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22nd June 2011, 6:10 AM
Hi All,

I'm Origami Zekrom, and I've been fan of Serebii Forums for about 6 months, but never signed up. I've read a bunch of threads in many sub-forums (especially games!), and I thought that I'll give it a try myself!

Hope to see you around!


22nd June 2011, 7:00 AM
Welcome to sppf!

If you need any help or just want a friend feel free to ask me.


22nd June 2011, 9:15 PM
Welcome! I hope you have fun around here! ;)

22nd June 2011, 10:11 PM
Hi All!

There is actually a question I couldn't figure out even though I was on the FAQ board. How do you get that line under your signature? I couldn't find the link for "edit profile" under User CP, only "edit profile picture." Anywhere else I should look?



22nd June 2011, 10:36 PM
Well if you want to edit your signature you have to go to "edit signature", if you're asking how to make one. Anyway, welcome to the forums, feel free to send me a PM/VM if you need anything.