View Full Version : Competetive Tutorial Program: Can I use it?

12th July 2011, 3:11 PM
Hey folks, I've only just joined Serebii forums, but I've been using the site for a while as it is the easiest site to use for looking up... well, just about anything and everything there is to know about the pokemon games.
Having just glanced at the vast number of topics on the forums I came across the tutorial program for competetive battling, and I was immediately intrigued. Having read the bios of most of the tutors and what they specialise in teaching, it occurs to me that there are a huge array of tactics that I'm not aware of. It may turn out that I use them without knowing the terminology, but either way, I've never employed them conciously.
However, I am a dedicated gamer. There are but a few game series that I follow religously, Smash Bros and Pokemon among them, but in the games that I follow in this way I strive to be the best that I can.

So, long rant is long, but that's my background info. Now to the point.
I'm interested in signing up for the tutorial program, but I don't have access to wifi. The only internet I have is public access at my local library, which I am able to use for 2 seperate 1 hour sessions a day, and not on Sundays.
So my problem is thus: would this be unsuitable for the program? Will I have to wait until my housemate and I get wifi (which looks to be a long way off)?

On a seperate sidenote, yes I am English. Does it show? >.<