View Full Version : All B/W Deck "KrookoSear"

O.J. da Juiceman
29th April 2011, 12:22 PM
Pokemon: 21

Krookodile (2)
Krookoroc (3)
Sandile (4)
Pansear (3)
Simisear (3)
Vullaby (3)
Mandibuzz (2)
Reshiram (1)

Trainer: 21

Energy Search (4)
Energy Retrieval (3)
Switch (3)
Pokemon Communication (4)
Pokedex (1)
Energy Switch (2)
Potion (2)
Full Heal (1)
Plus Power (1)

Energy: 18

Fighting Energy (8)
Fire Energy (7)
Darkness Energy (3)

The strategy is to hit as many of the opponent's pokemon as I can with Simisear's flame burst (1 fire energy), either switch (hopefully) or retreat and send out either Krookodile (torment to stall and 100 damage krookoroll) or Mandibuzz (50 damage sniping for one darkness energy if there are damage counters on the opponent). Reshiram is basically there to tank if I need it. Obviously I need a lot of energy since there haven't been any special energies released yet and I'm making a pure Black and White deck.

Tell me what you think! :553: :514:

2nd May 2011, 1:26 AM
straight black and white,

This decks biggest downfall is the opponent's reuniclus, they just move everything onto a zekrom or reshiram then just seeker or hammer the krookodile after it attack's, to be honest from playing aggron deck's waiting for additional dmg is a waste of time, because you have to attack to deal dmg then switch nonono, you're a tank, tank it then just deal the dmg, or play absol prime but this is b/w.