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18th May 2011, 1:46 AM
This is my first deck I'm building from scratch, so... ya. This deck is Modified format.

Yanmega [Prime] (HS T, 98/102) x1
Yanma (Pt SV, 88/147) x2
Yanma (Pt SV, SH9) x1 (^No difference, really. Just looks cool!)
Yanmega E4 (Pt RR, 37/111) x1
Beedrill G (Pt A, 53/99) x1
Ursaring [Prime] (HS Ul, 89/95) x1
Teddiursa (HS Ul, 65/95) x3
Bouffalant (BW, 190/114) x1

Trainers, Stadiums, Tools, ect.:

Snowpoint Temple [Stadium] (DP LA, 134/146) x1
Burned Tower [Stadium] (HS Ud, 71/90) x1
Pokémon Rescue (Pt, 115/127) x3
Switch (BW, 104/114) x2
Energy Search (BW, 93/114) x2
Prof. Juniper (BW, 101/114) x1
Potion (BW, 100/114) x3
Fisherman (HGSS, 92/123) x2
Copycat (HGSS, 90/123) x3
Bill (HGSS, 89/123) x2
Memory Berry (Pt, 110/127) x2
Judge (HS Ul, 78/95) x4


Rainbow Energy (HGSS, 104/123) x4
SP Energy (Pt RR, 101/111) x1
Double Colorless Energy (HGSS, 103/123) x3
Call Energy (DP MD, 92/100) x1
Grass Energy (DP MD+) x14

Pretty much running Yanmega Prime & Ursaring Prime w/ some other basic Pokémon to back 'em. The reason I chose 2 Pokémon SP's as back up is because they're some of the only good basic Pokémon that don't require loads of energy per move. I'm kinda feeling like I need more Pokémon it my deck, IDK. So ya, if you see mistakes or wanna help me make it better, please comment. Again, this is my first deck. Thank you!

edit: I took out 1 Snowpoint Temple and replaced it w/ Burned Tower. I find it more useful than 2 Snowpoint Temples.

18th May 2011, 4:28 AM
suggestion, 4 copycat and 4 judge.

18th May 2011, 9:35 PM
suggestion, 4 copycat and 4 judge.

Why judge? I'm not seeing that as much help. Could you explain? It seems like it's pretty much the same as Prof. Juniper...

19th May 2011, 5:21 AM
for yanmega prime's (power) ability ask's for even hands, both have 4 in each hand, its the same as using copycat.

19th May 2011, 9:29 PM
^Oh, I see now. Thanks!