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11th July 2011, 3:28 AM
Idk, i orginally had this deck with ambipom and the name was rotten ambipom's, and then i was like, no ambipom sucks in this deck so then I....

3-2-3/--1/2 samurott (theme deck/ability)
1-1-1 feraligatr prime
2-1 RSL (raikou&suicune legend)
2 delibird hgss
1 bouffalant

11 water energy
2 dce
2 rescue
2 rainbow

1 twins
1 flower shop lady
2 black belt
2 collector
2 indigo plateau
2 rare candy
4 interviewer's
4 communication
1 e. returner
1 e. retrieval
4 copycat
2 judge

Concept, start with either delibird or oshawott, setup oshawott then hammer with samurott preferably by turn 2, then buildup and attack (kinda like scizor but way more annoying) then setup feraligator to setup additional pokemon like RSL and more samurott and hit for ridiculously high damage and your good to go. As for type weakness, i'd like to tech donphan but I haven't gotten that far yet.

been teching defender and potions, it's uber effective.