View Full Version : RBY - Team Oldschool v2

1st May 2011, 7:10 AM
Hey everyone. Here's a team I used in round 1 of Pokemon Stadium 1

Dugtrio "Wacka"
~Rock Slide
Substitute is a buffer and scouts for certain moves. You know what the rest does!

Jolteon "Stleo"
~Thunder Wave
~Pin Missile
Pin Missile for Exeggutor mainly. Agility to counter being paralyzed.

Exeggutor "Thor"
~Mega Drain
~Stun Spore
Double-Edge so other Exeggutor and some other things don't wall me!

Starmie "Ninji"
~Ice Beam
Has the longentivity to take advantage of Mimic. Just don't you dare bring in Arcanine or I will smack you!

Gengar "Dopplganger"
~Confuse Ray
Hi Chansey.

Tauros "Mjollnir"
~Body Slam
Thunderbolt deals with Cloyster, and so does Substitute. Never really liked Thunderbolt on it though.

I don't plan on changing this team, but if I get really bored to make a future team, I'd like to learn any weaknesses I haven't noticed on this team.