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21st May 2011, 5:40 PM
Okay,this is the singles team I've made and I'm still only familiar with doubles synergy so forgive me if this still looks more like six individuals and not a team but I tried my best,And I haven't decided on sum of the items yet so please recomend some,here it is:

Claydol:Modest,31 sp atck IVs
252 sp. Atck,100 HP,100 defense,the rest in sp Defense

Rapid spin
Stealth rock
Earth power

Claydol lead migt seem strange,but I wanted something that could actually take a hit for a change and the only lead it fears is Weavile,if the opponent doesn't have him he can fill his niche as Spinner and stealth rock pokemon,as well as near perfect coverage with ice beam and earth power,and 262 sp atck isn't too bad. I'm still stuck between pshychic and ice beam tho,I really wanna hit gengar but coverage is nice too,what do you think?*
Plus,people usually expect Bronzong instead,and carry flamethrower on aerodactyl insted of,say,Crunch. It's not very expected,point made.

Umbreon: Impish
200 HP,200 defense,the rest in sp. Defense
Lum berry
Baton pass
Mean look

At first glance,this looks ridiculous,but the main role of this Umbreon is to switch in on a status move and reflect it back at the opponent with the berry and synchronize,then if it's sleep,burn,or poison it can mean look and stall it,or it can baton pass to something else that can setup in it's face. Right now I have moonlight but Toxic works too,and taunt is so you don't get taunted.

Gyarados Lonely 25 attack IV
252 attack 248 speed 8 defense
Ice fang
dragon dance

Bread and butter Gyarados set. I dun really like using pokemon EVERYBODY uses tho so I might replace with Feraligatr later. Trick is to Baton pass mean look to it and make sure it's up against something that's crippled or has no counter to it(Spore Breloom is a sucker for my Umbreon)

Also,Once Umbreom sends Gyarados,say,a hypnosis milotic (now asleep) it can set up in it's face. If any of you have ever dealt with a gyarados you probably know that if it gets more than two DDs in you might as well give in XD
** * *

Gengar Bashful 252 Sp attack 252 Speed 4 Attack
Life orb

Shadow ball
Icy wind

please don't nag about the nature,he is still usable and packs a punch with life orb. This is really just a last resort poke for stuff that Umbreon cripples but needs to be taken out without risk and fast,that's what Gengar is for. Shadow ball= STAB, icy wind takes care of dragons,Thunderbolt is good against Togekiss and Skarmory and If you don't feel confident you will ohko something threatening,Explosion is there for you*

Togekiss Modest; 252 sp attack 200 defense,everything else in sp. Defense
leftovers or shell bell when I get one

Air slash
Fire blast
Water pulse
Thunder wave

Classic paraslaah togekiss with a twist,I really wanted to take advantage of Serene Grace by adding fire blast and water pulse,they have great coverage with air slash and their secondary effects are sometimes the diffrence between losing and winning. Probably my favorite.*

Machamp Bashful 252 attack 112 HP 112 Defense,the rest in sp defense

Stone edge
Bulk up

once,again,no nagging about the nature,I will breed an Adamant one later. This Poke functions similarly to Gyarados,having Umbreon trap something it can set up on and boom! Start firing Dynamicpunch! The other moves are for coverage

I am open to critisism and suggestions,just don't explode on me if this team is a suicide march in OU play. 1-10 ratings are appreciated.

21st May 2011, 10:59 PM
Oh,sleep doesn't work with synch,sorry for the misconception. Thunder wavers still fall to umby tho