View Full Version : V-backhanded tactics

17th June 2011, 7:49 AM
3 victini (v-blast)
2-2 zoroark B/W
2-2 donphan prime hgss
1 cleffa hgss
1 bouffalant b/w (revenge)
1 victini (ability)

3 rescue energy
4 dce
3 fighting
4 psychic
1 dark

3 IQ
3 energy search
2 pokemon collector
4 communication
2 judge
4 copycat
1 juniper
1 flower shop lady
2 e. retrieval
1 e. returner
2 switch
1 black belt
3 plus power
1 gust of wind
1 circulator

This deck is all about underhanded tactics to defeat your opponent, hit harder and faster then your opponent.

Deck alaysis: It's basic setup is hands down the fastest i've seen, 5 basics within 1-2 turns easy, at least 8 out of 10 hands was that kind of draw power, I seem to have slight prob's with the energy system, I think it could have to do with the energy re-draw cards, due to the fact that this deck gets about 1-3 tko's against an opponent, that means I take down 1-3 pokemon per 1 pokemon, I use single energy cards this create's a slight loophole with the redraw system making it completey useless and I'm not drawing into anything useful If i'm drawing those kinds of cards when I don't need it now but I could use it later. I think if it was just the 3 e. search and 2 IQ or 3 IQ and 2 e.search, but then again the deck has 3 points of basic energy, 2 more frequently used demolishing that solution completely, Idk.