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28th June 2011, 2:45 AM

Have fun browsing my trade shop!


Shiny Wishmaker Jirachi (Bold)
Gamestop Jirachi (Hasty)
Pklatam Jirachi (Lonely)
Fal2010 Mew (Impish)
Alamos Darkrai (Brave)
Shiny Gamestop Entei (Adamant)
Shiny Gamestop Suicune (Relaxed)
Shiny Gamestop Raikou (Rash)
VGC09 Milotic (Timid)
VGC10 Eevee (Hardy)
Liberty Pass Victini (Impish)
Movie11 Shaymin (Rash)
Shiny Ageto Celebi (Hardy)
Shiny Gamestop Pichu (Jolly)
Ash's Pikachu (Naughty)
Dw Arceus (Naughty)
Pktopia Magmortar (Modest)
Pktopia Electivire (Adamant)


Azelf (Impish)
Mesprit (Gentle)
Phione (Docile)
Manaphy (Modest)
Deoxys (Adamant)
Virizon (Sassy,Timid)
Regice (Serious)
Registeel (Lax)
Regirock (Impish)
Heatran (Naughty)
Cobalion (Naive)
Cresslia (Brave)
Ho-Oh (Naive)
Giratina (Docile)
Kyogre (Careful)
Groundon (Hardy)
Rayquaza (Impish)
Palkia (Brave)
Dialga (Quiet)
Landorus (Relaxed)
Thundurus (Naughty)
Articuno (Sassy)
Latios (Naughty)
Lugia (Lax)
Scolipede (Bold,Relaxed)
Meganium (Careful)
Sceptile (Quiet)
Venusaur (Careful)
Torterra (Careful)
Aron (Rash)
Infernape (Adamant)
Cyndaquil (Gentle)
Torchic (Adamant)
Charizard (Modest)
Metagross (Lonely)
Steelix (Bold)
Emboar (Bold)
Blastoise (Impish)
Swampert (Adamant)
Oshawott (Brave)
Dugtrio (Gentle)
Salamence (Impish)
Dratini (Adamant)
Trapinch (Adamant)
Machoke (Bold)
Shiftry (Quirky)
Toxicroak (Rash)
Rotom (Adamant)
Ponyta (Naughty)
Gliscor (Lonely)
Mightyena (Impish)
Voltorb (Rash)
Scyther (Impish)
Druddigon (Adamant)
Spheal (Hasty)
Porygon-z (Bold)
Granbull (Quiet)
Gyrados (Jolly)
Ditto (Lax)
Corosola (Lonely)
Mismagius (Modest)
Togepi (Impish)
Arbok (Gentle)
Fraxure (Jolly)
Hydreigon (Rash)
Girafarig (Jolly)
Mr.Mime (Lonely)
Gloom (Quiet)
Vulpix (Hasty)
Yanma (Timid)
Phanpy (Careful)
Abomasnow (Jolly)
Tirtouga (Adamant)
Oddish (Timid)
Weavile (Mild)
Shinx (Adamant)
Sharpedo (Quiet)
Chandelure (Bashful)
Hoothoot (Jolly)
Blissey (Naive)
Heracross (Lonely)
Poliwhirl (Sassy)
Magnezone (Quiet)
Ferroseed (Brave)
Masquerain (Rash)
Klink (Adamant)
Drifloon (Docile)
Gigalith (Brave)
Spiritomb (Naughty)
Riolu (Calm)
Volcarona (Timid)
Elektross (Naughty)
Gallade (Lax)
Gardevoir (Rash)
Butterfree (Relaxed)
Jumpluff (Jolly)
Arcanine (Naive)
Camerupt (Quirky)
Tranquil (Naive)
Mawhile (Timid)
Golett (Impish)
Scrafty (Careful)
Absol (Gentle)
Ambipom (Adamant)
Confagrigus (Bold)
Swellow (Calm)
Musharna (Adamant)
Furret (Gentle)
Zebrastrike (Quirky)
Ariados (Quirky)
Forretress (Relaxed)
Jellicent (Naughty)
Whimsicott (Docile)
Kingler (Modest)
Pelipper (Quirky)
Lunatone (Rash)
Audino (Bashful)
Castform (Mild)
Tympole (Docile)
Solosis (Sassy)
Licktung (Gentle)
Sunflora (Bashful)
Grumpig (Calm)
Snorunt (Modest) (Female)
Garchomp (Lax)
Golduck (Jolly)
Gengar (Jolly)
Crobat (Relaxed)
Honchkrow (Naughty)
Manectric (Bold)
Mantyke (Adamant)
Seviper (Serious)
Pinsir (Calm)
Cherrim (Bashful)
Lillipup (Modest)
Altaria (Lonely)
Sewaddle (Hardy)
Delibird (Bold)
Stunfisk (Lax)
Darumaka (Quirky)
Patrat (Gentle)
Shroomish (Modest)
Zorua (Calm)
Zoruark (Hardy)
Chimchar (Quiet)
Shelmet (Naughty)
Hoppip (Hardy)
Abra (Relaxed)
Koffing (Lax)
Mareep (Careful)
Bellsprout (Adamant)


I can clone any pokemon.
I also have many items, so just ask and I will see if I have it.


Shiny Totodile
Shiny Snivy
Shiny Uxie
Shiny Terrakion
Shiny Regigigas
Shiny Marill
Shiny Houndour
Shiny Darkrai
Shiny Mew
Shiny Snorlax
Shiny Teddiursa
Shiny Horsea
Shiny Lapras
Shiny Cabuto
Shiny Skorupi
Shiny Nosepass
Shiny Duskull
Shiny Buneary

*Do not offer any hacks.
*I clone most of my pokemon.
*Cloning services: For every pokemon I clone, I get to keep one copy of each. That is all I ask:)

Swampert is my Homeboy
29th June 2011, 5:00 PM
Hi. I don't have any of the stuff in your wants list, but I can offer the shinies in my sig. I am interested in your shiny Yanma. By the way, is it UT?

29th June 2011, 5:03 PM
I would like the Shiny WISHMKR and the Ageto Celebi, i can't offer most of your Wants list, but i can offer a FP Shaymin (Shiny) JPN Crown Dogs and many shinies from 5th GEN.

29th June 2011, 6:42 PM
CMT for your shiny Butterfree nd Furret if they're UT, un-nicknamed, and English c:

29th June 2011, 10:21 PM
Ill trade a DW Arceus for your shiny unused gamestop suicune

mr jordaroo
4th July 2011, 1:37 PM
hi there,

I can offer you a shiny marill and buneary

If possible I'd like the shiny solosis and/ or ash's pikachu

I can also offer a shiny illumise, rapidash, starmie and roserade

Please get back to me if you would like to make a trade

My FC is 0046 4224 7372

4th July 2011, 6:08 PM
I have shiny mespirit and azelf, trade for your shiny manaphy and moltres?

4th July 2011, 8:49 PM
I want a pklatam jirachi. I have a shiny totodile. I'll trade if you can give me a clone back of Toto.

4th July 2011, 9:05 PM
hey i'm interested in your ash pikachu i can trade you a 10aniv pikachu i know its not on your want list but i saw it wasn't listed in your events

5th July 2011, 12:24 AM
I´m interested in your shiny giratina, and your Pktopia Electivire (Adamant). I can give you a shiny azelf and a shiny snivy.

5th July 2011, 1:15 AM
I'm interested in ur Shiny Moltres and Shiny Thundurus. I can offer u a Shiny Excadrill and Shiny Vulpix. Let me know if u are interested in my offer.

29th December 2014, 3:41 PM
hi, i'm afraid your shop is closed now but i really want a PKLATAM Jirachi. maybe your wants have changed so say me what you want for it ^^
greetz, elyria