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28th May 2011, 4:37 PM
Welcome to
The shop in the middle of nowhere
which few people know about. =w=

Let me start by saying that I, under NO circumstances, will accept hacks or pokemon that are suspected of being hacked. Not only is it against the rules, I was traded a hack before and it crashed my game. So if you trade me a hacked pokemon, there's a 200% chance I'll ban you from here and cancel any future trades.

Also, I do not breed for egg moves. I can try to breed IVs, but no promises. I don't really understand the big deal, I mean to me a shiny is a shiny, but I guess a lot of people think differently.

Also, what I state below is what I have. Don't go asking "Do you have -------?" because if I get it, it'll be added to the list.

Can shiny hunt on request.

Ask about stats,natures, and moves if you want. Chances are stats are terrible and moves are just normal, born-with-it moves.

Piplup Lv.1 F UT

Pidgey Lv.1 F UT

Mareep Lv.1 F UT

Teddiursa Lv.1 M UT

Mawile Lv.1 F UT
Pachirisu Lv.1 M UT

Swablu Lv.1 F UT

Plusle Lv.1 F UT

Chimchar Lv.1 M UT

Dratini Lv.1 F UT
Poochyena Lv.1 M UT
Chikorita Lv.1 F UT
Bonsly Lv.1 M UT
Rhyhorn Lv.1 M UT
Shuppet Lv.1 F UT
Carnivine Lv.1 F UT
Skarmory Lv.1 M UT
Bronzor Lv.1 UT
Oddish Lv.1 F UT
Oddish Lv.1 M UT
Snorunt Lv.1 F UT
Meowth Lv.1 M UT
Finneon Lv.1 F UT
Bagon Lv.1 M UT
Oshawott Lv.1 F UT
Deino Lv.1 M UT
Timburr Lv.1 M UT
Sewaddle Lv.14 UT
Pidove Lv.15 F UT

Petili Lv.15 F UT

Bidoof Lv.1 M UT

Shiny Entei [From Event] UT
Shiny Suicune [From Event] UT
Shiny Raikou [From Event] UT
Goon Scisor UT

TRU Regigigas
TRU Manaphy

I will shiny hunt for anyone who requests it, but there ARE rules.

Only one Pokemon at a time

Do not pester me about trading with you,I have other things to do aside from sitting down and playing a video game for nine hours.

I will get to you when I get to you. If there are people waiting in line, then they will go before you.

Pokemon you request MUST be able to be obtained legitly. No shiny Reshirams or Zekroms.I will do legends if you request it, but keep in mind it takes more time.

I will gladly consider all offers.

DW Vaporeon [With Proof]

DW Flareon [WP]

DW Jolteon [WP]

DW Females, preferably UT

Other shiny pokemon I don't own

Shiny Altaria Lv.100

Event Pidove [From Egg]

Event Axew [From Egg]

Any Jirachi from Ruby/Saphire/Emerald

Lv.100 Pokemon, Preferably from 3rd Gen

Now then, that's about it. ^w^ I'll add more services as I adopt them and add new Pokemon as I obtain them.