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2nd June 2011, 7:51 AM
So I had this horrendous deck list made using zoroak and krookodile, with thee most random cards, donphan, scrafty, leopard, etc, etc. So I went to my local con, confessed my feelings, wore 99% recyclable cardboard with honor, and sat in a sweatshop of bead art and classic video game's for hour's, good time's, good time's. Then my TO gave me this deck list, and it read.

4-3-4 krookodile b/w
2-2 zoroark b/w
3-3 mandibuzz b/w
2 cleffa hgss

4 dce
2 rescue
3 dark
8 fighting

3 collector
4 communication
2 e search
4 juniper
1 flower shop lady
2 e. retrival
4 rare candy

And I looked at it in scowl dismay (I never wanted mandibuzz, granted they're useful but they're no mirror match, which is a great advantage for dark pokemon in an hgss on format with lots of heavy hitter's). So I wrote this.

2-2 cofagrigus btv :563:
4-4 zoroark b/w :571:
3 victini btv :494:
3 smeargle UD ;235;
1 cleffa hgss (I only have one and it's a kinda decent tactic) ;173;

4 dce
4 rescue
8 psychic

4 collector
3 communication
3 copycat
2 judge
2 juniper
2 IQ (interviewer's questions)
2 FSL (flower shop lady)
2 e. retrieval
2 e. returner
4 gust of wind

A different take, after seeing the BTV promo's I got the idea of using victini as a one hit wonder inbetween setting up zoroark the same idea was thought up with cofagrigus but with him it was more the idea of small damage needed here and there instead of the one hit wonder.