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18th June 2011, 6:04 AM
ok, so this is the team thats given me alot of success so far. any CONSTRUCTIVE criticism is wanted and appreciated.

ok, first the lead
Gengar @focus sash
-focus blast
-icy wind
-shadow ball
hasty nature 252 speed 252 sp att 4 hp
So i found this lead to be very helpful in beating most common leads. azelf will die from the combo of icy wind and shadow ball. focus blast takes care of leads such as ambipom or smeargle. on the subject of ambipom, gengar also blocks all fakeout leads, which can be extremely annoying. aerodactyl dies from two icy winds. the occasional gliscor lead is ohko'ed. machamps trying to be cool with payback will be ohko'ed because of counter after surviving to 1 hp.

Next I wanted a powerful physical attacker, thus...
SCIZOR @ life orb
-swords dance
-brick break
-bug bite
-bullet punch
adamant nature 252 attack 252 speed 4 hp
This set really works wonders. switch in on something that doesnt threaten you, swords dance and prepare to wreck. i carry brick break over superpower because i dont like stat reductions and i enjoy ruining dual screens *trollface*. stab technician bugbite and bullet punch create a fearsome combo, ohkoing most of ou. i also use this set on rare occasion as a revenge killer due to priority bullet punch.

next for some good old hax.
Togekiss @leftovers
-thunder wave
-aura sphere
-air slash
bold nature 252 hp 188 def 68 sp def
this set is good for late game cleanup. by using the combo of thunder wave and doubled flinch rate on air slash due to serene grace as its ability, Im able to stop pokes in their tracks. aura sphere adds nice coverage, hitting decent on heatran and other steel types.

Next, a strong special sweeper
Infernape @life orb
-hidden power electric
-nasty plot
-vacuum wave
timid nature 252 sp att 252 speed 4 sp def
this set is wonderful. I usually switch into scizor to start with this set, since nearly every team carries one and if a scizor doesnt switch out of a fire type the opponent is probably not very good. by predicting the switchout, you can double your sp att with nasty plot in the free turn then accordingly attack the switched in pokemon. flamethrower is an obvious stab choice although you may prefer fire blast for power. hp electric can kill gyarados who attempt to come in and waterfall you, as this set outruns most gyarados. vacuum wave offers a stab priority move, but wont pack a huge punch until after multiple nasty plots so use sparingly to avoid death

I needed a solid revenge killer, so...
heracross! @ choice scarf!
-close combat
-night slash
-stone edge
adamant nature 4 hp 252 att 252 speed
ok, so this pokemon comes from the bl tier but is undoubtedly the best member of my team. stab close combat and megahorn both sport 180 base after stab. close combat will literally run through an unprepared team like its nothing. if youre opponent has proven to be wary enough of close combat to switch into a ghost, outpredict them with night slash and make them pay. megahorn takes care of pesky psychic types such as starmie and cresselia. stone edge i rarely use but is good for gyarados. also, heracrosses ability guts makes switching into toxic spikes a gift from the gods, boosting his att by 50%, increasing his deadliness. basically, if something is down to atleast half health, this thing WILL kill it. this type of physical revenge killer is great for blisseys that normally ruin special revengers.

finally, i found my team was often getting wrecked by heatran when i had a calm mind cress set here, so thus...
heatran! @ shuca berry
-earth power
-fire blast
-hp electric
timid nature 252 speed 252 sp att 4 sp def
so shuca berry halves damage taken from a supereffective ground move, so you just earth power right back to a heatran trying to kill you, especially scarfed variants that my team cant handle otherwise. this pokemon is all about predictions for me. combined with scizor, heatran can pick up att and sp att boosts from its ability flash fire, which gives the aforementioned boost when its hit with a fire move. also, if my infernape has died earlier in the game and they reveal their scizor, then i do the same strat but with substitute. a heatran behind a substitute is as deadly a weapon as there is. stab fire blast and the reliable coverage from earth power make this set a force to be reckoned with.

so thats it guys, please leave comments telling me what i can change or compliments (they make me feel good :p)

18th June 2011, 7:38 PM
This team is great overall but you have double typing issues. Two fire types mean you have a Swampert problem since you lack HP grass. Other Infernape will also cause problems as LO apes run through Heatran,Scizor and Heracross like a hot knife through butter. That's half your team.you also have nothing to counter Swampert except maybe Gengar but I doubt the rest of your team would win one on one against him,Toge can't paralyze it and Infernape and Heatran run HP Electric. That means it's up to Scizor and Heracross to stop him at the cost of one of them most likely. You also lack entry hazards which help but aren't all that neccessary,and a rapid spinner,which most times is essential. Have you considered a Starmie? They stop infernape cold and swampert wouldn't win one on one against it.
Try something like this instead of One of your bug types:

252 Speed 146 HP 112 Sp. Attack

Rapid Spin
Ice beam

A bulkier variation of a Starmie but takes care of Entry Hazards and your Ape and Swampert troubles. Neither can do much to this Starmie.

19th June 2011, 12:38 AM
uh, what do you think about me replacing infernape with it? ive found that sometimes infernape is not fast enough to handle choice scarf, especially gengar since i cant vacuum wave. plus infernape is kinda frail. so maybe that set would fit better, plus that would prevent me from having to make the tough decision between a sub on heatran or a nasty plot on infernape with the free turn on a scizor switch. and starmie can sweep without setup, plus has instant recovery. opinion?

19th June 2011, 8:05 PM
You are really missing a grass type move to stop those Swamperts and Gastro's from taking you down. I'd advise possibly-

Tangrowth @ Leftovers
Ability: Leaf Guard (Keeps crits from ruining a good stall)
Nature: Impish
216 HP, 252 Def., 36 Atk., 4 Spd.
Move 1: Power Whip
Move 2: Leech Seed
Move 3: Protect / Toxic / Earthquake
Move 4: Protect / Toxic / Earthquake

I positively love the stats on this guy, and he's willing to trash any walls that try to set up, just watch out for Cradily Stockpile sets, your Leech Seed won't work there, only Toxic. Earthquake is to stop Heatrans and other Steels from laughing it up at you, and the attack investment is to give you a sure one or two hit KO to Swampy or Heatran. :]
Good luck, I like the team - one other thing I could advice is a Rapid Spinner like Starmie to kill some of the Hazards, or a Hazard set up of your own. (Nidoqueen does nicely.)

Again, good luck! :D

22nd June 2011, 4:25 AM
I don't have experience in competitive battling because I don't have access to wi-fi, but I notice that Infernape doesn't add much except to stop Gyrados. I think that you need a grass type because otherwise you have some serious problems with water-ground types.

I like the hidden power electic on Heatran because using it against a water type is unexpected. Just make sure that Heatran isn't uber, because I might have seen him on the banned list.

I also like that you look in all the tiers and not just the OU.

15th July 2011, 7:03 AM
Yeah...get some grass in there....maybe a Celebi with grass knot (because it kills heavy stuff AKA Swampert super fast). Other than that looks decent.

15th July 2011, 7:05 AM
Oh sorry and not to mention the STAB bonus with the grass knot

17th July 2011, 1:33 AM
this team is perfectly fine