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30th June 2011, 11:10 PM
My friend and are are doing a level 30 battle with Pokemon which most of which we raised from eggs. We are not expert breeder or battlers but we got some decent teams put together i believe. Could you rate my team and compare it to his? (i only have details for my team). Stats will be listed with a letter or 2 in front to show what it is.
I will go from slowest up
Snorelax Careful hold: Quick claw
Hp 144 A 81 D 57 SA 41 SD 84 S 35
Giga Impact, Return
Earthquake, Rock Slide
Lanturn Brave Hold: King's Rock
HP 120 A 48 D 58 SA 56 SD 59 S 54
Surft, Thunderbolt,
Thunder, Brine
Ludicolo Quirky Hold: Leftovers
HP 92 A49 D53 SA69 SD68 S55
Ice Beam, Energy Ball
Water Pulse, (undecided either Giga drain, toxic or Rain Dance)
Honchkrow Impish Hold: Scope Lens
HP103 A 90 D 47 SA 64 SD 42 S 58
Aerial Ace, Roost
Pursuit, Fly
Gallade Bashful Hold: Expert Belt
HP 91 A87 D 50 SA 52 SD 80 S62
Shadow Ball, Psychic
Drain Punch, Leaf Blade
Gliscor Gentle Hold: King's Rock
HP 92 A 73 D 74 SA 36 SD 56 S 79
Poison Jab, Aerial Ace
Earthquake, Roost
I have some extra items such as choice bands and specs if you know of better items for hold I would like to hear my friends team is
Primape S 66 Quilava S 55 Azumaril Chancey Pupitar and Gardevior
that is all i know about his team any other info that you need please ask

1st July 2011, 2:07 AM
any tips or idea's I could do?? come on 24 views and no idea's?

2nd July 2011, 6:40 AM
I won using only 2 Pokemon and only 1 actually had a lot of damage taken (gliscor) and ludicolo helped deal with the rest

2nd July 2011, 6:44 AM
cool I like it.