View Full Version : first ever donchamp

14th June 2011, 7:34 PM
hi guys this is my first donchamp deck so there are probally a few flaws. please suggest some cards i should add and take away.
Pokemon (23)
3 phanpy
3 donphan
3 teddiursa
3 ursaring
3 machop
3 machoke
3 machamp
2 sudowoodo

Trainers/supporters (20)
2 switch
2 interviewers questions
3 pokemon communication
2 professor oaks new theory
2 emcee’s chatter
3 rare candies
2 pokemon collector
4 potion

Energies (17)
3 double colourless energy
14 fighting energy

my strategy: earthquake with donphan to activate ursarings poke body 'beserk'. potion to heal lots. switch to get out ursaring. and machamp for no particular reason =P

thanks in advance fo any advice=)

17th June 2011, 7:27 AM
you should have 4 rare candy, and a couple rescue energy or flower shop lady.