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30th June 2011, 4:12 PM
I registered here basically to post my team and get opinions from veterans in competitive pokemon battling. Anyways on pokelab vs randoms this have about a 70% win ratio. I find most of the time i lose it's not being unable to counter an opponents strategy, it's just them outplaying me. Any and all adv welcome. 2 walls 2 sweepers 1 wishpasser 1 scarfer. 3/6 sandstorm Immune.6/6 toxic spike immune, 5/6 Toxic Immune. 4/6 Stealth rock resistant. 3/6 able to avoid/cure status, 5/6 With healing moves. A lot of type synergy for easy switches.

Team: Jirachi/Gyrados/Zapdos/Weezing/Tyranitar/Metagross

Jirachi (lead)

Item: Leftovers
Ability: Serene Grace

+252 hp
+216 def
+32 speed
+def/-spatk nature

Stealth Rocks / Body Slam / Zen Headbutt / Wish

bulky physically defensive jirachi for setting up rocks, passing wishes and paraflinch. If i see a special supereffective move comming i switch into a counter.
Gyrados (DD Physical setup sweeper)

Item: Chestoberry
Ability: Intimidate

+252 hp
+170 atk
+30 Speed
+58 Spe.Def


Bulky gyrados, which switches in on ground moves, or on fire attacks aimed at jirachi. Depending on what i see i may waterfall immediately, or go dragondance, generally i bring gyrados in to see how they react and what their counter is. Can also somewhat do Paraflinch strat on pokemon Jirachi has paralized using waterfall. I don't mind absorbing a wilo-wisp, or toxic cuz i can rest it off and sweep.


Zapdos (Special wall/Toxic)

Item: Leftovers
Ability: Pressure

+252 hp
+6 speed
+252 spdef


This thing is a beast, i remember a game yesterday where i lost my whole team and had only this guy left and stalled out 4 pokes with him for a win. After Toxic non stab supereffective special moves wont break subs. Often my goto pokemon to put pressure (literally and figuratively) on the opponent so i can see wut kind of team they run based on how they try to counter me.


Tyranitar (Curse Physical Setup Sweeper)

Item: Leftovers
Ability: Sandstorm

+252 hp
+88 Def
+170 SP.def


My main focus, and what i build around. While i may use him to switch into phychic or resisted atks, and get sandstorm up, I generally try to hold onto him until later on, or if i see a big opportunity. I try to get rid of any fighting types, because even after curses they still hurt. Most people i play with expect me to be choice banded or a dragondance ttar, this results in them staying in doing low dmg atks, all to be rested to full. Also Synergises with Jirachi paralize with crunch chance to flinch.


Weezing (Physical Wall/Wilo-Wisp)

Item: Leftovers
Ability: Levitate

+252 Hp
+252 def
+6 sp.atk

Pain Split/WIlo Wisp/Fire blast /Thunderbolt

My physical wall and answer to physical setup sweepers. Also useful for getting rid of Gyrados and Scizor, among other things. Its Levitate is sueful for blocking ground moves aimed at jirachi or Ttar, as well as taking punches well, and it's psychic weakness being covered by tyranitar.


Metagross (Scarfed)

Item: Choice Scarf
Ability: Clear Body

+252 atk
+6 hp
+252 speed

Zen Headbut/Earthquake/Explosion/Trick

Used to trick anything annoying, like heal bell blissy, or something setting up. If AN opposing ttar is setting up i can switch in and eq it. Explosion is to remove something i don't want to deal with. Zen Headbut for killing machamps and gengars among other things, as well as going with the semi para-flinch strategy going on. If i get trick off on something, i can switch into zapdos for free sub, or into gyrados or ttar and start setting up.


So thats my most recent team, explained very quickly. Sorry for not going into detailed explanation of threats and how i deal with every situation, but i didn't want to wall of text u guys. Any and all advice appreciated, especially weaknesses in the team. Thx 4 reading.

EDIT: Okay so my post is been up a while, no feedback D:. I'll give a little more detail in the hope that you guys can give some advice.

My team is basically my interpretation of things i personally hated seeing in battle, and are hard to deal with, and easy to make a bad decision on under pressure. My strategy is to put my opponent in difficult situations, and just react to whatever their best option is in the situation, and if they predict me, it usually doesn't matter because it wasn't their best option anyways. My team is a Semi-stall, setupsweeper, paraflinch, status sandstorm team.

Trouble with: - Subs; This team while having paralysis inducing bodyslam, toxic, and wilowisp as well as trick, and gyrados's intimidate for dealing with sweepers, has no phasing and hates dealing with opponents setting up subs. If an opponent gets a sub up on me, i may be in trouble depending on what they're doing with it. I also find games where i lose zapdos early, and they have fast special sweepers i am in trouble, due to really having no other special wallage, and just havign to rely on metagross, or ttar/gyrados setting up early. I used to have trouble with clerics, but trick-scarf metagross changed that. Otherwise i can't think of anything that really really gives me trouble.

1st July 2011, 5:49 PM
interesting team, sounds good