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22nd May 2011, 6:20 PM

Umbreon@ Leftovers
200 HP 200 defense 80 sp. Defense 30 speed


I just had to include Umbby in this team,he takes care of this team's crux,Swagger. Once he passes it to Infernape or Metagross or Leafeon they become very dangerous. He can also stall effectively but Taunt can be a problem.*

Infernape@Lum berry
252 speed 120 HP 138 attack

Blaze kick
Focus Punch
Sunny day

Once infernape recieves a Swagger from Umby he can proceed to make subs and fire focus punch. Also,Sunny day removes other weather and Helps Umbreon with Moonlight and Leafeon with Leaf Guard

Leafeon@Choice band
Leaf guard
252 Speed 110 Defense 108 attack 40 HP

Leaf blade
Quick attack
Aerial ace

Leaf guard prevents confusion from Swagger,and with CB this = Ouch. Gimmicky,but it works against unprepared teams. That's why you have Sunny day on Infernape. Quick attack is for Priority against frail foes.
Aerial ace covers Machamp and Breloom.

Claydol@Light clay
252 Sp. Attack 100 HP 100 defense 62 Sp. Defense

Light screen
Earth Power
Ice beam

Mainly for support and coverage,once Umbreon has done it's job it can switch out and have Claydol set up to cover Infernapes poor defenses. With the clay the screens will last longer

Togekiss@Charti berry/Shell bell
Serene Grace
252 Sp. Attack 200 defense 58 sp. Defense

Fire blast
Air slash
Thunder wave

My back up swaggmaster in case umbreon goes down and also employs a paraslash strategy. Fire blast is for coverage and works well in Sunlight. Also makes sure I have at least some special firepower and that the offense isn't all physical

Metagross@Persim berry
Clear body
100 attack, 200 defense, 112 speed, 108 sp. Defense

Meteor mash

Late game sweeper? Once it gets that boost from umb or togekiss he is a total monster. Agility + Swagger makes this beast nearly unstoppable and even if one does manage to weaken it some it can just explode in ones face and likely end the game. Earthquake has great synergy with Togekiss and Claydol.

All In all,I love to abuse Swagger and it catches many teams off guard. Pleease rate it or give suggestions?

23rd May 2011, 10:04 PM
Interesting team, Darkerones. 8.5
You might want to replace one of Claydol's moves with Rapid Spin, Stealth Rock, or both. I like how Sunny Day fits in, but Infernape probably have Heat Rock instead of Lum Berry. Beware of Metagross's Earthquake and Explosion, as it will damage its partner, too. Speaking of Metagross, what's with the item? I think Life Orb or Leftovers would do better than a Persim Berry. Next, Umbreon! Moonlight does really well on this team, but I think Wish is worth considering. You could turn the Umbreon into a Baton Passer, passing Wish/Moonlight and Substitute(that way Infernape could have, say, Stealth Rock, instead). Replace Leafeon's Choice Band with Life Orb and Quick Attack with Synthesis. Heal Bell and Roar are worth thinking about.

24th May 2011, 12:14 AM
You're contributions are helpful but I feel like you don't really get the point of what this team is about,the Lum and Persim berry on Infernape and Metagross are to cure the confusion caused by Swagger and then proceed to sweep. I did have Rapid Spin and Stealth rock on Claydol before I made this team but I replaced them with dual screens mainly for Infernape. I would go with all support moves but I really didn't want another piece of Taunt fodder on my team and that would waste the 31 Sp. Attack IVs,which is rare since Claydol can't breed. At least I don't think.

I guess I could go Life orb on Leafeon but I would be sacrificing a deal of power. Yeah Synthesis might be a good idea with Sunny day

24th May 2011, 11:29 PM
AAAGH! I can't belive I forgot about that! (facepalm) I take back what I said about the items. However, the Life Orb Leafeon could work out well. In fact, a Support Leafeon could work well, too (of course, it would need Leaf Blade to avoid being "taunt fodder"). With Support Leafeon, you could have Umbreon/Togekiss to use Swagger on Infernape/Metagross, then switch Umbreon/Togekiss to Leafeon and have it use Heal Bell on Infernape/Metagross. Again, sorry about the item! (repeated facepalms)

24th May 2011, 11:34 PM
Umbreon@ Toxic Orb

Double Team

25th May 2011, 12:29 AM
Lol it's okay Shockblast and I appreciate your feedback. And Typhlosionvsworld,that's a very unorthodox Umbreon but it could work on another team.