View Full Version : Trying to build Perfect dunsparce

28th May 2011, 5:08 PM
Im trying to make the perfect dunsparce for uu and nu metagame, I know hp ev come first but should i split on spdef and def or try and max one out? Item im thinking would be leftovers for para flinch recovery

For a move pool i have thunderwave as the main attraction with serene grace and:

The following as 60% SG flinches
Headbutt- 100% accurate, 75 + stab
rock slide - 90 % accurate, 75 + super effective coverage
Bite - 100%, 60 + super effective coverage (ghost, psychic

Body slam - 60% paralysis against types immune to thunder wave
Roost to restore hp
Substitute to negate status problems
Agility to get possible first strike on pokemon not yet TWved

Right now I think my best bet is
Thunder wave

any input apretiated :D

28th May 2011, 8:23 PM
fire blast (60% SG burn), and screech also are worth a mention in place of rock slide as well i belive