View Full Version : Question about IV breeding/RNG:

18th May 2011, 11:11 AM
First off, I really do want to apologize for posting this here, but I can't seem to find the answer I'm looking for anywhere else on these forums... that or it's staring me blank in the face and I'm not grasping it. I really don't like having to guess whether a thread is acceptable or not where I plan on posting it, but this seemed more appropriate in the newbie lounge than the gameplay forum.

So my question is when it comes to IV training/breeding/rng'ing, what's the best way to do it. In a recent trade I picked up a 31x6 IV ditto.

Now my question is, and obviously this doesnt apply to DW pokemon... because DW pokemon and Ditto's dont bread exceptionally well at least.. how do I go about passing down these IV's properly?

Is it possible for a pokemon I breed to absorb all 6 IV's from one parent?

Do I need to delve a few times? I.e. breed 3 on this side, and 3 on the other and continue forming a vibrant family tree to intricately make the IV's pass through?

If so, when is it appropriate to farm for the nature of the pokemon as well as the ability down said tree?

I'm new to pokemon really, so this sort of stuff is foreign to me, and it's hard to find a post explaining how to properly IV training.. the fact that someone traded me a legit 6x31 IV pokemon is practically a miracle, and I plan on using this very effective tool to have a hell of a pokemon breeding ability.

I also see conflicting reports on how many IV can be passed down from the parents, and etc.

Like I said at first, I apologize if this shouldn't be here, but I'm going nuts trying to figure this stuff out.