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5th June 2011, 9:10 PM
This team is designed for Fourth Gen. OU. Please rate my team and give suggestions to counter the following which may cripple my team:

Scarf Flygons(serious problem)*
Garchomp(in non-Smogon standard matches)
Parahax Jirachi(serious problem)*
Stall Milotic and Walrein
Blissey(annoying at most)*
Registeel(minor threat)*

Absol@Focus sash/choice scarf
Super Luck
4 HP 252 attack 252 Speed

Sucker punch
Night slash
Psycho cut

He's actually a great lead even in OU,I love it when opponents are ONLY prepared for OU threats and have no idea the kind of hell some UUs can unleash when used right. Absol is one of them. Choice scarf could be used to score on Infernape but FS is generally prefered. Right now I'm running the FS set. Sucker punch is the sole reason I chose Absol,coming off of 130 base attack puts a dent in Areodactyl,Bronzong,Gengar and even Swampert! Superpower sends Tyranitar and Aggron to a premature grave.*The critical hit ratio with Super Luck + Night slash and pshycho cut is nice. Psycho cut means Absol doesn't fear Fighters as he is kept at One HP with FS and then Psycho cut back. He isn't all that fast but outrunning Machamp and Breloom(if it's Adamant) is good enough.**
Andd Absol is adorable like it's defensive relative Umbreon. *

Ninetales@White Herb(changing this for a Heatran soon)
Flash fire
**200 special attack 110 HP 200 speed

Will o wisp
Nasty plot
Energy ball

People are already readying their Swampert and Choice Gallades and Hippowdons expecting Infernape. Unfortunatley for them This is anything but. The lure and burn of the team. Energy ball is my favorite move on this set making Rhyperior and Swampert a breeze. Nasty plot makes him hit even harder as people switch out their burned pokes. I didn't really have a good item to put on him but since i'm using Overheat then White herb is a must. I chose Overheat over Flamethrower or Fire Blast *cuz I have White herb anyway and Ninetales needs all the fuel from it's attacks as it can muster. *

Dragonite@choice specs/life orb*(getting a DDnite soon)
Inner focus
252 sp. Attack 252 speed 4 HP

Fire blast
Dragon pulse
Draco meteor/Blizzard/Outrage

Pretty simple Specs-nite set. But I'm thinking about getting a scarf Flygon or a DDnite instead. Generally He is all about coverage and revenge killing to an extent. I chose stuff like Thunder instead of Thunderbolt for the same reason Ninetales has Overheat. Trust me though,he hits hard. Especcially on Gyarados and Breloom. Draco meteor and Outrage hit much harder than Dragon pulse but I'm lacking a solid ice attacker. So for now I'm running Blizzard (if only Absol got Ice shard)*

Slowking@Sitrus berry/Shell Bell/Leftovers
*252 HP 94 Defense 112 Special attack 50 special defense
Quiet *

Nasty plot

I've decided to be a bit more traditional with this team for a change by utilizing a F/W/G core and I always thought Slowking was pretty raw. Instead of using Slack off I'm using Yawn to force a switch and then use Nasty plot and proceed to hit stuff hard with Surf and Psychic. Trick Room is an option but that strategy is better in Doubles. Also lots of people use Own Tempo instead of Oblivious but I didn't take much notice on Ability,they're both not all that useful and most people won't waste their time trying to confuse it anyway.

Venusaur@leftovers/Black Sludge(will soon be replaced by Breloom)
**200 defense 56 special attack 100 sp. Defense 154 HP

Toxic/Sludge bomb/synthesis/stun spore
Leech seed
Sleep powder
Giga drain

The grass part of my core and somewhat of an annoyer. Leech seed is great and Sleep powder is even better. He isn't Breloom but it's a great counter to the likes of Milotic and Swampert. I need suggestions on the last move. Sludge bomb hits harder as STAB than Giga drain but I can also run double status and i could heal as people switch out their Asleep pokes. Gimme suggestions. Btw right now I have synthesis. Breloom might be a better option now that I think about it but I wanted to remain more...unpredictable*

Electivire@Expert Belt
Motor Drive
**252 attack 252 speed 4 defense

Ice punch
Cross chop

Standard Electivire. As with most Electivires the trick is to switch into an electric move to activate Motor Drive and attempt to sweep. It also takes care of my Gyarados problem. He's also my only solid physical attacker. That may change if I replace my dragon or Venusaur. If I don't run Blizzard on Dnite then this poke is my only defense against other Dnites and people that did not train their Flygon properly :P

12th June 2011, 8:22 PM
You asked me to rate your team so here I am.(I'll write a summary at the end since the main post is going to be quite long )

I don't know how you are using lead scarf Absol since I've never used one myself but if it is working for you then great.It is always nice to have something that is a bit different that not many people use.

Ninetales is a poor choice in OU.The only Fire types that do well in OU are Heatran and Infernape.
There are many,many different sets you can run on both.I would recommend Heatran since it takes care of quite a bit from your list.It can set up Stealth Rocks,Fire Blast for a lot of damage against Registeel and then when it is done it can blow up on Blissey.Paraflinch Jirachi also won't be doing much with a x4 resisted Iron Head.

The set is :
Heatran @ Shuca Berry
Timid(or Naive if you want to boost Explosions power) 252 Speed/ 252 Special Attack
-Stealth Rocks
-Fire Blast
-Earth Power

Is there a specific reason you are using Choice Specs Dragonite ? If there is,why are you running inaccurate moves like Thunder on it ? Dragonite learns Thunderbolt.
Other pokemon use Choice Specs better.On ther other hand,Choice Band Dragonite is an absolute monster and would help your team since Electivire was your only physical threat.It can 2hko anything in the game with the proper move.
The other option is a Bulky DD-er.This variant sets up freely on defensive pokemon like Blissey,Cresselia,Dusknoir etc.
Just make sure their Steel type is gone.

Choice Band set looks like this :
Dragonite @ Choice Band
Adamant or Jolly 252 Speed/252 Attack
Jolly allows you to outrun Adamant Lucario , while Adamant hits harder.
-Superpower/Dragon Claw
-Fire Punch / Earthquake

Superpower gives you another option against Blissey,whilst Dragon Claw is reliable STAB that does not require you to lock yourself into Outrage.
Fire Punch / Earthquake is to hit the Steels that resist your main STAB.
(If you go with Fire Punch pick Superpower over Dragon Claw so Heatran doesn't wall you )

Bulky Dragon Dance set :
Dragonite @ Leftovers
Careful 252 HP / 216 Spec Def / 40 Speed
-Dragon Dance
-Heal Bell
-Dragon Claw

This set can very easily get a few Dragon Dances once its counters are gone(Eg.Steel Types + Bulky Waters ) and proceed to sweep.Heal Bell means you don't have to worry about status and Roost provides constant recovery.

Electivire should not be choiced.The point of Electivire is to try and grab a Motor Drive boost and try and hit as many things as possible with its great coverage ( making Expert Belt an excellent item )
Also how is he your only Flygon check ? He is outsped and OHKO'ed by Earthquake.
I recommend using Suicune in place of Slowking since Suicune can take everything Flygon can throw at it and is not weak to Uturn.
You can go Defensive or Offensive

Suicune @ Leftovers
Timid 32Hp/224 Speed/252 Spec Attack
-Calm Mind
-Surf/Hydro Pump
-Ice Beam
-Hidden Power Electric

The speed Evs allow you to outspeed Jolly Gyarados.

Venusaur looks good but the EV Spread doesn't(Go with Calm 252Hp/194Spec Def/40Def/24 Spec Attack).The Special Attack Evs allow you to always break Gengar's Substitute with HP Fire.You can have one of 3 things :
1.Use CB Dragonite and go with Venusaur as your Grass type
2.Use CB Dragonite and go with Celebi as your Grass type
3.Use Bulky Dragon Dance Dragonite and use Breloom as your Grass type.

Celebi + Heatran are an amazing defensive duo.They switch into each others weakness perfectly and it is hard to break through them (more so you consider you have a Suicune as your Water type )

If you decide to go with Dragon Dance Dragonite , Breloom is a good option since it provides you with an immediate Physical threat (something Dragonite cannot do without a couple of Dances )

Summary :
-Heatran > Ninetales
-Suicune > Slowking
-Change Dragonite's set
-Change Electivire's item
-Depending on what you change Dragonite's set to,pick a Grass type to complete your F/W/G core.

That's all I have for you.Hope it helps.

PS: Sorry the post was retardedly long
PPS : Electivire is not that good :p

12th June 2011, 8:24 PM
Oops . Seems like I forgot to mention Suicune's defensive set
It is
Suicune @ Leftovers
Bold 252 Hp / 252 Def
-Calm Mind / Ice beam
-Sleep Talk / Roar / Ice Beam

14th June 2011, 11:08 PM
Thank you,Lucky for me I have a fresh Timid Heatran I caught off my Pokemon Pearl game that I started over on,i'll train it. I just thought ninetales looked cool so I used him (absol honestly works great,but ninetales....eh) Slowking works pretty well for me too. Venusaur just isn't cutting it so I'm getting a Breloom instead. Thanks for pointing out that Electivire is never choiced I will go ahead and give it an Expert Belt. And I'm currently in the proccess of breeding a DD Dragonite,I only used SpecsNite cuz I'm extremely Metagross weak and that would fix it,but thanks for the feedback and check out my Trick Room team as well!

15th June 2011, 11:57 PM
I like the team and dont see much wrong with it. The only suggestion I can give is to replace dragonite's life orb with choice specs.