View Full Version : Zekrom Turbo - Airride Master Edition

22nd June 2011, 2:30 AM
4 Zekrom
2 Pachirisu
2 Shaymin
2 Yanma
2 Yanmega Prime

3 Plus Power
1 Switch
2 Dual Ball
4 Junk Arm
2 Pokemon Communication
4 Judge
3 Copycat
3 Pokemon Collector
3 Professor Juniper
4 Pokemon Catcher
3 Super Scoop Up
1 Revive
1 Energy Retrieval

12 Lightning
2 Rescue Energy
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22nd June 2011, 2:56 AM
You may want to add more Pokemon

22nd June 2011, 4:09 AM
...Not Really. The Deck is based around a small combo, so you want as many of the pokemon used in said combo, and stuff to search it. The yanma line is tech.

22nd June 2011, 6:19 AM
I agree , you have enough pokemon, why? This is a basic put down deck. My only suggestions would be, rescue energy for donphan donk's, seeker since you don't need to flip, and a 3-3 copycat/judge engine it not only make's it so rainbow energy is useless in your deck but it also increase's the kinds of hands you can have, If it we're me I would go 4-4 cc and judge and play beat stick yanmega with zekrom. Whats the concept behind junk arm?

22nd June 2011, 6:30 AM
-4 Raimbow Energy
-3 Super Scoop
-2 Junk arm(It is used to recover some of the flippy trainers and reuse other ones you needed quickly)

+4 Copy Cat
+1 Judge
+4 Rescue Energy

22nd June 2011, 6:31 AM
Sup to you to go beat stick, but it looks good to me

22nd June 2011, 6:48 AM
Huh? Did you typo, because What is 'Sup to you to go Beatstick' mean?
Just Confused a bit.

22nd June 2011, 7:14 AM
It's up to you if you want to go 4-4, it's rather beat stick/aggro considering that your just using supporter's to attack instead of energy, I figure it's an easier way to go but yeah if it works go with it, I'd test it out to be sure though.

22nd June 2011, 7:21 AM
I will test it, after Sept, because then I get enough money to get it all...Unless you Can point out an Online program besides Redshark where all the cards are?