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6th June 2011, 8:41 PM
Pokemon: 20
4 Scizor UD-84
4 Scyther UD-36
2 Klinklang BW-76
1 Klang BW-75
2 Klink BW-74
4 Skarmory UD-21
1 Cleffa CL-24
2 Cobalion (It hasn't been released in the U.S. but you can find the translation here. (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Cobalion_(Cobalion_Strength_Deck_13))

Trainers: 26
4 Professor Elm's Training Method
3 Pokemon Collector
3 Professor Juniper
2 Super Scoop Up
2 Lucien's Assignment
2 Copycat
2 Fisherman
2 Energy Search
2 Professor Oak's New Theory
2 Conductive Quarry
2 Broken Time-Space

Energy: 14
10 Metal Energy-Basic
4 Metal Energy-Special

This is a deck that mainly features Scizor Prime as the main attacker. Skarmory is in there for a good basic card to start with. I put in the Klingklang line because of its ability: Shift Gear, which can help me get necessary energies onto Scizor Prime while both Pokemon are still on the bench.
The trainer cards I included are there essentially to get my Pokemon evolved quickly, while maintaining as many energies as I can in play and on Scizor Prime.
I'm looking for a good stadium card or two to add to this deck, (I don't have any yet) but I can't find one. If anyone can help with this specifically it would be great.
I'm relatively new to the Pokemon TCG, so any and all advice on strategy or what cards I should take out and add is greatly appreciated. ;212;

7th June 2011, 12:24 AM
It is a good deck. You should add Energy Search and Pokemon Communication, but aside from that good job!

7th June 2011, 1:01 AM
Thanks for the advice, I'll implement it now. I will take out the cards that I don't think are quite as useful, but any advice you can give to do this strategically would be great.

7th June 2011, 5:48 AM
hmm, it's to rough. There's so many reiterations I have, I might as well tech edit.

you're decks skeleton should look like this

4-4 scizor prime
3-3-3 klingklang
2-2 zoroark
3 skarmory UD
1 cleffa (it's like uxie/a wall)

8 metal
4 special metal
3 dce (if your running zoroark, nasty plot is a waste of time, just use dce, not to mention but to increase attack speed in this deck)
2 rescue energy (let's make fisherman useful)

3 pokemon collector
4 pokemon communication
3 copycat
1 flower shop lady
1 fisherman
2 energy retrieval
3 elms training method
2 oaks new theory

I personally think that a stage 2 line brings down the powerhouse that is scizor prime, but those are my findings on testing against scizor prime. This is just a skeleton to help increase the play of pokemon in your deck and the attacks they use, if you wanted to evolve them quickly then add a bts. This is a format model, if you want an unlimited model what you are using is far to slow and suggest dropping the klingklang and zoroark line's.

7th June 2011, 8:34 PM
I appreciate the help you have given me, unfortunately, I don't understand why you included some cards (namely dce, cleffa, copycat, and oak's new theory) and took out others (namely skarmory, zoroark, zorua, and super scoop up)
I would greatly appreciate you explaining some of the cards mentioned above, because in my opinion, as a noob, I almost think that some take away from the deck's strategy. Skarmory is the most vital pokemon in this deck, other than szizor, in my opinion because of its steel coat and the fact that it is a basic pokemon. Unfortunately, I don't understand what cleffa will be used for. While some of your insight is superb, I would like to understand how the cards I've mentioned will help. Thank you for any additional insight you may be able to give on this.

9th June 2011, 8:45 PM
It's like drawing a comic, what do you want as your main? who's your side character's, always remmeber that a side character is always weaker then your main in the event the side is stronger would be your opponent.

Scizor is a beat stick aggro deck, pile energy on scizor and away you go, zoroark is a different kind of tech card, reversal strategy's are hard to envelop into any kind of deck, as reversal like aggro is a strategy you build your deck around, having multiple strategy's included into the deck has to complement each side of the deck so it can move out what is needed faster, what you had was a bunch of side characters that enveloped the main character and made it harder to set the cards out. Cards like copycat, prof oaks theory and cleffa add the same effect the ability to change a bad hand into a good hand, on the upside this increase's the speed of your strategy, if you have the same old hand then how do you plan on drawing what you need when you need it? setting up a stage 2 zoroark maybe a good idea, but think of it like this, you setup nasty plot next turn your zoroark is tko to an opponent donphan, not to mention but one extra card to your hand is nothing over a new hand of 5 or 7 from 3 or 4 with 1-2 usable at the moment.

10th June 2011, 1:19 AM
I think I'm beginning to understand what you mean. I'll add the cleffa and oak's new theory, however it seems as though copycat wouldn't be useful as much of time. I'll take out part of the zoraork line, too. Tell me what you think with these new adjustments. I'm looking for a good stadium card or two to add to this deck, (I don't have any yet) but I can't find one. If you could help with this specifically it would be great.
Also, can you tell me what a good Pokemon "sidekick" would be for this deck?
Thanks for your help with this deck, I would greatly appreciate additional feedback.

10th June 2011, 5:42 PM
people dis copycat so much and Idk why? This past format believed in uxie and claydol cards that shove they're hands full of cards, people are replacing that with cards like magnezone, cleffa, juniper, and etc that can do the same, copycat is a mirror strategy, best used at times when your opponent thinks they have the upperhand and you come out an under dog, believe me the use of copycat is no different then pont or cleffa, however having the addvantage of drawing the size of your opponent's hand does come in handy at times (my pto has 12-15 card hands so yeah i'm gonna run copycat). However copycat is a mirror move strategy, and I'm gonna barrel roll everyone with that card.

As for cards that can help this deck, skarmory UD, smeargle UD (the use of 2 supporter's per turn), magnezone prime (draw power) idk there's more but I can't really think of anymore right now.

11th June 2011, 10:14 PM
I've been playing a lot of games with different decks and experimenting some, and I think I have a better understanding of what does/doesn't work. How do you think my improved deck looks?

I'm considering adding a couple Lanturn Prime as a tech against fire types (which I have a weakness towards) with its PokePower Submerge, which lets it become water type for the rest of my turn. Also, it can be a potentially great back-up for Scizor when it's on the bench, because Lanturn can utilize all of the energy on ALL my Pokemon, including benched Scizor Primes. What do you think about this as an addition or replacement of the Klinklang line?