View Full Version : HeartGold first team rate and advice?

1st July 2011, 11:38 AM
I've never built a team before and im going to try out wifi battles but i just want to make sure how good my team is so i know what to work on. so please rate and tell me what i need to add or whatever.

gengar(lead) modest nature
252 Special Attack
252 Speed
4 Hp

lapras (wall) sassy nature
96 Defense
52 Special Defense
112 Hp
220 Special Attack
4 Speed
24 Attack

yanmega (sweaper) modest nature
120 Hp
152 Special Attack
132 Speed
104 Defense

heracross (sweaper) adament nature
136 Hp
202 Attack
120 Speed
50 Special Defense

forrtress (wall) lax nature
100 defense
100special defense
220 hp
88 attack

flygon (revenge) adamant nature -
252 attack
252 speed
4 hp