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17th June 2011, 1:32 AM
Starmie (lead)

Timid w/ Choice Specs

Ice beam
Hydro Pump

Ev's 252 Spa 252 Spe 4 Spd

This starmie is my lead because of its type coverage. literally with choice specs it can OHKO/2HKO almost anything and the only thing that walls it is shedinja.


Adamant w/ Choice Band

Brave Bird
Close Combat

Ev's 252 atk 252 spe

This poke is used in conjunction with Infernape to scout out what the oponent switches into. Return is a great stab move, brave bird OHKOs most that cant take it. and close combat takes care of tyranitar or any other rock types.


Naive w/ Life Orb

Close Combat
Grass Knot
Fire Blast

This poke is attempting to sweep while also scouting out the oponents switch ins with u-turn. Close combat is its stab move along with fire blast and grass knot takes down those pesky bulky waters like swampert and milotic.

Please help me decide on my other three pokes! I was think specially def/stall umbreon. and idk on other two. i need a ground type that isnt uber...

Spacial Rend
25th July 2011, 4:33 AM
I'd say to replace Psychic on Starmie with Trick, making it annoying for the opponent, while Psychic gets bad coverage, but the STAB can be handy... I guess. Anyway, Trick is always great on Choice pkm.

Jolly might be better on Staraptor, to at least tie with the 100s or have a good chance of outrunning some non-maxed ones or ones without 31 IVs (if yours is anyway). Scarf might also be a good idea, but only if the speed is neccessary, it might not be with two fast Pokemon like Starmie and Infernape, so nvm that.

For a ground type, a powerful approach could be Flygon or Mamoswine
For a bulky approach, Gliscor, Swampert, Hippowdon, and Donphan are options.

For as powerful as a team as this is (sweeping) a wall might not be a bad idea, unless you want this to be full-sweep. Anyhow, Swampert seems like a good idea.

EVs: 252 HP 172 Def 84 SpDef
Nature: Careful
- Stealth Rocks
- Roar/Yawn
- Earthquake/Waterfall/Hammer Arm/Ice Punch/Stone Edge/Toxic
- Earthquake/Waterfall/Hammer Arm/Ice Punch/Stone Edge/Toxic

This is a full-stall Swampert, with Stealth Rocks to start the craze, and Yawn/Roar to cause switching and make SR damage. Both could be used actually, if you want, but I don't really reccomend it. That is followed by Swampert's physical movepool and Toxic. Toxic would be a good idea to increase the damage, especially with Earthquake to destroy immune Steels/Poisons, but it's all your choice.

Umbreon with this set could be best, fitting your preferences.

EVs: 252 HP 252 SpDef 4 HP
Nature: Careful
Payback/Confuse Ray/Mean Look/Taunt
Payback/Confuse Ray/Mean Look/Taunt

Basically, Umbreon's bulky movepool. The only real problem is Taunt, which is why Umbreon has it, to stop Taunters from getting it. I guess Yawn could be used, to spread Sleep/switching on top of what Swampert does, but I guess it doesn't really matter.

For a last Pokemon... ahh the possibilities. I think (personally) your team lacks a Steel type (this coming from me who usually uses 2 steels), so Scizor, Metagross, Heatran, Jirachi, or Magnezone could be good possibilities. Idk, whatever suits you best. Good luck in battling with the team :D