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23rd June 2011, 4:40 AM
This is my mixed tier team I want some feed back on it. So far it is 3-0-0 and ive faced some pretty good people on youtube that have established names in that communtiy. So here goes.....

Jolly nature@Focus Sash
Ability:Own Tempo
252Attack/252 Speed
-toxic spikes

In my opinon the best lead in the game. It outspeeds almost all leads in the game. Spore is for sleeping all leads and with low base speed (Swampert/Donphan/ect..) and for the ones that are faster and taunt (Ninjask/Crobat/Aerodactyl) I use u-turn get out of their and go to the proper counter. I usally start with toxic spikes to set up but if I have to u-turn out early I just scout the team for poison pokemon and if theirs one I spike up . Focus sash gaurntee's me one move to be made without dieng and own tempo gives me an immunity against confusion which always helps. Jolly nature is for max speed as I will need it.

Bold Nature@Custap berry
Ability:Water absorb
252Hp/144 def./112 sp.att
-ice beam
My wish passer and scouter. Wish is for recover and since I dont have lefties I can pass it to someone else (which really helps on the switch) or I could heal myself. Protect is to garuentee the recovery for vaporeon and to scout my opponents team and moves. Ice beam is for those pesky dragons and surf is for stab and fire/ground/rock coverage. Custap berry is for dragons as well. Most of them outrage me, I ice beam but it doesnt kill and their outrage puts me in death range activating custap berry and killing them off.

Timid Nature@Life Orb
4 HP/252/Def./92 Sp.att/16 sp.def/144 Speed
-Calm Mind
-Grass Knot
-Dragon pulse
Yes I know I know Latias is uber in 4th gen. but I allow the twins and chomp with this mixed tier team in battles. We all cant go by smogon's tiers now can we? This is my bulky special sweeper im pretty sure everyone is like why is the ev'ing like this but its because its ivs are 29 in eveything but speed and sp.attack, those have 31 IV and the attack iv is 15 so I ev'ed to get equal enough stat's where I can take a hit and give one. I have almost all 5 stats I need equaly 300 are above. Life orb is for the boost as I wont calm mind unless I know my opponent is going to safe switch to something else and I dont allow soul dew unless its an uber battle(I dont have one eneyway). Grass knot is for bulky waters as this is my perfect bulky water counter. Recover is for life orb damage and opponent damage if I come in on the switch.

Bold Nature@ Leftovers
252Hp/176 Sp.attack/80 Sp.def
-Dark Pulse
-Pain Split
-Calm Mind
My phsyical counter. I usally come in on a phsyical sweeper and scare them off then I calm mind up. Dark pulse isnt ammune to normal types and has stab so its better then shadow ball. Pain Split is for recovery that leftovers cant cover and to take sponges/tanks/walls down in HP as its easer to do that then deal damage. Will-o-wisp is to make physical sweepers useless and covers me in both def's as a wall.


Adamant@Choice Scarf
Ability:Pure Power
-Psycho Cut
-Hi Jump kick
-Ice Punch
My phsyical sweeper. Trick is to make wall's useless. Psycho cut is for stab and with choice scarf attached it outspeeds all non scarfed Gengars and takes them down. Hi Jump kick is a great move with stab coverage and pairs with psycho cut well for stab coverage especally if im faced with blissey. Im thinking about another fighting move because hi jump kick has costed me matches in the battle tower wifi place when trying to test him out and that can be a major problem .Ice punch is for dragons and flying types that dont pack the intimidate and yache berry, as I can take them down easly with pure power ability.


Hasty nature@Life Orb
Ability:Motor Drive
252 Speed/240 Sp.att/16 Attack
-Hp ice
-Thunder Punch

This is my mixed sweeper. I chose hasty nature for speed and with the motor drive boost I can outspeed eneything in the game that hasnt had a speed boost itself. I wanted to go with expert belt but was to unsure of the damage ide do after splitting ev's and iv breeding. Although I might need it as life orb takes to much health and electivire is not built to take hits. Flamethrower is for Scizors and Fortress as I would be walled and swept if he did not have it. Thunder punch is for stab and its strongest stat and thunderbolt covers defensive pokemon that cant take a sp.attack but im thinking on replacing t-bolt for EQ because to me electivire is a great electric counter and would play that role well. Hp ice is for dragons that come in an intimidate thinking im packing ice punch or that im strictly phsyical.

;068;Guts Machamp can take this team on easily and even take a psycho cut from medicham and survive. ;212;Scizors can pose a threat without electivire and even so its hard for him to take a hit from Scizors after SD.;142; Aerodactyl choice band and even focus sash can pose a threat without Spiritomb in the picture to burn with the wisp. ;272; LUDICOLO! =0 The thing I fear the most! It can take a hit defencivly and sp.def. , it can hide behind a sub and leech seed, it can SD with max def's and sweep, it can rain dance set up and sweep with SD, it can...Do to much and nothing on my team can take it.;477; Dusknoir can pose a problem as well.

Thats my first HeartGold 4th gen team. I put alot of thought and time into it and I hope it inspires you all.