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Glacial Mirror
8th May 2011, 2:29 AM
So my first trade shop attempt. To offer pm me please.

Qwilfish (lvl 82) BRAVE
Golbat (lvl 32) BASHFUL UT

Lugia (lvl 45) MODEST UT
Entei (lvl 40) MODEST UT
Regice (lvl 40) BOLD UT
Groudon (lvl 50) NAUGHTY
Heatran (lvl 78) MODEST (I have several Heatran of various natures most are UT)

SPR2010 Pichu (lvl 30) JOLLY
SMR2010 Jirachi (lvl 73) MODEST
WIN2011 Celebi (lvl 50) GENTLE UT
WIN2011 Entei (lvl 30) ADAMANT UT
WIN2011 Suicune (lvl 30) RELAXED UT

I can catch almost every legendary atm, I just haven't caught most of them, if you need a specific legendary just let me know and prefered nature, I'll do my best to obtain it. (Nature not garunteed)