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Glacial Mirror
8th May 2011, 7:00 PM
So my first attempt at a shop, so bare with me.

I only have a little to offer atm, but I have yet to catch most of the legendaries in SS, so if you are looking for Mewto, Moltres, Zapdos, Latios, or Ho-oh let me know, I will Soft Reset for Natures, but not for Shinies. I have can get Legendaries from Fire Red/Emerald/Pearl/Platinum.

So what I have to offer Right now.

Qwilfish Brave (poorly ev trained)
Golbat Bashful UT

Lugia Modest UT
Entei Modest UT
Regice Bold UT
Registeel Impish Ev Trained (Def, Spe.Def lvl 100)
Groudon Naughty Slightly Touched, Still lvl 50

And as stated as above I can catch others, I also have acsess to Emerald/Fire Red/Pearl/SS so just inquired if you want something else.

Gamestop Deoyxs Relaxed UT
Gamestop Suicune Relaxed x2 (Same as WIN2011) UT
WIN2011 Celebi UT
WIN2011 Entei Adamant UT
SUM2010 Jirachi Modest (Draco Meteor)
SPR2010 Pichu Jolly Slightly Touched

Smeargle Ice Punch/Fake out
Sneasel Ice Punch/Fake out
Croagunk Vacuum Wave
Riachu/Pichu Volt Tackle/Thunder punch

I'm looking for anything shiny especially:
Shiny Cerubi UT Modest prefered
Shint Lugia UT Modest if possible
Shiny Cleffa UT Adamant prefered (Magic Guard)
Shiny Staryu UT Modest
Shiny Chansey UT
Regice Modest UT
Cresselia Modest UT (Normal or Shiny)
Charmander Adamant UT Flare Blitz
Moltres Modest UT
Jirachi Adamant UT

Please Message me Via PM or here, it will make it easier to contact you directly and let you know of progress.

Glacial Mirror
19th July 2011, 6:44 AM
Sorry to everyone's inconvience, I currently have no wifi connection for my DSi, also with my recent obtaining of Black, Ive been kept busy regardless.

So.... Shop is currently closed until further notice...