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10th June 2011, 11:56 PM
This my Double battle Trick Room team! :D Feel free to Comment and critique and give suggestions

Marowak@Thick club
Rock head
252 attack 252 HP 4 defense

double edge
Fire punch

:O Marowak is such a boss at 550+ attack and with Trick Room support from Uxie...ouchh. But how is it gonna survive one turn without getting Surfed or Energy balled to death? Protect. Standard sets use Sub but he's way to slow to use it so instead I'll Protect on the first turn to let Uxie set up Trick Room then proceed to bring the hurt. The main Sweeper of this team and can sometimes blow away teams by itself. EQ and Double Edge have great coverage together *and with Rock Head there's no recoil. Fire Punch slams Forretress,Scizor and Skarmory,not to mention Ferrothorn.
Uxie/Bronzong and Marowak together have 6-0d teams several times.

Uxie@Lum berry
252 HP 152 Defense 100 Sp. Defense
4 Attack

Stealth rock/Yawn
Trick Room

An odd sight in OU but not completely unexpected. The Lum berry is so Spore Breloom and Thunder wavers don't hinder it from setting up Trick Room for Marowak. I chose to make it a bit more speccialy defensive so it is capable of eating the Surfs and Heat waves/ Water spouts and Eruptions and Blizzards aimed at Marowak while it Protects. The only real purpose of this Uxie is to Trick Room and then U-turn away or cripple something threatening with Memento. Yawn is mostly filler but is pretty neat and can force switches. But Stealth Rock is ussualy more useful if Uxie can stay alive that long.*

Machamp@Flame Orb/Toxic Orb?
252 Attack 252 HP 4 defense

Bullet punch
Brick Break
Facade/Stone Edge

Going with No Guard Machamp kinda didn't work out because I soon found out just how predictable it was even with Trick Room on and just how much of a target it was for Status moves. So now I can keep my originality and give Will o wispers and the like a nasty surprise. As soon as Machamp comes in I Protect,and that move may actually be the most useful on this set because it does a few things very well. It scouts an opponents moveset,Cresselia and Suicune in particular. It stalls that one turn it takes to turn Flame Orb on and Guts. It gives Marowak an opportunity to EQ freely. And it can wait out that one turn Trick Room wears off and is time to set it back up. I considered Close Combat first but I wanted to keep him somewhat bulky and Dual Screeners are something this team doesn't like as we can't afford to wait out the screens,even without Light Clay on them so Brick Break was the STAB of choice. Bullet Punch offers priority and does a good job of screwing Gengar and Azelf with Guts on. Stone Edge is an option so I can hit Chandelure And flyers but Facade is just loads of powerful and dents flyers just as badly if not more(bar Skarmory) and without No Guard SE can be a letdown even if it does provide more Ghost coverage. Guts boosted Facade may be more powerful than a super effective SE but I just hate the smart-asses that cure my status with their Clerics just to screw with me so SE is still an option.*

Bronzong@Light clay
252 HP 110 Defense 108 Sp. Defense 40 Attack

Light Screen
Gyro ball
Trick Room

A bit of a wild card but I figured if Marowak can't OHKO a special attacker i'm in trouble so I had to have a dual screener on my team. Plus,it can put up Trick Room again and has great synergy with Marowak. Gyro Ball is an effective attack against Taunters.

252 HP 40 Attack 108 Defense 110 Sp. Defense

Trick Room
Ice Punch
Will o wisp

Yet another Trick Room supporter but can also attack hard for a change. Thunderpunch blows a hole through Gyarados if Marowak or Machamp fail to OHKO. Will o wisp is great at forcing switches if Uxie actually laid some rocks down. Ice punch completes the BoltBeam combo so it can actually go a bit on the offense too but the lack of STAB kinda hurts it.*

Togekiss@Iron ball
Serene Grace
252 Special Attack 252 HP 4 Defense

Air slash
Aura Sphere
Nasty Plot

The final addition to the team. And the Special Attacker. This Togekiss is mainly for late game sweeping and healing to an extent. If in Trick Room this thing can easily setup and sweep. And Iron ball is like a gift from heaven as now I dont need to run Roost and I get even "slower" for Trick Room. Aura sphere takes care of my Dark pokemon problem and has good coverage with Air slash,my main STAB. *The Flinch rate is nice too. Wish is for healing,duh.
It has NP so Its okay to run Relaxed so it can take Fighting moves like a pro.

Feel free to rate and Critique. Originally intended for 4th Gen but I've reviewed the BW metagame and decided it was time to show people the power of the previous generations. Please suggest 5th Gen pokemon that may outclass some of my pokemon and threats of BW I missed. Please no Reuniclus or Conkeldurr though,they piss me off.

16th June 2011, 12:25 AM
I would put roost on togekiss and marowak needs lighting rod as an ability if your going to play double's other then that this team is fine

16th June 2011, 12:31 AM
this post looks a little confusing but i think that you should put roost on togekiss cuz i would beable to heal itslef

16th June 2011, 4:25 AM
Hmmm,okay I'll go ahead and put Roost over Wish then? And I need Rock Head for Double-Edge's recoil. Electricity isn't a problem if Togekiss runs Roost or Iron ball. And sorry it's a bit sloppy I will fix it and change Togekiss for another one that I found works better.

16th June 2011, 5:03 AM
looks good to me... now...