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30th April 2011, 7:04 AM
1st/2nd Gen Nuzlocke Challenge Thread!

Games in this gen: Red/Blue/Yellow/Gold/Silver/Crystal

What is a Nuzlocke Challenge?

A Nuzlocke challenge involves treating any Pokemon that you have in your party that faint 'dying', and hence said Pokemon cannot be used anymore in the challenge and must be replaced. In addition, you can only catch and use the first Pokemon you encounter in any city, town, cave or route. If the first Pokémon encountered faints or flees, there are no second chances with Pokemon on that route. You complete the challenge when you beat the Champion/see the credits, or with GSC beating Red.

There are many other variations of such a challenge - such as having to nickname all your Pokemon (so you have a closer connection to your lost comrades =p) which will be used here, allowing for the first Pokemon you encounter to not include duplicates (so if you encountered a Rattata in one route as your first Pokemon and got it and then encountered another in the next route, you can wait until a different Pokemon appears and treat that as your 'first Pokemon'), no legendaries, restriction on healing items that can be used (beyond Revives obviously) and so forth.


Please read the Challenge Forum rules before posting. (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=514893)
You can only use the first Pokemon you encounter in each route/town/city/cave.
All Pokemon must be nicknamed.
If a Pokemon in your party faints you must box/release it and not use it anymore in your challenge.
If you wish to use any other restrictions, please specify them in the first post you make in this thread for your challenge.

30th April 2011, 3:56 PM
I got bored and decided to begin a Nuzlocke in Blue.

Here are my rules:
-Normal Nuzlocke Rules
-All Pokémon must be nicknamed
-Duplicate species of anything previously obtained, dead or alive, are forbidden
-Legendaries can be used IF they are the first ones found in an area WITHOUT using a Repel.
-Floors of caves are different areas(Ex. Mt. Moon allows for three captures instead of one), but Pokémon obtained inside buildings do not count as different areas(Ex. Catching a Pokémon on Route 2 forbids me from trading for the Mr. Mime).
-Extra captures are only allowed for In-Game Trades.

I went with the hardest starter to raise, Charmander, and named it Blaze. I beat my Rival, Red, rather easily. I somehow managed to back it to Viridian and back and then back to Viridian without finding a single wild Pokémon. When I had my 15 Pokéballs, I went back to Route 1 and found a Pidgey, which I caught and named Eagle. Then, I went to Route 22 and found a Rattata, which I caught and named Nibbler. I got everyone to Lv.8 and battled Red again and won, with Blaze getting to Lv.9 and learning Ember. I proceeded to Route 22 and found a Caterpie, which I caught and named Butterfly. Once in Viridian Forest, I was hoping to find a Pikachu. First battle I get into and it is a...............Weedle. I caught it, as per the rules, and named it NOTPIKACHU. No seriously, I really did. I got everyone to Lv.10, with Butterfly and NOTPIKACHU evolving fully. Then I did a bold move and challenged Brock, despite not having any moves that could deal even normal damage. His Geodude fell to Blaze's Ember rather easily, which I was surprised by. Then came his Onix. The only damage Blaze took was from using Ember after it used Bide. So, Boulder Badge get! I then made my way to Route 3, battling all of the trainers up to the grass. There, I found a Lv.3 Jigglypuff. I caught it and named it Creampuff. Then I looked at its moves, erm move. The thing was useless because all it knew was Sing! So I did what a normal player would do. I trained it by switching it out every time. It gained 2 levels from my defeating of a trainer's Jigglypuff, so I thought I was off to a good start. In Mt. Moon, I caught a Zubat, which I named Sonic. Unfortunately, as I was training Creampuff, it was killed by wild Geodude's Tackle. So my first loss was a Jigglypuff that was useless when I caught it and taught it Water Gun. On the second floor of Mt. Moon(The one that leads to Route 4 on the Cerulean side), I caught a Geodude that I named Oni. Then I fought the Rocket Grunt at the part of the bottom floor that the first stairs lead to. A Rattata managed to kill NOTPIKACHU, which really was a devastating loss. In its honor, I caught a Paras that I named Frankreich. I started training it because its part Grass. It was killed by a stupid Geodude scoring a Critical Hit with Tackle. Three losses in one cave. Not looking too good. I'm now grinding my team before proceeding any further, but I'm taking a break from that to do my Sapphire Nuzlocke.



14th May 2011, 2:28 AM
This Christmas I was given my cousin's old copy of Red, the only copy of Red or Blue I've ever owned. I decided to start a Nuzlocke, which I've been doing comics for over on DA.

Started with ;004;, just for novelty's sake. Named him Rai. Caught a ;016;(Lucy) on route 1, ;032;(Kingsley) on route 24, and ;019;(Ragweed) on route 2. Luck was on my side. Then I got into Viridian forest.

Two important events happened in the forest. 1: I caught a ;014;(Needlenose). 2: Ragweed met a terrible fate, taken down by a poison status. The worst way to go.

Out of the forest, it was time for Pewter gym.Type was not on my side, but since it was generation 1, I knew Bide would be Brock's main offense, so I wasn't too worried. Turns out I should've been more worried. I won the badge, but at the expense of Needlenose.

After this, we began to truly see how bad I am at this. Caught a ;021;(Ace) on rt. 3, which got promptly KOed during grinding. Killed a ;041; in Mt. Moon, lost Lucy before making it out. Caught an ;023;(Medusa), lost it as cannon fodder in the battle against Gary. Failed to catch an ;063; on Rt. 22, managed to snag another ;014;(Needlebane) on rt. 23. Now CAUTIOUSLY training for Misty.

;005; Rai
;033; Kingsley
;015; Needlebane

14th May 2011, 10:02 PM
Got everyone to Lv.16, with Blaze evolving. I made my way through Mt. Moon. The under-leveled Raticate owned by a Rocket got a Critical Hit with Hyper Fang, killing Sonic, bringing the total losses in Mt. Moon to four. I made it out with no further losses. On Route 4, I caught a Sandshrew, which I named Slash. As I was grinding, I misjudged the strength of a Spearow, and Slash died. I got everyone to Lv.18, with Eagle evolving, before fighting Red. He was a cakewalk. I then made my way to Route 25, where I caught a Bellsprout that I named Flytrap. I figured I was in the clear because I finally had something super-effective against Misty. Naturally, a Youngster's Rattata got a Critical Hit with Quick Attack, killing Flytrap. I got everyone to Lv.20, with Nibbler evolving, and went in thinking I was going to be wiped out. As with everything else that I thought would happen, the opposite occurred. With a combination of Sleep Powder from Butterfly and Hyper Fang from Nibbler, I managed to get out with no losses. On Route 5, I caught a Meowth that I named Pussycat from a suggestion my friend gave me. I then started to grind. Got it to Lv.16, and made it to Vermillion, where I used the Old Rod to fish up a Magikarp that I named Ravage. In Diglett's Cave, I caught a Diglett(Obviously) that I named Magnitude. A Lv.21 Diglett scored a Critical Hit Dig, killing Pussycat. On Route 11, I caught a Drowzee that I named Hypnosis. First battle on the S.S Anne, a Lass's Pidgey scored a Critical Gust, killing Magnitude. This meant Hypnosis would be on my team, so I'm grinding it now before I finish the S.S Anne.




15th May 2011, 3:45 PM
Was bored at 2 am. Decided to do a Gold version Nuzlocke run.
-Normal Nuzlocke Rules
-All Pokémon must be nicknamed
-Duplicate species of anything previously obtained forbidden
-Floors of caves are different areas

Started out with Cyndaquil (Typhy), just because, and made it to Mr. Pokemon's House before falling asleep. And since I can't catch Pokemon yet...it's just me and Typhy for a little while longer.
Update: First Pokemon I encountered was a female Sentret, named her Scout. Trained her for a bit, then remembered that Route 46 existed and could probably catch a Geodude there right now. With luck, I did and named him Brock. Trained Brock and Scout to level 10 to match Typhy. Then I progressed to Route 30 and found a Caterpie, naming it Beefree. Evolved Beefree into a Metapod before completing the rest of route 30. In route 31 I encountered a Bellsprout, and named her Belle. Just made it to Violet City, but I want to train more before challenging Falkner. I also want to wait until night to catch a Gastly in Sprout Tower Will probably capture a Zubat in Dark Cave in the meantime.

;155; Typhy, lvl 10
;161; Scout, lvl 10
;074; Brock, lvl 10
;011; Beefree, lvl 9
;069; Belle, lvl 3

None, so far!

1st June 2011, 5:56 PM
Well, I decided to start a Gold version Nuzlocke Challenge, just to pass the time. I started my game and I named my character "Harold". I did all the stuff at my house and then I went to Professor Elm's lab and I picked a Starter Pokemon. I chose a Totodile and I named him "Judas". I left for Cherrygrove City and I trained Judas along the way. After about 10 minutes of training, I arrived in Cherrygrove City and I got a tour of the town. I finished that up and I healed Judas at the Pokemon Center. I headed north to Mr. Pokemon's house. I arrived, got the mystery egg from Mr. Pokemon and then I obtained the Pokedex from Professor Oak. I got a call from Elm as I was leaving, and I headed back to New Bark Town.

Current team:
;158; - Judas level 8

18th November 2011, 8:00 PM
I started a red version nuzlocke a while back so I will just post where I am now.

Around vermillion, clearing S.S. Anne. Picked up a dugtrio in the digletts cave, added it to my team. Which was Wartortle and Pidgeotto. No deaths so far.

Team, Wartortle -28 Pidgeotto - 28 Dugtrio - 29

3rd January 2012, 5:50 AM
I'm going to do this on my Red version ROM. I intend to refuse duplicates, and I count each floor of a dungeon as a separate area. Also, I don't count pokemon as the first in an area until I receive pokeballs.

I started with Charmander, and named it The Baron. I figured that it would be more of a challenge that way, as well as the fact that it's the version mascot.

Beat my Rival, Green, and went north. I reached Viridian City easily enough. Did the package quest, then went back to Viridian and bought some Pokeballs and Antidotes.

Caught a Lv. 3 Pidgey on Route 1, which I named Hermes. Trained it a lot, then went to Route 22. Found a Lv. 2 Nidoran M, which I named Atilla. I was disappointed, as I really don't like catching Lv. 2 pokemon, and I would have preferred a Rattata. I suppose there's always Route 2. Trained everyone to Lv. 9, then fought Green. Extremely easy.

I went to Route 2 and was pleased to find a Lv. 4 Rattata, which I caught and named Shiikon (Japanese for fang or something like that). I intend on using it for most of Viridian Forest, which I will tackle at a later date.

8th February 2012, 11:11 AM
Going to do this with my Silver ROM. Named myself Silver. Picked Totodile as my starter and named him Tebow. I made it to the place where the mystery egg was being held and brought it back to Professor Elm, after defeating my rival, whom I've named Gold.

6th March 2012, 2:10 AM
Gold Nuzlocke

1. Only catch first Pokemon in each Route. NO EXCEPTIONS.
2. If a Pokemon faints, put it in my death box.

-I started with Totodile. I encountered a Pidgey on Route 29, so I decided to train(I still didn't have Pokeballs).
-I trained and continued to Mr.Pokemon's house, I didn't encounter any Pokemon on Route 30, so after I got the Pokeballs, I caught a Pidgey.
-I trained Pidgey on Route 29 and continued to Violet City.
-I caught a Bellsprout in Route 31, and Zubat in Dark Cave. I boxed Zubat.
-I beat every trainer easily with Pidgey in Route 30, 31, and Sprout Tower.
-While in Sprout Tower, I encountered a Rattata, but I had no Pokeballs.
-I then trained all of them until they were all decent levels.
-I then challenged Falkner, even though he has a Pidgeotto, it's only level 9, So it's easy.

;016; Pidgey lv.14
;069; Bellsprout lv.8
;158; Totodile lv.12

;041; Zubat lv.4

8th March 2012, 5:15 PM
Hi! I am a 90's kid so I decided to start my Nuzlocke challenge with the classics. I am tying it out on Pokemon Red Version.

Here are my rules:
(1) After receiving Poke Balls you may only catch the first Pokemon you encounter in each area. If your first encounter is a Pokemon you have already caught, then you must kill it and wait to encounter the first Pokemon you have not caught before.
(2) Once you pass through an area, you cannot catch a Pokemon there anymore (as in, you can't come back to a place like Viridian City after you get the Super Rod and fish for awesome water Pokemon, despite the fact that you have never encountered a Pokemon there before). Trades with other trainers are the only exception (if you get a Poliwhirl, you are allowed to go back and trade it for the Jynx in Cerulean City). One trade per area only if you never encountered a Pokemon there before (to meet the "one new Pokemon per area requirement").
(3) You can catch Legendary Pokemon, but only if you used Repels in those areas and encountered no other Pokemon before meeting the legendary Pokemon. However, be aware that trying to catch a legendary Pokemon puts you at risk for losing several other Pokemon in the process.
(4) If a Pokemon faints, it is dead.
(5) Nicknames are optional (I personally don't like nicknames very much).

My journey thus far through the first gym:

* Starter = ;007; Squirtle
* Route 1: Caught a ;016; Pidgey but I have not used it yet
* Route 22: Caught a ;019; Rattata and have used it up to this point
* Viridian Forest: Caught a ;013; Weedle and have used it so far
* ;013; Weedle evolved into ;014; Kakuna
* ;014; Kakuna evolved into ;015; Beedrill
*Route 2: No new Pokemon (the only wild Pokemon here are ;016; Pidgey, ;019; Rattata, and ;013; Weedle - awful luck, eh?)
*Trained a lot to get ready for the gym battle against Brock
*Defeated Brock easily with my Lv15 ;007; Squirtle
*After the gym battle, ;007; Squirtle evolved into ;008; Wartortle

;015; Beedrill ............Lv12
;019; Rattata ............Lv12
;008; Wartortle .........Lv16

;016; Pidgey .............Lv04

N/A so far

Wish me luck!!!

9th March 2012, 3:04 PM
Hello again! I just made it through Gym 2 and I thought I would give you guys an update on what's happened so far in the Nuzlocke Challenge for Pokemon Red. I am using Pokemon that I never chose to use in the past but I love them! Except for Beedrill; he is kind of weak but he just learned Twineedle so hopefully he will get better! Here is what has happened since last time:

* Route 3: Caught a ;021; Spearow (used it)
* Mt. Moon: Caught a ;041; Zubat (deposited it for later)
* Trained the living beaks out of ;021; Spearow in Mt. Moon
* Route 4: Caught an ;023; Ekans (deposited it for later)
* Defeated Gary, but he nearly killed my Lv17 ;021; Spearow - almost died a little
* No new Pokemon in Cerulean City
* Route 24: Caught an ;043; Oddish (definitely kept)
* Used 2 Rare Candies to get my ;043; Oddish to Lv15
* Trained ;043; Oddish a lot, and then a lot more
* ;019; Rattata evolved into ;020; Raticate
* Decimated Misty with my Lv20 ;043; Oddish
* After the battle, ;043; Oddish evolved into ;044; Gloom

;015; Beedrill ..........Lv18
;044; Gloom ............Lv21
;020; Raticate .........Lv20
;021; Spearow ........Lv19
;008; Wartortle .......Lv21

;023; Ekans .............Lv06
;016; Pidgey ............Lv04
;041; Zubat .............Lv08

Still N/A! So far at least ...

Wish me luck as I go for the 3rd gym! I am loving the Nuzlocke Challenge so far!

24th March 2012, 2:01 AM
Gold Nuzlocke

-I continued on to Route 32 and caught a Wooper.
-I trained my team with the various trainers around.
-I went through Union Cave and caught a Sandshrew.
-I sweeped through with Bellsprout and Sandshrew(mostly Bellsprout).
-I got to Route 33 and caught and boxed a Hoppip.
-In Slowpoke Well, I caught another Zubat and Boxed him.
-I defeated Team Rocket and challenged Bugsy's Gym.
-I sweeped with Pidgey and he evolved before Bugsy, so Bugsy wasn't a challenge at all.

;017; Pidgeotto lv.20
;069; Bellsprout lv.19
;159; Croconaw lv.20
;028; Sandslash lv.22

;041; Zubat lv.4
;187; Hoppip lv.8
;041; Zubat lv.8

24th March 2012, 6:19 AM
Was really bored, so decided to go a a nuzlocke of my favorite classic Pokemon game, which is Red. Here are my rules.
-No legendaries, especially since their not worth the time anyways.
-Only exception to "one pokemon per area" is if a pokemon is encountered before pokeballs are obtained, it is ran away from and ignored.
-In-game trades count for one pokemon per area, although I proabably wont be doing any.
-Pokemon must be nicknamed
-Pokemon that faint are sticked into the last PC box and left untouched for the rest of the game

So I'll be starting tonight and I'll post about what happens! See ya in a bit.

19th April 2012, 4:53 AM
Gold Nuzlocke Update!!!!!!

In my last update, I didn't list Wooper in my team as he was.
So this will change that.

-I went to Ilex forest with a bunch of Repels so I can headbutt a Pokemon.
-In Ilex Forest, I Headbutted out a Pineco:D.
-I continued to Route 34, sweeped the Trainers, and caught Drowzee and boxed Wooper.
-In Goldenrod, I went to the Game Corner and got a Dratini and boxed Sandslash.
-I went up to Route 35, caught and boxed Nidoran♂, and grinded my Team alot before fighting Whitney.
-I also went to National Park and caught and boxed Sunkern. I also went to Route 36 and caught and boxed Nidoran♀.
-After I leveled up my team a lot, I beat the extremely hard Miltank with ease.
;017; Pidgeotto Lv.25
;070; Weepinbell Lv.23
;159; Croconaw Lv.24
;204; Pineco Lv.25
;096; Drowzee Lv.23
;147; Dratini Lv.24
;041; Zubat Lv.4
;041; Zubat Lv.8
;187; Hoppip Lv.8
;194; Wooper Lv.19
;029; Nidoran♀ Lv.12
;032; Nidoran♂ Lv.12
;191; Sunkern Lv.11
;028; Sandslash Lv.22

28th April 2012, 11:01 PM
Just started the Nuzlocke Challenge on my Gold as well. I started with totodile and the first pokemon I saw with pokeballs was a Sentret. So now I have:
Totadile - 11
Sentret - 8

I'm still training them before I get to the first gym. I also think I'll stop them from evolving for a while so I can learn better moves faster.

10th May 2012, 1:14 AM
Stayed up too late one night and decided to start a Nuzlocke challenge on my Blue.

- pokemon dont count in a area until you have pokeballs.
- all pokemon must be nicknamed
- pokemon who faint cant be used
- different floors of caves are different areas.

I currently have
-Gem a Squirtle Lv11
-Fang a Rattata Lv8
-Jade a Nidoran F Lv8
-Poppo a Pidgy Lv8
-Silvie a Metapod Lv8

Alive but in a box
-Claw a Rattata Lv3

Pokemon in dead box - 0

20th May 2012, 4:59 AM
Just this week, I decided to start a Crystal Nuzlocke.


1) Anything that faints gets perma-boxed.

2) Must catch the first thing I find in a new area unless it is something I have already caught. Then I can continue to encounter for catch until I come across something new.

3) A cave is one whole area, regardless of levels or floors. A city/town is one whole area, regardless of different buildings.

4) No healing in-battle

5) No legendaries

6) No trading to evolve

7) Fishing/Surfing/Walking in grass/Receiving an egg or gift pokemon all count towards the same one catch per area


-I decided to start with Cyndaquil, a male named Zane.
-Encountered and caught a LV2 Rattata on route 46. Male, named Joey.
-Encountered and caught a LV4 Zubat on route 31. Male, named Bruce
-Encountered and caught a LV3 Gastly in Sprout Tower. Female, named Mary
-Encountered and caught a LV4 Pidgey on route 36. Male, named Pete
-Encountered and caught a LV7 Bellsprout on route 32. Female, named Martha




Time: 1:51
Location: Union Cave
Team: LV16 Quilava; LV12 Zubat
Badges: 1


I'm 0-2 on my only previous Nuzlocke runs: an embarrassing 4 hour loss on Sapphire in which May's Wailmer basically Roll'ed-Out my entire team, and an annoying 18+ hour loss on SoulSilver where I lost my team to the last of the 5 Kimono Girls after getting all 8 badges. I forgot I didn't get any kind of breather between the successive battles, and my "no healing in battle" rule killed me. I thought I'd dig out my Crystal and hope that the third time's the charm.

Started with Cyndaquil because I didn't want any real trouble from either Falkner or Sprout Tower, which may be short-sighted, but...we'll see. Traversed the opening routes to Mr. Pokemon's house without any Repels or Pokeballs, so I missed my chances at a Hoot-Hoot and a Spinarak on the way there. Oh well; there'll be other routes!

Deciding to keep Bruce on my team because Crobats are pretty awesome. I've boxed Joey, Mary, Pete, and Martha. I'm just about to enter Union Cave, and I'm starting to get nervous when I look at my team and see they are both 2x weak to Rock (not that I'm concerned about Union Cave...I'm thinking long-term about Whitney and her Miltank).

21st May 2012, 1:37 AM
Update (these won't usually be these frequent I hope, but I had time to play a bit more today and wanted to jot this down before I forgot)!


-I decided to start with Cyndaquil, a male named Zane.
-Encountered and caught a LV2 Rattata on route 46. Male, named Joey. (boxed)
-Encountered and caught a LV4 Zubat on route 31. Male, named Bruce
-Encountered and caught a LV3 Gastly in Sprout Tower. Female, named Mary (boxed)
-Encountered and caught a LV4 Pidgey on route 36. Male, named Pete (boxed)
-Encountered and caught a LV7 Bellsprout on route 32. Female, named Martha (boxed
-Encountered and caught a LV6 Geodude in Union Cave. Male, named Dwayne (boxed)
-Encountered and caught a LV7 Spearow on Route 33. Male, named Leonidas (boxed)
-Encountered and caught a LV6 Slowpoke in Slowpoke Well. Female, named Kim




Time: 2:48
Location: Azalea Town
Team: LV21 Quilava; LV17 Zubat; LV6 Slowpoke
Badges: 2

I'm still worried about Whitney, and I doubt I'll get Kim leveled up enough to be relevant. I'm just going to have to grind Zane and Bruce enough to be able to take Miltank out. I might give Zane the Mud-Slap TM just so I can lower Miltank's accuracy and stop it from being a Roll-out machine.

I'm excited about the egg giveaway from the Daycare couple. I hope I get something good. I think after getting the egg, I'm going to walk a bunch to hatch it right away.

The Rival battle after Azalea was harder than I thought it'd be, but Zane and Bruce were able to team up to take out Croconaw. The battle with Bugsy was much easier. I only lost two HP the whole fight (when Scyther got in one Fury Cutter attack on Zane). Bruce made very short work on his two cocoons. I can't wait till he evolves.

21st May 2012, 3:02 AM
I'm starting a Yellow Nuzlocke.

1. If a Pokemon faints, it is Dead.
2. One Pokemon per area, if you fail to bad.
3. Places like Mt. Moon, all floors count as one area.

-Okay, I started with Pikachu(of course).
-Got some Pokeballs, all 3 trips, I managed to avoid Wild Pokemon, I remembered you have to buy you're first Pokeballs.
-Caught Pidgey on Route 1.
-Caught Nidoran♂ on Route 22.
-Caught Rattata on Route 2(BOXED).
-Caught Caterpie in Viridian Forest(BOXED).
-Beat Brock.
;025; Pikachu Lv.14
Thundershock, Tail Whip, Thunder Wave, Quick Attack
;016; Pidgey Lv.15
Tackle, Gust, Sand-Attack, Quick Attack
;032; Nidoran♂ Lv.13
Leer, Tackle, Horn Attack, Double Kick-Caught Sandshrew on Route 3.
-Caught Geodude in Mt. Moon(BOXED).
-Caught Mankey on Route 4(BOXED).
-Got Bulbasaur from Girl.
-Caught Oddish on Route 24(BOXED).
-Got Charmander from Guy.
-Caught Bellsprout on Route 25(BOXED).
-Beat Misty.
;025; Pikachu Lv.26
Thunderbolt, Double Team, Thunder Wave, Slam
;017; Pidgeotto Lv.28
Whirlwind, Gust, Sand-Attack, Quick Attack
;034; Nidoking Lv.28
Thrash, Poison Sting, Horn Attack, Double Kick
;028; Sandslash Lv.29
Poison Sting, Sand-Attack, Defense Curl, Slash
;002; Ivysaur Lv.27
Vine Whip, Poison Powder, Leech Seed, Tackle
;005; Charmeleon Lv.29
Scratch, Growl, Ember, Rage

23rd May 2012, 10:20 PM


-I decided to start with Cyndaquil, a male named Zane.
-Encountered and caught a LV2 Rattata on route 46. Male, named Joey. (Daycare Center)
-Encountered and caught a LV4 Zubat on route 31. Male, named Bruce
-Encountered and caught a LV3 Gastly in Sprout Tower. Female, named Mary (boxed)
-Encountered and caught a LV4 Pidgey on route 36. Male, named Pete (Daycare Center)
-Encountered and caught a LV7 Bellsprout on route 32. Female, named Martha (boxed
-Encountered and caught a LV6 Geodude in Union Cave. Male, named Dwayne (boxed)
-Encountered and caught a LV7 Spearow on Route 33. Male, named Leonidas (boxed)
-Encountered and caught a LV6 Slowpoke in Slowpoke Well. Female, named Kim
-Encountered and caught a LV5 Caterpie in Ilex Forest. Female, named Bree
-Hatched an Odd Egg from the Daycare Couple on Route 34: Shiny Igglybuff, female, named Shiny
-Encountered and caught a LV12 Drowzee on Route 35. Female, named Jean. (boxed)




Time: ~5:00
Location: Goldenrod City
Team: LV25 Quilava; LV21 Zubat; LV6 Slowpoke; LV5 Caterpie; LV5 Igglybuff
Badges: 2

I'm *STILL* still worried about Whitney, but Bruce is only 1 level away from evolving (perhaps doublevolving into Crobat if he likes me enough), and Zane is a sturdy level 25. I skipped right through Goldenrod (without acquiring anything in town from the GameCorner or through a trade or from the guy who wants to give me a Spearow so I can come back and get Eevee later) so that I could hit route 34 and fight all the trainers to get Bruce and Zane physically ready. I'm going to grind until Bruce evolves, and then I'll take it to Whitney. Still...my idea of going in, Confuse Ray, switch to Zane, Mudslap Miltank's accuracy down might not be ideal if I am not healing in battle; Miltank might do too much damage by the time it's properly set-up (especially if Confuse Ray doesn't make it hurt itself a few times). Maybe I'll just go in and try to outmuscle her and see how that goes.

After that...today is Wednesday, so I'll head into the National Park tomorrow and shoot for a Scyther or Pinsir or something else hopefully good. As worried as I am about Whitney, I feel like I should destroy Morty, so I have no concern there. As long as Bruce is Crobat by then, I should have that locked.

Also, I'm happy to have caught a Caterpie since I love Butterfree, but I forget there is no CompoundEyes in Gen 2, so I probably won't use it. Poor Bree.

Oh! Can't believe I forgot this: My Odd Egg from the Day Care couple was a shiny (yay!) Igglybuff (boo!). Half good, half bad. I'll take it.

27th May 2012, 5:24 AM
With my very first Nuzlocke (LeafGreen) finished, I jump into Crystal.
My rules are the same:
1) Can only catch the first Pokemon on each route, town, bla bla bla
2) If any of my Pokemon faint, they are considered died, and need to be boxed forever
3) NickName everyone! =D Not so hard, considering I always nickname my pokemon anyways
4+) No rare candies
5+) Have to kill leagendaries...this also counts with Suicune, even though it's a first incounter.
(And, a side note, I am considering the Game Corner and Bill's Eevee the same place. Just saying.
Also, the egg you get at the daycare, will be a Pokemon from the daycare itself, and not Route 34.)

So, I start my journey with Uono the Chikorita. Uono means Ember in Italian. I chose this name, because I always call my Chikorita somthing that has to do with fire. Ya, it's weird, I know.
So I do all my stuff, and after getting my Pokeballs, the rules start.
-Route 29: I catch Hedwig the female Hoothoot, level 2. Hedwig is the owl from Harry Potter. I start to level her up.
-Route 46: I kill the Rattata...opps.
-Route 30: and I catch Langston the male Poliwag, level 4. Langston is the Lickatoad in Viva Pinata. I will start to level him up, too, tomarrow.
With a good start, I go to sleep.

;152; Uomo lv9 Male
;163; Hedwig lv6 Female
;060; Langston lv4 Male

27th May 2012, 8:22 AM
Congrats on the shiny! =D
I am really hoping for the Shiny as well, I don't care of what.

And good luck with Whitney (If you haven't battled her yet, that it). I am very worried about her myself. Ah well, I just started, so I have nothing to worry about yet.

27th May 2012, 12:29 PM
Thanks, ShinyMisty, but I have a terribly unpleasant update here:


-I decided to start with Cyndaquil, a male named Zane. (deceased)
-Encountered and caught a LV2 Rattata on route 46. Male, named Joey. (Daycare Center)
-Encountered and caught a LV4 Zubat on route 31. Male, named Bruce (deceased)
-Encountered and caught a LV3 Gastly in Sprout Tower. Female, named Mary (boxed)
-Encountered and caught a LV4 Pidgey on route 36. Male, named Pete (deceased)
-Encountered and caught a LV7 Bellsprout on route 32. Female, named Martha (deceased)
-Encountered and caught a LV6 Geodude in Union Cave. Male, named Dwayne (boxed)
-Encountered and caught a LV7 Spearow on Route 33. Male, named Leonidas (boxed)
-Encountered and caught a LV6 Slowpoke in Slowpoke Well. Female, named Kim (Daycare Center)
-Encountered and caught a LV5 Caterpie in Ilex Forest. Female, named Bree (boxed)
-Hatched an Odd Egg from the Daycare Couple on Route 34: Shiny Igglybuff, female, named Shinyuff
-Encountered and caught a LV12 Drowzee on Route 35. Female, named Jean. (boxed)
-Encountered and caught a LV14 Koffing in the Burnt Tower. Female, named Wendy (deceased)
-Given a LV20 Eevee by Bill in Goldenrod City. Male, named Omnimon.


-Zane, the Cynaquil (lvs 5-26; killed by Whitney)
-Pete the Pidgeotto (lvs 4-22; killed by Silver in Burnt Tower)
-Bruce the Golbat (lvs 4-24; killed by Silver in Burnt Tower)
-Martha the Bellsprout (lvs 7-8; killed by Silver in Burnt Tower)
-Wendy the Koffing (lv14; killed by Silver in Burnt Tower)


Time: ~5:30
Location: Burned Tower
Team: Omnimon (Eevee, level 21); Shinyuff (Igglybuff, level 5)
Badges: 3

That's a HUGE update to my deceased list, right? Well I ended up grinding Bruce and Zane enough for Whitney (I got Bruce up to level 23, and he, SOMEHOW, was not happy enough to become a Crobat. I don't understand how he wasn't, but que sera sera). Zane made absolute short work of Clefairy, but I call B.S. shenanigans on the battle with Miltank. I started with Bruce and used Confuse Ray to open the fight. Miltank's first turn was confused, but hit a Roll-out anyway. I immediately switched out to Zane to start using Mud-Slap, but on the "free turn" Miltank got during the switch, it got ride of confusion. That's right, it got rid of confusion the very next turn after I confused it, and it didn't even hurt itself once. It roll'ed out again on the free turn, taking Zane down to just over half-health. I had time to get in one Mud-Slap before its next Rollout shuffled off Zane's mortal coil.

Somehow, Bruce was able to re-enter the fray and win the battle. Confuse Ray was more effective the second time around, and we won our third badge. After burying Zane, we headed to the Daycare Center and withdrew Pidgey, who'd made it to level 21, so I thought it would be fine to take Zane's spot. Some brief grinding got it to evolve to Pidgeotta, and we headed to Ecruteak City.

At Ecruteak, we met Bill who would subsequently give us Omnimon! Thanks, Bill. Glad I didn't encounter anything else in Goldenrod City.

The Burnt Tower....sigh. Despite losing Zane, I still felt all right. Until the Burnt Tower. We had another rival battle, and Pete annihilated his opening Haunter. But then came the Magnemite Of Doom. I sent out Bruce to work the Confuse Ray, since trickery was my only chance against such a dire type disadvantage. Confuse Ray had the exact same results against Magnemite as they had initially against Miltank. After 2 or 3 Thundershocks, Bruce was down for good. Somehow, though, Pete entered the fray and was able to subdue Magnemite after a hard fought battle. By the time Magnemite was down, Pete had 10 hit points and was paralyzed. Miraculously, Pete then made incredibly short work out of Silver's Zubat, however, taking only one Bite attack sandwiched by two Pete Quick Attacks.

Level 22 Croconaw, though. One Water Gun ended Pete's run (Pete did get in a Quick Attack first). After that, I foolishly sent out the Koffing I had just caught, but never healed after weakening (I didn't think I'd need to). Croconaw finished it with no effort. Next came Martha the Bellsprout, and she went down equally fast. All I had left with me with Shinyuff and Onmimon. I decided to go with Omnimon. I thought I was just slowly marching my pokemon one-by-one to their deaths, but Omhimon started the fight with the best Sand-Attack effort (seriously...after one Sand-Attack, Croconaw missed more than half the moves it tried the rest of the battle) and then just chipped away on Croconaw with Tackles. That victory was where I last saved the game.

27th May 2012, 8:42 PM
Oh my, I am so sorry Sid87! I know how you feel, though. Lost my Charazard in my LeafGreen Nuzlocke. *hugs* It's a good thin Omnimon had that Sand Attack. May they all rest in peace.
I would recrement Shinyuff, because Wigglytuff can learn 35 of the 50 TMs, like elemental punches (Like Furret, my favorite pokemon that is not Eevee), Psychic, and even and even rollout. However, I would understand why you wouldn't want to, considering she's shiny.
Also, Mary would be VERY good to use, even if you can't trade her, and Kim would be good, too, considering she'll be both Water and Psychic (and be very bulky). And Omnimon has 5 types to chose from. Electric, Fire, Water, Psychic, and Dark. Each are good (Though I would be effy with Flareon, though I love that Pokemon so much! <3)
I hope I helped. *hugs again*

Now, onto my Journey.

.:~Day 2~:.
Much has happened in one day! =D
-Route 31: I catch Nyckelpiga (Nyckel for short) the female Ledyba, Level 4. Nyckelpiga means Ladybug in Swedish. I put her in my team for the time being.
-Dark Cave: I catch Z the male Zubat, Level 4. I box him.
-Route 36: I am hoping for a Growlithe, but I get a Pidgey. I'm like, meh, then I saw her level. 6. =D I catch Tiny the female Pidgey. I box Hedwig.
-Sprout Tower: I catch Wormtail the male Ratatta, Level 5. Wormtail is a character in Harry Potter. Boxed
-I crush the hacked Pidgeotto with an over level Tiny...15...highest level in my game so far. xD
-I hatch Tiopo the male Todepi in Violet City. I boxed him.
-Route 32: Ekens, I want an...Bellsprout...Oi! I catch him. Benbaro the male Bellsprout, Level 7. Boxed. (guess what! Next pokemon...Ekens!)
-I go into Union Cave, wanting anything but a Zubat...ONIX! I was very happy...and I lost all but 4 of my Poke balls (I had 14 or 16, and a great ball). xD But I caght her. Nemma the female Onix, Level 6.
Now I will train! =3

;152; Uomo ♂ Lv12
;060; Langston ♂ Lv12
;165; Nyckelpiga ♀ Lv10
;016; Tiny ♀ Lv15
;095; Nemma ♀ Lv6 (Leveling up)

;163; Hedwig ♀ Lv2-7
;041; Z ♂ Lv4
;019; Wormtail ♂ Lv5
;175; Tiopo ♂ Lv5
;069; Benbaro ♂ Lv7

.:~Day 3~:.
Though my day is not over, I will update.
Ok, so I am leveling up Nemma, my Onix. And I am fighting a trainer. I am using Nyckelpiga, and I fall asleep, taping the a button (runs in the family, my mother does this, too). I wake up, and Nyckel is one hp short of death! I almost had a heart attack! I do not remembe what trainer this was, hoever.
-I get out of the Unio cave, and catch Wishotton the female Hoppip (level 6) on route 33. Boxed
-I save the slowpoke...and...I am hoping for my own little slowpoke when...Zubat. KILL! You not Slowpoke, darnnit!
-I blow away Bugsy, and Tiny evolves!
-Crush Silver for the second time.
-Ilex Forest: GASP! Psyduck! I catch him, and name him Zutzu...however, some time later, I box him due to him being so underleveled and not learning any good water moves...Sorry Zutzu. Langston is boxed. He's happy. Langston was not much of a fighter.
-Route 34: Rattata. KILLED!
-I get the Odd egg. WHEN HATCHED! It'll count with the Day care, not where it hatches! I a REALLY hoping for a Smoochum, Elekid, or Magby. I will be ok with Igglypuff, Tyroge, or Cleffa...not so much Pichu...
-Route 35: I run into a Growlethe, which I didn't even know was ON this route. I'm getting down to yellow...to red...http://partner-ad.photobucket.com/albums/gg117/Timstuff_photos/trollface_emoticon.gif ROAR!...Really! No pokemon for route 35. And what's worse! 4 Growlethes and an Abra after that! GAAAH!
-somewhere, Uomo evolves! xD
-I am holding off the bug contest till tomarrow. Hoping for something good. =3
And that's it for now.
;153;Uomo ♂ Lv17
;165;Nuckelpiga ♀ Lv15
;017;Tiny ♂ Lv20 (still highest level xD)
;095;Nemma ♀ Lv19

;163; Hdewig ♀ lv2-7
;060; Langston ♂ lv4-12
;041; Z ♂ Lv4
;019; WormTail ♂ lv5
;175; Tiopo ♂ lv5
;069; Berbaro ♂ lv7
;187; Wishotton ♀ lv6
;054; Zutsu ♂ lv7-11

[Later that day]
With Namme up to 20, I timidly head up to the gym. Fight everyone, with Nyckel geting some exp so she can evolve. And there she was...Whitney. I crush her Clafary...and then...Miltank...
I'm scared. I send Uomo to poison her, but Miltank uses Atractand he misses. I didn't want to keep Uomo out, so O brought Nemma right out to take the first Roll like a boss.
And, Nemma with very low hp remaining...Miltank goes down. Not claming a life
I avenge Sid87's Zane, and many other beloved friends tainers before me lost to that d*mn(parden my language) Miltank, both Gold, Silver, and Crystal AND HeartGold/SoulSilver! May they all Rest easy now.
-After crushing that stupid cow, I feel my Odd egg moving, (and I head to the day care xD) and Zacht the Tyrogue hatches...not a shiny. I'm ok with this. I didn't want the pokemon to be shiny.
But, here's the weird thing. When I was playing Crystal a few years ago, it hatched to be a Tyrogue...oh well. I wonder what he'll evolve into. =3 Hitmonchan is my lest wanted, due to me using one in my Leaf Green (Kanja), then Hitmontop...I remember Hitmontop being hard to train. Hitmonlee would be cool. But I'll take any. =3
Team now:
;153; Uomo ♂lv18
;165; Nyckelpiga ♀lv17 (540 exp till evolving =D)
;017; Tiny ♀lv20
;095; Nemma ♀lv21
;236; Zacht ♂5 (in training)
boxed: same
http://images.wikia.com/operationchocolate/images/9/99/Cyndaquil.png R.I.P. Zane Lv5-26. (Or was he a Quilava)

.:~Day 4~:.
I will up date this fully tomarrow, do to me playing at night tonight.
I will not be able to say much because of this, but ha.
-I got Nova the male Eevee. Hoping to evolve him into an Espeon!
-I catch Doku the female Koffing in Burn Tower(Level 14)
-Happily *and frustratingly* catches Bambi the female Stantler (I know, bambi is a guy) on route...under the town with the komono girls. (Level 14)
-Catch Penny the female Meoth (Level 16) on the OTHER side of that town...
ya. Will update tomarrow!

8th July 2012, 7:55 PM
Well hey there guys, I totally just spent my first post on this forum advertising my Pokemon Engrish Emerald Nuzlocke run in the 3rd Gen Nuzlocke thread...so I figured I'll spend my second post advertising a completely different Nuzlocke run with a completely different guy playing it with me! I'm sure most if not all of you guys have already heard and tired of Vietnamese Crystal, but we figured "hey, we like doing terribly translated games, and it's a Nuzlocke run, so maybe it'll be interesting!". I'm sure all of you guys think the contrary, but hey, maybe you guys will enjoy it! This thread looks like it can particularly use some love as well, so hey!

Here are my partner's (doubletroubeify, teh other guy) thoughts on the run:


Everyone needs MORE Axman amirite or amirite!?
So long story short for anyone who knows any of us, everyone including us thought Zyrtec was donesville, so Axman and I were gonna do a Nuzlocke of Emerald, but then Zyrtec came back in a steam of fire-y glory and I was like hey das cool you guys got that!
But now we're showing you Crystal in a way you've ALREADY SEEN BEFORE! With ENGRISH.
But we're showing you Vietname Crystal in a way you NEVER WANTED TO SEE BEFORE!

So come hang out with us during this obscenely unnecessary and ridiculous Nuzlocke run, where we try to follow all the rules but then the game breaks and we're confused! Let us know what you think and be sure to include the fact that you'd rather see Zyrtec than Axman! Ho ho ho!

Check out episode one right here:
Episode 1 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mp-8bbWiBQQ)

Episode 2 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OnvlZzE9CBI)

Episode 3 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sEP0bB_PsdY)

Episode 4 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JjmEIWFHp3U)

Episode 5 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GHSfW53AAAo)

Episode 6 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HVWI0Boo_rQ)

Episode 7 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0qGUcBXyUkA)

Episode 8 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rxphTcLFEk4)

Episode 9 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gIC1fuPPlDc)

Episode 10 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=23X2Wng-npo)

Episode 11 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BvDYD_uBSSo)

Episode 12 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a4bfqLeZSWM)

Episode 13 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qNO1ER68Q64)

Episode 14 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pGqp91BK1lU)

Episode 15 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ysMnJefLSk)

Episode 16 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wDP-cTWwJU4)

Episode 17 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VGn4gMGQ1vM)

Episode 18 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Podc_Yn9Tq8)

Episode 19 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OikINR7GsaE)

Episode 20 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mOwbAyAWoPc)

Episode 21 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HQSixnoAqnE)

Episode 22 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uRniUQ3Zix4)

Episode 23 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7r_hMwiH1Kk)

Episode 24 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-AFiqirr7w4)

Episode 25 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KQ2yYvrpj-0)

Episode 26 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lV0qwS6Sjg8)

Episode 27 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tMTndHozrFA)

And just in case you like me at all here's a link to my channel. (http://www.youtube.com/user/DoubleTroubeify) I don't do nuzlockes and I suck at pokemon but whatever I'm cool!"

Hope you guys enjoy! Let us know what you guys think!

27th October 2012, 3:28 AM
I started a Blue version nuzlocke.

Can only catch 1st (2nd if 1st is dupe) pokemon I see on route
If a pokemon faints it is dead
must name every pokemon
After I beat the elite 4 my pokemon are no longer dead

Named myself tumnus and my rival vacuum.
I chose an easy run.

;001; Violet LV5

Encountered a pidgey on route 1 before I got pokeballs.
I hate the Oak's Parcel quest.
On my way back up (from delivering oak's parcel) Violet reached LV 7
Time to get some new team mates.

;019; Vinnie LV 2

I am doing 1 retry. That means if I encounter a dupe I have 1 chance to find a non dupe

Killed 1st (dupe) encounter rattata on route 2, encountered.

;019; Uncle LV 5 (yes I did catch him)

Despite lv disadvantage I'm deciding to use Vinnie because I use that name for every rattata I use.
Very dissipointed in my next catch.
Other than it elvolving to butterfree.

;011; Ben LV 5

I hate training cacoons.
I love wild cacoons that I dont have to catch. Easy XP
Training time!
Gasp, :o ,Ben is Evolving, Ben learned confusion.

;001; Violet LV 13
;019; Vinnie LV 12
;012; Ben LV 12

;019; Uncle LV 5


I made it through Viridian forest but there is 1 more thing to do before battling Brock.
Rival battle!
Vacuum sucked.
Vinnie didn't even lose 1 HP.
And Vinnie didn't even LV up.
P.S. I only used Vinnie
Time to battle brock

Time for route 3

Violet evolved!
Vinnie learned Hyper fang!
And Ben... Is still a butterfree!
All joy.

Caught and Bought and caught

;016; Aero LV 6

;129; Fish LV 5

;041; Vlad LV 11

I'm going to train everyone to LV 16

And of course

;002; Violet LV 17
;019; Vinnie LV 16
;012; Ben LV 16
;016; Aero LV 16
;129; Fish LV 16
;041; Vlad LV 16

23rd December 2012, 6:55 PM
Wow this really isnt active.
Well if anyone actually looks at this forum.....

I am starying a Crystal nuzlocke sooooo ive started with..............


Every pokemon also needs to be named after food I like

22nd January 2013, 11:23 PM
Hey, what's up guys! I just started a Pokemon Silver Nuzlocke. I have three episodes up so far so please check em out. If you like them don't forget to comment, like and subscribe to my channel.

Part 1 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nXEEY8Q5JCY
Part 2 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ejlaYIWoeA
Part 3 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BkX1mgEF5Oo
Part 4 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DkaYwClsVmk
Part 5 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H5X1jAw5Ht8
Part 6 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wxzVKaLyY0M
Part 7 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IcqXPCD1nWY
Part 8 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W0tA285hfJs
Part 9 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MTISWypUNps

28th January 2013, 4:46 AM
I'm doing a Crystal nuzlocke, it's been a while, so I'll update later.

28th January 2013, 5:18 AM
Part 9 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MTISWypUNps) has been added to the list for those of you keeping track.

Edit: Also good luck Lydia

1st May 2013, 3:50 AM
starting a nuzlocke in Blue version (ROM)
-usual rules-
-can only catch the first pokemon encountered per area-
-any pokemon feint they are released-
-different floors of caves are different areas-

all my nicknames (except for those I don't intend to use) are soul eater characters.

starting with charmander (soul) ran into pokemon on route 1 pre pokeball and thus didn't catch any. upon reaching route 2 I caught a lvl 3 rattata (blackstar) and went to route 22 and caught a nidoran female (maka) and then went to viridian forest to grind a few levels (also caught a metapod (dusty) lvl 5, I hate working up caccoons but will suffer through for the aid of confusion against Brock) got all up to lvl 8 (except metapod still at 5) and challenged rival. success with no resulting casualties, now off to lvl grind to defeat Brock.

team remaining
Soul (charmander) lvl 9
Blackstar (ratatta) lvl 8
Maka (nidoran female) lvl 8
Dusty (metapod) lvl 6

3rd May 2013, 8:35 PM
Update on Blue nuzlocke.

worked the team to level 10 and defeated Brock handily, raising Soul up to level 11. leaving Pewter City to route 3, defeated all trainers easily and captured a pidgey at lvl 6, named Liz and entered mt moon. within the the first floor I captured a zubat named Patty (Boxed) and lost Liz to the Lass and her Clefairy. :( on the exit floor I captured a Geodude named Sid, and lost my charmander (Soul) to the rocket with the raticate. upon exiting I managed to keep my poisoned Sid alive until reaching Cerulean, then went to capture a Spearow on route 4 named Liz (as it is filling the role the former Liz would have had)

Active team
Sid (geodude) lvl 12
Blackstar (RAtatta) lvl 14
Maka (nidoran female) lvl 14
Dusty (butterfree) lvl 15
Liz (spearow) lvl 10

Patty (zubat) lvl 7

deceased (released)

Soul (charmander) lvls 5-14
Liz (pidgey) lvls 6-9

6th May 2013, 6:25 PM
Dude, that should be in gen 3,

But anyhow ima start a crystal nuzlocke!

6th May 2013, 9:17 PM
Dude, that should be in gen 3,

But anyhow ima start a crystal nuzlocke!

Wow, now don't I feel daft. Thanks, I'm going to move it over IMMEDIATELY! lol

30th August 2013, 3:18 PM
Well this is REAL ACTIVE.

Anyway, im gonna be starting a nuzlocke on crystal. (Idont have access to HG/SS)

My first pokemon will be decided on my last digit of my trainer card
0= I pick
123= Chikorita
456= Cyndaquil
789= Totodile

27th October 2013, 8:51 PM
How come 1st/2nd generations are paired?
Anyways, started my Nuzlocke in Gold version, so far no deaths.

29th November 2013, 4:35 AM
I awake to my room. It's the big day. I saved up what little allowance I got the past month and bought a potion yesterday. Hopefully this will aid me in my journey.

My name is Blue, and this is my Nuzlocke run through Pokemon Blue version as emulated on my phone.

I must name each of my traveling companions. Even the ones in the box will be part of my group of friends. Arceus knows I'll need all the support from all the friends i can make for this challenge.
I may only befriend the first pokemon in each route or city. The only exception is if I happen upon a duplicate. In which case I must faint this pokemon, sending my regrets for not choosing it for this challenge, and take the next pokemon to appear. The other exception, yes that last one wasn't the only, is that no pokemon count before I get my first pokeball. I cannot even train off of them. Also different floors of caves are the same area, unless it specifically has a different name.
This is the hardest rule. If my pokemon, my friend, faints I must immediately put it in a box, separated from my other pokemon. I must pay it my last respects before I do this.
I will not catch any legendary pokemon. I do however have to visit all 3 birds. Mewtwo also deserves a visit. I must defeat Mewtwo, to show it the bond between me and my pokemon.
This is an odd rule. I may remove this in the future if it turns out to be too difficult. After the first gym I may not use the pokemon center. Potions and specific condition heals only. I'm going to train my first aid skill.

Pre-Gym: The start of something great

So, I begin. I grab my potion and I walk downstairs. The TV is playing some old movie about 4 boys walking down a railroad. How ironic, a perfect image before I leave home to go out into the world. I say goodbye to my mom, give her a hug. She informs me that Prof. Oak is waiting on me to start my journey.
I make my way to the lab. Odd, Red is there too. He is also waiting on his gramps, Prof. Oak. Perhaps he is out and I can catch him as he comes back into town. I make my way to the north exit of town, almost to the grass. Suddenly behind me I hear the Prof. call out my name. Odd, I wonder where he was hiding. Anyway, I follow him to his lab.

Here at his lab, Oak tells us that the 3 pokeballs on his desk are his last 3. He plans on giving both me and Red one to start our journey. I didn't even know he wanted to go out, but I suppose I would too in his situation. I feel bad, he acts like a jerk but I can't help to think it might be partially because his grandpa can never remember his name. I had to even remind Oak what his own grandson's name was. Enough about that, I hope Red learns from this journey.

This is the first decision in my journey, my first step. Which one do i choose? All 3 look friendly enough. I choose ;007;, who I have named Sheldon. As I try to leave, eager to get on my journey, Red stops me. He sounds eager too. It feels right to hold the pokeball, as I send Sheldon into battle. Of course Red would choose ;001;. Interesting.

It was a close battle. Sheldon came out of it with only 2HP left. He did level up though to lvl 6. Thanks Red. During the battle it didn't appear that he was very fond of his pokemon... I can't let that get me down now. I rush off to my house to say goodbye, take a good nap, and head off.


;007; Sheldon Lvl 6

Sorry for the long post. If anyone has suggestions on how to make this story more interesting, just tell me. I kind of wanna post every gym, but I'll see.
Thanks for reading.

14th March 2014, 1:01 AM
So I've decided to do a Pokemon Yellow Nuzlocke challenge because it's been on my mind for quite some time and also I had a sudden power-cut so I didn't have anything to do for a couple of hours. I have set up my own rules for this challenge.

- No Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Charmander or any Psychic-type pokemon.
- Pokemon who can learn/use Psychic-type moves are allowed such as Butterfree.

When I started the game, I named myself Tony (since it's my real name) and my rival as Scumbag (let's face it, he IS one). Once the introduction is out of the way, I proceeded to exit the house and enter the grass. Prof. Oak finally shows himself and catches a Pikachu. Oak returns to the lab and when I was about to get myself a Pokemon, Scumbag shoves me out of the way and snatches the pokemon (I told you he was a scumbag). So I ended up getting Pikachu and I nicknamed it Powercut (To commemorate the reason why I've started this challenge). As soon as I was about to leave, Scumbag battles me. The battle was quickly towards my favour as my first Thundershock was a critical hit and afterwards the battle ended swiftly. After that, I went towards Viridian City and went to collect Oak's parcel. He gave me the pokedex and once the deed was done, I headed to Viridian City and bought myself 5 Pokeballs and proceeded to capture pokemon. I went to the route towards the pokemon league and encountered a female Nidoran, I captured it in my first go and named it Feminist (since my best friend is a feminist and it was the only nickname that came to mind). Afterwards I went to the route below Viridian City and I got myself a Rattata and nicknamed it TopPercent (a reference about a certain trainer in HeartGold/SoulSilver talking about this Rattata). Happy with the pokemon I caught and nicknamed, I proceeded to train Feminist just a bit before saving.

;025; Powercut - Lvl 7

;019; TopPercent - Lvl 2

;029; Feminist - Lvl 3

15th March 2014, 1:40 PM
I decided to train a bit more before entering Viridian Forest and bought myself Potions. When my pokemon were trained enough, I entered Viridian Forest. Unfortunately I encountered a Metapod but I failed catching it twice so I ran out of pokeballs. I fought against all of the trainers there and TopPercent almost died twice (luckily I got the Potions). I took priority of training Feminist first to learn Double Kick at Lvl 12 to defeat Brock and then the rest of my team. I healed up and saved at Pewter City then headed for the gym. I defeated the trainers and Brock so I got myself my first badge. I went outside, sold the TM and saved at the pokemon centre.

;025; Powercut - Lvl 12

;019; TopPercent - Lvl 11

;029; Feminist - Lvl 13

16th March 2014, 7:06 PM
I went east of Pewter City and went through the route battling trainers along the way and reaching the pokemon centre near Mt.Moon entrance. I decided to train TopPercent south of the pokemon centre and encountered a Lvl 9 Mankey. I assumed that my TopPercent would endure at least 1 hit from the pokemon however I was wrong as that Mankey's Low Kick was a critical hit 1 hit K.Oing my TopPercent. I had no choice but to release it. After the loss of my TopPercent, I had to continue into Mt.Moon. I fought my way through and my Feminist evolved into Nidorina. Near towards the end, both PowerCut and Feminist almost died. I reached outside Mt.Moon at last and headed straight to the pokemon centre at Cerulean City. I headed north towards the bridge and spotted my rival Scumbag there. It was an easy battle and I continued my way to Nugget Bridge. I defeated all the trainers there and looked in the grass for a new pokemon. I encountered Bellsprout and caught it. Nicknamed it LimpNoodle and headed back to the pokemon centre to heal up and save there.

;025; Powercut - Lvl 20

;030; Feminist - Lvl 21

;069; LimpNoodle - Lvl 12

;019; TopPercent - Lvl 13

I decided to train up LimpNoodle but unfortunately it got killed by a Spearow (silly me). I sadly released LimpNoodle and just went into Cerulean Gym. My PowerCut took on the trainers there with ease however when I faced Misty's Starmie, it got 1 hit K.O'ed by a critical hit Bubblebeam and that's when I knew I was in deep waters now (pun intended). Sent out Feminist and it didn't bode well as it was taking critical hit Tackles mostly. I used Potions in vain thinking that I could have a fighting chance but to no avail. Feminist also hit the bucket alongside with PowerCut.

;019; TopPercent - Lvl 13

;025; Powercut - Lvl 21

;030; Feminist - Lvl 21

;069; LimpNoodle - Lvl 12

It was a brief but fun experience trying out my first ever Nuzlocke challenge so therefore I'm doing it again. To be truthful I kind of cheated because I soft-resetted a couple of times in attempt to encounter a pokemon I wanted to capture so as punishment I've imposed myself extra rules. Also I was very unlucky in this play-through. New rules are bolded.

- No Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Charmander or any Psychic-type pokemon. This time no Pikachu.
- Battle style is now onto Set.
- No Rare Candies.
- No TM's allowed.
- No soft-resetting.
- Pokemon who can learn/use Psychic-type moves are allowed.
- Nicknaming all caught pokemon is still current except Pikachu. (Forgot to mention this first)

I will post my progress when I re-do this challenge again.

23rd March 2014, 11:00 AM
I've restarted my nuzlocke challenge and with the new rules applied.

Obtained Pikachu but deposited it.
Caught male Nidoran and nicknamed it Godzilla.
Went to Viridian Forest and caught Caterpie, nicknamed it Esperwing.
Evolved Caterpie to Butterfree.
Godzilla died to a critical hit Gust.
Caught Rattata and nicknamed it Jerry (a reference to Tom and Jerry).
Defeated Brock with Esperwing.
Beated the trainers along the way towards Mt.Moon.
Caught a Mankey and named it SonGoku (a reference to Naruto and DBZ).
Defeated the Rockets on my way out.
Headed to Cerulean City to heal and save there.
Encountered Scumbag (Gary) and defeated him.
Went up to the Nugget Bridge and challenged the trainers.
Jerry died to a critical hit Double Kick by a female Nidoran.
Beated the trainers along the way towards Bill's House.
Helped Bill out and obtained the ticket to S.S Anne.
Headed back to Cerulean City to heal and defeated the rocket outside the house Officer Jenny was.
Went towards the grass near the pokemon breeder's house and caught Jigglypuff. Nicknamed it Miku (reference to Vocaloid).
Trained up Miku to lvl19 and faced Misty.
Beated Misty and headed towards Vermilion City.
Defeated the trainers along the way towards Vermilion City to heal and save.

My team so far:
;012; Esperwing - Lvl22
;056; SonGoku - Lvl22
;039; Miku - Lvl20

;032; Godzilla - Lvl11
;019; Jerry - Lvl17

27th March 2014, 1:11 AM
Entered S.S Anne and defeated Scumbag (Gary) along with the rest of the trainers.
Obtained HM Cut
Decided to fight the trainers next to Diglett Cave.
SonGoku died to a critical hit ThunderShock from a Magneton.
Went to catch a Diglett in the cave and nicknamed it WhackAMole.
WhackAMole died to another Diglett. Had to catch a replacement to teach it Cut.
Went to face Lt.Surge with my Esperwing against Raichu. My Esperwing surprisingly survived Raichu's Thunderbolt with just 4HP left (Lucky).
Defeated Raichu with Sleep Powder and Miku.
Headed towards Diglett Cave and exited outside of it.
Obtained HM Flash from Prof.Oak's Aide. Taught Esperwing Flash.
Went back to Cerulean City and went east to cut the tree.
Caught female Nidoran and nicknamed it SheHulk.
Evolved SheHulk into Nidorina.
Defeated the trainers in that route and continued towards the pokemon centre where I healed and saved.
Got through Rock Tunnel and saved at Lavender Town.
Went east to reach Celadon City and healed and saved there.
Went east again to catch myself a Doduo. Nicknamed it Bipolar.
Obtained HM Fly and taught it to Bipolar.
Faced Celadon City's Gym with just Bipolar alone and single-handedly won.
Got Eevee and named it Spiky.
Bought a Thunderstone and evolved Spiky.
Went to Game Corner and defeated the Rockets.
Faced Giovanni but Spiky died to Persian by a critical hit Bite.
Obtained Silph Scope.
Saved and healed at Celadon City.

P.S: I'm really unlucky with critical hits :(

My team so far:
;012; Esperwing - Lvl31
;030; SheHulk - Lvl32
;039; Miku - Lvl31
;084; Bipolar - Lvl28
;050; TreeCutter - Lvl19

;032; Godzilla - Lvl11
;019; Jerry - Lvl17
;056; SonGoku - Lvl22
;050; WhackAMole - Lvl20
;135; Spiky - Lvl29

30th March 2014, 10:32 PM
I haven't touched that nuzlocke until today, so far got 1 gym badge and 1 death

5th April 2014, 5:23 PM
Headed towards Lavender Town to the Pokemon Tower now that I've got the Silph Scope.
Defeated the trainers there and battled Team Rocket.
Miku dies to Sludge from Team Rocket's Weezing.
Saved Mr Fuji and obtained the PokeFlute.
Went south from Lavender Town along the bridge to catch Snorlax.
Wasted Great Balls to get Snorlax so I killed it.
Went to Saffron City to fight the fighting dojo.
Bipolar evolves to Dodrio.
Picked Hitmonchan and named it Rocky (Rocky Balboa reference).
Went Celadon City and headed west for another attempt to catch a Snorlax.
This time I was successful and named it Homer (Simpsons reference).
Headed to Cycling Road and defeated the trainers there.
Decided to evolve SheHulk at Fuchsia City with a Moon Stone.
Entered the gym to defeat Koga.
Went to the Safari Zone to get Surf HM and the golden teeth.
Delivered golden teeth to the warden and obtained Strength HM.
Taught SheHulk both Surf and Strength due to bad movepool.
Caught an Oddish, nicknamed it Cannabis and evolved it into Gloom.
Went to Cinnabar Island to train at the Mansion.
Cannabis died to a Rattata.
Decided to head back to Fuchsia City and headed east.
Traveled into another route and caught myself a Bellsprout. Nicknamed it Stir-Fry.
Evolved Stir-Fry into Weepinbell and taught it Cut.
Headed back to Fuchsia City to heal and save.


Trained Stir-Fry at Silph Co HQ by fighting Team Rocket.
Encountered Gary but Stir-Fry died by Kadabra.
Received Lapras afterwards and named it MineTurtle (a reference to asdf movies).
Trained MineTurtle at Diglett's Cave and surfed to Cinnabar Island.
Went to the Pokemon Mansion to obtain the Secret Key.
Got into Cinnabar Island Gym and fought against Blaine.
SheHulk died to Blaine's Arcanine.
Flew to Saffron City to heal and save there.
Went to Celadon City Game Corner to buy a Vulpix which is nicknamed Kurama (Naruto reference).
Trained Vulpix but it died to a critical hit Acid by Weepinbell.
Went to Cinnbar Island and decided to revive Kabuto, nicknamed it Selfish (pun intended).
Deposited Selfish as a back-up pokemon.
After thinking of another route where I didn't catch pokemon, I headed to Pallet Town and surfed south to the grassy area.
Decided to catch Rattata again and nicknamed it RodentKing and training it at the moment. Also deciding not to evolve it until it learns all the moves it can.
Tried my hardest to keep RodentKing alive but it died while training in the route near Fuchsia City.
Went towards the Power Plant to catch a pokemon and got Grimer. Nicknamed it Flubber.
Trained Flubber at the Pokemon Mansion but it died.
I got myself the good rod and went fishing in Cerulean City and caught myself a Poliwag which I nicknamed it Poliswag.
Afterwards, I went back to Saffron City and fought against Sabrina.
My Homer got killed by a critical hit Physic from an Alakazam.
Decided to catch myself another pokemon from the Seafoam Islands.
Got myself a Zubat and named it BatMan.
I evolved it into Golbat.
Found Articuno and killed it.
Went back to Cinnbar Island and train BatMan.
BatMan died to a Raticate due to a critical hit Quick Attack.
Fished for a Magikarp in Viridian City and trained it. Nicknamed it Kraken.
Evolved it to Gyarados but it died to a Raticate.
Headed to Viridian City and fought against Giovanni.
Made my way towards west of Viridian City and beated Gary.
Got towards the Victory Road entrance and caught a Mankey and a Geodude.
Nicknamed Mankey SonGohan and Geodude as RockMan (a reference to MegaMan's name in Japan).
Evolved RockMan into Graveler.
Trained SonGohan at the Pokemon Mansion but died to a critical hit Hyper Fang from a Raticate (I hate those Raticates).
Withdrew Selfish.

Trained Selfish and RockMan til Lvl45. Selfish evolved at 40 whereas RockMan evolved at the next level.
Headed towards the Pokemon League.
Trained my pokemon near the entrance of Victory Road til Lvl50.
Got through Victory Road and defeated Moltres.
Evolved Poliswag into Poliwrath with a Water Stone I bought earlier.
Healed and saved at the Pokemon League.
Went inside and defeated Lorelei with the help of Esperwing's Sleep Powder and Rocky's Thunderpunch.
Defeated Bruno with Bipolar's Drill Peck.
Beated Agatha with Eperwing's Psybeam and Sleep Powder.
Bested Lance with Esperwing's Sleep Powder, Selfish's Slash and Rocky's Thunder and Ice Punch.
Defeated Scumbag at last which made me Pokemon Champ.
Afterwards I headed to Cerulean City and surfed towards the cave.
Went inside and finally found Mewtwo.
Fought Mewtwo with Esperwing's Sleep Powder and then spammed FLash to prevent Mewtwo from One-Hit K.O Psychic move.
Switched to Selfish and spammed Slash which defeated Mewtwo.

My team so far:
;012; Esperwing - Lvl53
;084; Bipolar - Lvl53
;107; Rocky - Lvl53
;062; Poliswag - Lvl53
;141; Selfish - Lvl54
;075; RockMan - Lvl53

;032; Godzilla - Lvl11
;019; Jerry - Lvl17
;056; SonGoku - Lvl22
;050; WhackAMole - Lvl20
;135; Spiky - Lvl29
;039; Miku - Lvl31
;044; Cannabis - Lvl28
;070; Stir-Fry - Lvl38
;031; SheHulk - Lvl40
;037; Kurama - Lvl23
;019; RodentKing - Lvl28
;088; Flubber - Lvl27
;143; Homer - Lvl43
;042; BatMan - Lvl38
;131; MineTurtle - Lvl45
;130; Kraken - Lvl25
;056; SonGohan - Lvl36

;050; TreeCutter - Lvl19

This was a very hard challenge considering how unlucky I am with critical hits. Despite the frustration of constantly changing your pokemon due to deaths, I found it interesting.

29th July 2014, 7:06 PM
I decided to do a Pokemon Gold Nuzlocke yesterday, and this is how it turned out.

1. If a pokemon faints, it is dead and must be permaboxed.
2. Can only catch the first encounter in a route/city/etc...
3. Must nickname all pokemon.

Dupes clause: If I encounter a pokemon that is the same species as a pokemon I have, I can skip it.
Shiny clause: If I encounter a shiny, I can catch and use it.

-I choose Aqua the Totodile.
-I easily beat Silver, Aqua only lost like 4 HP.
-Caught Sara the Hoothoot, as well as Neo the Geodude and Violet the Spinarak.
-Trained everyone up to Level 10.
-Caught Allie the Gastly.
-Wiped out all trainers in Sprout Tower.
-Trained Neo up a little to learn rock throw.
-Beat Falkner.
-Got an egg. Put the egg in the PC.
-Caught Walnut the Wooper.
-Caught Fluffy the Mareep.
-Sara died to a Spearow.
-Caught Knuckles the Sandshrew.
-Survived through Union Cave.
-Got to Azalea town. Stocked up on potions and pokeballs.
-Completely pwned Team Rocket in Slowpoke well.
-Beat Bugsy.

This is what happened yesterday, and I'm about to post what happens for today.

Aqua the Totodile
Neo the Geodude
Fluffy the Mareep
Violet the Spinarak
Knuckles the Sandshrew
Allie the Gastly

Walnut the Wooper
Spaghetti the Bellsprout

Sara the Hoothoot

Johto Badges: 2
Kanto Badges: 0

29th July 2014, 9:19 PM
:( I accidentally deleted my post.

Summary: I got through Ilex forest. I caught an abra, and named it Nikolai. During training, Allie died.
I caught Blades the Pinsir, and trained everyone up. Nikolai and Fluffy evolved. I beat Whitney with a few scares, but no deaths.
I got to Ecruteak, returned, and got Zach the Eevee.
I decided to train everyone up.
Fluffy and Neo evolved.
I went to Morty's gym, and Aqua nommed through the entire gym, and even nommed Morty's gastly and first Haunter. But Gengar injured Aqua, and so I sent Fluffy out.
Fluffy paralyzed Gengar, but Gengar made short work of Fluffy. Fluffy died. Probably my most favorite team member died.
I sent Nikolai out, expecting Nikolai to one shot Gengar with psybeam. Boy was I wrong. Gengar got the first turn, and 1HKOed Nikolai. Two powerful pokemon. Gone in two turns.
I sent Violet the Ariados out, and she avenged them both. She also (re)killed Haunter.
And that is the end of this upload.

Aqua the Croconaw
Violet the Ariados
Zach the Eevee
Neo the Graveler

Walnut the Wooper
Spaghetti the Bellsprout

Sara the Hoothoot
Knuckles the Sandshrew
Allie the Gastly
Nikolai the Kadabra
Fluffy the Flaaffy

That was rather dramatic.

Here's my team right after Morty:

29th July 2014, 11:51 PM
Ok here's my third update.

-I took Spaghetti out of the PC and put him in the Daycare.
-I returned to Ecruteak and I went to the Burnt Tower.
-I was challenged by Silver.
-Silver's Haunter was nommed by Aqua, as well as Magnemite being beaten by Neo. Violet pwned Bayleef and Zubat.
-I also caught Smokey the Koffing
-West of Ecruteak city, I caught Tengam the Magnemite.
-With a little hard work, I got Aqua to evolve into Feraligatr!
-So I got to Olivine city, and went into the Lighthouse.
-Jasmine asked me for my help, so I started off for Cianwood.
-A few seconds after getting in the water, I encountered a Tentacruel, but I didn't catch it.
-I got the medicine, but on the way back, Tengam died from a trainer's staryu.
-I returned to Cianwood, and swept through the gym.
-I challenged Chuck, he sent out Primeape, and I sent out Aqua.
-Aqua dominated the battle, but was injured by Poliwrath.
-I sent out Violet, and she quickly killed Poliwrath.
-Then I went back to Olivine city.
-On the way back, Schoolkid Alan game me a call. He found a fire stone!
-I went to him, and he gave me it. I used it to evolve Zach into a Flareon.
-Then I trained him up a little, and went to go see Spaghetti.
-Spaghetti was level 21, but the daycare man made him forget vine whip. His only attack move. Gone.
-spaghetti was boxed.
-Of course my new Flareon didn't learn any fire type moves while a bit of training, so he was of no use to me during the battle with Jasmine.
-Neo took down both of the magnemites. Then Aqua surprisingly OHKOed Steelix with surf.
-Easiest gym battle ever.

Well, I usually end my update here, but since this one was short, I'll continue for another badge or two.

-On the way to (VIRIDIAN CITY!) Mahogany town, I caught Steve the Mankey.
-I got to Mahogany Town, then went up. I caught Giraphi the (I misspelled it) Girafarig.
-Above Mahogany, I battled the Red Gyarados. After that, I talked to Lance. I decided to help him in his quest.
-I went in the Rocket Base, and searched around a bit.

30th July 2014, 8:26 PM
Well since my previous Gen 1 Nuzlocke flopped hard, I've started a new one on Red. I started out after naming my character and I went downstairs and then I explored Pallet Town a bit. I was going to enter the tall grass on Route 1, but Professor Oak arrived and stopped me. I was taken to his lab and I was supposed to choose my Starter Pokemon that would help me with my journey. I chose Squirtle and nicknamed it Randy, then my rival chose Bulbasaur. We had a short battle after we made our selections and I won. My rival left and I headed north to Route 1. I battled some wild Rattata and Pidgey as I headed north and I arrived in Viridian City. I healed at the local Pokemon Center and I went to the Poke Mart.

;007; - Randy Lv. 7

19th August 2014, 11:02 PM
Hope you don't mind me sharing this but a few weeks ago I started up a Pokemon Crystal Nuzlocke run and I finally got to Whitney and her Miltank. Super feared.

Would love it if you's could check it out 8D

Part 9 - Whitneys Red Wedding (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VVyel3I2Ok0&index=9)

Pokemon Crystal Nulzocke Playlist (https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLnF5qOj1D47J-2ABspB3YQ1r4GUKrxzT7)

19th August 2014, 11:36 PM
So I visited the Poke Mart and picked up Oak's Parcel. I then headed back to Pallet Town to deliver it and then I was able to make my way north again to start my journey with my own Poke Balls. I healed Randy after it battled against some wild Pokemon at Route 1. I spent some time training Randy against other wild Pokemon at Route 1 some more, then I headed back north to Viridian City and I made my way towards the Viridian Forest. I captured a wild Pidgey at Route 2 and named it Chips and then I entered the forest's interior. I battled against some wild Bug-type Pokemon and then I battled against a Bugcatcher-class trainer. It was a tough battle, but I made it out of it with all my Pokemon still whole and healthy.

;007; - Randy Lv. 9
;016; - Chips Lv. 6

Yagami Kyo
20th January 2016, 12:14 PM
So for the 20th anniversary I started getting into the whole Nuzlocke stuff, and I started playing a Red Nuzlocke. Basic rules + dupes. While it has been easy until the second gym, which I destroyed, the SS Anne had a rival with a Gyarados waiting for me. The first two loses of the game happened against it, due to me not following guides and not being prepared with a good electric type. Cu Sith the Nidoking and Horus the Pidgeotto perished against that Gyarados.

Looking for new Pokémon to exchange for my team, I took a good Growlithe that I had on my PC...before realizing that Arcanine doesn't learn new moves after evolving on Gen 1. Imagine my surprise. I ended up with Sparky the Jolteon and Bruce Lee the Hitmonlee, and hopefully I'll manage form now on. The third gym won't be much of a problem with the Golem I have

2nd August 2016, 1:05 AM
Nearing the end of my first Nuzlocke on Pokemon Yellow. Normal rules; I also outlawed duplicates and Pokemon given by NPCs with the exception of my starter. Caves and buildings are all 1 area, in-game trades can only be made if the Pokemon being sent was legitimately caught. If the whole team faints it's game over. Legendary Pokemon must be encountered and, unless they're the first encountered in the area, must be killed. Pikachu made it to Vermillion and unfortunately shuffled off this mortal coil against Lt. Surge. I also lost a Mankey and a Clefairy at Mt. Moon, a Staryu outside Fuschia, a Gloom outside Vermillion, and a Magnemite in Rock Tunnel. The Lv 58 team that's about to tackle the Elite Four is:

Pidgeot (Jitto) - caught on Route 2 at level 2. Fly, Double-Edge, Mimic, Agility
Nidoking (Nino) - caught on Route 22 at level 4. Thrash, Earthquake, Thunder, Toxic.
Gyarados (Cthulhu) - caught in Vermillion City at level 5. Surf, Thunderbolt, Blizzard, Hydro Pump.
Haunter (Casper) - caught in the Pokemon Tower at level 17. Psychic, Mega Drain, Confuse Ray, Hypnosis.
Snorlax (Buddha) - caught outside Celadon at level 30. Body Slam, Ice Beam, Rest, Amnesia.
Poliwrath (Lil' Bo) - caught outside Fuschia at level 15. Surf, Submission, Amnesia, Body Slam.

2nd August 2016, 9:23 AM
Tôi lŕm theo cách của měnh thông qua Mt. Mặt trăng. Các Raticate dưới chững thuộc sở hữu của một tęn lửa có một Hit phę phán với Hyper Fang, giết Sonic, nâng tổng số lỗ trong Mt. Moon tới bốn. Tôi đă lŕm ra nó không có thiệt hại hơn nữa. Mở Lộ 4, tôi bắt gặp một Sandshrew, mŕ tôi đặt tęn Slash. Như tôi đă được mŕi, tôi đă đánh giá sai sức mạnh của một Spearow, vŕ Slash chết

17th August 2016, 2:00 PM
Gen I has been on my mind a lot lately, largely thanks to PoGo, so I decided to start a Nuzlocke on the VC release of Red…and I just earned my first Badge. Huzzah!

I wanted to save my trusted starter Lush Life (Bulbasaur) as a secret weapon for my match against rock-solid Pewter City Gym Leader Brock, so I decided to let Vermin (Rattata) test out its newly-learned "Hyper Fang" first. Although the ineffective move managed to inflict a decent amount of damage on Brock’s Geodude after two "Tail Whip"s, Geodude’s "Tackle" hit hard enough that I was forced to make a substitution.

Lush Life’s overwhelming advantage as a part-Grass-type made the rest of the match a walk in the park. Brock’s Geodude fell to a single "Vine Whip" strike, and his ace, Onix, succumbed to a combination of "Leech Seed" and "Vine Whip" before it had a chance to unleash the energy stored by "Bide." With my shiny new Boulder Badge in hand, I’m off to traverse Mt. Moon, en route to Cerulean City: site of my second Gym challenge.


1.) I must catch the first Pokémon that I encounter in each Route/Area and no others.
1a.) Duplicates Clause: I can only catch one member from each evolutionary family. If a Pokémon faints, I cannot catch another member from the same evolutionary family in any future Routes/Areas.
2.) I must nickname every Pokémon that I catch/receive.
3.) I must release every Pokémon that faints.
4.) I can catch Legendaries, but never use them in battle.
5.) I can accept gift Pokémon and use them in battle, if they are the first and only Pokémon that I obtain in that location.
6.) I cannot use any healing items during battles (against Trainers or wild Pokémon.)
7.) In Gym/Rival/E4/Champion battles, I can only use the same number of Pokémon as the Gym Leader/Rival/E4/Champion.
8.) Battles must always be set to "Set", not "Shift."

25th August 2016, 8:00 PM
I just earned my second Gym Badge in my Red Nuzlocke. Huzzah!

Prior to my Cerulean City Gym challenge, I decided to visit world-renowned PokéManiac Bill, and had the unfortunate luck of running into Blue as I made my way up Route 24 to Bill's seaside cottage. Even though my new pal Chanteuse (Jigglypuff) thoroughly whupped most of Blue's team with "Mega Punch" (which I taught it using a TM I found in Mt. Moon), he remained as cocky and condescending as ever, so I'm hoping we don't bump into each other again anytime soon. **Fingers crossed**

For my Cerulean Gym match, I lead off with Pierce (Beedrill), since I knew that its newly-aquired "Twineedle" would be super-effective against Gym Leader Misty's part-Psychic-type ace: Starmie. Even though it's a pure-Water Pokémon, Misty's first choice, Staryu, fell to two “Twineedle” jabs. In fact, Pierce emerged from this scuffle without sustaining any damage at all, since Misty wasted her only turn trying to buff-up Staryu with an X Defend.

Misty's Starmie proved to be faster than I expected, however, and depleted more than half of Pierce's health with a single "Bubblebeam" blast. After Starmie withstood Pierce's retaliatory "Twineedle", it was clear that Pierce wouldn't survive another "Bubblebeam", so I brought out Lush Life (Bulbasaur) while Misty utilized another X Defend. Starmie continued to display its impressive bulk by withstanding a "Vine Whip" strike as it launched into a series of spinning "Tackle" attacks. I instructed Lush Life to fire off "Leech Seed" to help restore its health in case this battle dragged on, but it managed to quickly drain the remainder of Starmie's energy. Now I'm off to Vermilion City to make use of that S.S. Anne ticket I received from Bill and hopefully earn myself another Badge.


Mars (Nidoran-M) is still alive and well, but because I've travelled with another Nidoran-M during a previous Gen I Nuzlocke journey, I decided to leave it with Professor Oak for now.

Mars {Nidoran-M}
- Route 22
Nosferatu {Zubat}
- Mt. Moon
Flonase {Oddish}
- Route 25
1.) I must catch the first Pokémon that I encounter in each Route/Area and no others.
1a.) Duplicates Clause: I can only catch one member from each evolutionary family. If a Pokémon faints, I cannot catch another member from the same evolutionary family in any future Routes/Areas.
2.) I must nickname every Pokémon that I catch/receive.
3.) I must release every Pokémon that faints.
4.) I can catch Legendaries, but never use them in battle.
5.) I can accept gift Pokémon and use them in battle, if they are the first and only Pokémon that I obtain in that location.
6.) I cannot use any healing items during battles (against Trainers or wild Pokémon.)
7.) In Gym/Rival/E4/Champion battles, I can only use the same number of Pokémon as the Gym Leader/Rival/E4/Champion.
8.) Battles must always be set to "Set", not "Shift."

5th September 2016, 2:30 AM
I just earned my third Gym Badge in my Red Nuzlocke. Huzzah!

Although exploring the S.S. Anne was a fascinating experience for the most part, during which both Lush Life (Ivysaur) and Vermin (Raticate) evolved, I unexpectedly crossed paths with Blue once again while aboard the luxury liner. Vermin chewed through his entire team thanks to the enhanced speed and power it gained from evolving; however, Blue's sense of superiority didn't dissipate in the slightest, even after another resounding defeat. Maybe someday he'll actually learn something from these losses…

After solving Vermilion City Gym Leader Lt. Surge's aggravating security puzzle, I started our match with Hissy Fit (Ekans) to test out its recently-learned "Glare." Pairing it with "Wrap" made for a very effective combination, defusing Surge's Voltorb before it could damage Hissy Fit at all. "Glare" successfully paralyzed his Pikachu as well, but the little Electric rodent fought through the status condition and zapped Hissy Fit with a "Thundershock" jolt whenever it freed itself from "Wrap."

Hissy Fit ultimately won this second match-up, but after seeing how much damage it took from Pikachu's "Thundershock", I knew it wouldn't survive a "Thunderbolt" from Surge's ace: Raichu. This felt like the perfect time to unleash my newly-caught secret weapon: Whack (Diglett.) Shockingly, Surge only taught his Raichu Electric-type and status moves, so it was unable to harm Ground-type Whack whatsoever. With a super-effective "Dig" and a couple of "Scratch" attacks (for variety’s sake), Whack easily eliminated Surge's star solider.


Tempest (Pidgey) is still alive and well – I just had to choose someone to send to Professor Oak to make room on my team for Whack. Now that I've emerged victorious over Surge's Electric-type army, I plan to have Tempest re-join my travelling team as I venture onward toward Lavender Town, where I can supposedly acquire a Poké Flute to awaken the slumbering Snorlax on Route 12.

Mars {Nidoran-M}
- Route 22
Tempest {Pidgey}
- Route 2
Nosferatu {Zubat}
- Mt. Moon
Flonase {Oddish}
- Route 25
Barrel {Mankey}
- Route 5
Neptune {Magikarp}
- Route 6
Mesmer {Drowzee}
- Route 11
1.) I must catch the first Pokémon that I encounter in each Route/Area and no others.
1a.) Duplicates Clause: I can only catch one member from each evolutionary family. If a Pokémon faints, I cannot catch another member from the same evolutionary family in any future Routes/Areas.
2.) I must nickname every Pokémon that I catch/receive.
3.) I must release every Pokémon that faints.
4.) I can catch Legendaries, but never use them in battle.
5.) I can accept gift Pokémon and use them in battle, if they are the first and only Pokémon that I obtain in that location.
6.) I cannot use any healing items during battles (against Trainers or wild Pokémon.)
7.) In Gym/Rival/E4/Champion battles, I can only use the same number of Pokémon as the Gym Leader/Rival/E4/Champion.
8.) Battles must always be set to "Set", not "Shift."

15th September 2016, 9:15 PM
I just earned my fourth Gym Badge in my Red Nuzlocke. Huzzah!

In a tragic (albeit somewhat fitting) turn of fate, I lost my first teammate of this Nuzlocke journey in Lavender Town's Pokémon Tower…at the hands of none other than Blue. Someone at the Volunteer Pokémon House told me that I might find Poké Flute-owner Mr. Fuji at this renowned burial site, but I only managed to stumble across my insufferable rival instead. Our match started out as smoothly as usual, thanks to Scavenger (Spearow) easily clipping his Pidgeotto's wings with "Fury Attack" and cracking his Exeggcute with "Peck." That's when Blue decided to unveil another new addition to his team: Gyarados. Although I was definitely intimidated by the imposing foe, I figured that a low-level Gyarados like his would probably only know "Bite" or possibly "Thrash", so I recalled Scavenger and sent out Rugged (Geodude) to withstand these Normal-type moves. My assumption proved to be a fatal error, however, as Blue immediately commanded his Gyarados to unleash "Hydro Pump" and instantly sent Rugged to a watery grave. Vermin (Raticate) successfully subdued the sea serpent, as well as Blue's last two Pokémon, with a "Hyper Fang" + "Quick Attack" combo...but I was far too devastated to reap any satisfaction from this victory. Rugged hadn't been travelling with me for very long, but it was an indispensable resource during my trek through Rock Tunnel (especially when it came to sponging "Selfdestruct" blasts from random Trainers' Geodude and Graveler.) RIP.

Unable to progress any further up Pokémon Tower due to some unidentifiable obstruction, I decided to challenge the Gym in nearby Celadon City. I started my match against nature-loving princess Erika by having Scavenger (Spearow) raise its evasion with "Double Team", which I'd taught it using a TM from the Celadon Department Store. Despite Scavenger's enhanced ability to dodge, Erika's Victreebel managed to ensnare and immobilize it with a critical-hit "Wrap." As soon as it was free from Victreebel's viney grip, Scavenger pummeled the pitcher plant with successive "Drill Peck" stabs. Erika's second choice, Tangela, also utilized its vines to ensnare Scavenger with "Bind"; however, also like Victreebel, Tangela fell to two "Drill Peck" jabs. Since Scavenger was barely hanging on when Erika's ace, Vileplume, made its grand entrance, I decided to bring in Pierce (Beedrill) to take advantage of Vileplume's massive Bug-type weakness. After raising Pierce's evasion with "Double Team", which caused Vileplume’s "Absorb" to miss its mark, it only took one round of "Twineedle" prods to secure my fourth Gym victory. To make this triumph even sweeter, the experience that Scavenger gained from defeating two of Erika's Pokémon enabled it to evolve immediately after the match. Now I'm off to enjoy a little recreation time at those dangerously addictive Rocket Game Corner slots…


Vermin (Ratciate) and Tempest (Pidgey) are both still alive and well - I've just decided to keep them with Professor Oak in order to travel with Pokémon species that I’ve never used during any Nuzlocke journey before; specifically, Scavenger (Fearow) and Pyro (Flareon.)

Vermin {Raticate}
- Route 1
Mars {Nidoran-M}
- Route 22
Tempest {Pidgey}
- Route 2
Nosferatu {Zubat}
- Mt. Moon
Flonase {Oddish}
- Route 25
Barrel {Mankey}
- Route 5
Neptune {Magikarp}
- Route 6
Mesmer {Drowzee}
- Route 11
Shrapnel {Voltorb}
- Route 10
Rover {Growlithe}
- Route 8
Rugged {Geodude}
- Rock Tunnel
- Fell to Blue's Gyarados at Pokémon Tower
1.) I must catch the first Pokémon that I encounter in each Route/Area and no others.
1a.) Duplicates Clause: I can only catch one member from each evolutionary family. If a Pokémon faints, I cannot catch another member from the same evolutionary family in any future Routes/Areas.
2.) I must nickname every Pokémon that I catch/receive.
3.) I must release every Pokémon that faints.
4.) I can catch Legendaries, but never use them in battle.
5.) I can accept gift Pokémon and use them in battle, if they are the first and only Pokémon that I obtain in that location.
6.) I cannot use any healing items during battles (against Trainers or wild Pokémon.)
7.) In Gym/Rival/E4/Champion battles, I can only use the same number of Pokémon as the Gym Leader/Rival/E4/Champion.
8.) Battles must always be set to "Set", not "Shift."

23rd September 2016, 9:00 PM
I just earned my fifth Gym Badge in my Red Nuzlocke. Huzzah!

I haven't seen Blue since our lethal encounter at Pokémon Tower, but I've found myself entangled with a different nuisance lately: Team Rocket. I accidentally stumbled across their Celadon City Hideout beneath the Rocket Game Corner and came face-to-face with the top Team Rocket Boss: Giovanni. Fortunately, the combined efforts of Hissy Fit (Arbok), Lush Life (Ivysaur), and Scavenger (Fearow) were enough to subdue his Pokémon roster. Since I found a Silph Scope at the Hideout, I returned to Lavender Town to seek out Mr. Fuji once again, and ran into even more Team Rocket Grunts causing trouble at Pokémon Tower. As a token of gratitude for everything that I endured to locate him, Mr. Fuji gave me his Poké Flute, which allowed me to finally awaken the Snorlax on Route 12 and continue further south to Fuchsia City.

Fuchsia City Gym Leader Koga often boasts of his prowess with inflicting status conditions during battle, but it was actually I who managed to paralyze his Koffing with Chanteuse's (Wigglytuff's) "Body Slam" during the very first round of our match. In fact, "Body Slam" successfully vanquished both of Koga's Koffing, as well as his Muk. When his Weezing appeared on the field, I had Chanteuse inflict a different status condition: sleep, courtesy of "Sing." Since Weezing was slumbering, I decided to let my newest companion, Freestyle (Poliwag), get its first taste of a Gym battle; however, Weezing sprung awake on the very next turn. I didn't think Freestyle was quite ready for head-to-head combat against a Gym Leader's ace, so I swapped in Pierce (Beedrill), who could do serious damage to Koga's Poison-type with either "Twineedle" or "Pin Missile. " Much to my surprise (and horror), Koga instructed Weezing to use "Selfdestruct", thus ensuring that our match ended with at least one fatality on my side. Pierce had joined my team as a Weedle way back in Viridian Forest...before I even had a single Gym Badge...and its final sacrifice allowed me to earn my fifth. RIP.


Hissy Fit (Arbok) is still alive and well – I just decided to keep it with Oak to reduce my travelling team's Poison-heavy bias and free up space for newcomer Freestyle. Granted, now that a slot has opened due to Pierce's tragic demise, I'll probably bring Hissy Fit right back again.

Vermin {Raticate}
- Route 1
Mars {Nidoran-M}
- Route 22
Tempest {Pidgey}
- Route 2
Nosferatu {Zubat}
- Mt. Moon
Hissy Fit {Arbok}
- Route 4
Flonase {Oddish}
- Route 25
Barrel {Mankey}
- Route 5
Neptune {Magikarp}
- Route 6
Mesmer {Drowzee}
- Route 11
Shrapnel {Voltorb}
- Route 10
Rover {Growlithe}
- Route 8
Macabre {Gastly}
- Pokémon Tower
Comatose {Snorlax}
- Route 12
Clipper {Krabby}
- Route 13
Clinch {Shellder}
- Vermilion City
Imite {Ditto}
- Route 14
Radar {Venonat}
- Route 15
Matriarch {Kangaskhan}
- Safari Zone
Rugged {Geodude}
- Rock Tunnel
- Fell to Blue's Gyarados at Pokémon Tower
Pierce {Beedrill}
- Viridian Forest
- Fell to Koga's Weezing at Fuchsia Gym
1.) I must catch the first Pokémon that I encounter in each Route/Area and no others.
1a.) Duplicates Clause: I can only catch one member from each evolutionary family. If a Pokémon faints, I cannot catch another member from the same evolutionary family in any future Routes/Areas.
2.) I must nickname every Pokémon that I catch/receive.
3.) I must release every Pokémon that faints.
4.) I can catch Legendaries, but never use them in battle.
5.) I can accept gift Pokémon and use them in battle, if they are the first and only Pokémon that I obtain in that location.
6.) I cannot use any healing items during battles (against Trainers or wild Pokémon.)
7.) In Gym/Rival/E4/Champion battles, I can only use the same number of Pokémon as the Gym Leader/Rival/E4/Champion.
8.) Battles must always be set to "Set", not "Shift."