would find that it descended quickly, with steps carved into the side of the cave.

This cave was the only thing left alone, as if that creature which had destroyed the civilization on the rest of the island had been afraid, in some way, of the cave. Such a thought might make one consider leaving, but curiosity is often overwhelming. If, by chance, one continued down into the cave, one might have trouble climbing, as it got quite steep…almost like it was not so much a cave, but a hole dug in the ground.

If one managed to make it to the end of the steps unharmed [few did], they would find, to their relief, that the cave leveled out almost immediately. A long trek would await them, but truly, there would hardly be a way back out, the way in was so steep. And so, off one would walk, deep into the cave, and deep into the darkness.

After a good half-kilometer, of all things possible to be found, there would be a large, bronze door. Highly ornate and covered with carvings, the door was a thing of beauty. Many a traveling artist would come down, long ago [when the place had been more populated] to merely look at the door, searching for inspiration. The door had a different message for all who stood before it. Some saw a message of peace, others war, more saw slavery, and yet more saw freedom. Whatever was meant to be seen, one could not say. In fact, the only one who could say was behind the door itself, though THEY had not spoken a word of its meaning yet.

And THEY had been there for over five hundred years.

No, THEY weren’t a ghost, either human or Pokémon. THEY simply…were. THEY had been there since people had, and chances were THEY would be there after the next group of people had come and gone. THEY never truly aged, for to age, one must do something, and THEY did not. THEY sat there, behind the bronze door, on one of three equally ornate thrones, waiting. All THEY did was sit, wait, and stare. On the door, at the level where THEY stared, was a scrawl individual from the others, separate somehow, as though all followers knew not to attempt at outdoing the scrawl. THEY sat in their throne, looked at that scrawl, and thought.

Oh, how THEY thought. And what about—such thoughts were deep, never frivolous, and always of great importance. Only five times since the people had gone—five very important times, of course—had THEY ever spoken. Telepathically, of course, and never to one in THEIR presence. THEIR power was such that THEY had no need to be near the listener, and no one had come in THEIR presence since the people had gone, in any case. Each time, THEY had been acting on the meaning of the scrawl, wondering if it was now the time when the scrawl’s prophecy would come true; if what was meant to happen would, at last.

As of THEIR last “chat” with another, THEY had fallen asleep; an embarrassing action at any time, if one was to appear impressive and overbearing to those in ones presence. But now, when awaiting the arrival of a youngling who might be a sign of the prophecy’s completion—now that was embarrassing. But of course, THEY were never embarrassed; to be so would be a sure sign of weakness, and weakness was intolerable. Just the thought of it—no! Regardless, THEY had fallen asleep, and would have remained that way far into the future if not for an unforeseen disturbance that had broken out not far away, which rudely woke THEM from THEIR sleep with a powerful ache in its pale, spike-encircled head.

Upon realizing THEY were conscious, THEY wondered where the youngling was, tracked the youngling’s psychic signature, and realized the insubordinate creature had actually wandered farther from it’s destination than it had been when called for. THEY were immediately outraged; none had dared to disobey THEM before, so why should this youngling?

It was about then that THEY noticed the youngling had changed.

No longer was it a child physically; it had evolved. But that meant—THEY glanced at the scrawl, and were shocked to realize THEY could no longer read the text. However, THEY had long ago memorized the prophecy so there was no need for worry; such a thought did not even come to mind, to be concerned THEY had lost the skill to read the old writings.

So…of all the younglings who had fit the prophecy’s guidelines, it was this one who would start what could not be stopped.

It was this one who would awaken the Final Emperor and his Empress.

Accepting this, and what this would mean for THEM, THEY rose from THEIR throne for the first time since the people had gone.

It would not be the last.

Chanting softly [for the first time since the people had gone], THEY rose into the air [for the first time since the people had gone] and began the SUMMONING. Such a SUMMONING was common knowledge to THEM; in THEIR day, it was equivalent to that of the times table for humans in difficulty. Now, with less of THEIR people in existence, and even less aware of this island and the history of this place, it was a lost art, so to speak.

Lifting THEIR arms into the air, THEY slowly began to wave THEM back and forth. After a few swings, THEY began to move THEIR head in the same way. Loose objects in the room, caught up in the psychic energies spilling out as the SUMMONING commenced, rose into the air and began to move in the same way as well.

Back and forth, left and right. Back and forth, left and right. Again and again, everything swayed. Back and forth, left and right. Back and forth, left and right. A slight twinge in THEIR head caused THEM to pause, ruining the effect of the SUMMONING and forcing THEM to begin again.

THEY promised THEMSELVES they would find whatever had caused the pain and cause them equal pain; though simple, a SUMMONING was time-consuming and very delicate; the slightest error, and all would fall apart.

And so THEY began again; back and forth, left and right. The objects, which had fallen to the floor during the moment of soreness, repaired themselves and rose once more, swaying along with THEM.

Back and forth, left and right.


After the general, physical parts of the SUMMONING [the swaying, the words, the inscriptions long etched into the room’s floor] had been set into place a time later, THE VOICE came, as always, into THEIR head.

[i]Who do you wish to SUMMON?

No matter the number of SUMMONINGS THEY had performed, THE VOICE never truly stopped being a shock; THE VOICE was simply like that. THEY cleared their throat; this was the most dangerous part of the SUMMONING ceremony. Once THEY had asked for the Emperor, forgetting it was unofficial as of yet, and had ended up with the cremated ashes of scores upon scores of past Emperors surrounding them. Quite a mess, to say the least.

Deciding it would be best to speak aloud instead of telepathically, THEY opened their mouth and cleared THEIR throat. Chanting could be done with a hoarse voice; this required clearness in tone and clarity in verbiage.

“I WISH TO SUMMON THE YOUNGLING OF THE PROPHECY.” Reconsidering, THEY added, “THE LAST TRUE PROPHECY OF IDNAR, MIND YOU. BRING THE YOUNGLING TO ME.” There was a pause for a long moment. THEY feared the worst; something had gone wrong, and the SUMMONING would not take place. It would take far too long to set up another SUMMONING; it could be too late already, as it was. THEY began to panic, when THE VOICE returned.

So you have wished, so it shall be SUMMONED.

Breathing a sigh of relief, THEY went off on their business, knowing it would take some time before the youngling was found and brought. THEY decided the cave needed a visual makeover before the youngling came. After all, the Final Emperor and Empress would soon follow their little lost one, and they needed to be welcomed back in the finest of grandeur.

Even if the place hadn’t changed much in the five hundred years since they had died.


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Hey! I'm sorry I never posted. I've been reading all along though and this is one of my favorite fics. Every chapter is better than the last IMO.

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XD Brock flirting with May. XD
Sorry, i just find that funny.
Anyways....great chapter....
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Sailor Bambii: It's quite alright. I've learned recently that people read my story but don't reply. While attempting to force them to post would be hypocritical, I appreciate it when someone comes out and tells me what they think! I'm glad you like it so much, and thanks for the well-wishes!

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Very thoughtful and interesting chapter!! Just who are um... THEY? Poor Yume and May and Brock and Max (and Ash and Misty but they're just out cold. XD) But the Brock hitting on May part was pretty funny... Though how come he didn't hit on her the first time they met? :/ *ponders* XD Awww... Poor Mizuna! T__T Lots of questions for this chapter! Hopefully they'll be revealed as the story continues!! :3

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hyliansage: It's not really all that late...THEY? THEY is a mysterious character, though I believe I gave slight clues to THEIR appearance [very, very slight]. Also, this is not the first time THEY have been mentioned in the trilogy...I shall say no more than that, as that would reveal THEIR identity too early...

But you may guess all you like.

How come...? I think he knew her approximate age [knowing she was just starting on her journey gave a rough estimate]. Since his memory's been erased of everything May and Max, he no longer knows anything about her other than what he's been told. Since Max told him about May, you'd think he'd've stopped...but I think he briefly considered Kasey once [when she got older/does she have a sister sort of consideration] so we may continue to guess. ;P

Mizuna's story is a sad one...I like to think she attempts to act like Beast Boy [if don't you know what I'm talking about here, let me know...]. She conceals her pain behind a cheerful exterior, always excited and ready for the new day. It hides her pain, until her memories of it are pushed to the front of her mind, at which time she cannot stand up to the pain. Like I said, a sad story. *sighs*

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Huge, HUGE apologies for not reviewing your fic for such a long time. Since I have reviewed your first chapter, I’ll give the rest of my reviews here…

Chapter 2:
Funny moments here and there, which I enjoyed a lot, particularly when Brock got all blue when he heard ‘that name’. There were a couple of grammar and spelling mistakes and there were times when you get the dialogue wrong, like this:

“Pikachupi.” Max nodded. “We saw how upset Misty was, and...”
Doesn’t Pikachu say stuff like “Pikachupi”? Maybe it ought to sound it like this…

“Pikachupi.” Pikachu squeaked.

Max nodded as he said, “We saw how upset Misty was, and...”

Chapter 3:
I enjoyed that chapter as well, although I got a little bit confused with the way you’ve made your dialogues. Also, I spotted some grammar and spelling mistakes.

The best thing about this fic, the characters. When Psyduck, Skitty and Wobbuffet came out of their pokeballs without their trainers’ orders, I found that hilarious. The character that I love the most is that Togetic, it had its funny moments like when Team Rocket made their appearance it did its Pikachu impersonation.

The battle scenes were quite enjoyable as well.

Overall: Despite not reviewing for a long while, this still keeps me interested. The humour, the action, the battles, the characters, loving every bit of it.

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Brian Powell: Thanks for reviewing! I'm glad you kept with this story! ^^

Not much I can say in my defense, except that I have issues with dialogue. I realize writing "X scratched his head.

"I dunno..." Y shook her head.

"You're so stupid; the answer's obvious.""

Is not right at all...I've gotten myself stuck in a rut, writing like that all the time. I'll attempt to fix it once I go back and rewrite for ff.net. Sorry if it bothers/confuses you or anyone else.

The reminders of old jokes? Yeah...I like pulling those in; it's fun to remind people of old episodes, especially if they enjoyed them.

I'm glad you liked the Psy-Skit-Wob battle. It was a little reminder of a joke from S-CoL, if you recall. Togetic is meant to be a funny character; it's got itself a mission, of a sorts. Pikachu's gonna edge in on that, but I'm attempting to make the story slightly more serious, with less of the humor [though people seem to enjoy the humor].

I'm glad that it still interests you...I wonder how people will react to the upcoming chapters...;P I guess y'all'll have to see.

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Once again, I am very sorry. I have bits and pieces finished, but nothing connected. I hope to work on it more this upcoming weekend, but we shall see.

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As promised...once again, my apologies for my lateness.

The picture was fuzzy, but that was to be expected—the signal wasn’t at its best. Sound was low quality, but good enough to hear the voice he despised so much.

“Hey, does someone hear that beeping?” His heart stilled for a moment—had they found his equipment so quickly? Curse the mechanical noise the faulty equipment made! Fingers flew across the keyboard as he quickly altered the recorder’s programming, so as to silence it. If there was one thing he was thankful for in this accursed second life, it was that he had the chance to learn how to live in it, unlike the despised ones. They would be completely dependent on their hosts’ knowledge.

He would be free of such attachments; he knew enough to live in the body without such worthless baggage.

“…maybe something’s wrong with the Pokénav?” He paused. This could play to his advantage…quickly altering the program to begin on a signal from a single key, he sat back until the moment would come.

The small boy bent down and pulled the yellow colored object out of his pack. “If you’re sure…” He held a trembling finger over the Enter key, waiting. The boy popped open the battery case and he pressed the key quickly, just as the boy pulled out a battery.

Vision was gone; one of them most likely had their hand closed around the lens. Sound was fine, though.

“…I guess that was it. I’ll find some new batteries and replace it so we can find our way around.”

“We certainly need help like that, don’t we boys?”

“I’ll have you know I haven’t gotten us lost once since we last saw each other.”

A snort. “Of course not; fifteen times, right?”

“No…that was him.”

“Hey! You got us lost too, ya know!”

A sigh. “Boys?”


Light appeared on screen, then the lens refocused as the one boy smiled into the lens fondly. Another face appeared; red hair.

“Why are you keeping that one? You already have eight. And shouldn’t you put that in your case?”

Brown hair appeared before black-haired could argue. “She's right, you know. You might lose it if you keep it out—or Team Rocket might try and steal it, like they do Ribbons.”

The first face smiled warmly at brown hair. “Yeah, I think the case was built to fit more that eight. Hold this?” The reddish-faced, brown head accepted the camera as the first face opened up his pack and pulled out a narrow black case. He opened it up and took the spy equipment from the brown haired girl. Vision was lost yet again as the case closed on the camera, leaving it in the dark. Knowing it wouldn’t be opened for awhile, he turned off the camera, so as to not waste the energy. Sound was muffled, but still there.

“Nice job getting that.”

“Thanks, man.”

“It was so awesome!”

“He lost! What’s so awesome about that?”

“That, in the end, I still won.”

“Ooh, you are so pigheaded, so…so…ugh!”

“Finally run out of names for me, Mist?”

“Just you wait, Ash Ketchum! Once I get my bike from you, it’s straight to Cerulean for me!”


The case was being placed back in the pack, he realized. Maybe he wouldn’t be able to hear after all? Was all this a waste of time and effort?

Then the voices came back at full force, and he smiled for the first time in over five hundred years.

He would have his revenge, whether the despised ones knew it or not.


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This a chapter? Anyways, good job. ^_^ Can't tell is Brock is still flirting with May, but, if he is...*angry glare*

Well, it's good, and I hope this finishes up soon! :D

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No, it's not a chapter. You know me far better than that.

This is a scene I added on to the end of tFA. I figured, as it will become essential to the plot, y'all should get a chance to read it.

As for Brock...Max has a decent death glare in him somewhere.

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Well, it may not be a true chapter, but I certainly enjoyed it! ^_^ It's so very . . . mysterious. I love it! ^^ A fine way to set up this story, if I do say so, myself. Can't wait to see the next "real" chapter!

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Ah, 's alright. You're all loopy with your Tornado Strike Water-ness, no? ^^ It's late over here too; I'm a bit tired *coughexhaustedcough* myself.

Thanks for your warm compliments, CC!

I added it at the end of the last chapter of "Sootopolis-City of Love" aka "The First Awakening." If I added it onto S-CoL, all y'all readers would have to go search out the thread and find Chapter 10 in there.

I figured, this way it'd be less confusing. I guess not. ;P

Nothing offends me; it's like water off a duck's back, whatever that means. ^^

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Prophecies of the Summoned


Chapter Six


It was very, very late at night, and Max and May were getting sleepy. Having agreed hours ago that standing guard in shifts, with Brock taking last shift so he could simultaneously make breakfast as he stood watch, May was now exhausted. What with Max continuously brooding, whether it be over what Yume had told him earlier [which he still could not remember] or why the Pokénav still wouldn’t connect to any signal or transmit any message, garbled though it might be, and Togetic [still convinced it was Togepi] hopping around, full of energy May envied, it was no wonder May was the most tired of the three.

Togetic, having found Misty unable to provide it with maternal care, had clung to May in a way that brought slight tears to her eyes, remembering the last time the flying type had been so kindly towards her. It was both heartwarming and heartbreaking, as May knew that once Misty was awake once more, things would be back to normal; Togetic would all but ignore her, and she would have nothing to fill the niche Togetic, once as a Togepi, and once again now, had created. A niche for something that would love her unconditionally and that she could love back.

“Are you okay, May?” The coordinator jumped at the sound and quickly wiped her eyes dry with the back of her hand.

“I—I’m fine, Max.” He cocked his head to one side, and May was suddenly reminded of Psyduck’s first look around when they had gotten outside the warehouse. It was like he was looking into her…past the lie, and down to the truth. Breaking their eye contact, May gazed around the campsite slowly, taking in all the sights to be seen in their…interesting sleeping arrangements.

Stars shone down on the entire clearing, much larger than the one the group had taken refuge in earlier. The moon, full and bright as ever, placed a sort of spotlight on Ash and Misty, half sitting up against a tree to one side. What had happened to all of them had been odd enough, but what had happened to them…well, May only half believed it herself, though she had seen it with her own eyes…or she at least thought she had...


Happily, the group strolled along. Their first bit of good news, Ash and Misty’s eyes opening, had not been the last; Forretress had found a large clearing up ahead which, with a few additions, would hold all the group perfectly for a night or two. Without warning, there were two great thumps from behind. Max paused, wondering if he had misheard. A cry from Pikachu reassured him that he had not, and he turned quickly.

Ash and Misty had fallen roughly off Gyarados’ back. They seemed to have landed on their heads, but not been injured; a surprise in itself, as the fall was farther than it appeared. Max rushed back, calling for Brock and May to follow him. “Guys?” he called out apprehensively.

May shook her head. “I doubt a fall will have waken them up, if nothing else…has…yet…” She trailed off as, disbelieving, she watched Ash and Misty stand up, side by side, and spread out their arms. A wind, coming out of nowhere, swept past them all, blowing back May’s pigtails yet again, as well as Brock, Ash, and Max’s hair and Misty’s Ponyta-tail. A bright light filled Ash’s eyes as the same thing happened to Misty. Coming out of nowhere, Yume stood in front of Max, May, and Brock, its strength regained. It spread its arms to either side, spreading a thin psychic barrier clear enough to see through. This way, no sparks of energy let off during the transformation could hurt the children.

Ash’s eyes filled with a most unearthly shade of brown, yet it wasn’t quite unearthly. The color of it filled Brock with memories of the mud pies he made as a child, reminded May of her adventures in a cave when she was Max’s age, and brought out Max’s long-forgotten thoughts on a fossil he had found in that same cave. The color just reminded one of the earth, yet it wasn’t of the earth itself, despite the utter nonsense that made.

Misty’s eyes, on the other hand, were most definitely filled with a light unearthly in appearance and familiarity. It brought goosebumps to the backs of everyone’s necks, and even as they were reminded of good times in the earth, they remembered the feel of a psychic lifting them into the air with merely a thought…of an attacker posed to strike, ready to attack, but stopped at the last second. That color in Misty’s eyes…was the color many psychic Pokémon’s powers took on when about to attack, and this frightened them. Misty might be under the control of a psychic! She needed help, and fast.

It seemed Yume’s barrier did nothing against the elements; a stronger gust of wind flew straight at May, Max, and Brock, pushing them further from their friends in need. Dust the current had picked up struck the three in the eyes, and they squinted to rub it out. As they did, the light from Ash and Misty’s eyes spread outward, growing brighter and brighter as it grew. All this time, the two of them had said nothing and had not moved since they stood. Now, however, they lifted their heads skyward, grunting slightly as a change came over them.

Max was able to look clearly first, having had less dirt in his eyes [thanks in part to his glasses], so what he saw would be trusted as fact until proven otherwise. The light began receding, going back to their eyes. As it did, the Pokémon enthusiast was shocked by the change that had come over the two of them. Had he not known who they were, Max might have thought Ash and Misty had been replaced by two complete strangers.

Ash was suddenly taller than Misty, though not by much. It was almost as though Ash had switched his own height for Misty’s. Also, Ash’s hair was shorter, closer to Brock’s than Max’s in length. It was now a lighter brown, almost like chocolate. His clothing had grown to fit his slightly taller figure, but had not otherwise changed.

Misty’s orange hair, a shade of which she was secretly proud, had darkened to a dull rust. It was also now pulled back into a Ponyta-tail, not to the side as she normally had it. Max also noticed her hair was much longer, easily going past her shoulders without being let down from its tie.

The light still remained in their eyes, and Max, joined by Brock and May, secretly wished they had remained the same, so that in some way Misty and Ash would not have changed so much that they didn’t even look like themselves anymore. However, they were all to be let down; Ash’s eyes had lightened to a steely gray, and Misty’s had darkened to a mysterious shade of purple.

Their changes complete, Ash and Misty—or whoever they were now—smiled vaguely at something the others could not see and collapsed to the ground. Yume let down the barrier, knowing the worst was over.

The psychic type looked sadly at the children as they rushed to the bodies. It was a shame—they had done nothing in life to earn this fate but befriend THEM, and now they would suffer more than anyone deserved to. Being knocked out by a combination of Mizuna-sama’s glasses and her overwhelming emotions had done more than just pull a memory from Yume’s mind. It had brought the Pokémon immeasurable knowledge from another creature her powers had struck through and pulled memories from—knowledge of the prophecy that was to soon come to pass, and of the heartrendingly painful future that awaited all these poor children. It had also been revealed to Yume [not through the memory, but through an omnicient force that knew Yume must be told all] that it must never, however dire the circumstances, reveal this knowledge to anyone.

Not ever.


Togetic shook its head. After being convinced it could, in fact, search for signs of Ash and Misty inside their minds , it had taken a good deal of time for the first search to be completed, and it had revealed nothing, to their dismay. A second and third attempt, while faster, turned up nothing new.

Togetic sighed. Sorry, Uncles and Auntie, but if Mommy and Daddy are in there, they’re heavily suppressed. These two have taken over, whoever they are. May waved a hand in front of Misty’s face. It remained impassive. May sighed to herself. “Whoever they are, I don’t think they’re in control just yet. It’s like they’re only half here…they’re really out of it.”

Brock spoke up. “But if they’re only half here…where’s the other half?”


Although they were still worried for Ash and Misty, there was little the group could do for their friends. They had continued on into the clearing Forretress had found, and had been pleased with the amount of space. It was getting late in the day, so they had quickly laid out sleeping bags and built a fire for a supper. The stew and day-old rice balls were welcomed all around; the Pokémon were contented with Brock’s recipe of Pokémon food as well.

There was a river not too far off of the clearing’s edge, which was good for the Water types that needed to sleep in the water. The only concern had been how to keep them from drifting downstream, as the current was pretty fast. In the end, a group Water Gun created a secondary stream for some of the river’s water to circle around the campsite, almost like a moat. It was wide enough for Gyarados to encircle most of the clearing with room to spare for the other Water types.

And that it did. All the other Water types had spread themselves out around the campsite, floating quietly and gracefully. With the exception of Psyduck, who was laying on Gyarados’s back, snoring loudly. For protection against the possibility of Gyarados rolling over as it slept, Psyduck was wearing bright orange water wings and a Staryu-patterned inner tube. May smiled despite herself. That duck was annoying at times, but man, did it make a cute picture.

The sleeping arrangements of the entire campsite, for that matter, looked rather cozy to May. Of course, she had been up since early the day before [hoping to get in some practice with Beautifly], so just about anything would have looked cozy to her.

Swellow, Grovyle, and Beautifly were perched on some branches just above the water. Torkoal, surrounded by Combusken, Pikachu, Skitty, and Forretress warmed up the center of the campsite now that the fire had completely burned out.

Snorunt was sleeping about half way between the outer circle and the center, edging from the fire [for fear of melting] and the water [for fear of melting].

Bulbasaur rested underneath a tree, a light pink flower clutched in its vine. And Yume…well, if it was still in the clearing, it had passed from the visible spectrum. If not…the Kadabra was lost to May in the shadows of the forest that surrounded her.

May yawned sleepily. The sky was now a dismal gray, and it was probably way past the end of her shift. She looked at Togetic blearily; it had been talking all this time, and she hadn’t heard a word. May clumsily placed a gloved finger on Togetic’s mouth, an idea half-forming as she reviewed what she had learned that day. It stopped speaking, though it could, in fact, continue to talk despite the finger on its mouth if it wanted to—this conversation was, after all, telepathic in nature.

“Max?” Her younger brother looked up at her, having been secretly studying Misty’s Luvdisc egg again. “You don’t remember anything Yume told you, right?”

He nodded. “We’ve been through this, May.”

The Coordinator waved a hand at Max. “I know, I know, but work with me here. Togeti—Togepi, I mean, could prod at your memory and see if you still have the knowledge in there, even if you can’t recall it at the moment. Right?”

Max nodded slowly, walking to his sister. “In theory…”

“Great! Togepi, you did awesome this afternoon trying to help fix Ash and Misty, you know?” The normal type, flattered, waved a stubby hand at her. “Could you try and find some stuff in Max?”

Togetic thought about it. I guess so…It waddled up to Max, who picked up the winged Pokémon. This might not work, you know, it warned. Placing a hand on one of Max’s temples, the both of them shut their eyes. A few minutes passed.

May drummed her fingers against her leg. She knew that her brother had a lot of stuff in his head, but he couldn’t really have that much to look through, could he? She was getting very impatient, very quickly.

Suddenly, Togetic fell out of Max’s arms and into May’s waiting ones. It opened beady eyes blearily. “Did you find it? Did you find what Yume told Max?”

Adjusting and remembering its surroundings, Togetic looked up at May. In a sense. I—I think I found out what the cause for all this craziness since that warehouse is, but it’s kinda crazy.

May half-glared at Togetic. “I’m speaking to a telepathic two foot tall creature with red and blue spots that is supposed to only exist in a small island of the Hoenn region, but was found at an archeological dig in Kanto. I have gym leaders for parents, a chicken with serious fire powers as a starter, a giant bug, pink cat, and little green dinosaur as close friends. I’m friends with a girl-obsessed ex-Gym Leader, battle-smart life-dumb trainer, and a water Trainer/Gym Leader. Oh, and suddenly the latter two have transformed into entirely different people. This entire life, let alone day, has been “kinda crazy.” I think I can handle it.”

Togetic sweatdropped. Alright then…It glanced at Max, who remained motionless. I hope he’s okay. It took a bit out of him for me to find this. Well, it was a psychic’s doing.

“Ha! I thought I smelled something ethereal about all this!” May pumped a fist proudly.

“Ethereal?” Togetic shook its head. Whatever. It was actually an entire accident. She was just trying to escape…something, but I dunno what. Apparently, Yume has limits as to how far it can see too, so the both of us are in the dark. It was—

A resonant sound rang out. Deep and loud, it hurt Togetic, and the Pokémon cut off its own sentence with a squeal of pain.

“Togepi? What’s wrong?” Togetic tried to answer, but couldn’t. All things were fading away, and the panicked voices continued to speak. “Togepi? Togepi? Where’d you go? Togepi, come back! Come back, Togetic!”

They faded quickly enough, only to be replaced by a different voice…the sound that had brought Togetic such pain in the first place.

[I]I have been searching for you, youngling of the prophecy. You have been SUMMONED.

Feeling all corporeal functions disappearing and darkness edging on its vision, Togetic had only one thing to ask.

“What of my friends? I need them.”

The Voice chuckled, causing a spasm of pain that knocked Togetic into unconsciousness. Knowing the Happiness Pokémon couldn’t hear what it was about to say, the Voice spoke to it nonetheless, as it transported Togetic to the cave of the Supreme.

My dear youngling, THEY need you. More than you will ever know.


Professor Elm had been wandering around the forest for a day, at best, and he was hungry.

This, he told himself, is what happens when Nurse Joy forces you to leave your office and “explore.” It’s safest in the lab. Always. Contemplating how he would avoid exploring and watching Pokémon out in nature [specifically this forest] ever again, Elm failed to notice a rustle of movement in the bushes not 5 meters away. He did, however, notice a flash of purple light.

The professor paused, mentally going through a list of known Pokémon of the region that would have purple eyes. Some Rattata, at a stretch…but no Rattata Elm had ever studied had flashing eyes. His thoughts flew back to earlier that day, when he had last been able to contact someone over the ‘Dex and Vid lines—when he had shouted at those crazy [no offense to them] kids over their search for a girl that didn’t exist.

They had said something about her—what was it? Oh, right…“Her eyes were brown…or at least they looked that way under the weird orange glasses…” That would make her eyes blue underneath the glasses…

…or purple…

Half telling himself that he was crazy, that this idea was crazy, that this girl didn’t exist, and half curious as to what [or who] might be in that bush, Professor Elm rushed over and quickly pulled the bush aside.

Moments later, he was on the ground, twitching halfheartedly before sinking into unconsciousness. A figure stood above him, glaring down at the body. Once they were sure Professor Elm was still breathing, they reached down and picked his glasses up off his body.

They were all the wrong shape, but a quick frown solved that problem. She put them on; the prescription was pretty close…concentrating, she slightly altered the prescription to fit her needs. She looked up at the treetops. The Sentret she had disturbed earlier chattered angrily at her, waving a small brown fist angrily. She could see it perfectly.

A small smile crept over her lips, instantly replaced by a frown of pain. She glanced down, purple eyes scanning the ground for something that might have caused it. She was used to the Sentret, so that couldn’t be it…Elm [as she could see he was now] was unconscious, so anything would be dreams, minimal for most humans…then she noticed the Pokéball at his side.


The creature must be around here somewhere. From her quick connection with it, it must be a water or psychic type; she always had connected with those types best. Lowering herself to a sitting position [seiza style and everything; okaasan would’ve been proud], the girl let her mind float, as her sensei had taught. Soon enough she was away from the physical aspects of herself and finding that spirit inside.

Now she could spread outward and search.

There was the Sentret, chattering to her now-empty body. There was Professor Elm, sleeping away his anxieties—in retrospect, she shouldn’t have panicked so much. He would be asleep for quite a while, possibly longer than safe for his health. Then a pound at the temples—ah, a Corsula. It figured; a Johto native, and a water type to boot.

Quietly, she called out to it, coaxing it to come back to Elm subconsciously. Like it mattered—the fool probably hadn’t noticed the Coral Pokémon had even escaped its Pokéball, if accidentally. Willingly, the pink Pokémon walked back to Elm. Nuzzling against his chest, it fell asleep, curled up against his body.

Coming back to herself, the brunette smiled. Now they were both asleep, and her headache was lessened. Rising, she walked along the path, her newfound glasses glinting in the sun. The Sentret followed after her, determined to give her a piece of its mind…until it would decide otherwise.

Neither of them had noticed the pound at her temples to be, not the Corsula as had been thought, but an amazingly powerful flash of…something indescribable that struck the girl, brushing off a bit of knowledge as well as picking up a bit.

The girl would continue to walk aimlessly through these woods, taking food and supplies when needed. Occasionally she would run into a person—what had happened to Elm would happen to them. When they would wake up, the only thing the victims would remember of their so-called attacker would be the same for each of them:

“Purple flashes…”

“The purple eyes…”

“Those eyes…”


Eventually, she became known as someone to be avoided if you wanted to keep a meeting of some sort—the moment you saw those eyes, you were out, or so the stories went. Like some sort of human basilisk. Tales of her Pokémon followers spread as well, though the question of how someone managed to see them and not become as the other victims escaped the average person. They were as horrible as she was, the stories said, and should anyone see them together, they should quickly run away, so as to not join the ranks of those victims turned to sleeping for weeks on end. The numbers of the followers seemed to grow over time; it was originally a lone and angry Sentret, which was quickly joined by a Wooper and a Noctowl.

And as for Elm, that solid disbeliever in the existence of that mysterious friend of Ash, Misty, and Brock?

Well, all he would say of his attacker was:




And no one could make any sense of that.


Going back to the morning of the disappearance of Togetic [which was met with much shock by Max and May, to say the least]…

May was still standing there. Max shook his head and sighed. It had been hours now; they had yet to wake Brock, and were therefore starving. But May just wouldn’t move.

It kept coming back to her…

Togetic cried out in its small little voice; a change, as it normally spoke in a telepathic manner, which had no voice. May grabbed at its shoulders. “Togepi? What’s wrong?”

Pain wasn’t too much of a problem; they had all dealt with it at one time or another. May knew this was different when her hands came together through Togetic’s shoulders, clasping nothing but air, though she could still see the babe she had come to care for so much. “Togepi?”

May heard a voice, though to call it a voice would be like calling Wailmer music a song—it was deep, and a stretch. The Coordinator was really worried now—from her experiences, hearing voices that weren’t there just wasn’t a good thing. She gasped audibly when the image of Togetic that she could still see began to waver and disappear. “Togepi! Where’d you go?”

The image had completely vanished. May was left sitting on the ground, wrapping her arms around her knees, tears welling up in her eyes. “Togepi, come back. Come back! Come back, Togetic…”

When Max finally came to, May was sitting there, her face red and her eyes puffy. She hadn’t said a word since, nor had she moved. Max had searched the campsite, making sure nothing else had been taken other than Togetic . All their ‘Gear, Pokémon, and supplies were still there.

That was what Max had told May.

He had decided, when he saw what had happened, it was best not to overload her with too much information. He and Pikachu together knew a great deal about the human and Pokémon minds [which, no surprise to either of them, were very similar]. His sister was already deeply saddened; to tell her what had happened could send her into shock.

This, Max told himself, was why he didn’t let May know that Ash and Misty’s bodies were gone.

It was in her best interests that she didn’t know.


“Well, this sucks.”

A scathing look from purple eyes quickly shut the boy up. “Of course it does, but that doesn’t mean you have to resort to rude words to say it! And don’t you roll your eyes at me,” she added, noticing him doing just that. “You can just vent your frustrations into your energies, turn this ring into a—”

“—perfect circle, blah, blah, take the kiddies to the “SUMMONED ONE” blah, blah, save the universe blah, blah, blah. You’re very original, d’you know that? You should consider a career in originality; you’d be quite good at it.”

The girl glared at him again. “And you’re quite bad at comebacks, Sato. Doesn’t mean you should take up a career in it yourself.”

Grey eyes blinked. “Okay, that didn’t even make sense.”


There was a pause. The boy and girl laughed.

“You’re really weird, you know that Yoko?” Sato smiled cheekily.

Yoko returned it. “Oh yeah…? Well it takes one to know one.”

“And do I know one.” Yoko smacked him over the head. “Hey, that hurt!” He whined, rubbing the back of his head.

She smirked. “Tough.” She started walking again, calling over her shoulder, “Hurry up. We don’t have much time.”

Sato frowned at Yoko’s back as he trundled after her. She always spoiled all of his fun, and he really deserved it today. After all, it wasn’t every day you were reborn. Quickly, he pulled down an eyelid and stuck out his tongue at her.

“I saw that!” Yoko said without looking back.

“How could you see that?”

The redhead smirked. “I didn’t need to. Your confession is proof enough.”

“Wha—bu—how—huh?” Sato stuttered. He groaned. “You are so infuriatingly confusing!”

Yoko’s smirk only widened. “Thank you.” She peeked out through the trees. “You straighten it out yet?”

“About ten minutes ago.”

Yoko frowned at her companion. “Argh! Sato, why’d you wait ‘til now to tell me? It could be too late!” The boy was ignoring her, though. Concentrating on his hands, he was forming shapes and patterns in a rapidly processing order. Ending with pointer and middle fingers on each hand forming a cross shape right in front of his nose, Sato muttered something to himself.

The small, Pokémon-made creek lying before the two shone yellow for a moment. The color faded, leaving a perfectly smooth curve to the creek. The parts Yoko could see past the trees were shaped in the same way, creating a perfect circle around the clearing they were just out of sight of. Yoko frowned.

“I thought you said you had straightened it out!”

“But I hadn’t made it perfect; I just made it easier to do.” Yoko rolled her eyes and sighed. She took a closer look through the trees. The girl hadn’t moved since they had awoken. Her brother had gone around, nearly discovering them in the process. He was trying to wake the third of them now, but it was doubtful they’d actually wake up. Yoko suddenly noticed the girl was asleep on her feet.

Despite herself, Yoko began to feel sorry for them. They hadn’t known what they were getting into when they became friends…it wasn’t their fault that fate wouldn’t budge. Now they already couldn’t stand the pressure of it.

Strange, she mused. They had seemed of a tougher creed than that…


“Sato, I thought we weren’t supposed to control them like that. Remember how it goes?”

The boy waved his hands in front of his face before she could finish. “I know, I know. Let it go as it must. Let them think they’re controlling their fate. Let them sleep when they want to, not when we need them to. Geez, talk about sticking too much to the rules. You’re the one who said we needed to hurry up or “it might be too late.” I…I just want to get it over with. You know I don’t like this.”

Yoko sighed. “Neither do I, Sato. But it has to be done…or rather, allowed to be done. It’s not fair that this has to happen, it really isn’t! I hate that! These kids—they don’t deserve this. It’s our fault in the first place that this has to happen. But, it’s just…they don’t—” She fell to her knees, overwhelmed by her overpowering remorse and regret.

Sato bent down and wrapped his arms around Yoko, rocking back and forth a bit. “No one ever said they deserve it, Yoko. Few do. But they got it, whether they deserve it or not. And it’s our job to make sure it’s done right. Fate only has two paths open. If we don’t play the fools and slowly make sure they go the right way, HE will get them.” He slowly stood up, Yoko still wrapped up in his arms.

Sato quietly whispered in his companion’s ear, “Do you think they deserve that more than what they’re getting if they join with us?”

Yoko froze up. She roughly broke free of Sato’s embrace, rushing ahead a bit, her eyes turned downwards. “You know very well what I think, Sato.”

He immediately regretted his words. That had been mean of him—far too mean. The gray eyes looked down at tanned hands, seeing the damp spot that had formed. He lifted the hand to his mouth. Salty. She had cried.

Yoko never cried.

Sato shook his head. Not only did those kids not deserve this fate, she didn’t deserve it either. Based on the sinking feeling in his chest, Sato doubted this rebirthday could get any worse. He trailed after Yoko inattentively, knowing she was probably still too steamed to get a bit of sense out of. Occasionally he’d re-purify the circle—the muddy water coming from the river didn’t help the situation one bit. Only when he noticed the need for cleansing had stopped did he realize Yoko had rebuilt the dirt blown to either side of the ditch by those kids’ Pokémon.

Sato smiled. Maybe she had stopped hating him long enough now…“Yoko,” he started. “I’m—” Yoko turned around. Her eyes almost shone, expectant, as she looked back at Sato. Seeing those beautiful purple eyes of hers, shining with as much emotion as she could possibly contain, Sato couldn’t stand it, and his mouth went dry. Suddenly all of the apologies he had been thinking up vanished, and he was left standing like an idiot. Again.

“What is it, Sato?”

He swallowed—he could do this. He could. “I’m so—”

“Ash? Misty?” The voice struck both Sato and Yoko stiff with fear. It was the boy again—he was close. How could he have gotten so close without them knowing it? What were they going to do? If he found them, now of all times…

“Yoko,” Sato whispered, moving behind a tree. He wanted to say it, before anything else. “I’m—”

“Later.” The redhead hissed, and Sato winced. “For now, just hide.” The girl slid next to her companion, breathing slowly so as to make less noise.

For a long moment, Yoko and Sato just sat there as the boy trampled around, looking for friends that weren’t there to be found. “If he finds us, what should we do? I’m thinking…play dumb, or fake-possession. Any ideas?”

“Definitely unconsciousness—at least until we can switch back to the other forms.” Sato slapped himself on the head; why hadn’t he thought of that? The smacking sound, unfortunately, alerted the youngest one to the possible location of his missing friends. Something suddenly occurred to the brunette.

“But we’ve moved, Yoko! The kid’s not stupid; he’ll be suspicious!” Steps in the dry leaves could be heard—crunch, crunch.

Yoko growled to herself, frustrated. “Then play dumb. They lost something when that force woke us up; surely they can believe we lost everything!”

Crunch, crunch.

“That’ll never work!”


“Well, it’ll have to!”


“Fine then!”

Crunch. “Ash?”



“Alright! Pikachu, I found them!” A small face moved in on Yoko and Sato’s vision, covered with the large lenses of a pair of glasses, broken twigs, and one relieved smile. “Ash, Misty—are you okay?”

As they contemplated the numerous possible responses and reactions they could use to save themselves and preserve the time stream, one main thought repeated itself constantly in both minds of the reborn souls:

Well, this sucks.


Yoko was moderately relieved. Max and Pikachu had quickly bought their story [though the mouse-thing had looked at her quite oddly for a moment…]. Brock was in the middle of making a meal. Which meal, specifically, she wasn’t sure. But her body immediately knew that the food was good, based on the starved growls she was hearing.

Of course, that might be coming from Sato; it was hard to differentiate between them since…well, that. Yoko sweatdropped at the thought, half-embarrassed at what had happened to cause their connection. To be frank, it was rather disturbing to know so much about Sato. Yoko had assumed he knew as much about her as she did about him, but after what had happened earlier…

The red haired girl looked away from the fire, where a pot of—something—was simmering gently, helped in part by Torkoal and Combusken. Her eyes drifted out to the center of the camp. She knew it was the center, because that was where the CHOSEN ONE had been SUMMONED. She also knew it was the center because that was the very spot the other girl had remained since the CHOSEN ONE had been SUMMONED in the first place. Purple eyes softened as Yoko looked at the brunette.

The poor girl. She had loved that little creature like a child…too much so. If it pained her now, Yoko couldn’t bear to think of what would happen to the girl once the prophecies had been completely fulfilled. “May…”

Max looked up from his Pokédex and glanced in the direction of his sister. His gaze became sad. “She hasn’t moved since I woke up. Something happened—I know something happened, but she won’t tell me.”

“She’s heartbroken over Togetic’s disappearance,” Brock said quietly without a second thought. “I doubt you could understand her pain—I barely do. To lose someone so close to you like that, without warning…” He trailed off.

Decided, Yoko stood up, stretching her legs a bit. “I’m gonna go talk to her.” Sato stood up, mouth opening to protest, she was sure. “Don’t bother, Sa—Ash. I’ve made up my mind.” That name was really hard to get used to after who-knows-how-many-centuries of Sato.

“I—I was just gonna wish you luck, Mist. She doesn’t look in much of a talkative mood.” And yet it seemed Sato had no problem adjusting to “Misty” and all of her nicknames. Yoko silently fumed as she sighed, then nodded in Sato’s direction before walking off.

Now, for the problem at hand. To tell May the truth of the matter, or to give her false hope? Guilt versus honesty—how many times had that battle for power come and gone in Yoko’s mind? Far too many, she was sure. “May.”

The Coordinator didn’t react physically. Yoko bent down and looked her in the face. No reaction. Sitting directly in front of the blue-eyed girl, Yoko stared long and hard at May. A romanticist might say it was a męlée of sapphires and amethysts, but that would have been a vast exaggeration.

For one, the colors of their eyes were much different from the gemstones mentioned above. For another, it was no great battle to look into another person’s eyes. And, for a third…

The moment May was caught up in the staring match, Yoko stuck out her tongue and made the strangest looking face she could think of. Caught off guard, May fell back, startled. Regaining her balance, she looked Yoko in the face, still a bit unused to the different look on Misty’s body. Yoko smiled at the girl, closing her eyes to make sure the Coordinator didn’t see the pain and sorrow that resided within them.

May smiled back unknowingly as the battle within Yoko’s conscience was won—false hope defeated integrity yet again.

Both girls laughed for a minute, May not sure what to say and Yoko hoping she wouldn’t need to say anything. The moment passed all too quickly for either of their tastes. All joking gone, Yoko took the girl in her arms, pulling her close. Blue eyes widened with short-lived surprise.

“I’m so sorry. I know I can’t possibly tell you how you should stop hurting. I don’t want to, because…because I’m hurting too.”

“But…your memories—”

“—my memories are gone, but the pain is still there. I still have instinctive emotions; I know Brock’s food is good, that you are all my dear friends, and that I want Togetic back more than anything. I’m just so sorry that you’re hurting too, because I know how you feel—somewhat. Max and Brock and S—and Ash, they don’t. They can’t understand why you feel like this. They’re so worried for you. I know the pain you’re feeling, but please, don’t isolate yourself because of it. It—it’s not worth it, trust me.”

May felt her eyes water up, and she bent down into Yoko’s shoulder, wrapping her arms around her older friend. Smiling half-heartedly, Yoko patted the girl on the back slowly, letting the moment pass. May sat up a few minutes later, gratefulness obvious in her eyes. “Thanks, Misty. I really needed that.”

“Don’t thank me, May. If anyone…” The redhead trailed off, sitting up and zoning out, clearly thinking about something serious. May could see it was none of her business what might have finished that sentence, so she just smiled at Yoko, then stood up.

As May found some reason for the others to stay away from Yoko for awhile [she convinced Brock and Max to help her train her Pokémon for the Grand Festival], the girl just thought to herself. She had done something horrible and yet incredibly good at the same time in comforting May, and she was well aware of it. The Coordinator would need all her strength and energies in the upcoming months, and becoming depressed and introverted was not the way to gather spiritual strength. This was only one of many thoughts, another of which was being brought closer to the surface than Yoko would have wished it…

Sato came up behind Yoko. “You used my speech.” He didn’t expect an answer, and didn’t get one. “That emotion wasn’t faked, was it? You really are upset. It’s not what I said, is it?” His tone expressed emotion Sato was too embarrassed to admit to.

“No, Sato. It’s not that.”

“Is it what’s gonna happen to them?”

“No, Sato. Stop asking.”

“Oh. Their Togetic…it reminds you of him, doesn’t it?”

Yoko’s eyes flashed, and she turned around, brows furrowed and a frown deep on her face. “Yes, Sato, it does! They remind me too much of ourselves! They’re human…and so are we. And here we are, trying to do something the gods already gave up on! We’re such fools, and we’re going to destroy these kids from the inside out in vain! It’s not right!”

Grey eyes looked at purple ones sadly. Sato sat down and rested against Yoko shoulder. Silence lasted for awhile as they leaned against each other, thinking of the impossible odds against them and the casualties that could come of it.

“Yes, it is. If we don’t try, they’ll be destroyed anyway.”

Yoko sighed and stood up, walking out towards the water’s edge. “I suppose you’re right.”

“You know very well that I am.”


Convinced [after hours of arguing with Sato] that there was no other way around getting these kids where they needed to be in time, Yoko began the proceedings of a TELEPORTATION.

Sato, as her assistant, went around and finished up all the small details that were necessary for the TELEPORTATION to be completed without anyone sustaining serious injuries. The water was in an absolutely perfect circle; the Pokémon were arranged and rearranged until they fit Yoko’s needs; the kids were forced into a slumber so they would not disturb the process; any possible interruptions were dealt with accordingly.

Meanwhile, Yoko calmed herself, reaching an inner peace so as to gain maximum energy for the task at hand. Unconsciously, she began to float into the air, readjusting the positions and angles without thinking about it. Sato smiled upon noticing this—it seemed Yoko had quickly gotten back into the swing of things.

At last, she was ready. Yoko slowly motioned for Sato to get into his position as she stood up. He moved directly north of Yoko, just at the edge of the water. Once he was there, Sato willed the others—Pikachu, Max, May, and Brock—into their respective positions to Yoko’s east, west, southeast, and southwest. Together they formed a large circle around Yoko.

With a slow movement of her hands, the redhead lifted every Pokémon into the air [sans Pikachu]. The water types separated themselves from the rest and began to drift around the group, just over the water. The remaining Pokémon [including Torkoal, Bulbasaur, Swellow, Skitty, and Snorunt] drifted between the people, creating a five-pointed star.

Yoko nodded indistinctly once the drifting had become regular. Sato quickly formed some shapes with his hands, allowing those under his control [aka the kids and Pikachu] to copy his movements for the time being. Trance-like, and as if moving through water, the points to the star began to intone words of a tongue so lost and forgotten that the only remaining speakers of the language had even forgotten how to read, and could only recite the prophecies they had set to memory.

Finally, to end the proceedings, Yoko opened her eyes.

A great, shining blue light spilled out of the purple irises, filling the pentagram and extending out into the sky for kilometers, creating a second sun for the people in that area of Hoenn for the next three days. The light lasted for a minute or more, as the chanting came to a climax.

On the final word, the light vanished, and with it came a rushing noise—the air that surrounded the pentagram was hastening into the newly formed vacuum, for the light was not the only thing that had vanished.

Everything was gone. Neatly marked off by the circle of water was a giant, empty crater maybe a half meter deep with nothing in it but dirt.

Not even grass had been left behind when Yoko and Sato took Brock, Max, May and all their Pokémon to Johto, where all of this had started.


It had been, Wallace decided, an altogether pleasant day. Although connections between radio stations, vid-Phones, and Pokédexes had been completely lost, the gym leader had escaped the disaster without the slightest [I]hint of a headache.

Not like last time, when he had blacked out for half of a day, then woken up in the middle of increasing his life insurance—the assistant had been scared out of his shorts. Wallace had been kindly told to switch companies, as such shenanigans were not appreciated in customers of the Johnson and Jackson insurance company. Still unsure as to what was going on, the blue-haired man had agreed to leave and had been searching for some explanation of where the past ten hours had gone when Misty’s friends had showed up.

They had been a nice sort of people—Wallace was glad Misty had friends like Brock, May, and Max to confide in. It just wasn’t healthy to tell a guy 40 years your senior about your unrequited love and general teenage angst. That was supposed to be saved for girl talks and ice cream binges after awful break-ups.

Idly, Wallace stretched out further on his floating chair. A pair of Slowpoke and a Slowbro were sitting by the edge of the water field, watching their trainer relax for the first time in a few long days. Going public with his Coordinating, while good for his self-esteem, had done absolutely nothing to lower Wallace’s fan base—in fact, it seemed the number of screaming girls had quadrupled overnight. This wasn’t all that hard, of course—because of his seclusion, Wallace had had few fan girls before this announcement.

Suddenly, an ache came over Wallace, and a sinking feeling grew in his stomach. He recognized this all too well—HE was back. “Ge—get away, you!”

The sluggish Pokémon watched on, unconcerned, as Wallace’s stammer was quickly covered by a sinister laugh that erupted from his own mouth. What followed was a most unusual conversation between the pink water Pokémon-loving Wallace and HIM, who was rather dark and cruel [the voice of the latter was a bit deeper than the former’s voice].


“I—I can try! I can try to fight you.”


“I’m not you!” Wallace’s voice was more confident here.


“What are you talking about? You’re crazy!”


“No! I won’t!”

“YOU DON’T HAVE A CHOICE, MY DEAR INCARNATION.” This left Wallace momentarily speechless.

“Incarnation? What’s that supposed to—”


Wallace was silent for a long moment. One of the Slowpoke fell into the pool before he answered. “Go—go ahead, whoever you are. I’d rather know what’s going on than not.”

Wallace smiled slowly as a glow overcame his eyes. The once warm and friendly blue eyes slowly froze over, changing to narrowed black ones hardened with pain and a lust for vengeance. “IF YOU MUST GIVE ME A NAME…LET IT BE SAKAKI.”


My deepest apologies for the incredibly long delay; you may beat me over the head repeatedly if that will make you feel better.

Seiza style of sitting, normally used in various martial arts, playing the thirteen-stringed koto, or in ceremonial tea ceremonies. One’s hands are placed on the thigh, their bottom resting on the soles of their feet, the top of the foot pressed firmly against the floor. It’s a rather uncomfortable position, but is highly regarded as proper for all formal occasions.

If you wanted to know.


1st November 2005, 11:27 PM
All right, first to review!

I, once again, loved your description like I always do. *thumbs up*

Poor...everyone. Ash and Misty got switched by Yoko and Sato?! Whoa, I can imagine what would happen when May, Brock, and Max find out. That won't be so pretty. It makes me feel bad for everyone since they're all like this. :( But I like the mystery and suspense you've got! ^^ Now that's good! XD

Overall, an amazing work of art glad-chan! I look forwad to more when you get to update! TAOY 2: The Sequel is taking me a while to update too. Blasted school! ><


2nd November 2005, 12:48 AM
MM89: Congrats! Lately that honor has gone to Commander Cody...so good job on beating him, and a second unrelated congrats: it's the 100th post in this thread. Yay-ness! *little-dace-thing*

Thanks for liking it--I'm always worried about the description, especially because early on in S-CoL the story was considered dialogue-heavy. I'm trying to move away from that, and I think I'm succeeding.

So it appears to be. It would be less pretty if they knew the significance of it all. Hmm...pain and suffering overcome and destroyed, then rejoicing and a return to normality. *shrugs* I like it. Yesh, lotsa forshadowing 'n suspense 'n mystery going on--that's fun to do.

Thank you once again! I hope to update sooner as well--it seems the reviewing populace disappears after a few months. Go figure. ;P

I sympathize with you on all fronts. We must get rid of school! Or graduate! Or something like that, so as to get more time to write! ^^

2nd November 2005, 1:04 AM
^No probs and hooray for the 100th post! :D Well, we will end up graduating sooner or later. I have many ideas for new chapters for my fics, the problem is just to do them. XD I still am excited to know what will come of your story! ^^ I am very much enjoying it! ^^

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Thanks again, and best of luck writing all your ideas up. I have so many wacky chapter subplots going on [hopefully] but have yet to bring the rest of the story up to the same time as the subplots would be. --' This is a bad thing.

Almost forgot; happy birthday!

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^Thankies! Mine's in just a few days but thanks for the early b-day call! =D I wish you the best in luck in your fic and school too!

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I'm...finally here! ^^;

You really don't have to worry about description at all! I can imagine and picture everything going on in my head, if that counts for something. XD

I love how the suspense keeps on building up. :D I have to admit, I haven't read this entire fic thoroughly enough yet, but when I do (Thanksgiving Break!), I'll edit this post with a better review. ^^;;

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Ah, H-ko! I sort of wondered if you were going to review or not...^^'

Many thanks! I'm glad the imagery I used was to your liking...and yes, the suspense never stops building. It'll just go on and on and on...and then the story ends, and the last one begins! ;P

Seriously, there's going to be a good bit more of the suspense as I add more and more of the overarching plot of the trilogy...and of the main plot of this story itself. I'm also hoping to break one hundred pages of story text...which may be a bit difficult to accomplish, seeing that S-CoL was about 56 pages or so long. Actually, that'd be closer to 100 if I put it in 12-point font, come to think of it...

Anyway, I'm hoping to get Chapter 7 written and posted sometime after Thanksgiving break...before Christmas, hopefully! Just saying, if anyone's curious...^^

Mysteria Pearl
21st November 2005, 3:31 PM
Yay! can't wait to read it!

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Hey there. Extremely late review! Sorry sorry sorry. I remember you sent me a mail but I somehow still forgot. I had to read through your chapters at a single go to get in touch again. You have known since I joined these boards with my previous account at the start of 2004 that I am partial towards AAML right? I dunno, I did think that your grammar and wordage at times was a little iffy, but I like reading aaml in any case, and so it was more like a guilty pleasure for me, ie I just tried to enjoy their antics without being distracted and getting all too serious about it.

Anyways, even May is acceptable in this fic, and that she is actually flirting with Brock is funny in a zany way. Keep it up. PM me if you want to!

25th February 2006, 2:33 AM

Prophecies of the Summoned


Chapter Seven


In a quiet area of Johto, a small Bonsly trundled along, its three green tufts bobbing slightly with each step. Sunlight streamed through the tree leaves, illuminating the creature’s brown skin and bright smile. Chirping happily to itself, the rock type walked into a clearing, skillfully leaping over a puddle [just as instinct dictated]. Deciding this would be an ideal place for an afternoon nap, the shrub-like Pokémon settled down in the space between the roots of a shady tree [which would also protect Bonsly if any unforeseen storm showed up].

The Pokémon sighed gently, enjoying the bursts of sunlight that trickled onto its tufts through the tree’s leaves. All in all, it was a very peaceful, quiet, and calm day.

Then, with a burst of shining blue light, a rush of wind blew the Bonsly clear into the air, landing the rock type about 100 meters away, right in the hands of a hopeful trainer out on their first day of traveling. The wind—which was really just the air from inside the clearing—pushed outwards, knocking down nests, leaves, fruit, nuts; just about everything not rooted in the ground was blown out of the area, most of it landing on that trainer [who had just caught his first Pokémon].

As the light cleared, the clearing was suddenly filled with figures; people and Pokémon alike. A rust-red haired girl collapsed quickly, her long hair falling loose from its tie. Across from her in the clearing, a boy with chocolate-brown hair fell to his knees as well; the both of them seemed drained of their energy.

Pokémon that had been floating in the air dropped to the ground, landing roughly but making no signs of feeling any pain. Three other people [and a Pikachu] fell to their knees in a way identical to the other boy. Noticing this, he made a motion with his hand and muttered something. The other people immediately dropped haphazardly to the ground, reacting to the fall in the same way as the Pokémon—not at all.

Three other figures in the clearing were not tired at all…nor were they dead to their surroundings, as those other people had been. They were Team Rocket, and they were terrified. You would be too, had you been in their situation…


“Jessie, I’m not sure about this…” James said nervously, jumping at every sound—even the ones he made himself. “We managed to escape last time without being blasted off…can’t we just lay low for awhile, wait for a message from the Boss or something…” Jessie’s glare silenced the blue-haired man immediately.

“We were blasted off three time before then by people like Santa Clause! Oh yes, I’ll get that man someday…” James sweatdropped as Jessie ranted to herself about her revenge on Santa.


Realizing what she had said, Jessie laughed loudly and falsely, waving a hand at James. “Oh never you mind, James! The point is, we need to send something back to the Boss, and soon. We’ll lose any chance of a further promotion than the huge one we’re getting already if we start looking bad so quick after capturing that girl!” Suddenly, a fire lit in James’ eyes, and he was inspired.

“You’re right, Jessie! What am I doing just standing here? We’ve got a Pikachu to catch!” Meowth jumped on James’ shoulder, knocking him off balance. With a squeal of fright, the blue haired man fell over.

“Meowth! Dat’s right, James! Let’s go!”

With a silent cry [so as not to alert the twerps of Team Rocket’s location] the trio rushed past the last few trees and burst into a clearing. Unfortunately for them, that moment happened to be the very moment when Yoko opened her eyes, so Sato was unable to see the three and move them out of the TELEPORTATION’s range. They were effectively caught within the transport to who-knows-where.

Unfortunately for the twerps, Team Rocket’s crashing into the clearing splashed around some water from the creek, damaging the perfection of the circle and therefore the course of travel. Neither Sato nor Yoko were able to pause the TELEPORTATION and fix the circle, so the transport to who-knows-where became a transport to no-one-knows-where.

None of them had any idea of where they were going.


This was a fact Sato soon realized upon gaining consciousness. He was surrounded by trees, not the old stone walls of his past home. Below him was grass, not tile in a decorative, circular pattern. And in the distance he could hear a crying Bonsly, Sudowoodo, and other western creatures, not the praises and joy of his people. Or what is left of them, Sato reminded himself. For all he knew, they were all gone.

Sato shook his head furiously, cursing as he sat up. He couldn’t think like that, if this mission could even hope to succeed. Looking around, Sato noticed that Yoko had fainted, probably around the same time he had…those kids were all on the ground…the Pokémon were scattered. And then there were those three guys in the clearing’s center, trembling with complete and utter fear…and look, there was a Hoothoot stuck in a tree…

Wait a minute.

Who were those guys? His subconscious, recessive side to his personality told him that these were bad people…though they could be good when they felt like it. At the moment, Sato felt they were too stupid and afraid to cause him any harm, but a good scare never really hurt anybody, no matter what those loons who talked about “psychological scarring” that “ruined people’s lives” said.

Concentrating on the earth beneath him, Sato slowly felt himself sinking into the ground. Smirking slightly, the gray-eyed boy flowed through the dirt until he was right underneath the group. He could hear the faintest bits of their conversation above him.

“J-Jessie, Pikachu’s out cold…right? We should n-nab it now, while we have the chance.” A stick snapped. “Meowth! What was that?”

That was his cue.

With a loud, overexaggerated moan of pain, Sato clawed his hand out of the ground. Amidst Team Rocket’s shrieks of terror, he ripped another hand through the topsoil and pulled his head up between the three of them, using a quick illusion spell to make it look as though he had maggots literally falling out of his [now empty-looking] eye sockets, skin sagging off his cheeks; the full horror movie zombie look. He grabbed at James’ legs with clammy hands, shouting something incomprehensible. The green-eyed guy promptly fainted, knocking down Jessie and Meowth.

Laughing to himself, Sato slid back underground and to his place in the circle. Now that they were taken care of, time to look at the matter at hand. Namely: where had they landed? It was obvious that those idiots had messed with the shape of the circle, and had altered their ending point. So…where was that new ending point?

Somewhere in Johto, based on the wildlife…but closer to Kanto or not? The side of Sato that belonged in this lifetime remembered this place.

Of course, the side of Sato that belonged in this lifetime also got lost on a biweekly basis, starting when he was ten years old. Considering that the boy was now about fifteen, this bit of memory did not help much. In fact, it really didn’t help at all. Sato sighed, frustrated, and rubbed the back of his head hard, trying to come up with something more. A name, a person…anything?

Nothing. Almost regretting that he had terrified those “Team Rocket” people, he decided they would probably know better than he did where they were, bad people or not. Feigning a loud, obnoxious yawn, Sato stood up, stretched, and walked over to them.

On the top of the pile was that wimpy guy, shaking somewhat in his stress-induced sleep. Directly beneath him was that redhead, only partially awake and incredibly shocked; well aware, it seemed, of her partner lying on top of her. Squashed under the two of them was the Meowth…which was odd in itself. Wouldn’t they have had more Pokémon with them, besides this one?

And hey, had it just talked?

“He—hey, twoip. A little help ‘ere?”

Yes, apparently, it had. And to him, for that matter. He pulled the normal type out from the bottom of that heap and smoothed its ruffled fur. Suddenly, the strangeness of the situation struck Sato—here he was, cleaning off a Meowth he didn’t know and had just half-scared to death, and about to talk to it without the use of any telepathy whatsoever.

“Do you know where we are, Meowth?” The cat Pokémon narrowed its eyes and stared Sato in the face for a moment. Sato backed off a bit, surprised at the forwardness of the Pokémon. He frowned back at Meowth, and they competed in a little staring contest for a moment.

“Meowth! Wait a minute ‘ere. You…you’re not the twoip. Besides lookin’ diff’rent and all, I means.” Sato’s eyes widened, but he didn’t otherwise allow any of his surprise to escape him. He had always known Pokémon were more perceptive of the world beyond [and the many worlds between], but he had never thought...

“How’s that?”

“You’re just not the same, y’know? I’ve been following the twoip and his Pikachu for years now, an’ I pride myself on remembering people I know that long. And you-—“ Meowth poked Sato’s chest for emphasis here, “—are not the twoip I’ve come to know and hate.

“And why should I ansa ya anyways? You’re a fraud, ‘n there’s notin’ I hate more than a fraud!”

“Even when you’re the fraud?”

“Meowth! That’s right!” Sato smirked as the feline paused for a moment, realizing what it had said. “I mean, no, that’s not right! Wait, yes it—no, it can’t be…ow, my head!” Sato laughed outright as Meowth fell to the ground, clutching its head in its paws, eyes spiraling in its confusion.

“So then…where are we?”

For the first time, Meowth took a good look at their surroundings. “Meowth…looks like somewhere between Ecruteak ‘n Violet. But dat don’t make sense, ‘cause dat's in da middle a’ Johto!”

Sato sat back on his heels, smiling as he connected the dots. Actually, that makes perfect sense. They walked into our campsite at just about…there, near where that Brock kid is. That’s the part of the circle that would determine the direction traveled in, compass-wise. So, instead of traveling to the southeast of Kanto, it was changed to…mid-Johto. Just a few degrees off or so.

“Well, sense or no sense, we’re here. Not much we can do to change that.” Sato stood up. “I presume you’ll be coming with us for the time being?”

Meowth jumped up, defensively scowling. “An’ just why would you presume dat, twoip?”

“Because, my silly little Meowth, you know a secret about me. I can’t have you telling every trainer on the street about my little…deception, let’s call it, so I simply won’t let you have the chance. Fortunately for me, I have a pretty large secret about you as well. This girl the others are looking for…this Mizuna.” Meowth froze up. “You recognize the name, yes? Well, they’ve been looking for her ever since her mysterious disappearance…which you also know about, don’t you? You are the ones who kidnapped her, aren’t you?”

“H-how d’you know dat?”

Sato smirked. “I have my ways. I also know that they wouldn’t even think twice about blasting you off this time; you’d be taken into custody by one of the officers around here for all your criminal pursuits before now, as well as your kidnapping case on top of that. You’d all be old and gray before let free from your jail time legally. And your boss wouldn’t think twice about trying to bust you out. It’d just be a waste of his time.”

“Hey! D-dat’s not true!” Meowth sputtered indignantly. “Da Boss loves us! We brought his pet project back to him; we’re getting promotions up two or three levels just for dat, and we’ve got more work waiting for us! You see, he’d come and get us!”

“Unless two very greedy, selfish Rocket agents claimed the catch for themselves, instead of allowing you what is your right…does the name Butch ring a bell?”

Meowth had to think about this for a little bit. “Uh…no, not really.”

Sato sweatdropped. Were these people really so incompetent that they didn’t know their own rival teammates’ names [while his other self clearly remembered them]? “Uh…Botch?”

“What? Dat dirty no-good low-life! Robbing a robber! Thieving a thief! Stealin’ from a stealer! Criminal…izing…a criminal! He an’ Cassidy deserve each other, the joiks!” Meowth continued to rant on as Sato sat back down, realizing just how large of a mistake it might have been to decide to have a little fun with those three in the first place.


And so, an agreement of a sorts was arranged. Meowth would not leave Sato’s large telepathic range, would not tell its teammates about Sato’s espionage [or whatever he was doing pretending to be the main twerp], and would not attack the group, though Team Rocket would lead the way to their next destination. In return, Sato would not breathe a word about Mizuna’s captors to anyone, would help to hide Team Rocket from any accidental discovery, and would help [somehow] to get Jessie, James, and Meowth the promotion they deserved.

Needless to say, Brock, Max, and May [as well as all the Pokémon] were confused to no end about what had happened to transport them all to Johto. Lucky for Sato and Yoko, their ruse worked; all of them were convinced it had to do with that freak psychic incident.

Life continued. The group continued their search for Mizuna and Togetic, an explanation for the memory losses, and for the change in appearance of Ash and Misty. And if Yoko or Yume ever noticed a psychic uneasiness about Sato whenever they found a lead towards Mizuna [which wasn’t often], they didn’t mention it.

One day, Yoko just plopped onto a rock without warning. The others paused for a moment, then joined her. Brock was halfway through shaping a set of rice balls for the group when she began to talk.

“Why are we trying to find this girl so bad? Who are we to say whether she wanted to be lost or not?”

It took awhile for someone to phrase an answer correctly. In the end, it was Max who replied.

“She’s a friend, even though we only knew her for a day or so. It’s like what Ash used to say. If there’s something you really care about—someone you care for, then protect them as best as you can, and help them, even when they don’t think they need it.”

“That sort of rationale is how Ash always used to make the best of friends. He’d go out, stubborn as always, and save them from some sort of deathtrap, then they’d be inseparable until they had to go their own ways…even now, I think we’d find ourselves a bunch of people willing to set their own lives on the line to save Ash.” Brock commented.

Wow, Sato thought to himself. That’s pretty impressive; to be so trusting of everyone, human and Pokémon alike, and loyal…

“On the other hand, he’s almost died a few times because he decided to play the hero,” the Pokémon Breeder finished, rounding out a rice ball and placing it on the tree stump they were using as a table. “Lunch’s ready.”

…and Tauros-headed to boot. Sato sighed loudly, picking up one of the rice balls. Well, if this is my heritage, I can’t say I’m exactly misrepresented.

“We’re lost, aren’t we?” Sato blinked, and looked around. What a random question for Yoko to ask…perhaps she picked it up from her counterpart? From what he could tell, this Misty girl had been the least directionally challenged of the group, excluding Max [who really couldn’t be judged, as he relied on the Pokédex for maps].

“Uh…yup, looks like it,” Brock said, laughing to himself. Pikachu, perched over a rice ball [a ketchup packet at hand], glanced around, then nodded. “Yeah, Pikachu doesn’t recognize it either.”

May starting pulling out individual grains of rice from her lunch and eating them one by one, thinking out loud. “So…we’re lost in the middle of Johto [which only one human of our group remembers traveling through], looking for a girl we only knew for one day who disappeared before being able to win a Contest she had been kicking butt in. We’ve basically got two questions, then. Where are we going to go next, and is there anyone we can go to in Johto for advice or assistance who already knows us?”

There was a long moment of silence as three of the group were suddenly struck by how foolish they had been. Wandering for nearly a month randomly through forests, when there was an answer lying only a vid-phone call away.

“Professor Elm!”

May pulled out her rice ball’s pickled plum and popped it into her mouth all at once, treating herself to a reward for her breakthrough. “Can you make a connection, Max?”

The Coordinator need not have worried; Max was already hard at work calling the professor. There were smiles all around the group.

Now they could finally get a lead, and maybe start to get some answers!


Yoko sweatdropped. “Exactly how long is he going to be doing that?”

She was referring to Max, who was huddled in a ball under the darkest, most miserable-looking tree he could find, a blue tone sinking into his skin. He was very, very sad, and, needless to say, had not been able to contact Professor Elm.

The professor had been in some form of accident, the Nurse Joy on the other end of the phone had informed him. Apparently, it was well known that he would not be taking any calls until the doctors said he was well enough to go back to the woods [the nurse would not be satisfied until he spent a good day actually enjoying himself in the fresh air]. She demanded to know who would be so rude as to call during the professor’s time of rest, at which point Max had hastily hung up. They hadn’t parted on the best of terms the last time he had called, after all.

That was thirty minutes ago now, and by May’s judgement his time was nearly up. “He should be okay soon, Misty.”

Brock sat down next to the girls. “In the meantime…what are we gonna do now? Elm’s out of the picture, so we need a new plan.”

“Not necessarily, Brock,” May countered. “Who’s to say we can’t go visit the professor? If he needs fresh air, we could bring it to him, and then he could help us in return!”

“Sounds like a good plan to me, May!”

Blue eyes shone in a smile. “Thanks, Misty!”

“Bu—“ Brock sighed. How could he argue with that? It was a reasonable idea…even if likely to get them in trouble with someone somewhere. Then again, when had that stopped them before? Besides, Nurse Joy was going to be there…filled to bursting with adrenaline at the excitement behind the thought of possibly seeing the lovely Nurse Joy of New Bark Town once again, Brock stood up and grabbed Max by the back of his shirt.

Yanking the boy to his feet [and half-choking him in the process], Brock said, “What are we waiting for, your sob-fest to end? Get over it!”

Max looked up at Brock. “Bu-but I…I couldn’t do it, Brock! I couldn’t keep my promise; I couldn’t help everyone find Mizuna. It’s my fault!”

“It doesn’t matter whose fault it is, Max! Just move on.”

“Like you moved on after Professor Ivy?” Brock flinched, but then turned around to see Yoko’s surprised face [both shocked at having known that bit of information and surprised at his reaction], not a speck of depression apparent on his face.

“Yes, Misty! Just like that! You have to move on, Max!” The Pokémon enthusiast looked into Brock’s eyes and saw the burning passion there was in them. Slowly but surely, the boy gained some of that passion for his own, and stood stronger and prouder for it.

“You’re right, Brock! I can do it; I can move on, and help out later! Forget my mistakes; I just need to keep trying!” Max marched boldly down the dusty path, Brock right behind him cheering him on.

Left in their wake was a large blinking mass of silence. Then an echoing growl resounded; in Brock’s rush of hormonal needs he had forgotten to feed all the Pokémon. And they were hungry. In a mass of screeches and shouts, wing flapping and paw stomping, the entire group of Pokémon marched after Brock, crying out for their food.

“So…do you think Brock would mind if I ate his rice ball?”

Sato and Yoko slowly turned to look at May.

“What? I’m still hungry!” With a rush of air, Brock came back to the campsite, grabbed two of the rice balls, and sped back into the distance.

“…somehow, I think he’d mind.”

Sato, Yoko, and May picked up their bags and cleaned up the lunch-site. Pausing in cleaning up the rest of the lunch to save for later, Sato looked around. He could still here some growling stomachs. Knowing what they must be, the gray-eyed boy discreetly placed six rice balls on a clean leaf next to the rock. Whistling, he walked after Yoko and May, who were trying to figure out if a Pokémon egg needed any food…and if it did, how to feed it.

Three figures immediately jumped out of the bushes and pounced on the rice balls, eating as though they hadn’t in days—which could very well have been the case, given the quality of their cooking [and the overly high standards they held for any food they would bring themselves to eat]. The red-haired one paused in stuffing a vegetable-filled rice ball down her throat.

“So, Meowth…why, exactly, are we not attacking the twerps?”

The feline’s eyes flashed, and James’ stomach began to sink, even with the rice filling him up somewhat. That look meant only one thing…“Meowth! I’ve got a plan.”

James groaned in his head; he knew it.

“The twoips are goin’ to New Bark Town, see? Once we’re dere, we’ll be within a kilometer of da Boss’ Johto base! We can easily get anytin’ to da Boss that we grab…and da twoips’ll have no chance of getting it back before we get it to da Boss. Plus…” Meowth lowered its voice secretively. Jessie leaned in closer, and James tightened the circle of heads.

“I hear a certain pair a joiks stole our promotion from us for catching that ‘Zuna girl!” Jessie immediately knew who it must be.


“And Botch!”

“We gotta settem straight, ‘n get what we deserve for our hard work. So we follow da twoips, give dere Pokémon to da Boss, and get our promotions back big-time! Just thing of what we’ll get!”

Sparkles filled Jessie’s eyes as she imagined the luxury, wealth, and overpriced clothing she would live in. James pictured his life as a rich man once again [thankfully, without his parents or any malicious fiancés]. Completely inspired by their own pictures of greed, the two Team Rocket agents stood up and posed, grains of rice sticking to their faces.

“Big money! Bonuses! Promotions! Yeah!”

Meowth jumped between their shoulders and pointed in the direction Brock and Max had sped down the path. “Then let’s go!”


Days later , Brock was melting at the feet of two incredibly lovely ladies. Nurse Joy, whom he had “sensed” was there long before entering the town, was standing above Brock and attempting to recognize him while he fumbled with his pick-up lines. It was for his own good that he had forgotten them, really.

An Officer Jenny, whom Nurse Joy had just been speaking with, was also wondering where she had seen this young man before. It felt like years…and probably had been, in fact…but she could remember the day well. Professor Elm, caught up in his studies, had accidentally given a starting Totodile to a couple of thieves. Then this guy—Brick, she thought his name was—and his two friends had come along and rescued the water type before it could finish gnawing all of one of the Rocket agent’s hair off.

“Uh…Brick? Are you alright?” Thrilled at the brief moment of recognition, Brock jumped to his feet and grabbed Officer Jenny by the hands, spurting out praises of her beauty, crime-fighting prowess, and overall perfection.

Just about that time, a small boy came in, panting slightly. He took in the situation at a glance, then walked up to Brock and yanked the Breeder back by the strap of his backpack. “Not today, Romeo…not tomorrow…not ever.”

“Max…” Brock groaned. “I was so close, Max! Can’t you understand what that means to me, one guy to another?”

“Thankfully, no.”

Tears began to trickle down Brock’s face, expressing his immense sorrow at being pulled away just as he had been about to succeed in his efforts. Having successfully pulled Brock away from the very two women they had needed to speak to, Max decided it was best to introduce himself before the nurse and policewoman could remove him from the facilities. In his experiences, Brock was not always a welcome guest.

“Hi Nurse Joy, Officer Jenny. I’m Max. This is Brock…I believe you already know him?”

Officer Jenny snapped her fingers. “Brock! Of course! He and Ash and Misty saved a Totodile a while back. Remember, Joy?”

Nurse Joy clapped her hands together. “How could I forget? We were so grateful to the three of you…” The pink-haired woman glanced around. “Speaking of which, where are they?”

“Ah, right…” This was something Max had hoped to avoid.

“Surely Brock is still traveling with them? They seemed to be such good friends…it would be a shame for them to have split ways for no reason.”

Brock sighed. “Yeah, it would have been.” Thankfully, he was restraining himself more easily these days—probably thanks to the slight wipe of his memory that had eliminated some of his stronger…urges, let’s call them. “But I do still travel with them. It’s just…well, they’re different now. Remember that huge power surge a month back or so?”

“Of course; it was just after that when poor Professor Elm…well, you know.” Joy looked down at her hands sadly. Officer Jenny shook her head.

“Joy, it wasn’t your fault. I know that, you know that, and I’m sure the professor would say the same thing. Why don’t you just—“

“But it [I]was my fault, Jenny! I told him he had to go out into the forest for once, and see what the Pokémon were like outside of books…and then this happened to him! And now he just lies there all day. He’s so…empty.” A tear came to Nurse Joy’s eye. “Even when he was obsessed with his work for days on end, he was still full of life. He was excited, and he loved his work! And I—I just took that away from him.”

Max and Brock watched on, quiet, as the confrontation continued. May peeked her head into the Pokémon Center, saw her brother, and motioned to Yoko and Sato. They came over but stayed silent. Behind the three of them, all the Pokémon stood, waiting for the right time to get their luncheon.

“Stop that, Joy! You didn’t do this to him; that purple-eyed creature did it!” May, Yume, Pikachu, and Sato stiffened. Purple-eyed? “Professor Elm was the first of many people attacked, yes, but that doesn’t mean you brought it upon him! So stop making yourself the sole responsible party. I won’t let you do that to yourself.”

Nurse Joy smiled a little bit. “Jenny…thank you.”

“Don’t thank me yet; we’ve still got to catch this thing!” Officer Jenny pounded a fist into her palm. “And when we do…”

“Excuse me…” Jenny looked to the door, where May had stepped into the Center. “Um…what exactly happened?” Noticing the odd looks, the Coordinator began babbling. “I’m sorry, it’s just that I only just got here and don’t know what I might come across in the woods…I want to be ready to face this purple-eyed thing…whatever it is.”

“The thing is…”


“May. The thing is, May, no one knows quite what happened. In fact, the only reason we know that it’s a purple-eyed creature is because that’s what the victims remember of their attacker. And it’s the only thing they say. Well, except for the professor here…but all he says is some nonsense word. Splint, or shin, or something like that…”

“No, Jenny, that wasn’t it. It was a name, I think…Shinde, right?”

“Oh, right…well, we’ve looked into that as best we can, but to no avail; there aren’t any “Shinde” within all of Johto, and I personally doubt we’re looking at a human attacker in any case. Instead, I think it’s more likely a…” However, the rest of whatever the officer was going to say was lost on our heroes, who had all fallen to the ground in shock.

That name…it was hard to believe, but there was no one else it could be…

It had to be Mizuna.


“Come on, guys!” Sato called to the others panting along behind him. “We’ll never find her before she moves on at this rate!”

May leaned on her thighs, gasping as she tried to catch her breath. “Not everyone’s as quick as you and Pikachu, Ash.” The little yellow Pokémon, sitting on Sato’s shoulder, turned around and stuck its tongue out at May.

“What was that? Ooh, Pikachu…” May got steamed quickly. The constant nagging about her physical strength was a topic she hated to have brought up. Especially when she brought it up in the first place. “You’re just lucky I’m so tired, or you’d be one sorry little Pokémon!”

After realizing who the “purple-eyed creature” must be, Max had acted extremely cute for Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny, thereby wheedling the information about where all the locations of the attacks had been. The only thing lost in that venture, he said, was his dignity. Which wasn’t all that much to start out with, really.

As it turned out, all the attacks had taken place within a kilometer radius of a wasteland of a sinkhole—the Shinde manor, once upon a time. The connection between the land’s previous owners and the name Professor Elm had said had been lost on the officer…which would really make one question the integrity of the police force if they couldn’t link such an uncommon name to its house.

Deciding this to be the most logical location for Mizuna’s headquarters, the group had decided to venture out into the woods and hopefully find themselves in the general location of the old house. If nothing else, they could very well find some clue as to why Mizuna had been taken, if it wasn’t some random act to get her out of that Contest. That didn’t seem a likely reason, as Mizuna would have been returned after the Contest’s end if this were the case.

They had been going at it for an hour or so without stopping once. Surprisingly, things had been going pretty well; no severe mishaps, no “shortcuts” to the house [how could there be one, when none of them knew where the house was?], no anything to keep them away from getting to the house.

So why, then, had they not seen brick, or window, or door, or any sign of the house or its occupants ever having lived in the area?

And suddenly, while Brock was pondering this thought, they came to it.

The “incident” that caused Mizuna’s family to die, what ever it had been, had taken place when Mizuna had just started her journey—presumably, when she was ten. Since she was now about…Ash’s age or so, that would place the incident at five years ago. This made perfect sense, as it coincided splendidly with that article Professor Elm had given them. So…five years for the forest to take over, five years for the ground to erode away, and five years for the Pokémon to move in.

Even though it had been five years, the scene was breathtakingly and completely terrible.

Brock had stopped when Ash, at the head of their walking party, had stopped. Between them were Max, Misty, and Pikachu, taking up a total of two meters between the group and the scene below. In that two meters, the cliché forest with no sounds but birds chirping and a gentle breeze blowing had changed to a barren wasteland, dust blowing around and no apparent life within view.

The group spread out along the edge of the crater, almost in awe of the horror. Gyarados [with Goldeen and Horsea in its mouth as their only way to stay in water] accidentally knocked over a small rock, which clattered to the brim and teetered for a moment. With a gentle knocking sound that resembled footsteps, it began its jaunt into the depths of the hole.

The group was silent as they heard it go down for a few moments more. It ended with a nice splash.

In another minute, Misty said, “There’s water down there.” In a breath of the sentence, the cavernous hole echoed her. Gyarados perked up at the mention of water [Horsea and Goldeen were certainly not a good taste in its mouth]. The dragon slid to Misty’s side and gently knocked her knees out from under her, making her sit on Gyarados’ tail. Max quickly figured out what was happening.

“Gyarados, don’t!” He grabbed the water type’s tail, fruitlessly trying to stop it from venturing down into the pit. Who knew what awaited them down there? They could barely see the bottom. Despite his efforts, all of the water Pokémon also leapt onto Gyarados’ back, eager to find themselves some water.

Gyarados started on its way down when it felt the annoying pull of something at its tail end. Looking back, it saw Max pulling as hard as he could. Fed up with interruptions today, it lazily flicked its tail, sending Max screaming and flying into the air.

“Max!” May was shocked, but managed to keep her head enough to motion to a Pokémon for help. “Bulbasaur! Vine Whip; catch Max!”

Nodding, the grass type ran out to the edge and stretched its vines to their maximum. Luckily, it was far enough to catch Max, at which time Bulbasaur tightly wrapped the vines around Max’s waist.

Unfortunately, Bulbasaur was not expecting the momentum behind Gyarados’ throw, and was pulled forward—off solid ground and into the same perilous arc Max was stuck in. May ran after her Pokémon and grabbed hold of it, but was pulled along, crying out in surprise. Brock grabbed one leg, and Ash grabbed the other, but they were pulled along too.

The non-water Pokémon watched on, mildly amused, as the humans flew into the air and landed roughly on Gyarados’ back, beginning their trek down to the water’s edge, wherever that was. Well, most of them watched on, anyway…all but one.

Yume was standing on the edge, having remained frozen since finding itself on the cliff side it had taken years to even briefly forget. Unfortunately, memories of the most terrifying experiences never truly go away…


Years ago, back when Johto was consider a little hick, a scab on the backside of the glorious region that was Kanto, when its Pokémon were considered worthless [back before such determined professors as Elm had come to the quiet region], there had been a small group of psychic types that lived in the forests, enjoying the peace that gave them room to meditate and concentrate on their abilities. Among them had been a family of Abra and its evolutions, the youngest of them Yume.

Of course, Yume had not been known as Yume at the time…this was far before it had considered humans to be anything besides other creatures who lived in this world. At the time, Yume was known as a name untranslatable from the Pokémon language, and hardly comprehensible outside psychic speech. It meant something along the lines of “one who was foretold in a long-distant dream.” Such names were common amongst the psychics, who felt all anima had been born before and would be born again, stronger and wiser for each time they left this life.

Yume had been young and inexperienced. As a young, inexperienced psychic, it was natural that pranks would be pulled, adventure pursued, and chaos created. These were the normal activities of a child, after all. No less was expected of the Abra. Yume was not punished, but taught how to hone its skills for a better purpose. In time, it learned to overcome most difficulties, and gained much control over its powers. Just the same, it kept the jewels given to all the psychics of their clan at birth, instead of handing them over to the elders in wait of such a time when another psychic needed them.

The gems were oddities in themselves, only found in this exact location. Blue-green and constantly reflective of their surroundings, an aura of mystery pervaded anything they touched. Beyond their beauty laid a greater power—the jewels had the amazing ability to stop a psychic’s powers from escaping their body in random, uncontrolled bursts of might. They saved a great deal of energy for newly training psychics, who did not yet know how to keep their powers locked up.

Why Yume kept its gems instead of giving them to the elders was a mystery, even to Yume. Nonetheless, the nine small stones were hidden in Yume’s secret place for years, as if waiting for the right person to use them.

Years passed…houses began to be built, when humans realized the land was up for the taking. Clans formed, and fighting between them was common in these remote areas where the localized government was even less than a poor representation of the honor and prestige of the Johto-Kanto governmental alliance. Eventually, the feudal-like power was secured by one family—the Shinde family.

It was almost ironic, really—the one family that managed to live was the one whose name meant Death.

Yume grew stronger, more deadly in its accuracy and control. Soon, it had no need for anything like those jewels from its childhood—those were for little kits, which Yume was not in the least. And yet…

And yet, something at the base of Yume’s soul…something told Yume that it was not the time to give up the gems. Someone that the Elders would not approve of…they would need the gemstones, and Yume needed to keep them until that time. So they remained hidden for the moment.

For a time, things were peaceful, though Yume was wary of the humans. Having seen them fight, Yume knew they were not just other creatures…in place of skills like the Pokémon had, they used guns, and poisons, and swords—all pale imitations of the attacks Pokémon learned naturally. One difference lay between them—human swords dulled far after a Scyther’s or a Scizor’s. Human poisons killed faster. Human bullets were lethal. These creatures copied Pokémon too well. They had turned a simple energy blast—barely enough to knock a good sized creature out—into a mortal wound to the circulatory system.

Then rumors began spreading, as rumors tend to do. The first was of a group of people, humans and Pokémon, working together to destroy the weak and timid and enslave the strong and brave. They were well known in Kanto, and had thusly been ignored in Johto—it was said Johto was stubborn like that, trying to escape the ties Kanto had left when they had colonized the area. However, they were not a group to be ignored. They stole, maimed, and killed without warning, so long as they gained a profit.

Whenever they found a human or Pokémon that grabbed their attention, that creature would run. They would run, and run, and run, and hope they wouldn’t go back to that horrible place and those horrible people.

They were all caught eventually, however. Once, an Alakazam with an odd ring in its ear had made it to their group of shelters and told them about its own experiences with the group. It told them about the torture, the suffering, the unethical experimentation and blasphemic mutation of DNA and of painful interbreeding between species and species, Pokémon and animal, animal and human, and even human and Pokémon. Its reason for telling them? Someone had to know.

Then had left; it hadn’t wanted to involve the Kadabra and Abra any further.

Yume found its ear-ring the next day, torn from its ear and still a bit bloody.

Obviously, non-conformity was disapproved of in the ranks of Team Rocket.


It had seemed a normal enough day at first. And then suddenly Yume decided to go to its secret place; no rhyme or reason about it. The trip would be long on foot, so the Abra decided to try out a recently learned skill—Teleportation. Why not? It would be a learning experience, and a way to find a useful purpose for the attack.

Smiling slightly, Yume tried to remember all that the Elders had said in warning about this attack. It was dangerous, after all, if you did not perform it completely; half an Abra in one place and half in another would not be incredibly aesthetically pleasing…and it would certainly be a mess to clean up. So they had warned in every way possible: make sure you know the location of the place you’re going; concentrate on it with all of your soul; all of your motions must be exact; do not distract yourself with your current surroundings; don’t Teleport into the center of a solid object; blah blah, blah blah blah. Yume had seen others at work, and they didn’t bother to take so long with their pre-attack work. They just glowed and—poof—they were gone. Piece of cake.


Yume concentrated, and could feel the glow coming upon its eyes, as most psychic attacks caused for it.

Then, it heard a faint sound.

Guess what that sound was.

Yes, it was a poof.

And suddenly, everything was gone.

Yume felt like celebrating. Its very first attempt at Teleporting, and without following a single guideline set down by the Elders, it had managed to successfully glow, poof, and be “gone.”

Unfortunately, Yume discovered in a moment (when it opened its eyes to face a mother Ursaring, on whose cubs Yume had landed), “glow-poof-gone” did not, and does not to this day, fully constitute a successfully attempted Teleportation.

…a few hours later, when Yume’s wounds had partially healed, it finally found its way to the hiding place on foot. It wasn’t much; just a hollowed out stump under which a psychic “pocket” in space and time lay hidden. Inside of the pocket rested a delicate pewter chain that Yume had woven when first learning to control its psychic abilities (it had taken the metal given and strung it out incredibly thin, then created chain links no longer than a millimeter or two and tied them together; a task that had taken more than a week to accomplish), a few interesting stones Yume had found occasionally, and the half dozen or so gemstones that had protected the rest of the world from Yume’s powers, as their kind had ever since their discovery decades before.

Reaching in deftly, Yume pulled out the jewels and looked at them for the first time in literal years. How nostalgic was the longing for that time, when people had not been in Johto, and there had been a relative peace and calmness to things…and an innocent, naďve life above all that.

Sighing, Yume clenched a paw tightly around the stones. Today was the day, it decided. Someone out in the world needed these stones today. And today, they would get them.

A cry of pain echoed through the forest.


Woo, my first two-parter chapter. I really didn't think it was that long, either...well, read on for more!

25th February 2006, 2:34 AM

Without thinking of the possible consequences, Yume rushed towards the sound, tightly holding on to the treasures it had just pulled from the space-time pocket. The sound had been loud, so Yume assumed the crier was near. Surprisingly, after a good minute’s “race against time,” Yume still had not reached it.

Then Yume noticed how none of the Pokémon or other animals had reacted to the loud cry. Normally, the birds would have been scared out of their nests, but none of them had flown. It was as if they hadn’t heard the sound…as if no one had but Yume.

Slightly shaken by this thought, Yume continued through the woods, listening closely for any echoes or follow-up wails that might better direct the Abra to the source of things.

“Zuna-chan, please!”

And there it was. With a twitch of its ears, Yume re-figured its position relative to the cry, then dashed off into the woods. Perhaps this Zuna-chan needed some help…or maybe that girl who had screamed needed help against Zuna-chan?

Yume shivered; another unsettling thought. And then, suddenly, there it was. A giant, old style house with thatched roofs and obvious Asian style. A young girl was running out of the house—she was the one who had screamed. Almost instinctively, Yume ducked down behind a thick bush. Psychic or no, the Abra had still grown up while humans were settling Johto, and remembered the threat they held.

Yume peeked through the bush, looking at the girl. She certainly seemed ordinary enough. Dark hair, dark eyes, pale skin. General physical appearance of a second-generation Kanto emigrant. She raced around the house for a time, as if to use up all of her excess adrenaline. Nothing seemed to happen.

Maybe this wasn’t the day…maybe Yume’s premonition had been nothing…maybe…

Then the sliding door burst open and two older people came rushing out—the girl’s parents, no doubt. Now they looked more like people come straight from Kanto. What with their odd eye color, and that hair—too strange. One of the things Yume didn’t like so much about people was how unusual they could be, just in their appearance.

Behind them came a much smaller child, young and frail…and floating. Yume fell back in shock—how could such energy have remained hidden from the Pokémon in these woods? This child was…amazingly powerful. The very air was crackling with purple bolts of energy, and the girl’s dark hair was flying back from her face, which was enshrouded with a bright purple light.

But she was so very out of control. Yume could tell that this girl—this Zuna-chan, perhaps?—had no way of stopping the energy she was unleashing. She had no way of controlling which way it went, or how much of it she released.

Who would be so irresponsible as to not train a power like that in even the basics of control?

“Zuna-chan, you aren’t thinking straight!” The other girl—Zuna-chan’s sister—has come back around. “Okaasan and otoosan only want what’s best for you, what’s best for all of us. Please, calm down. We can help you, we can explain everything.”

Zuna-chan frowned. “I don’t need any explanations, Gumi-chan. I understand exactly what they did. They locked me up my entire life because I was a freak! Isn’t that right, okaasan?” Her voice grew taunting as she turned to the red haired woman. “You didn’t want the world to see your freak of a daughter, or for your freak of a daughter to see the world!”

“You don’t understand, Zuna,” ‘Okaasan’ said. “There’s so much—too much—you don’t understand…”

“So much I didn’t understand myself, until this morning.” The father added, frowning momentarily at his wife. “Maybe if we had been more honest with each other, this wouldn’t have happened…but the point is that it has happened, Mizuna. There’s nothing we can do to change that, or to apologize and expect your forgiveness. But please, let us try our best to explain things to you, why this happened, how you got your powers…let us help you get better, my Zuna-chan.”

Mizuna laughed. “You only started calling me that when Sakaki-ji-san said I liked it. You two never noticed me…you never cared. You don’t want things to be better for my sake—just for your own! Well, I’ve had enough of doing everything for your sakes. I want to do something for mine.

“I’m ten years old! I should be traveling the world, seeing new places, and learning how to live side-by-side with the Pokémon you’ve claimed to be so wonderful, but too complicated for my young mind. I should be out there…being normal. And if you won’t let me be normal, I’ll find someone who will. Someone like Sakaki-ji-san, who cares about me!” Mizuna calmed down slightly, having gotten most of her anger out of her system.

The father stood up, fed up with this rant. “Sakaki would have had us killed if we hadn’t kept you locked up, Mizuna!”

“Sato,“ the wife also stood up, grabbing a hold of her husband’s arm. “Please Sato, don’t do this. She’s not stable right now, we need to calm her down first—“

“—Yoko, I am still Mizuna’s father, am I not? Or was that a lie too?” Yoko looked down, shame covering her face. “I think I know if Mizuna needs to hear this. She’s right; she’s not a child to be pampered any longer. She needs to know the truth.” He turned back to the fiery girl. “Mizuna, Sakaki is a high ranking member of Team Rocket. He’s a liar, and is holding your mother’s past over all of our heads.”

“No!” Mizuna shouted. “Sakaki-ji-san is better than that. I won’t believe you!”

“He blackmailed us into letting him brainwash you—“

“No!” Mizuna pressed her hands over her ears, shaking her head back and forth.

“—he nearly killed your sister, Megumi—“


“—in the same experiments that gave you your powers!”


“They’re not natural, Mizuna. And they aren’t our doing. They’re Sakaki’s project within Team Rocket, and it could kill everyone if we don’t get you help!”

“I won’t believe you!” Pushing her hands away from her forcefully, Mizuna effectively used her powers as a large overshadow of her body, creating giant hands that pushed her parents and sister away from her, knocking them against trees. Yume flinched when the younger girl, Megumi, came flying past her.

“You always lied to me! Why should I believe you now?” Her fury returned, Mizuna cried out as the amethyst energy burst from her eyes, digging holes in the ground, knocking over trees, and causing chaos in general. A bolt came down next to Yume, and the bush it was hiding behind burst into leaves, flying off on a breath of air.

Yume realized what had to be done. This entire place would be destroyed quickly if she was allowed to continue. Yume jumped up and rushed the girl, who barely noticed anything happening, in her rage. Quickly, Yume pushed a hand into her chest at the collarbone, opening it up to let the gems inside touch Mizuna’s skin.

The gems began to shine, counteracting the energy within her.

Yume shielded an eye against the light. It didn’t know much more about these things now than it had when the Elders had first given them out. The gemstones, upon contact with a proper body which had excess energy with no productive output, would absorb as much of it as possible, then return the rest to the body. Then they would form an arrangement—usually somewhere on the body’s forehead, that being the strongest area of psychic output for a majority of psychics.

However, this looked to be…different.

As the lights faded, Yume saw that the girl’s glasses, which had been normal metal-framed ones before [with shattered lenses, mind you, but still altogether normal], had two of the gems perched on either side of the lenses, right where the angle of the hook meets the lenses. The lenses had been reformed, and now had an odd tint to them…so that the girl’s glazed-over eyes behind them looked a dark brown to match her sister’s.

Her sister. Yume turned around to look for Megumi, but saw none of the trees the Abra had raced out of, nor any of the people. Yume spun around, more frantic with each moment. All around, nothing but grass and dirt and dust, and a strange, artificial humming sound. Then Yume looked up.

The two of them were stuck in a pit surrounded with jagged rocks and steep slopes back up to the hill where the Shinde house had once been. The pit’s bottom [where they must have been located], looked as though it had been picked up from the top and dropped twenty meters or so into the ground, compressing the earth beneath it. The entire scene looked all too normal to be in a situation so unreal.

Somehow, the gems hadn’t quite done their job. Yume needed more of them, or this girl would still remain out of control.

Then the humming got louder, and as Yume looked up at the helicopters coming over the treetops the Pokémon could just barely see from down here, it realized that there would be no time to get more of the gems.

Team Rocket wouldn’t wait.



You asked for the youngling of Idnar’s Last True Prophecy, and the youngling of Idnar’s Last True Prophecy you received. My payment?

“OF COURSE…” THEY lifted an arm into the air and drew a square on its side, surrounded neatly by a circle. Finally, the symbol for infinity, and a push into the air. Hopefully, that would be suitable; THE VOICE usually would accept a simple charm of immortality—they wore off after a year or so, and kept THE VOICE coming back.

There was an echoing snort of disdain.

You should reconsider recompense for these SUMMONINGS of yours, Kasurin, or you soon will not have the ability to SUMMON another pile of ashes for your amusement.

Kasurin winced. THE VOICE knew the implications of speaking its name, even telepathically. If HE had come back, and had heard it was still alive…besides that, it had hoped THE VOICE had forgotten that little accident. “DO YOU MEAN ANYTHING BY THAT, OR IS IT AN EMPTY THREAT?”

Decide for yourself…but know this: Sakaki is back, and he’s looking for those willing to help him.


What is necessary will be done. I am the last of my kind; I must survive. Stronger spells of eternal life are offered to his willing followers. You might consider the same.

“YOU KNOW I WOULD NEVER—“ A loud booming interrupted Kasurin. It looked down; in its excited furor, it had stepped beyond the boundaries of a SUMMONING, thus setting THE VOICE free of its capture. Kasurin sighed. So many questions were raising in its mind…all brought about by those half-riddles of THE VOICE.

For one…Kasurin could not for its own life remember more than one of THE VOICE being in existence…how could it be of a species of life? That would imply a need for reproduction…with such a high level of intelligence, it seemed impossible for splitting or fission to take place; it would take too long. Kasurin shook its spiked head and looked down. Well, at least there had been one answer, one ray of hope, brought about through all of this.

Speak of the devil…or think of it, rather…the figure at Kasurin’s feet slowly sat up, rubbing the side of its head. It looked quite a bit like Kasurin; this was no coincidence, but a sign. The time had indeed come for action.

The winged Pokémon looked around blearily, not really seeing its surroundings. “Wha—what happened? Where am I?”

“YOU WERE SUMMONED, CHILD. AND YOU ARE RIGHT WHERE YOU’RE NEEDED—WITH ME.” The normal type looked up, its confused face sliding into a perfect picture of awe.

“Are…are you…?”

The Supreme Togetic smiled for the first time in a very long time. “WELCOME TO THE ISLAND OF EGOTIA, TOGETIC. YOU ARE NEEDED HERE.”

Having refreshed itself nicely [the selection of foods in this place was spectacular for being a relatively deserted place], Togetic took a long look around the building to which it had been so abruptly brought. It was all carved from a beautiful white stone, which the Supreme Togetic had said was actually the island itself. It seemed nearly impossible, to carve a little house out of the inside of an island—surely it would collapse!—but then again, there had been stranger sights in Togetic’s lifetime.

Every white wall was covered with all sorts of blue and red markings. Each of them was unique from the next, and there was no discernable pattern between them all. When asked, the Supreme Togetic just looked away for a minute. “YOU’LL FIND IT OUT FOR YOURSELF EVENTUALLY…”

Togetic pouted, puffing out its cheeks childishly. “No fair! I wanna know now!”

The Supreme Togetic looked at Togetic disbelievingly. “AND JUST HOW OLD ARE YOU?”

“Uh…four years old or so?”

Togetic’s elder slapped a hand to its face and cursed under its breath. “OF ALL THE LUCK…IT HAS TO BE AN IDIOT, DOESN’T IT?”

“Hey!” Togetic frowned, indignant. “I’m not an idiot! Besides, if you need someone else, you can just get them to take my place and then you can send me home, right?”

Silence was the answer.

“…right? I’m expendable, right?”

More silence.

“Oh, come on! What is so vital about me, a little Togepi from the middle of nowhere? I don’t even know my family or anything! I’m as good as useless…why can’t I be replaced?”


Togetic blinked and stared at the bronze door. In its reflection, the Pokémon saw a Togepi. Putting that tidbit of information aside , Togetic turned around.

A huge wave of psychic energy was flying straight for Togetic. Without even thinking, it ducked out of the way and Teleported to a safe distance. The moment it got there, a second wave came crashing towards it.

“What are you doing?” Togetic asked between jumps as the Supreme Togetic continued its attack.

“SHOWING YOU THAT YOU’RE STRONGER THAN YOU THINK!” The Supreme Togetic replied as it charged up a basic Metronome, which let loose a stream of fire in the form of a Flamethrower. “YOU THINK YOU’RE WEAK IF YOU CAN LAST THIS LONG AGAINST AN EXPERT FIGHTER?”

“An [I]old fighter!” Togetic retorted, flying out of the way.

“I’M NOT THAT OLD!” The Supreme Togetic held its arms together, then pulled them apart to reveal a ball of darkness. Lifting it over its head, the Togetic cried out and threw it directly at Togetic. Thinking of the damage it could cause to the room, Togetic placed its own arms together and pulled them apart to form a small shield between them—a Safeguard, against which the Shadow Ball disintegrated.


Togetic sighed, then smiled back. “I guess so…”

There was a peaceful silence for a moment, which was abruptly broken by the growling of two stomachs. Togetic clutched at its midriff. “Oh…all that energy got used up so fast, I’m hungry again!”



A few weeks went by of more of the same, though Togetic quickly lost track. Underground, when all you have is artificial lighting, you can’t really tell when a day has passed or how long its been since the sun rose.

Only upon nearly reaching a month residing with the Supreme Togetic did Togetic begin to wonder what was going on again. For a time it had been satisfied with the knowledge that it was indeed needed, but now…something seemed off.

They hadn’t really done any specific training, or sparring—whichever name you put to it—since their first fight. There had been no answers given, nor any enlightenment on Togetic’s part as to its true reason for being SUMMONED. Just…a lot of unlimited food. And that door.

The door in itself was very odd. A giant, heavy bronze thing, yet so perfectly balanced that it could open from a gentle touch. And all those weird symbols covering it…from top to bottom, every square inch was marked with the red and blue shapes, none of which made any sense! It was almost maddening in its enigmatic possibilities.

Besides its confusing properties, Togetic had also been ordered to study the door daily. Which was weird…mainly because there were so many other, more constructive things Togetic could have been doing. At least, that’s what Togetic thought. The door was bronze, and it had symbols on it. And that was it. The rest of this place…the walls were covered with inscriptions and pictures engraved into the wall. Those looked interesting…mysterious…

And whenever Togetic asked about what they meant, the Supreme Togetic would just look off into the distance, a faraway sheen over its eyes. Something about those pictures must have meant something sad, or something the Supreme Togetic had forgotten, or never known. Togetic wanted to know just what that something was, but couldn’t get a word out of the Supreme Togetic.

That guy was so infuriating!

The Supreme Togetic was so great, so omniscient, so perfect…but it refused to answer any questions. Simple things, like where the food came from…and why the Supreme Togetic refused to go outside—it wasn’t locked, so there shouldn’t be a reason to stay cooped up, with this land of Egotia to explore.

So, one day, Togetic decided it was time to explore this land, so desperate for assistance that it called on a Togepi to become its great savior. With that thought, Togetic pushed open the door and began to wander.

This would be the true start of Togetic’s adventures after leaving home.


Victory! *trumpet trills* After two [most definitely unsurprising] months of delay, I have finished Chapter Seven! With some bits of rearranging and mild editing to go, I’m just about ready to let the world see it. Hope you were surprised a bit.


Well, culture-ish notes…Sakaki-ji-san means “Uncle Sakaki.” Mizuna never called him that to his face. And while some of the adoration versus hatred may confuse you slightly, I assure you it will all make sense later, once I fill in the blank space of time between Mizuna getting the gemstones and Mizuna being a Trainer/Coordinator in Hoenn. Believe you me, that’s a lot of time to fill in. --'

I hope I do alright with it.

Also, “okaasan” is a respectful term for mother, used pretty loosely within the context of the story. “Otoosan” is father, used in about the same way. I just used “-chan” because I rather like pet names, and a tomboyish “-kun” for a girl doesn’t fit either character I had in mind for Megumi or Mizuna.

Kasurin is not a totally random name…just used out of the context of Pokémon for a reason. A very odd reason [IMO], but a reason nonetheless. And I’ll leave you to wonder which Sakaki is meant…[like it’s that hard]

No specific inspiration for my outline of Team Rocket. Later chapters will, more than likely, be influenced by Warlordess’ “Illicit Saints,” in case you’re interested. The “Team” set ups within Team Rocket.

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I am the first to review... again! *victory dances while holding little flags* XD

First of all, I very much enjoyed this chapter. The characters of Mizuna, Sato, and Yume have become more interesting. I feel sorry for Mizuna when she was a child who wouldn't believe the truth behind Sakaki. That does place a great amount of sorrow for poor Mizuna. But, it's all very excellent. I look forward to know more about the characters.

Team Rocket have also been quiet enjoyable throughout the chapter. I loved it when Meowth didn't recognize the name Butch, but knew Botch! XD that part made me laugh.

I also enjoyed it when Brock went after Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny-the two perfect girls for Brock. XD

May seems to be not aware that Yoko and Sato are inside Ash and Misty's bodies but, Brock knows. Hmm, it's interesting that he didn't tell May and Max about it. That's good since I always love some suspense. =D

I love the imagery you used to create this scene:

On the top of the pile was that wimpy guy, shaking somewhat in his stress-induced sleep. Directly beneath him was that redhead, only partially awake and incredibly shocked; well aware, it seemed, of her partner lying on top of her. Squashed under the two of them was the Meowth…which was odd in itself. Wouldn’t they have had more Pokémon with them, besides this one?

^It gives a very nice view, almost Rocketshippy if Meowth was not there. =D

This appears to be my favorite quote from this chapter:

“What are you doing?” Togetic asked between jumps as the Supreme Togetic continued its attack.

“SHOWING YOU THAT YOU’RE STRONGER THAN YOU THINK!” The Supreme Togetic replied as it charged up a basic Metronome, which let loose a stream of fire in the form of a Flamethrower. “YOU THINK YOU’RE WEAK IF YOU CAN LAST THIS LONG AGAINST AN EXPERT FIGHTER?”

“An old fighter!” Togetic retorted, flying out of the way.


^*laughs* I loved that. Go, Togetic! XD

I do wonder what will they do with Togetic. Surely enough, we'll get answers. ^_^

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Congrats. Again! ^^

It's a sort of irony...that she refuses to believe her family, but believes a man who just comes and visits once in awhile. It plays in a lot to her character, I like to think. I'm glad you want to find out more about the characters...next chapter, I think I'll probably have some stuff about Yoko. Maybe May, and s'more Mizuna. She's got a lot to develop. --'

Yeah, they're fun...and I just love making fun of that. And Brock, too. No reason he can't return to a somewhat sense of normalcy, right?

...where did I imply such a thing? *rereads* Oh, right. If you recall, everyone but Max lost a bit of their memory after the big "explosion" thing, right? Well, Ash and Misty supposedly lost all their memories, and started looking different after that same explosion. So...while May and Brock have occasionally been recalling things, Ash and Misty's psyches, if you will, remain dormant under the strength of Sato and Yoko, who are overshadowing them. However, once in awhile a memory will pop out [such as Butch, and Professor Ivy] that belongs completely to Ash or Misty.

I thought I'd mess around with r-ship in the story. Nothing big, but some hinted-at moments. Like the c-ship, as of yet. And the a-ship, and the m-ship. And the p-ship, actually. It's just one huge conglomeration of random ship-hintings.

Togetic is fun. So childish, and I get to mess around with all that fun kiddie talk and behavior. Plus I got to write my first mini-battle in ages. Yay! *likes Togetic's powers because of freedom of choice in battle*

...eventually. You'll figure it out eventually.

*heart* I'm glad you enjoy my writing style so much...it makes me so happy to be nominated in so many categories!

Eh...don't hold your breath? ^^'

You know me oh so well, after all.

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Wow! That was so good! You're so good at using elements from the past to tell the story! That's what I like about your writing! *shistle* wow that was a long Chappie! But it was way worth reading! Great job and I can't wait untiil the next chapter comes out!

permanant fan
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When I first saw this titled, it had me thinking of FF style summoning and such. Even though I haven't read anything like that here, I'm not disappointed. In fact, I'm impress on how you've put this all together, so I must say, well done. The situation you put Ash and Misty in is an interesting twist (they get 'possessed' and their bodies change to suit the situation), and that alone will cause me to check for new chapters. Hope you put up Chapter 8 soon!

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Mysteria Pearl: *flushes* I'm touched. I'm also glad you enjoyed it. Thanks so much for responding...it's always appreciated.

On that note...new reviewer!yay!

Cybernetic Angel: Hmm...really? I suppose that would be an interesting first impression, but as recent chapters may tell, that's not quite what's meant. *isn't quite sure what FF means* If you mean Final Fantasy...yeah, I've never taken a look at that sort of thing, so it's not likely to show up.

I'm glad you found Yoko and Sato to be interesting...there will be a sort of temporary end to that (for the moment) in a coming chapter, I believe. I think I'll have a bit of time left to write after I finish my English research paper, so I hope to get a bit of the next chapter done within the next week. But...I wouldn't expect anything all too soon. ^^' Thanks for reading!

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....WHY IN THE HECKING HECK HECK DID I NOT READ THIS SOONER?!?!?!?!? >< Bahhhhhhhh *lifts wrench to bash self in cranium for missing out on such excellence for so long - but catches self short* No...no, there's no need for violence...

ANYWAY. It seems everything that could be right about a story is right as rain here - vivid, 3-D characterizations, superb grammatical skills, a rich, absorbing style of storytelling, and one of the most interesting plots I've had the fortune of coming across. Again, I wish I'd come across it sooner...well, at any rate, I finally got here and read this, and had a thoroughly satisfying time doing so.

Now, I'm going to highlight some random little excerpts; just some moments that stood out to me, that I happened to particularly enjoy for their being especially cute, or funny, or whatever. ^^

After some talk about the battle, May realized that the contest that they had come to this town for was about to begin. Thinking quickly, Misty had Togetic teleport the group to the contest house. She, May, and Pikachu reappeared just outside the large purple building, but the boys rematerialized upside-down a meter above the ground. They panicked, but Togetic merely sighed, waved its arms, and turned them right side-up. Ash straightened his hat, then frowned at Togetic.

“Why didn’t you do that for Misty?”

“And May?”

“And me?”

Togetic backed away from them, sweatdropping. Uh...well...bye! And with that, the flying Pokémon vanished from their sight, racing off for the protection of its surrogate mother.

May blinked.

Misty blinked.

Togetic blinked.

The girls turned to each other, them to the flying Pokémon just behind them. Their heads turned to face forward. They blinked.

Misty and May jumped away from Togetic, breathing hard and placing a hand over their heart. “When did you get here?”

Here you are. I was looking for the two of you for some time. You should know – Togetic paused, noticing the Hydro Pump and Solar Beam coming towards it from either side. Ah!

Togetic called out, Pipikachu! and sweatdropped as the others glanced at it oddly.

What? It wondered.

Max shook his head and looked down at Ash, embarrassed at having been caught staring—admiringly, no less! —at his sister.

Snorunt was sleeping about half way between the outer circle and the center, edging from the fire [for fear of melting] and the water [for fear of melting].

“We were blasted off three time before then by people like Santa Clause! Oh yes, I’ll get that man someday…” James sweatdropped as Jessie ranted to herself about her revenge on Santa.


Concentrating on the earth beneath him, Sato slowly felt himself sinking into the ground. Smirking slightly, the gray-eyed boy flowed through the dirt until he was right underneath the group. He could hear the faintest bits of their conversation above him.

“J-Jessie, Pikachu’s out cold…right? We should n-nab it now, while we have the chance.” A stick snapped. “Meowth! What was that?”

That was his cue.

With a loud, overexaggerated moan of pain, Sato clawed his hand out of the ground. Amidst Team Rocket’s shrieks of terror, he ripped another hand through the topsoil and pulled his head up between the three of them, using a quick illusion spell to make it look as though he had maggots literally falling out of his [now empty-looking] eye sockets, skin sagging off his cheeks; the full horror movie zombie look. He grabbed at James’ legs with clammy hands, shouting something incomprehensible. The green-eyed guy promptly fainted, knocking down Jessie and Meowth.

“And why should I ansa ya anyways? You’re a fraud, ‘n there’s notin’ I hate more than a fraud!”

“Even when you’re the fraud?”

“Meowth! That’s right!” Sato smirked as the feline paused for a moment, realizing what it had said. “I mean, no, that’s not right! Wait, yes it—no, it can’t be…ow, my head!” Sato laughed outright as Meowth fell to the ground, clutching its head in its paws, eyes spiraling in its confusion.

“Unless two very greedy, selfish Rocket agents claimed the catch for themselves, instead of allowing you what is your right…does the name Butch ring a bell?”

Meowth had to think about this for a little bit. “Uh…no, not really.”

Sato sweatdropped. Were these people really so incompetent that they didn’t know their own rival teammates’ names [while his other self clearly remembered them]? “Uh…Botch?”

“What? Dat dirty no-good low-life! Robbing a robber! Thieving a thief! Stealin’ from a stealer! Criminal…izing…a criminal! He an’ Cassidy deserve each other, the joiks!” Meowth continued to rant on as Sato sat back down, realizing just how large of a mistake it might have been to decide to have a little fun with those three in the first place.

Gyarados started on its way down when it felt the annoying pull of something at its tail end. Looking back, it saw Max pulling as hard as he could. Fed up with interruptions today, it lazily flicked its tail, sending Max screaming and flying into the air.


“An old fighter!” Togetic retorted, flying out of the way.


As I'm sure you noticed, most of those were Togetic moments. I JUST ADORE THAT GUY. ^___^ Togetic's just irresistible, and so I'm very glad to see so much of a spotlight put on Togetic in this story. Fweeeee, what a cutie. ^^

I can say, without a doubt, that this is one of the very best fics around here. I hope you're very proud of this story, because you should be. SALUTE! ^^

17th March 2006, 3:05 AM
Ah...*flush* Wow. Thanks. I'm really glad you enjoyed the story so far. And that my random moments of humor-ifical d00m weren't out of place. And yes, Togetic rocks much. ^^

16th May 2006, 7:12 AM
I've been feeling guilty about not reading fics, so I've been catching up. I just got through with chapter 4.

Chapter 4

I really liked the thing about the candies, and how Giovanni was all involved with Mizuna's family. That was really creative, and it sounds like something he would do. It was interesting to see Mizuna's powers in action. Oh, also like it that Togetic's trying to set up Ash and Misty. But I wonder what's up with those glasses. The only thing I would suggest is that you make your chapters shorter. It's a bit intimidating to read all that at once. I'll edit for subsequent chapters later.

16th May 2006, 10:43 PM
Eh heh. --'

Yeah, I guess my chapters are kind of huge. Which sort of explains the long gap between posting them sometimes. Not this time, sadly. I just haven't had any time to write.

The glasses and their story is going to be revealed within a few chapters' time, I think. *thinks* I should write some of the storyline out while I have time, actually...

Anyhoo, thanks for reviewing. I hope you enjoy the other chapters.

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Chapter 5

Wow, that was really amazing! I liked the parts with Kadabra and Max, and I loved the parts where Max is admiring May. I only had a couple of problems with that part, and those were: a) The conversation between May and Brock about being normal seemed a little out of place, I felt they would have been more concerned about what was going on around them rather than talking calmly, and b) I don't think Brock would have gotten a crush on May, because he's not really into younger girls. But anyway, the rest was great, and the amnesia thing is really making things interesting. The part about THEM was really cool. It's so mysterious! The part when you were first describing the door reminded me a little of certain parts of "The Aeneid", but it was different in both purpose and description. I wonder what the prophecy is too. And who the final king and queen are, though I have an idea. That was a really great chapter!

Chapter 6

And so the plot thickens. My suspisions about the last king and queen were confirmed, but I really have no clue what's going on. I liked the part about May and Togetic; I felt really bad for her. Sato and Yoko are well characterized, though I thought Yoko would've been named Kasu. Whatever, they're really enigmatic. The chapter is pervaded by sadness, though I don't know what is going to happen. This fic has the feel of one of the movies, what with the dire consequences and fate and all that. I don't understand what's going on with Wallace and Sakaki as Sakaki isn't dead, so it's not really a possession. I'm confused. And I don't know how Mizuna fits into all this. I can't wait until I finish the next chapter!

Chapter 7

Yet another excellent chapter! You're making me feel inadequate in my own writing! Anyway, the story about Yume was good. I don't understand one thing though- if Mizuna's parents died five years ago, how could Ash and Misty be their reincarnations? Is that it? And they are still really the king and queen like I thought? Oh, and where did the supreme Togetic come from? It's not one of THEM, is it? I'm a bit confused. But it was still really great!

18th May 2006, 1:09 AM
Chapter Five: Yeah, they probably would have panicked more. I dunno, I wanted some interaction between Brock and May, however superficial or unrealistic it may be. Brock isn't into younger girls...true. ^^ I just wanted to make something ridiculous. To show that he was out of it, I suppose. Amnesia didn't last too long; it got confusing to write, honestly.

THEY is actually supposed to be a singular-sort-of-plural being at one point, while THEM in a later chapter is two different characters--they're part of the same aspect of the plot, but not the same characters. It's really confusing to describe, but I guess that adds to the mystery of it. I haven't read "The Aeneid" in depth, so I don't understand which scene you're referencing (or is it the entire piece?). The prophecy and the final king/queen were meant to be mysterious, but not so much that someone couldn't figure them out. I'm glad you could.

Chapter Six: Everything's meant to confuse and bemuse. Sato and Yoko were named...just with common Japanese names, actually. --' No significance meant. I don't like to just use the Japanese names as alternate identities for Ash or Misty; it's very over done, I think.

This fic is supposed to be about dire consequences and fate and whatnot. That stuff isn't really coming into play until the last book--this one's focus is on bringing Mizuna into things and hinting at the dire consequences, and building up to the end of the story. The Sakaki that is controlling Wallace is different from the Giovanni-Sakaki. The names being identical isn't an accident; neither is Mizuna's parent's names. That's part of why she's involved in the plot...but that's an explanation for another time.

Chapter Seven: Ah, you're embarrassing me. I'm not all that good. I was glad to finally get Yume's story down on paper--next is to finish up Mizuna's! Ash and Misty aren't reincarnations, per se...just convenient hosts. If you know "Ayashi no Ceres" (Ceres: Celestial Legend), it's a bit like that. Not limited to the bloodline, though. The names being identical is what ties the Yoko and Sato in Misty and Ash to the ones that were Mizuna's parents...they aren't exactly the same people, and yet... (yes, this is a very confusing attempt at an explanation. sorry! --'). The Yoko and Sato who are currently possessing Ash and Misty are the king and queen. The supreme Togetic happens to be that singular-sort-of-plural THEY from before.

I hope my responses and sort-of explanations helped somewhat. ^^ If they didn't...well, there are some things you aren't supposed to understand yet.

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I'm sorry.

I've been horrible towards this story all summer--I've barely written half a page since I last posted here. I didn't give myself any time for this story, and I'm disgusted because of that.

Unfortunately, my senior year is up-and-coming (read: starting tomorrow), and I'll have even less time available to my own enjoyment than I do now. To be blunt, I'm not going to be able to come to serebi, let alone work on this.

I'm not giving up on this story; I've put two years effort into writing it, so there's no way in hell I'd toss it away--I'm too stubborn.

Instead, once I've gotten past most of the stresses of everyday life, I'll go back and see what improvements I can make on it. The story needs some work, and when I have time, I'm going to work at it. When I finally have it finished up and looking better (and with shorter chapters to boot), I'm going to post the revised version here.

It'll probably take ages, but I hope some of you will still be interested when I get back to this.

Thanks, all of you, even those that never posted or commented, for reading.

Bye for now...

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