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18th May 2011, 6:13 AM
3 skarmory fb
2 smeargle SW
1 uxie
1 azelf
1-1 DGX
3-3-3 metagross 2SV/1UD

9 steel
3 double rainbow

2 roseannes research
3 quick ball
3 team galactics wager
1 luxury ball
3 bebe's search
3 communication
1 rare candy
2 expert belt
2 night maintenance
1 super potion
2 warp point
1 galactic hq
1 miasma (want more, if anyone has a few more for trade pm me)
2 techinical machine ts-2 (devoluter
1 judge
2 copycat

Using the idea for spread tko dmg (the setup for basic tko is fairly useful if you can pull it off), this is more of a leisurely run at this deck for unlimited, I found out that alot of cards that would be useful with metagross sv have shitty hp and weakness and the power or attack is not even worth it, so whatever, I'll figure out a more effective engine someday.

startegy: start with smeargle or skarmory getting a few tko's here and there while setting up metagross then hammer with dailga and metagross.

Edit: added in an extra metagross line to increase UD's play and it helped.