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15th July 2011, 12:52 AM

Team Rainbow Panda



As you might have noticed, the main point of this team is stall. Pretty much everyone hates going up against it, but when you're using it; it's a lot of fun. You can annoy opponents until they ragequit, or just completely pp stall/wear down their teams until they can easily be revenged to death. This team focuses on having a moderately effective lead that can set up two different entry hazards, while being able to put the opposing lead to sleep, and stop slower leads from setting up entry hazards. After i set up spikes/t-spikes, i proceed to getting Stealth rocks, and Sand up with hippowdon. This team is mainly SS stall and most members get a boost from it which helps the team stall more succesfully. I have one revenge killer who also works as a decent bulky pursuit trapper and scouter. I have only recently built this team and tested it about 25 times, so I don't have that much experience with it, but so far it seems pretty solid. Nothing is really dead weight and they all cover some sort of weakness the team might have. I don't really have much experience with stall battling-wise but so far I've done Ok. I've already gone up against a baton pass team, a Rain team, another stall team, and some bog standard OU teams, and It's done well against them all. This team so far has been able to beat most other common playing-styles out there and I really can't find a style that completely beats stall. No one really likes using blissey/scizor and the likes, but paired with the other members of this team it's devastating and They annoy the **** out of people. While I'm not going to say "oh ya i totly got 2 1800 wit tis teem sience im so kewl" I would still like to say I really enjoy using this team and i believe It's actually decently built and well thought out. I'd like to say once again, and probably the last time; Kill.Mate.Repeat. Built this team with me as I didn't have much experience in stall until just now. Oh and this team is not related to Rainbow Panda's in anyway whatsoever.


In Depth

Smeargle @ Focus sash
Own tempo
96 HP / 120 Def / 40 Sp Def / 252 Spe
Jolly (+ Spe, - Sp atk)
- Spore
- Spikes
- Toxic Spikes
- Taunt

Smeargle is one of the best leads in the current metagame. It's the fastest user of Spore without Choice Scarf, which makes it largely successful as a Spiker against slower leads. Bronzong, Hippowdon, and Swampert are all at a major disadvantage against Smeargle. Stall teams struggle because they can't outspeed Smeargle, which ensures that I'll at least get one layer of t-spikes and one layer of Spikes down. It's expected to get most or all of the entry hazards down against stall. Seeing as how Smeargle Is pretty much destroyed by taunt, if I come up against something like aero/crobat/anything faster that can taunt me, I easily switch and get spikes/t-spikes up later. If I predict Just a direct attack against him, I have a sash so i set up a layer of spikes/taunt them then i can proceed to safely switching in against something slow and put it to sleep then at least get a layer of spikes/t-spikes, it's worth it. As Entry Hazards are almost absolutely needed on a stall team, smeargle Is one of the best leads I can use on this team that can learn both spikes, and toxic spikes. Taunt is a unique move that is rarely seen on Smeargle. It's most commonly used for blocking slower Stealth Rock users from laying it down. Salamence can function a lot better as an attacker and defender without taking 25% damage upon switching in. Taunt also prevents Sleep Talking. It's common to see my opponent's switch in Rotom-A, Suicune, Machamp, Gyarados, etc. to absorb sleep. I am guaranteed Smeargle will have more of a lasting effect on the game if I don't take a huge chunk of damage from Sleep Talk Thunderbolt. Taunt is also able to prevent recovery and status inflicting moves from opposing team supporters or walls. Lastly, it stops stat-upers from completely killing me. It works well against Ninjask too. I have enough time to Stealth Rock afterwards and switch out to Scizor to threaten Bullet Punch. 120 Def is for not being OHKO'd by priority moves like Bullet punch, and 40 Sp def helps for being able to resist very weak non stab attacks; not that smeargle really should be doing that anyways. 252 spe is standard and the HP is a filler.

Azelf: Most Azelfs run Taunt. I'll usually just switch to switch to rotom to take it down/scare it off then set up spikes/t-spikes later.
Metagross: I take the Bullet Punch, which is never a 2HKO, and sleep it. Then I set up until something faster comes in and kills me off.
Jirachi: Iron Head is a ginormous headache if I'm losing my sanity and decide to stay in. If I'm not mental, I switch out to Rotom to scare it off/hippo or gliscor to deal with it.
Aerodactyl: I see less of these every day. Since all Aeros have Taunt, I just switch to scizor and BP it to death.
Swampert: Spore it on the first turn, then proceed to set up with ease. Swampert will never win unless it's running a Choice Scarf, which makes me lol just at the thought.
Infernape: These can be difficult, but the solution is simple. Switch to Rotom, assuming it has Fake Out, and proceed to either wear it down with t-bolt.
Ninjask: They always Sub the first turn, meaning I can just set up. They're a pain if they get the Baton Pass off, but then again that's always the case.
Roserade: Rotom absorbs the SP or Blissey can absorb it as well. Then either of them scare it off/wear it down.
Smeargle: I just hope I win the inevitable speed tie and Spore them first. Otherwise, they're easy to set up on.
Hippowdon: Sand Stream is irritating, but I'm usually guaranteed a round of hazards.


Scizor @ Choice Band
252 Atk / 72 HP / 8 Spe / 176 Sp Def
Adamant (+ Atk, - Sp Atk)
- Bullet punch
- U-turn
- Pursuit
- Superpower

Scizor, the mindless U-turning spammer, finds its way into this team, much like it finds itself on many other teams since Platinum's release. Scizor is a secondary check against fragile offensive Pokemon such as Weavile thanks to its Technician and Choice Band boosted Bullet Punch. Scizor acts as a safety blanket against Dragon Dance Salamence as well should it manage to set up amidst the sea of attacks. This set was done by Awesome A IIRC And i cannot Find the post he made about this set so I'll try to explain them the best I can do myself. 252 Atk is standard and should be run on most CB scizor sets unless you're trying to focus on a more defensive set. 8 spe Is standard/obvious as well and beats 0 Spe vappy, U-turn deals some big damage. 176 Sp def hits a jump point, and 72 HP is filler. I needed a Nice revenge killer to deal with mence, as with SS up on the field, he won't be lasting long after some switches/usually one bullet punch can KO after some SS damage. Scizor is one of those things you don't normally like to use; just like blissey, but on this team he just fit's so damn well. Scizor is almost vital on this team, and I chose specially defensive scizor over standard 252 Atk / 248 hp / 8 spe CB scizor as It still is a stall team and it's nice to be able to really take special hits making pursuit trapping/scouting a lot easier. Scizor's mere presence is enough to force switches, not to mention that U-turn is a ridiculous move on a team like this because it allows me to attack relentlessly and get matchups that force even more switches which is amazing on a stall team with all of the entry hazards. Even if scizor may be the only steel on this team, that is why the specially defensive set was chosen so he could take dragon pulses/meteors like a beast.


Blissey @ Leftovers
Natural Cure
252 Def / 176 Sp def / 80 HP
Bold (+ Def, - Atk)
- Seismic Toss
- Toxic
- Wish
- Protect

Blissey can be so annoying on stall teams. It has one of if the highest base special defenses of any non uber which makes it an absolute beast. I chose natural Cure over Serene grace as I'm not actually using any special elemental attacks, and Natural cure is great for absorbing statuses. Seismic toss is preferred over a special attacking move with toxic as ghosts who wall it with seismic toss are stalled away by toxic/protect/wish. This set is a standard smogon set changed to a bold nature as I'm not running any Special attacks and calm isn't really needed to boost special defense on this set. I moved the 80 Sp atk into HP for obvious reasons stated above, and that is the other most reliable stat i could've moved the evs into. Wish/Protect is preferred over Softboiled on this team as I can use her for passing wishes, and for stalling easier with protect/wish/toxic/seismic toss. Blissey is another one of those "ahh i hate using that thing so much" pokemon; but blissey pretty much makes every OU stall team better then it is. Wish is also preferred over Softboiled for how many choice users you see in today's metagame. You can easily predict with protect for example; say something was going to pursuit, you could instead wish and take a base 40 power pursuit instead of taking a double boosted one.


Hippowdon @ Leftovers
Sand Stream
236 HP / 176 Def / 98 Sp Def
Impish (+ Def, - Sp atk)
- Earthquake
- Ice fang
- Slack off
- Stealth rock

Hippowdon is almost key on this team as he sets up sand thanks to his ability, and 90% of the time gets SR on the field. I prefer Hippo in the non lead position as he's less likely to get taunted then if he was in the lead position. Ice fang is mostly for gliscor/Mence, and EQ is just for the main STAB for wearing the opponent down wether the damage is neutral, or SE. Slack off helps for stalling which makes hippowdon an amazing wall. These evs are pretty much standard but made custom by me and KMR. 236 HP hits a lefties point, 176 Def is standard with impish, and the rest is in Sp def for being able to take attacks easier in that field as well as physically defensively. Sand stream paired with Gliscor as well giving him that sand veil boost is a great thing as well as just using hippo as an amazing wall; and always a great choice on a stall team. Even if this team may have only one steel, hippowdon can take some of the attacks mence dishes out bar hydro pump from specsmence.


Gliscor @ Leftovers
Sand Veil
252 HP / 40 Def / 216 Spe
Jolly (+ Spe, - Sp atk)
- Earthquake
- Roost
- Knock off
- Taunt

Gliscor benefits greatly from sand veil, and is a great ground resist, so he was put on the team. EQ is the main STAB/Move to wear the opponents health down unless they resist it, and Roost is there for stalling/obvious reasons. Gliscor is my main taunt support on the team as he helps against other stall teams or just annoying pokemon that enjoy setting up like DD mence/gyara and the like. He also pretty much rapes hippo/blissey/anything else that tries to stall against me. Knock off gliscor really does a great job as it can really cripple scarfers/cb'ers/stallers/etc. 216 spe hits 308 which beats jolly luke and OHKOs with EQ most of the time. One great thing about gliscor is it can still be a great defensive wall with only a bit of defense put into it, and a lot of HP. 252 HP is standard, and 40 def is filler. He can still take weaker non stab SE attacks, and is fast enough to even deal with some slower things that may be weak to EQ.


Rotom-H @ Leftovers
252 HP / 160 Def / 96 Sp atk
Bold (+ Def, - Atk)
- Thunderbolt
- Shadow ball
- Rest
- Sleep talk

This is not the first team ive used sleeptalk rotom on. This is kingdrom's set but I changed WoW to shadow ball for another main stab and for the fact that WoW isn't needed when most things will be poisoned by toxic spikes. He can explain this set better then i ever will be able to so I decided to c/p his description from his last RMT.

Rotom is an outstanding spin-blocker and is able to wall quite a few Pokemon, including Scizor and Metagross. When considering this, it wasn't necessary to use Overheat or a Choice Scarf, which would (crucially) make Rotom Pursuit weak. Will-O-Wisp and Thunderbolt were essential to be an effective check to Scizor and Metagross. By utilizing Resttalk, it can absorb status and outstall Blissey if need be. Even though it cannot be hit with Thunderbolt, Rotom is capable of beating Mamoswine. Rotom's ability to completely wall Hippowodon and Gliscor has been useful when facing stall teams, since it gives Roserade an easier switch-in. Lucario is unable to set up on Rotom and can be used as a secondary check to Lucario, as it can survive a +1 Crunch (using Gyarados to lower Lucario's attack) from 85%. Furthermore, it can deal with any Lucario that doesn't carry Crunch. Rotom works well in tandem with Tyranitar, since Scarf Rotom-H will generally try to revenge kill this Rotom if they have nothing else. A NVE Shadow Ball does 8% to Tyranitar, which is rather insignificant. Defensive Latias is also a common switch-in to Rotom, which Tyranitar deals with well. Conversely, Scizor likes to switch into Tyranitar after another Pokemon has died, which Rotom can deal with. As mentioned before, it can switch into Tyranitar counters and disable them enough for Roserade to pick up the pieces. As for the Ev's, 252 were placed in Hp because Rotom needs all the Hp he can get. At 304, this is Leftovers number, but also a Sandstorm number. Since Stealth Rock will not be on the field too often, the extra damage that would result from it is not a concern. A Bold nature and 160 Ev's were used so that Scizor and others can be dealt with more efficiently before the WoW. It also gives a bonus point with the nature. The rest was placed into SAtk for more power (enough to OHKO 4 Hp Starmie from full health with Thunderbolt) and a confident 2HKO on Vaporeon. I had originally considered placing the extra Ev's in special defense to absorb water attacks better, but the Ev's I currently had to spare along with the physical defense needed for Rotom to perform his duty made this an impractical goal.


Team building

Well I was talking to KMR and we had made a t-wave support team, but i didn't really like it, so I asked him if he would help me with a stall team. First thing we did was put in the lead which may seem odd, but I suggested smeargle seeing as how he sets up entry hazards easily against anything that isn't faster, and works well in tandem with other things that are commonly used in stall. I saw him on Kevin Garrett's RMT as well and really noticed how well he could do on a stall team for setting up entry hazards so he was put on the team.


Next thing was putting the ever-so-common special wall who makes just about all stall teams better then they are without her; Blissey. I noticed the set on smogon and wanted to use a wish set with seismic toss/toxic, but the evs were wrong and so was the nature. After a little bit of changing it up, i had the set and my second member of the team.


Third thing we did was find something that actually gives the team a bit of a theme, as well as benefits other members i had planned on using. The sand stream boost also greatly benefits Gliscor so hippowdon was put in right away. The theme then kind of turned into a variation of SS stall, But was a mix of normal stall/SS stall.


Now that i had two fatties and one painter, i decided on putting the other thing that benefited from the SS boost and is great on stall teams; gliscor. He gets a special defense boost, as well as has sand veil which is extremely annoying paired with sand. He's my main lucario check which beats +2 luke 1v1 as he can take an e-speed and OHKO with EQ most of the time.


Now i had 4 members. Kmr said it would be nice to run something that could revenge mence after SS damage, and also help with revenging things that had been worn down by stall. He said scizor, and i was planning on running the standard CB scizor but I decided on running the special defensively bulkier set. Now scizor was put on and we were almost done the team.


The final thing that happened was we Needed something that could block rapid spin, and resist a few things that other members could not. I also noticed it was kinda scizor weak, so i suggested resttalk rotom. I had used kingdroms set on some other teams before, and it has always done great so i was happy to use it on this team as well.



Now I hope you read all of this and I just have to say; Rate my team.

15th July 2011, 6:02 AM
Hey Kyle! How are your new PS3 adventures going! Got any new pokemon trade threads up btw? I could really use a shiny sunkern xP! Also, where did sketch go o.0! I really enjoyed your fantastic trick shots in which you spun around and tried to get lucky. Anyways, this team is pretty much 6-0ed by SD Ape. If it forces Scizor out and sets up a swords dance then you are swept easily. Mixnite is a really big threat since your kill to death ratio in black ops is not high enough. Also, it 2HKOs everything on this team. You may need some calculations to fix this problem though since its pretty gosh darn big xP. Scizor is the weakest link on this team pretty much. In a spikes based metagame, Scizor has lots its effectiveness especially on stall teams where you are most likely going to be switching around more often. I'd try running Rapid Spin Starmie over Scizor. Starmie really helps you out by being one of Infernape's more reliable switchins, checking mixnite, and giving you a great new trick shot haha you know what I mean homie. A set with Hydro Pump | Thunderbolt | Rapid Spin | Recover would work well since you can do all of the things I just said xD. An EV spread with 252 HP | 228 Def | 28 Spe would work really well with leftovers since it can do really beastly at spinnin them hazards haha.

Next, Sketch_Rainbow [who gave me a beast blastoise btw] told me that you should scarf rotom instead of running that silly set on it right now haha! Would really help since it also makes sure that SD ape doesn't wreck your KDR and 6-0 you! A set with Thunderbolt | Shadow Ball | Overheat | Trick would WRECK! Maximizing special attack and speed would be really cool with a timid nature too. Advice taken from sketch_skyline tells me that you should run Scarf Tyranitar over Hippowdon. Scarf Tyranitar insure that substitute pain split gengar doesn't 6-0 you which it really can easily. A set with Crunch | Pursuit | Stone Edge | Superpower would work good while maximizing speed and attack with a jolly nature haha.

Anyways, you should really teach me how to trick shot you're really good at it. Also, what are your PSN again? Sketch_Steeze, calculations, and what else? Let me know on any pokemon website that you see fit :3

Good Luck! xP

15th July 2011, 6:07 AM
I think its a pretty decent team! I don't know what I would give it as a score per say, but I can give some feedback.

I would definitely change Rotom for Darkari, if you have access to him. Darkari is also a rapid spin blocker (not to state the obvious lol). Now you might be playing in a league that doesn't allow pokemon of his tier. But if not, I would go for Darkari.

For Scizor, I would definitely have gone for a sweeper instead of a defensive/bulk, but that's just me.

Overall, good team. We should battle sometime:)

15th July 2011, 6:16 AM
Well I've gotten a new account,feel free to add me. Zoofs,QuickSn1p0r and Sketch_Blargg.

Feel free to add my bro Sketch_Skyline, he even does free map giveaways!!

Oh and thanks for the rate, totally forgot. Im thinking about using a Specs Starmie instead tho

Edit: Cool trolling bro 5/5 stars you're a pretty good tr0ll gtfo darkrai spin blocking