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3rd June 2011, 9:55 PM
Yeah, this is my first trade shop and I hope I actually get offers. My list isn't bricked like most peoples but I'll sell what I can.

RULES and stuff:
-No Hacks (I can identify them and will reject the offer if suspicious)
-DO NOT offer a trade if you can't trade today, I can't stand people who are like "sorry, can't trade now, tomorrow, okay?" and then forget that we set up a trade
-I'll PM you if I'm interested in your offer, otherwise I'm not
-Can lend Pokemon if you have proper collateral
-Please be reasonable, I think you all can know this
-I don't care about Natures/IV's and for the "common/shiny" pokemon it doesn't matter if they're UT or not

Pokemon I have:
-Victini from Liberty Event UT
-Musketeer Trio UT
-Deoxys from Gamestop UT
-Tornadus (Lv51), Thundurus and Landorus UT
-Groudon UT from Hoenn, Kyogre UT from Johto, Rayquaza UT from Johto
-Mewtwo UT from Johto
-Regigigas lv70 UT
-Giratina lv47 UT
-Zekrom lv51
-Reshiram lv100
-Kyurem UT
-TRU Arceus (I think EV trained while it was lv100)
-Shiny Raikou from Gamestop

-All starters
-Shiny lv52 Pikachu from Gamestop
-All fossil Pokemon
-Lotad/DW Ludicolo
-UT Zorua from Celebi unlocking
-Newly hatched Scraggy (w/ Low Kick, Ice Punch, Drain Punch and Dragon Dance)
-Newly hatched Larvesta

-Dawn Stone
-Dusk Stone
-Moon Stone
-Oval Stone
-Sun Stone
-Shiny Stone
-Rare Candy x3

-All shinies except Pikachu and Metagross families (especially Zoroark)
-Darkrai UT
-Nidoran male or female
-Leaf Stone
-Shiny Entei from Gamestop (unused or not, idc)
-Event Pokemon

P.S. My FC is: 4641-8583-8774, and register me as "Pat"

Zorua Lover
6th June 2011, 4:32 PM
i can give u all of these for Arceus
-Nidoran male or female
-Leaf Stone

kyrem 67
8th June 2011, 2:18 PM
what do you want for the gamestop deoxys

Silver Garchomp
8th June 2011, 2:48 PM
i can give you shiny zoroark and salemence and maybe a couple other shinies for Arceus if that sounds fair=)