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24th May 2011, 2:06 PM
Hello hello. I'm opening shop because I'm trying to complete the games, so I feel like I can help you all out at the same time. And this is for all generations except Black/White since I'm not that far in that game, but I will be able to help out with that one soon.

I don't have a lot of Shinies or Event Pokemon, so this is more like an item, Pokerus, Breeding, and Trading for Evolving kind of shop. I don't do hacks or anything like that. I'm pretty much available 4-10 PM EST Monday-Thursday, and all day Friday and Saturday.

Some sample items:
All Berries
All Fossils
All Poke Balls (including Master Ball)
All Stones
All Vitamins
Expert Belt
Focus Sash
Black Belt
Experience Share
Sacred Ash

Some sample Breeding:
Pichu/Pikachu With Volt Tackle (breedable to your choice)
Vulpix With Energy Ball (breedable to your choice)
Pidgey With Brave Bird or Pursuit (breedable to your choice)
Happiny With Aromatherapy (breedable to your choice)
Eevee With Wish (breedable to your choice)

I'm looking for:
Shiny Petilil (Female)
Shiny Cherubi (Female)
Shiny Eevee/Leafeon (Female)
Shiny Beldum/Metang

Timid Deino (Male/Level 1/UT/Dark Pulse/Very Finicky or Mischievous)
Modest Litwick (Male/Level 1/UT/Flame Body/Often Dozes Off or other HP characteristics)
Calm Frillish (Female/Level 1/UT/Water Absorb/Speed characteristic like Alert to Sounds)
Bold Foongus (Male/Level 1/UT/Effect Spore/Defense characteristic like Sturdy Body)
Calm Tympole (Male/Level 1/UT/Water Absorb/Earth Power/HP characteristic like Loves to Eat)

My UFT Shinies:
Shiny Shinx (Female/Bold/Level 4/UT/Japanese name)
Shiny Zigzagoon (Female/Hasty/Level 3/UT/Japanese name)
Shiny Silcoon (Male/Docile/Level 9/T/Nicknamed ARMULYS)

I can infect any Pokemon with Pokerus, and I am up for breeding any kind of Pokemon with any wanted egg move. The "Wants" would be highly recommended, but I can also trade anything for other stuff too. If you have a question just PM me. Friend Code is in my siggy.