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13th June 2011, 5:24 AM
Hi, thanks for stopping by. Do to this being my first Pokémon trade list it will be somewhat small, hopefully it will grow thanks to all of you. Now let’s get into a short little conservation so you get to know me, maybe we’ll become friends who knows. I have been playing Pokémon since red/blue, still remember the day I got Pokémon blue good times. I always enjoyed playing the game, recently I have decided I would like to start playing competitively, mainly due to games I previously played died or became so overpowered they weren’t fun. So I read up on a few things, got a pretty good grasp or the competitive scene. Now I told you a little about me let’s get into it.

All of my Pokémon are legal; I expect yours to be as well. If they are not legal, don’t bother posting.
I do RNG, you may as well.
Cloning is okay, but I would prefer the original.
Please don’t be rude. If I skip you it was by accident.
Use good to somewhat good grammar.
If asked I can check IV’s and if asked I will EV, may cost you a little more.
That’s about it for now. Thanks for stopping by.

Flawless/near flawless IV Pokémon (Good nature)
Any and all
Ditto (Any nature)
Timid Deino w/Dark pulse UT
Adamant Pawniward(Defiant) w/ Sucker Punch UT
Jolly Terrakion UT
Calm Foongus UT

Shiny Pokémon
Any and all (DW even better)

Female DW
Any all

Jpn Movie Victini

Battle subway items

Flawless/near flawless
M, Litwick(timid)(tradable post VGC)
M, Cottonee (Careful) (tradable post VGC)
F, Pawinard (adamant)

EV trained
Salamence(IV breed/EV trained Attack and speed)
Metagross (HP/Attack)
Dragonite (Atk/Speed)
More soon

Raikou (GameStop) partially EV trained
Entei (GameStop)
Suicune (GameStop)
Bannette (modest) (from emerald)

Update soon.

Moltres(timid) UT
Articuno (Bashful) UT
(Event) Mew (Jolly) UT
(Event) Mew (Adamant) UT
Mewtwo (Docile) UT Pokerus
Lugia(Timid) Partially trained( in what IDK) Pokerus
Lugia (timid) UT
Ho-Oh (Jolly) Partially trained
(Event) Celebi (timid) UT
(Event) Celebi (Calm) UT
(Event) Celebi (Calm) UT
(Event) Celebi (Bold) UT
(Event) Celebi (Modest) UT
(Event)Latias (Modest) UT Pokerus
(Event) Latios (Timid) Partially trained in Satk and speed,Pokerus
Groudon (Adamant) UT
(Event) Deoxys (Jolly) partially trained
(Event) Jirachi (Serious) UT
Azelf (Docile) UT
Azelf (Impish) partially trained
Uxie (Naive) UT
Uxie (Calm) partially trained (in what IDK)
Mesprit (Gentle) UT Pokerus
Giratina (Mild) partially trained
Giratina (Quiet) partially trained
Cesselia (Quiet) UT
Heatran (Naughty) partially trained
Heatran (Impish) partially trained
Shaymin (Timid) UT
Arceus (Serious) UT
Dialga (Impish) UT
Palkia (Quirky) UT
Victini(Timid) partially trained in speed and attack, pokerus
Reshiram (modest) UT
Virizon (Jolly) UT
Cobalion (Jolly) UT
Terrakion (Jolly) Trained Attack & Speed
Tornadus (Calm) UT
Thundrus (Relaxed) Partially trained(not by me)

Other stuff
Full Synchronize List
Full Ditto
Few solid IV parents
Deino w/dark pulse