View Full Version : Rate my sp deck

11th May 2011, 3:16 AM
3 luxray gl
1 luxray gl lv x
4 weavile g
2 electivire fb
1 electivire fb lv x
1 dialga g
1 dialga g lv x
2 skuntank g
2 toxicroak g
1 quagsire gl
2 garchomp c
1 garchomp c lv x
4 cyrus' conspiracy
4 aarons appointment
3 berthas kindness
4 power spray
4 energy gain
2 poketurn
2 galactic hq
1 lake boundary
4 sp radar
4 double colorless energy
3 electric energy
2 metal energy
1 dark energy
1 psychic energy

13th May 2011, 9:41 AM
To be entirely honest, this just looks like a bunch of random fan fav cards stuffed into a deck, no real sp engine and no real pokemon to back it up, one of my many reasons Why 3 Berthas when you're running garchomp? Why? you just poketurn if they powerspray, you play dgx for trainer lock, easy. 3 berthas is a waste.