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Trainer D1
6th June 2011, 2:57 PM
Hi there, this is Trainer D1. I'm new in the Serebii.Net Forums but how the forum looks like, I got it covered (I've seen a forum who also uses vBulletin).

This is quite an active forum, so I decided to join the forums too.

I play Pokémon Games often (sometimes when school starts), I started liking Pokémon since my cousin let me try to play his 'Pokémon FireRed' last 2005 or 2006 maybe. It interested me with all the leveling up of Pokemon.

I'm a high school student by the way, well about to become a high school student, school starts two days later, then I'll be officially a high school student.

I happen to read and write books too when I have nothing to do. I write either by pencil/pen or in the computer.

I'll try to be active in the forum. Thanks for reading.

-Trainer D1

6th June 2011, 3:17 PM
Welcome to the forums . As a welcome gift you can have any 4th gen pokemon you want bred for you for free by me :)

7th June 2011, 6:25 AM
Welcome to sppf!

If you need any help or just want a friend feel free to ask me.