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31st May 2011, 4:09 AM
My modified daybreak deck, unlimited, that I want improved.

Espeon: Solar suggestion x2
Leafeon: Plus Energy x2
Eevee: Call for family x4
Celebi: Future sight
Deoxys defense forme: Psychic defense
Butterfree FB: Select powder
Maractus: Mega drain
Pinsir: Charging Horn
Bellossom: Dance til' Dawn
Gloom: Miracle Powder x2
Oddish: Find a friend
Muk: Sludge drag x2
Grimer: sludge toss x2
Dark Forretress: Explosion
Pineco: Selfdestruct
Pineco: Surprise attack
Togekiss: Blessed wing
Togetic: Fly x2
Togepi: Plead x3

Roeseanne's Research x3
Felicity's Drawing x3
Team Rockets Trickery x2
Expert Belt x2

Call Energy
Grass Energy x10
Psychic Energy x8

I can get my hands on almost any card there is so don't ask for that list, I just want help making my deck last longer in game and how to beat a fire deck with it.

1st June 2011, 5:13 AM
It doesn't seem like a very effective deck, a bunch of stage's, basic's, and strategy's of different type's, this being said the contrabution of a single card in your deck at a single time is likely to non, meaning your less likely to actually draw what you need when the time come's. you have no synergy and no draw power when it come's to the T/S/S line which re-iderate's what I just explained.

What I can do for you is come up with a decent deck combo or archtype but what do you mainly want to run in this deck?